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  1. Thanks for hosting Tracy. Informative and fun. I do enjoy the chats.
  2. Madade

    I've always wanted to post here but just don't know how to express myself right.
  3. Madade

    Thanks Tracy. Very creative and a nice read.
  4. Madade

    I can post again. Here is one I downloaded to my laptop. Its on the windows apps and was free. Can pour paint or go as fine as you like. Set it up as fine a brush stroke you like. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/p/zen-coloring-book-for-adults/9nblggh5btdm?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  5. Madade

    Hello Souzdal. Southern Ontario. Use to frequent Toronto almost weekly for work. You can write me on here if you want.
  6. Madade

    I was like heathber on the treadmill twice a day. Two therapist all the time. 3 at the very start getting me to step. Its impressive the dedication and education the therapists have. I don't think any of us enjoyed what we were put through to get mobile again.
  7. Madade

    Congratulations. Head towards my 6 year in 2020. Hope I'm good and do as well Jay.
  8. YAY!!!!!!!! Hostmark x

  9. Willis I would say this room have caused me the most tear episodes. It also has given such glee in those simple things accomplished. Its also been moment of laughter at myself too. I use to be so embarrassed but have found the humour in my predicaments being stubborn to ask for assistance. I also had the chair and have had to set it up again a couple of times since. We have also in stalled tub grab devices that are there all the time and suction mounted bar in several locations. Suction mounted are a just for momentary holding. I do not trust them. We are also discussing getting rid of the tub and just having a walking shower with a seat. Lots of grab bar installed. Just coming off a weak spell again and reading your post is uplifting. So thanks.
  10. George Lesley my filters for social interaction have left. I must be reminded quite often that I'm in public. Today I visited with a cousin who recently had several strokes. My filter left me and she shook her head and chuckled. Her nurse that day it was nice to see her smile. Not that I planned to comment like that. I know better but it just happens. I certainly hope I don't offend or hurt someone for my actions or words.
  11. When I was in the ICU never though about anything. I could function but do not recall anything. The family did capture moments in writing or photography. I look back and can't believe I was hooked up to machine like that. My one fear was going to the bathroom. I had a catheter at the first. Again wasn't aware of it and wasn't eating. When I got strong enough and started eating was worried. Turned into a battle for my dignity and normal human function so the nurse put it. They have ways and they used them on me. So so embarrassed. I thought what a way to live. I was 3 months learning how to go to the bathroom myself without any aid. I still have days where I need son or wife to help me but for the most part I can do this on my own. At the time I thought I would never be able to look after myself.
  12. Madade

    I think I will share that quote Willis
  13. Madade

    Very well put.