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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I want my right arm/hand to work right. It just hangs there. I'm finally able to bend it at the elbow and my fingers are relaxing a bit instead of being in a fist. But I can't DO anything with it!! I want to stop limping and have my knee act normal instead of hyper-extending.
  2. A little of both. I do lots of daily exercises and they helped Immensely!
  3. Once I put mine on, then my shoes, I undo that strap as it's not needed then. The shoe keeps it in place.
  4. I'm thinking of getting a shorter one so I don't have the hot plastic against the back of my leg.
  5. Jan, that does sound uncomfortable! Mine is made for my foot's shape, however you can get many different kinds for a decent price. The only complaint I have is mine is hot in the summer as I have to wear knee socks and heavy, sturdy shoes. My barefoot days are over. *sigh*
  6. Jade, maybe you should wear an AFO to keep your foot straight. I wear mine all day -- hard to walk without it. There are many kinds that don't go up to the calf like mine, and mine has a wide strap at the ankle to keep it held on better.
  7. Kelli, I do too! Pretty!!
  8. Jan, welcome! You've come to the right place to learn, ask questions, post about your troubles. This is a fantastic group!
  9. Scott, I use leg warmers on my arms. They`re cheap, easy to put on, and cover my whole arm and part of my hands. My arms seem to stay cold all winter. If they are covered, the rest of me stays warm. Less bulkier than an entire sweater. Not stroke related by the way.
  10. Welcome back, Fred! We've all wondered where you've been! Glad you're still with us!
  11. Oh, Scott, I'm so sorry! Yea, it sucks when you can't take anything stronger! I have occasional bouts of vertigo now. Only when I bend my head down while leaning over -- hence no more of doing that! It is sooooo scary! Falling is one of my biggest fears, hope it never happens to me!
  12. Who -- I'm the same. Would rather write a response than answer the phone. I have time to gather my thoughts, articulate what I want to say, and to edit before sending.
  13. Yes, it takes strength and determination! You pretty much have to be hard-headed and stubborn.