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  1. That is great. My recovery is a rollercoaster. One of those coasters that reverses too. A gym would be nice. Cost and distance. So hoping for interactions with other survivors.
  2. Sent you a personal message
  3. I'm looking for some motivation Just wonder if there are others that are attempting to stay motivated with the aid of their fitness tracker. Found an app the will work with most. Anyone interested? Limited to 10 we have 3 now. So far we are in the 0 to 5000 step range.
  4. I forgot about the mirrors also. Therapist mentioned it the other day. Then I see this post and yeah I keep forgetting.
  5. Mine shows at the bottom. Nothing really happens so far.
  6. See this is in the wrong section.
  7. I think I see what needed to be active it appears that windows edge was off. I then got another pop up from strokenet saying it was active. Will see what happens. Writing this to remind me in case I get to many pop ups now. Plus other user may have the same issue.
  8. This Sunday I went to the site and I get this popup from strokeboard.net. I do have notifications on so not sure why this is popping up when I go to the site. Is it a programming error? Is it intended to work, if so how do I get it to work right? Trying to show a screen shot but this is tricky so haven't figure it out yet.
  9. Again I posted a pic and this time I see its gone with do not enter symbol
  10. More disappointment with Fitbit but Samsung pulled through. Man this is difficult to insert photo's in here. Sometimes its easy I just drag it over other time it just won't go. Finally got it. My fitbit only recorded 1 mile where Samsung phone got the whole thing
  11. We had a light skiff of snow. Preparing to walk, boots, gloves, scarf, toque, not even dressed yet and I think I've got in enough therapy. I'll attempt a photo. Glad its pretty flat country around me.
  12. Finally after being a little click happy and wiping the posts out reposting the photo. Apologizing for being click happy and wiping things out Steve has fixed my errors. Thank you
  13. Frosty walk. Did 1.2 miles thanks for the pointers Heathber. Tomorrow sounds like snow might be the obstacle to deal with.
  14. Madade