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  1. Here's my post, hope it gives you some ideas -- help with hand curling
  2. Benni

    I've seen only my family doctor since out of the hospital, I've done just fine!!
  3. Benni

    Geez! I got tired just from reading that! You do way more than I do!
  4. Thanks Kelli and Deigh!
  5. He surprised me when he came up with the idea -- so thoughtful! Scott, it is very overwhelming trying to pick from all those emoji! Thanks, Becky!
  6. Hubs came up with a wonderful idea to stop my fingernails from digging into my hand (though they are cut very short). It's called a finger tab for archers. Very soft and pliable. When I have the spasms, it protects my palm. Great idea, easy to put on yourself.
  7. Benni

    Same here, Janelle -- shopping is very tiring for me. I have a deal with Hubs -- he makes his own side of the bed, I make mine. I don't get bored, I get mad at myself when I can't find the word I want, in my head, and I know I should know it. Word games are my big go-to games. I only play games in the daylight (noon - 3 pm) and all the busyness doesn't bother me.
  8. Benni

    I read a lot. Plus Hubs and I play 3 different card games every afternoon. I walk plenty while doing chores. I do the laundry, dishwashing, putting it all away. I can do all housework but the floors. I have a girl come in and vacuum/mop once a month. I do stay active, plus I go outside every hour for fresh air/sunshine.
  9. Benni

    I usually play 40 minutes per hour, the other 20 minutes is doing chores, so I am being a bit active. Ed, I haven't brought it up to doc. Thank, Janelle! Tracy -- great ideas! I do paper puzzles a lot, too.
  10. I play word games a lot on my tablet. About 40 minutes every hour for about a 5 hour time span. I still have fatigue, could that make me too tired, or is it "training" my brain in a good way?
  11. Benni

    I'm adapting pretty darn good!
  12. Benni

    My arm is fine! I have adapted well. It's finally relaxed enough to where it doesn't "hug" me so tight, and I can move it away from my body sometimes.
  13. Benni

    Oh, good one Janelle!!