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  1. Madade

    That is great. My recovery is a rollercoaster. One of those coasters that reverses too. A gym would be nice. Cost and distance. So hoping for interactions with other survivors.
  2. Madade

    Sent you a personal message
  3. I'm looking for some motivation Just wonder if there are others that are attempting to stay motivated with the aid of their fitness tracker. Found an app the will work with most. Anyone interested? Limited to 10 we have 3 now. So far we are in the 0 to 5000 step range.
  4. Madade

    I forgot about the mirrors also. Therapist mentioned it the other day. Then I see this post and yeah I keep forgetting.
  5. Madade

    Again I posted a pic and this time I see its gone with do not enter symbol
  6. Madade

    More disappointment with Fitbit but Samsung pulled through. Man this is difficult to insert photo's in here. Sometimes its easy I just drag it over other time it just won't go. Finally got it. My fitbit only recorded 1 mile where Samsung phone got the whole thing
  7. Madade

    We had a light skiff of snow. Preparing to walk, boots, gloves, scarf, toque, not even dressed yet and I think I've got in enough therapy. I'll attempt a photo. Glad its pretty flat country around me.
  8. Madade

    Finally after being a little click happy and wiping the posts out reposting the photo. Apologizing for being click happy and wiping things out Steve has fixed my errors. Thank you
  9. Madade

    Frosty walk. Did 1.2 miles thanks for the pointers Heathber. Tomorrow sounds like snow might be the obstacle to deal with.
  10. Madade

    Heathber I've got a walking stick and understand. Mother went into hospital so have been commuting and generally exhausted. Yesterday followed your advice. Had a real tough time getting moving. Winds were 22 kph and out of the east and had to start straight into it. I keep scuffing my right bad side with my left foot. So been doing the verbalizing. That helped greatly. Thanks. I had a coworker also tell me to breath deeper more from belly and that should help with standing more upright. It did. So much going on just to walk. Love that I felt like young Forrest Gump about ready to break free of his braces. Briefly neat sensation though. Use a Fitbit Blaze that up until last week worked fine. Irritated over its performance and its tracking abilities. It just went over its warranty period that's the third fitbit product that has done this to me. Not happy. It is doing some data. Just wanted to pass on my gratitude for your help. Even though your half a world away I thank you.
  11. Madade

    Using walking stick. Try to use it with my bad side (right). See I get funny hold after a while. Switch over to left hand as it gets too tight. Tried two days what you recommended. A lot of mental work for something was so not thought of. Put my leg weight on. It does aid in getting my foot back to the ground. Read someone said to mentally think of heel to toe and gait. Helps to even say it. Not sure but try it. Again thanks, your pointers are helping me.
  12. Madade

    Tried poles was too much. Nope never heard walk tall either.
  13. Madade


  14. Madade

    Thank you Heather I am trying with a walking stick. I think the poles may keep me more up right. I never heard that "tuck your bum under" but know exactly what you refer to. Was experimenting on this morning with the strike length. I notice I sometimes kick my other foot. Never was aware of that till started to adjust strike length consciously. That was bad or maybe good in general I will thank you for that Heather. Much appreciated and my seek you out for more advice.