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  1. I bet that was great! Hubs bought all the groceries for my first year home. Now that we've moved away from all those stairs, I can use my cane to walk to the car then into the grocery store. I put my bad hand on the cart handle and I'm able to push it around the tiny store. It's nice being able to choose products I want.
  2. Yes, I do the same with drinks. But the worst is trying to carry on a lengthy conversation and I cough/choke so much it embarrasses me. G-r-r-r!
  3. Hubs has lived here all his life. I moved here 3 1/2 years ago to marry him. It is a beautiful land alright.
  4. You are very welcome! I knew nothing about it until other members told me. I'm so glad it helped you!
  5. Glenda, it's called Emotional Lability, very common in strokes. I have never been a crier and Hubs never saw me cry in the 3 years of our marriage. Now I cry at the drop of a hat, and get explosive anger -- so unlike me. I find it embarrassing when it happens. I, too, started in my 3rd month. I found this link to be helpful ..... http://www.strokenetwork.org/newsletter/articles/lability.htm
  6. I, also, was so glad to be home. It was a good feeling but also frustrating to discover all the day-to-day things I could no longer do. Being in a protected environment (hospital) I didn't fully realize how each day would be so different. I was very angry, at myself, and had a lot of emotional outbursts. Hubs was incredulous at the change in me. He hadn't see me cry in the 3 years of our marriage. I'm more able to control it now but it still embarrasses when I go off like that.
  7. Welcome Paul! You've come to the right place for info, help, ask questions, or just to vent! I, very much, understand how you feel. I joined this site to learn, gather more info about strokes. I love that I'm able to come here with my problems, someone who understands me. I don't want to burden Hubs anymore than I have to. He does his best but can't understand ALL my issues.
  8. I know exactly what you mean. If I ask Hubs to do too many things at once, he says "Cinderella, do this, Cinderella do that! " He says it in a girl's voice, which makes me laugh. So replying that way tells me I've asked him to do too much in a short time. That causes me to think "I better back off for awhile".
  9. Welcome! You've come to the right place for info, help, ask questions, or just to vent!
  10. Glad you got through it ok!!
  11. Keep safe, Scot! From the photos I've seen, online, it's ghastly!!
  12. Hubs has got it all figured out. He took out one arm of the bath chair. I sit on the side of the tub and can slide onto the chair, like a transfer bench, and swing both legs in. Perfect!!
  13. I think we may have figured it out. All seems good now.