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  1. Benni

    I no longer have that issue. It went away after a couple weeks. Nice info though. Thanks!
  2. Benni


    I found that playing games and puzzles is much more difficult that it used to be. 

    Reading is difficult to concentrate. I have to read over some texts to make sure that I understand the meaning of what the text means. I have some ADHD, that doesn't help.


    My name is HopeE


  3. Benni

    My AFO is on from the time I get up until I go to bed -- can't walk without it.
  4. Benni

    All is good. Toes only squinch when putting on my shoes 1st thing in the morning. I found that if I flex my toes back and forth with my good hand 5 or 6 times, then slide into my shoes, works good. If they still have a little squinch, I flex them while in my shoe. No problem the rest of the day.
  5. Benni

    Paul, that's great! Yes, the weather fairies were good to you indeed!
  6. Benni

    I found out Hubs has a dremmel -- yay! I know Australia IS sunny indeed!
  7. Benni

    Becky -- right! Madade -- mine just started curling a couple weeks ago, after 3 years. I've found that if I flex them back and forth, with my good hand, (before putting on the shoe) they curl less. By the time I've taken about 20 steps, they're back to "normal". Researching Dremel now.
  8. Benni

    No, it doesn't pinch, and yes they should! Never heard Canada described as sunny -- hahaha! I'm in Newfoundland. Hmmmm .... I'll think about that!
  9. Benni

    Mine was custom made, too. Insurance covered 80%. It fits great. I only wish it was an inch shorter. It comes just at the bend of my knee (in back).
  10. Benni

    Yes, mine was $800! For plastic and velcro -- sheesh! I've seen them sold online. Couldn't you do that?
  11. Benni

    Wow, that must be a pain in the @&&! Mine is just hard plastic (like Rubbermaid tupperware) and straps on with velcro around my ankle. Shoes 1/2 size bigger but not a problem -- also velcro straps -- easy on/off..
  12. Benni

    Thank you all! My shoes are like orthopedic shoes, plus I do get them a 1/2 size larger. Asha, I do shift my weight and it usually relaxes within a minute. Heather, I will definitely try the exercise! Becky, yes that does sound extreme indeed! Janelle, I have my AFO on all day so I don't drag my foot on the floor. At night, if I have to get up to pee (rare), I put a sock on it so it glides and I don't stub my foot.
  13. Benni

    This started last Sunday, and has happened 4 times now. Whenever I put on my shoes, the toes on my affected foot "squinch" up. Not curling under, just not straightening properly. Any ideas what I can do?
  14. Benni

    Wow! This is the first time I've heard of // read your poetry. So deep and profound. You should express yourself through poetry more often. Beautiful!