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  1. Madade

    Been asked to post about my covid. Mentally this is challenging for me. I was vaccinated twice with Pfizer. First shot in May 2021 and 2nd shot in July. Flu shot received in November No issue or discomfort for any of the shots received. December was a tough month. It was more stroke related. After Christmas though I was picking up and doing more exercises. Even pondering my 5000 step a day that takes me an hour to increase to 6000. Rang in the New Year and even stayed awake till midnight. Increased my Goal on the Fitbit to 6000 for January 1
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    support socks
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    star maker
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    magnetic poles
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    Fluffy Pillow
  6. Madade

    Yep been there. Had a little plastic surgery to face to remove scaring and that tingle. Was put in quarantine for 2 weeks in hospital. Forgot all about that health set back.
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    tennis racket
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    odd fellows
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    Butter Knife
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    Suit Pocket
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    Birthday Suit
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    school bus
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    Bathroom Decor
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    That's clearer, to me. 👍
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    That Tuesday Caregiver is much better I think. Friday Coffee Shop gone now? It was also confusing, again just me.