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  1. Benni

    Thanks Becky!
  2. Benni

    Dedicated, stubborn, not willing to give up! Thanks Kelli!
  3. Benni

    We are a desperate lot, for sure!
  4. Benni

    Thanks Scott. I've gotten my fingers looser over time. I hated the way my thumb stayed curled under my fingers, and the forefinger stayed curled over it. I bought some super stiff velcro, 2 inches wide, to replace the strip on my AFO. I cut 2 pieces to fit over my thumb and forefinger. Once I wrapped it around thumb/finger, it kept its shape, so I was able to slide it on and off easily. It kept them straight, not curled. I wore them every day for a month and, now, I can move them much easier. I used to have to pull the thumb out from under my fingers with my good hand. Now I can move the affected thumb itself. Both fingers are much more relaxed now.
  5. Benni

    Hi Janelle! Yes, monkey is a good description indeed! Hope the exercises help, too!
  6. Benni

    Thank you! I'll give it a go. :)
  7. First of all, I'm doing good and am happy, I've adapted well. My latest concern is my arm. It still stays bent up, at the elbow. I have my own towel rod with me always. Problem is when I bend over, my arm doesn't come with me, it just hangs there, in mid-air. Is there an exercise for that, too loosen it up?
  8. Benni

    Ditto!! Was too "busy", distracting for me. As you said, Paul, best stroke support site ever!!
  9. Benni

    That's it exactly! No, I didn't use any lotions of any kind. It's weird that they were there for so long then, overnight, they're gone!! Thank you, Becky!!
  10. Benni

    Yes, most likely it is.
  11. Benni

    Upon doing some research, they are very similar to cholesterol deposits. Usually found in the eye area. I had those years ago, they're gone now. I just thought it strange that they appeared , on my hands, after the swelling had gone down, so I thought they were stroke related.
  12. Benni

    Thanks Heather and Janelle. I'll do some research later.
  13. Three months after my stroke, my affected hand swelled to the size of a bear paw. When the swelling went down, there were white bumps on the back of it, not filled with anything, just bumps that were mildly itchy. They've been there for over 2 years. Yesterday, I noticed them on the back of my good hand. This morning, they are gone from both hands. ?? Surely I'm not the only stroke survivor who's had this. Any ideas on this?
  14. Benni

    Tracy, thanks for the link! I'll look into it. Heather, you wear me out just reading about all you do! My interest is growing now. Off to do more research. Thanks! Scott, thanks for the interest!