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  1. New

    Welcome! You've come to the right place for info, help, ask questions, or just to vent! I can't answer your questions but someone should come along soon to help you. Only 56? I thought I was too young at 66!
  2. Yeh, she is helping to loosen my shoulder and, hopefully, straighten my fingers.
  3. No I haven't. I started back with PT a couple months ago and seeing a little progress from that.
  4. That's wonderful news, Scott!!
  5. I found these 2 links. Both based in USA, state location doesn't seem to matter. http://bianj.org/brain-injury-identification-cards/ https://www.handlewithlovetbi.com/tbiidcard/
  6. I'm able to do a tiny bit more each month.
  7. That's wonderful! Now they don't need to explain themselves every time. Just whip out the card and let whoever read it! Maybe, eventually, it'll become worldwide.
  8. My granddaughter said this about her young son, and I thought it would also apply to stroke survivors ... "It's easy to get caught up in how they will progress, and forget to be grateful for what they can already do".
  9. Fantastic! Makes you feel so good when a normal movement returns!
  10. She had me try to squeeze a ball during the contraction, which I thought was strange since the e-stim was opening my fingers. Good to know I did well. :) I'm thinking to buy one too. Going to talk to her about what unit to get today. There's a wide range of prices.