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  1. Wow! This is the first time I've heard of // read your poetry. So deep and profound. You should express yourself through poetry more often. Beautiful!
  2. I think that is very important for us all in our situation! Good for you!
  3. I can surely understand your worries! I'm sure your daughter wouldn't be embarrassed if she has accepted the fact that you had a stroke and other family/friends know, too. However, I think I'd be embarrassed for myself. I wouldn't feel comfy at all. But, I would know it was important to her that I was there, so I think I'd put my chin up and go for it. Sorry I don't have solid advice for you.
  4. You're welcome! I love it!
  5. Thank you, girls. There are days when he treats me soooo special -- and days I'd like to wrap my hand around his throat!! Janelle, you DID change your siggy! Good for you!
  6. The entire day was nice indeed! Thank you, Tracy!
  7. You should post a photo to share with us! I'd love to see one!
  8. Today was our 3rd anniversary. I got up, this morning, to a beautiful card on my desk. The front showed an elderly couple dancing. Inside, Hubs wrote "We will dance together again". I was so moved by that. How thoughtful and loving! For supper he came home with a Hawaiian pizza (my fave) and a lemon meringue pie. My mother used to bake me lemon meringue pie, every year, for my birthday. I haven't had one in 3 years. Yummy! Just wanted to share, especially about the card.
  9. Betsy, the collage idea is very inspiring! Great idea!
  10. I had no choice if l was going to get in the house after our trip to Cuba. It was the last 7 (out of 28) steps down to the house. There's no railing for those. After the way I gripped him, Hubs is going to remedy that.
  11. Janelle, I coped by grabbing onto Hubs shoulders while he walked down, backwards, in front of me. I was absolutely terrified!!