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  1. Benni

    I no longer have that issue. It went away after a couple weeks. Nice info though. Thanks!
  2. It's daily for me, and it seems forever before I can cough it back up again!!
  3. There's another topic about this that may help you ... Food preferences changed.
  4. Maybe just middle-age creeping in?
  5. It's definitely not because of my weight -- scarecrow after stroke -- 104 pounds.
  6. Thanks all. My HBP is genetic, so no getting away from it. I use very little salt, and use low sodium products. Doc doubled my med 6 months ago, we'll see what the result is when I go back next week.
  7. Thanks Becky. You prove my point -- EVERYTHING raises your BP.
  8. OMG! See, everything! I'd still like to see a chart, article, something.
  9. It depends on what foods you eat, what you drink, many activities you participate in. What I've never found, doing research, is how MUCH it rises! 2 points, 5, 10? Can anyone direct me to this info?
  10. Great insight, Scott, thank you.
  11. I know what you mean. A couple days ago my AFO felt like it was digging into the side of my foot. Lasted all day. Never before, and not since. It was on correctly, so I thought "must be another sensation|" -- the feelings not real! Jeez!
  12. Benni


    I found that playing games and puzzles is much more difficult that it used to be. 

    Reading is difficult to concentrate. I have to read over some texts to make sure that I understand the meaning of what the text means. I have some ADHD, that doesn't help.


    My name is HopeE


  13. I was like that while playing games/puzzles on my tablet. If I ran out of puzzles, I'd just do the old ones again -- just like having new ones! 😄