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  1. Madade

    That Tuesday Caregiver is much better I think. Friday Coffee Shop gone now? It was also confusing, again just me.
  2. Madade

    .....and you too heathber
  3. Madade

    Profile background still never figured how member can change that.
  4. Madade

    Photo posting and your Gallery. I know I can post them but its quite a complicated process. If your trying to post several photos or explain a single photo. I'll try and give more instances that I find are a trick. The Heart and Stroke logo here I post is preset to size pasted for example.
  5. Madade

    Thanksgiving Holiday
  6. Madade

    How are you coming along since September
  7. Madade

    Happy Dance 😊💃
  8. Madade

    SEen it Tracy
  9. Thanks to all involved for getting the site back and working it was sure misssed.
  10. Madade

    I see what you mean now. Is there pain with that gap?
  11. Madade

    Not sure what x-ray view this is, a break or dislocation Janelle?
  12. Madade

    Thanksgiving Day
  13. Madade

  14. That is interesting. I wouldn't doubt it.