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  1. Its the easiest motivator for me. I think I started out with 20 minutes at 1.4 mph. Jot it down. Nice to see your progress. Love the bands. Other than they wear out and fly apart. Still do them once a week. But yes a very in expensive method to work out. Caution though make sure you use the emergency shut down. I've been saved several times. Its easy to neglect but with spasticity thing can go awry suddenly.
  2. Yes I would recommend it for convenience sake and safety. A plus for us wife started using the treadmill also and her health and mental attitude has gotten better.
  3. Yes congrats. I'm so suspicious of my anniversary date and 2nd year was pleasantly uneventful.
  4. A new hobby that is therapeutic.
  5. Just browsing about again today waiting for stroke chat.  There was a moderator in the lobby.  When I checked that chat schedule I noticed that its all gone.  The time and group active.  Is it gone with this new format?  I thought I had checked it with the new board and it was there.  See if it is the same for you.  Maybe just us Great White Northerners.    

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    2. Linnie


      Mark, some of the e-mails you receive will be from ksmith....That's Kelli Smith, and she is an administrator who works with Steve (they're both super helpful).  Only the administration team of StrokeNet has your e-mail address.  Are you online now?  If yes, I can meet you in the chat room in a few minutes to answer (whoops, change that to try to answer) any questions you have.  I'll check back here at 12:15 my time which will be 11:15 for you, ok?  (I really try hard to not say "eh", lol)

    3. Madade


      It's  alright  eh!  12:30 pm nap time.  FYI others can reply on here.  It shows as email inbox on the new format.  That's where I'm getting them and my personal email notifies me.  

    4. Linnie


      Mark, I haven't noticed the email inbox; but I think it's probably the same place that I call a message inbox.  Semantics, eh? :2thumbs:

  6. Hi Asha waiting for stroke chat to open checked the calendar see its blank. 



    1. achandra


      Mad :


      we usually have chats every day in the afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST Monday,wednesday & friday




    2. Madade


      Thanks I'll try this evening.  Without that calendar it is a trick to remember times and type of chats they're hosting.  Joined a stroke support group last week.  Its good but tiring right now. Only going for Wednesdays.  Its a half hour drive also.  Again thanks.


    3. achandra


      Mad :


      will see you there tonight in stroke survivor chat room. If you have laptop at home then you can login from home & chat away





  7. Madade

  8. Pearl that sounds like another read I should tackle. Right now reading an ebook called Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System. I like actual books after trying this. It did help me with the page turning. Bookmarking was excellent but recalling what I read that something just have to do. Over and over sometimes. Makes for slow reading. Interesting learning as some of the material you can relate to. Its more a medical book so I find it not too compelling to read. Next read a hard cover book "Cross The Line" James Patterson.
  9. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  11. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  12. Nothing leading up to the stroke. Had a complete medical check up week before even. During they felt I had a neck adjustment as the bleed was typical of neck adjustment, as they reviewed C.A.T. scans. Hadn't seen a chiropractor in 8 years. I awoke from a sleep. Couldn't get out of bed.
  13. Just learnt how to follow this posting.
  14. Thank you all. It's what I sensed but was just not sure. I had the flu shot even before the stroke I got one. The stress comments I believing that more and more every day. Refreshing to hear from other stroke survivors these words. The struggle to stay active when the virus knock us down so easily. Sort of snowballs the condition. l never liked whining yet I see that I am starting. I was doing so good in stroke hospital and since release can't seem to get back to the point they released me. Walking, activities, awake time & general self care tasks were coming along so well when I was released. Coming up on 3 years and trying so hard to get back to where I was when release but these cold have taken their toll this season. Again Thanks everyone for posting.
  15. Can't seem to shake cold viruses. Is this a bad season or is it due to the stroke that that I seems to have a cold that last for weeks. Been to doctor and his comment well that's the price of being social. He's glad I'm trying but I feel that this is a bad season. What do you feel particularly those over 5 years. Is it the stroke or is it the season?