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  1. Yes, I can do the same. My shoulder still has some stiffness, but am working on that. Yay for you!!
  2. Alan, I had that also. Horrible pain! Doc gave me script for Elavil 10mg. I take it with breakfast. Within 3 days, pain was gone, and no side effects from the med. Haven't had any pain since but I'm afraid to go off it for fear of the pain returning.
  3. Welcome! Your emotional issues are very normal. A stroke can cause emotions to be hyped up. It's only been a few months for you, hopefully they'll ease up soon. I'm sure someone will come along with much more insight into your problem. Hang in there, be brave!
  4. CPS

    I had extreme shoulder pain, felt like my shoulder was dislocated! My doc said it was 'arm/shoulder syndrome', prescribed low dose Elavil (common here) and pain was gone 3 days later. I've been on it for 2 years -- absolutely no side effects at all if taken in the morning. May not be the same as CPS, but may help?
  5. No, it's much more relaxed. I used to do the same thing -- always working to straighten my 'claw'. I did a lot of stretching exercises for over a year to get them more relaxed to 3/4 of the way open. I got an E-stim machine to stretch them too. It helps to wake up the muscles.
  6. A couple months after my stroke, my hand swelled as big as a bear paw. I also had redness and was a little bluish. It finally went away after about 3 months. What bothered me most was my hand remained closed into a fist, and I was constantly sweating between my fingers.
  7. Humming would be better than my awful singing. Thanks bunches!
  8. Becky, I can relate to the singing issue. I used to sing, with my Dad's band, in night clubs. Now I sound awful. I'll try that kind of exercise when I'm alone. Sassy, my family has used the same remedies and I use to use them religiously, guess I better get back to that.
  9. Thanks guys! Lemon water I can handle. I'll try that.
  10. Oh gee! Was hoping for better news. Exercises, etc.
  11. This has gone on for the past 2 years. Hubs and I don't talk a lot, just normal interaction. However, when I have company, after chatting for over 15 minutes, my voice becomes hoarse/raspy. If I continue talking, I begin to cough a lot, and find it hard to continue talking. It's very embarrassing for me. Also frustrating that I can't finish the conversation. Is this some sort of aphasia, or throat muscle disorder?
  12. Mine started out only when I yawned. Now it's just upon awakening. It's much less frequent now.
  13. Yes it is. I've had the same problem since my stroke. Mainly just early mornings as I'm waking up. Although it causes discomfort, it doesn't cause me pain. Each episode only lasts a few seconds. I hope you find something to help you.
  14. Thanks for the info, Becky! I'll be discussing this with PT soon.