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Stroke Survivor - male
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    Agriculture, The Brain, Buses, Science & History, Cooking Gardening.
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  1. Madade

    Thanks Paul. I find all these different side effects are interesting. I still can't believe my vision has improved. I no longer need reading glasses to drive. I can get away with cheater ones now at the drug store. I wonder at confusion is that an age thing or stroke thing.
  2. Madade

    Thanks Will2, gives great understanding. So surprised at surgery that caused so many strokes. I never really even heard of a stroke till I had this one.
  3. Madade

    email pic save

  4. Madade

    1. I have tingling complete right side of body. Eye, throat, ears, tongue along with spasticity with varying intensities. 2. I think the spasticity has gotten a bit better. The tingling has had no change. 3. 5 years now 4. Brain stem on left side.
  5. Madade

    1. Curious as to symptoms you have.? 2. Have the symptoms gotten better stayed the same or worsened? 3. How many years are you since the stroke? 4. What type of stroke or region?
  6. Madade

    I go, but this memory of mine makes it frustrating. Thought it was my system. Logged in and out several times. Only to later realize that this chat is not hosted anymore like it shows.
  7. I haven't seen anyone come in here. I have had a few chats here but for the most part Host Sally is a no show.
  8. I'll take a stab at volunteers to host these. I've submitted a form but haven't got a response yet.
  9. Madade

    Just have to use the AFO more. My toes do better when used. Been massaging right foot a lot more too lately. Stretching and flexing with hand help. East coast I think we'll try that next year thanks Paul for the positive remarks.
  10. Madade

    I agree with Paul a Dremel is the go to device. I've modified my AFO in the sun and it much more comfortable. Now just got to wear it more. Stop my toes from curling also.
  11. Madade

    Happy Anniversary Deigh & Valerie.
  12. Madade

    Orientation is a fun one isn't it. Good Luck.
  13. Madade

    Oh the dreaded orientation setting. Good luck on that.
  14. Madade

    The first thing I found was to have a minnit profile. Always log in with that minnit profile Then when you are logged in strokechat choose your profile on the right. A drop down should pop down. Change photo should be in the options. If you are a guest it will delete every time. Not sure if it will let you do photo's as a guest.
  15. Madade

    Wish those colors were on the chat. It would help. Thanks Kelli.