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  1. Yes Kelli I was impressed with how it turned out.
  2. Yes anytime I'm prodded along. Difficult out here to stay motivated. Plus side, I am well away from Covid-19 hot spots.
  3. Madade

    The best right out of the ground. Good size.
  4. Yes the T-shirts have been a collectable every year. This year they mailed them out to everyone. I enjoyed the rock painting and hope that they do future zoom crafts like the painting exercises. I just don't get the double entry of photo's on the site. It give me a lot of pondering every time. These past few weeks I've been more active and trying a whole lot more like keeping with the blogs here. So impressed and jealous of KevRider accomplishments, postings, gardens but it motivates me. Green Queen & Heathber also give me a kick.
  5. Its is confusing. Upload to an album then link them to the blog. Also creating the album has two confusing steps. I use to navigate sites like this in seconds now it seems like days tp comprehend the order in which thing must follow proceed.
  6. Finally figured it out again. Uploaded photos.
  7. Closing down again. Not bad yet but restaurants and large gathering have be drastically reduced to numbers. One weird thing is the testing was a open thing but across the province they got overwhelmed with people wanting tests. So only symptoms or in contact with known covid cases. No general tests must be warranted for testing which goes against what the government wanted last for anyone to get tests. Stay put and limit my travels and visits.
  8. Sure wished we could of got together Willis. Miss Panera too. Heathber that's a lot for my half of processor. I know it works. See done several postings. Again thank everyone for comments. It helps.
  9. Well that is so reassuring to know. Mentally its discouraging. Sure wish there was a delete on folders and privacy for myself till got the photo to where it should be. I find much of my troubles are with my ability with right hand spasticity. Many times I've uploaded the wrong photo.
  10. Trying greenqueen. Its a challenge for me. I like when I could upload then add or tweak them before making public or using them in blogs. That feature along with folder deletion is gone. I wrote a note to the administrators. Guess what, I didn't send it. Surprise though the complete message was still available. I'll keep trying. Preplan my uploads. Kelli J S has been helping me a lot though.
  11. Interesting Asha, that maybe possible. Thanks Heathber, want to do photos. Tricky here to do even though I have done several photos. Just amazed that they pulled the event together and mimicked the actual camp in such short time.
  12. For the last 3 years I've attended a camp for brain injuries. This year the powers to be formatted the camp for us to stay in touch. No doubt it was a logistical head banger and something I certainly couldn't handle. Kudo's to all involved for pulling off the virtual camp. They had an opening ceremony to explain the Zoom and times. They mailed out a package with a T-shirt which they do every year for campers. Supplies for the activities which you felt you could handle. The first event I participated in was the scavenger hunt. The posted items on the Zoom Meet
  13. Madade

    Since my father passed 7 months after my stroke, I generally visit the grave site on the day he and now mother are interred. Do some reflection of the good and memorable moment and spruce up the grave stone marker.
  14. Madade

    Got me missing our Riley. He was always up for a adventure even if it was the same one.