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  1. Benni


    I found that playing games and puzzles is much more difficult that it used to be. 

    Reading is difficult to concentrate. I have to read over some texts to make sure that I understand the meaning of what the text means. I have some ADHD, that doesn't help.


    My name is HopeE


  2. I was like that while playing games/puzzles on my tablet. If I ran out of puzzles, I'd just do the old ones again -- just like having new ones! 😄
  3. I had no issues during the first year. The second year, I found that while reading a novel, I would have to re-read several pages the next night, to remember what was happening. This happened often enough that I gave up reading novels/magazines after being an avid reader for over 40 years -- no interest in at all. During the 3rd year, I had short term memory issues. I would forget, within 30 seconds, what I'd just done and do it again. Hubs would have to tell me I had already done that -- embarrassing! I've been doing much better the past 6 months -- back to "normal".
  4. Benni

    Thanks Janelle. It's made a big difference for my mealtimes.
  5. Update: I put Lanacane Anti-itch cream on my armpit once a day, every day, for a week. No itching. But, the last 4 days, I've used nothing. No itching in all those days. I must've tricked my brain. Now, if only I could trick it to remember how to use my hand/arm correctly!
  6. Benni

    Food cubby These are great! Originally made for picky eaters, to keep their food from touching, disabled people are using them to help scoop their food. No more chasing food all over my plate!! Yay!
  7. I have feelings on my affected side, always have. Certain parts are numbing, that's all. Thanks, Janelle!
  8. well, I don't feel alone in this then. Yes, those feelings DO feel real indeed. My underarm is driving me bonkers with all the itching. I started applying calamine lotion to it and it helps for a few hours. Just wish it'd go away!! 😫
  9. I wanted to know if any of you had sensations but weren't really true. My first instance was while still in the hospital. I felt like I was sitting on a lumpy pillow (on the affected side of my buttocks), but I wasn't. Nurses said I was experiencing sensations. That went away after a few weeks. Since then, for the past two years, I have had daily itching under my affected arm (armpit). It drives me nuts. Doc has checked and there's nothing there, no rash, etc. It happens several times a day. For awhile, it felt like my sock (affected foot) was bunched up on the bottom of my foot, I'd take off my brace to look -- nope, sock was fine. Anyone else have these?
  10. Benni

    Love it, Becky!
  11. Benni

    Not dumb at all! I'm 3 years in and miss dancing, singing, needlepoint, creating digital art, crocheting, driving to the store when I need to (not have to wait on Hubs to have the time). Lots more, I'm sure.
  12. Or turn your ahead away from the affected side -- did that for a very long time. It's not a habit anymore because I didn't choke for a long time. It can sneak up on you, I guess.
  13. I certainly know what you mean!!
  14. I still choke easily a few times a week, but not at each meal. It takes me so long to finally cough up the intruder, can't talk -- real raspy -- for about 20 minutes. I hate it! And Hubs can't tell the diff between regular coughing and choking. He always says "want me to get you something for your cough?" I'm CHOKING A-hole!!