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  1. Benni

    Janelle, my hand is the same. No, I haven't had that happen, sorry.
  2. Benni

    Janelle, I get them too. Have from the beginning, almost 4 years ago. It used to be only when I yawned. Now, every single morning, when waking up, my leg will stretch straight out. Like someone trying to pull it from the hip socket. My hand spasms, too. It alternates between clenching into a tight fist, and spreading wide open. I have to keep those fingernails cut super short as they dig into my palms. THAT hurts, other than that the spasms are just uncomfortable. When I was in the hospital, they put me on baclofen. But it only has a 3 hour window and since my spasms were first thing in the morning, I would have had to be wakened at 5AM to take it. It did nothing for me, so I went off them. I just bear with it. Maybe someday they'll go away. By the way, I tried lifting my foot up and swinging my leg, and got horrible hip pain, so I don't do that anymore. I always wear my AFO, except at night. If I have to get up to the bathroom, I slip my sock on so it will glide across the floor easily.
  3. Benni

    I no longer have that issue. It went away after a couple weeks. Nice info though. Thanks!
  4. It's daily for me, and it seems forever before I can cough it back up again!!
  5. There's another topic about this that may help you ... Food preferences changed.
  6. Maybe just middle-age creeping in?
  7. It's definitely not because of my weight -- scarecrow after stroke -- 104 pounds.
  8. Thanks all. My HBP is genetic, so no getting away from it. I use very little salt, and use low sodium products. Doc doubled my med 6 months ago, we'll see what the result is when I go back next week.
  9. Thanks Becky. You prove my point -- EVERYTHING raises your BP.
  10. OMG! See, everything! I'd still like to see a chart, article, something.
  11. It depends on what foods you eat, what you drink, many activities you participate in. What I've never found, doing research, is how MUCH it rises! 2 points, 5, 10? Can anyone direct me to this info?
  12. Benni


    I found that playing games and puzzles is much more difficult that it used to be. 

    Reading is difficult to concentrate. I have to read over some texts to make sure that I understand the meaning of what the text means. I have some ADHD, that doesn't help.


    My name is HopeE


  13. Benni

    My AFO is on from the time I get up until I go to bed -- can't walk without it.
  14. Benni

    All is good. Toes only squinch when putting on my shoes 1st thing in the morning. I found that if I flex my toes back and forth with my good hand 5 or 6 times, then slide into my shoes, works good. If they still have a little squinch, I flex them while in my shoe. No problem the rest of the day.
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