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  1. tmciriani

    This is definitely a new experience. Good news: I am waking up and not fighting my body to wake up. I was worried this was going to get worse. What happens when I can no longer force myself to get up. 😵 Bad news: Ok so my sleep cycle is still out of whack. Maybe like 3-11 or 3-12. This is pretty normal for me. It's that whole business of having a healthy sleep cycle that screws up until it comes back again to healthy (in my eyes...or like I want it). 👍 I can handle this! Frustrating for me at times...more so for others (I don't care!!). So all in all positive. 🙂 I am having less and less emotional flooding. 🙆
  2. tmciriani

    Thank you guys. I feel the same way as you. I feel better already making the decision to go on a journey with no pressure. Just for me. 🙂 When I get going I'll be sure to share with everyone here. I'm not going anywhere. Hugs!
  3. tmciriani

    LOL Janelle I have no idea but that is an excellent suggestion. I think I am going to begin this new journey as a journey and not an income source. I already feel the pressure and I haven't even started. If it becomes more then great! I am going to look into the Dummy book! Thank you!
  4. tmciriani

    Hi Steve, my apologies, I must have missed your posts. I'm glad I saw this one and wish to welcome you. This support site has been a really great place for me. Validation, friendship, health information, support, a blog you can start, chat (scheduled), a picture gallery, and definitely a place to share, vent, and give support as well as get support. My name is Tracy. I had a bilateral cerebellar stroke in the PICA region July 5, 2015. I'm so glad to hear you have had a really positive recovery and transition back to working and getting back to life. It's an inspiration. 🙂
  5. tmciriani

    Pretty picture. 🙂
  6. tmciriani

    Janelle I am on week three of Nuedexta. I'm not sure what is the issue. I know some days I need extra sleep but I don't know...confused. 😞 I'll keep sending updates...falling asleep as I write lol. This is good (3:17am!). Ok night all.
  7. tmciriani

    Steve I am on my new medication Nuedexta. I have chronic debilitating PBA. It's week three and it takes 90 days to reach optimal blood serum level. I'm actually worried that by then I will be unable to wake up. 😕 I'm actually having a difficult time going to sleep tonight but if tomorrow morning is anything like this morning...I'll have an hour of trying to open my eyes. I sorta wake up and then before I know it I am back to sleep then a few minutes later trying my best to open my lead eyes and poof back to sleep. 😵 I finally got enough strength to push my body upright. It took an hour after that to fully wake up and function and my body hurt all over. Weird issues. I'll keep you guys informed about changes. I know this medicine has to be helpful to other stroke survivors with PBA. I may not be one of them. I'm calling my Psychiatrist on Monday with an update.
  8. 😲 So today I was helping my sister while she is moving into her new house. I took all her closet clothes from the old house to the new and helped take them inside. I dusted as furniture came in. I took a break and my sister had to go back to the old house. I stayed here to take a break and wait on the security guy to come. He came at 2:45pm and I let him in and then 😑 nothing until 8pm. Slept like a literal rock. Through a second round of movers bringing in furniture and other stuff. Two kids. Four adults. Marilyn (my sister's very loving boxer) giving me lots of kisses. My mom bringing pizza and she also brought Marilyn home. I thought I had dreamed mom's voice and Marilyn's kisses. 😳 Nope, real. 5 hours. On the couch. 😶 Wow.
  9. Thanks John I hope so too. 🙂
  10. tmciriani

    Well said...congratulations on your 5th stroke anniversary!
  11. tmciriani

    I guess I have been afraid to ask my doctor. I take a lot of medicine am and pm. Unfortunately some of my medicine I take am and pm and they cause drowsiness but I have to separate them. I go to my Psychiatrist tomorrow...I will talk to him. Thank you Becky.
  12. tmciriani

    I feel like I am always having too little sleep or too much. At times I sleep 10 hours straight. Naps are common every day. I have a lot of neuro fatigue. Other days or nights rather I toss and turn and go between bouts of sleep and wake. I may take a nap the next day but usually do and then sometimes I can't even though I desperately need to. I go days at a time where sleep only happens in short spurts. It isn't because I am not tired. I feel exhausted all the time. Then I might have a few days where I am sleeping a lot through the night and day. There is no definitive pattern.
  13. tmciriani

    Plus I'm hungry at now 4:57am.
  14. Why am I awake?! 😲 It's 4:45am. I don't even know if I am sleepy. I think I should know so I assume probably not. Why?! I feel like a comet that goes around and only gets it right (we can see it) every so many rotations. Sleep/awake cycle completely opposite>sleep more during day>napping at later times>going to sleep at midnight waking up late>going to sleep at a normal hour and waking at a normal hour>more daytime napping>getting to sleep later and later and sleeping later and later>total backwards sleep cycle...and it never ends. 😕 Anyone else experience this irritating phenomenon?
  15. tmciriani

    You're much braver than I feel I would be. I've said it before...you are an inspiration!