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  1. Madade

    OK with this mobile device log out. I some how had a memory for the password in phone. So it automatically opened the site. To actually log out I had to go to "web based" to get to the log out. Not sure if that is understandable. It is also very tricky to do if you shaky and spastic. I found I could do it with a stylus pen. That would be ideal heathber. A trainer. I have a few times been in a weekly challenge. That motivated me even if I was near the end of the pack. With all the apps out there I was surprised that there isn't a better app that would work between fitnes
  2. Madade

    Done that. Several times now likely 20 or more times now get there and just stare at it. Lack the energy or motivation sometimes both. Was hoping for 2 goes at it today. I watched the snowing instead tonight. Found how to log off. It is tricky though. Test it a few more times then post it.
  3. No will have to see whether its available over here.
  4. Madade

    Had a 2 day slump with no exercise. Today after seeing blood sugar jump was bound and determined to get 1000 in. It was difficult to get the pace and stepping down. As I warmed up I increased the speed. Got up to 1.7 mph and just stayed there. The gerbils and tingling started to intensify and I started to do the breathing to try and relax. It did settle down and my h.r. was good. I move the incline up .5% that actually eases the h.r. and thus I increased speed to 1.9 mph. I seemed to be doing ok at this speed and incline. I went for the step goal. Took me 56 minutes but did it. I k
  5. That what concerned me most Willis its not a https:/ I still sense that I'm on and only get of when I delete everything on mobile browser. Tips from Kelli in earlier post. Not a comfortable feeling.
  6. Madade

    5000 is daily goal. 10000 if IF I feel up too it. Still feel that 5000 is pushing it. Its the tingling and spasticity on the right side that seems to regulate.
  7. Its hard to tell. If it actually has logged you out. Steve should be made aware and get programmed a logout feature for all. More to aid in security. I think most won't even try as we've discussed its too difficult.
  8. Heathber it is good to know not the only one that finds mobile a challenge. Just find the buttons or links very hard to get right. Generally I leave and give up. Other days I'll have a hissy try and hit the right button or link. Yes I noticed that your always logged in also Kelli. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Heathber this is nice to know its not just me that can't find it. I've switched back and forth and sense that because I can't log out on the app I'm always on the site. My theory. Hard to tell with the auto log in features. The main reason I was trying to log out. So thanks for the comment. Yes its very challenging to access the mobile version. 😀👍
  10. Madade

    Again I thank you as that leads to better decisions. I think I'll wait on the recumbent bike for now. Need to get the repetitive motion more practiced. The upright bikes were given to me and I appreciate them both. The one uses arm strength and pedal strength. Haven't used it much but maybe try it more often and see if I can do more than 2 minutes. I use to love cycling. The birthday before my stroke (two months) had received a brand new bike for my birthday and had only rode it twice. Hate to let it go. Hopeful I'd gain the ability and balance to ride again. Wishful thin
  11. Madade

    Thanks I googled and found 2 models. The one out of stock. The pricey one, the cheaper model won't ship across the border. I will search around as I think that angle would allow me less foot slip. Schwinn 270 and the 230 were the models I found.
  12. Madade

    Certainly love the view. We are on lock down again. I see the stroke club has one I could try but its locked down also. There model sit a lot lower. What model is this. Perhaps it just the angle. Appreciate the photo.
  13. Madade

    That looks nice and tranquil
  14. I seem to be logged in all the time on strokenet on my mobile device. I've searched the homepage and don't see a log out or log in for that matter spot on the mobile device. Does anyone know how you can log out on a mobile device.
  15. Madade

    Therapist tried different methods of securing right foot. The spasticity always won out. I need to a try recumbent bike. Leg brace on the bike but getting off and on was scary. Prefer walking with leg 6 pounds works best. Was wearing all the time till a security officer refused the them. Can't find that model that fit ankle nice and was easy to put on. When I watch right foot it quivers laterally everytime. I try to mentally stop it. No success yet. Onward is right.