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  1. Same here -- yawning triggers my arm/hand to contract. I wake up every morning to my entire right side stretching, but not to the point of pain. It used to be more often, during the day, but only mornings now.
  2. Thanks Kelli! Don't have any of those problems, thankfully.
  3. Yes, I did. He lives across the island and it would be difficult for him to get here due to winter weather. I may have to wait until spring. How can you use a tool to adjust yours ? Mine is just a solid piece of hard plastic. Similar to this but with an ankle strap, too. ...
  4. I don't think so, I'll ask Hubs though.
  5. I used to do bridges, so will get back to that. I'm unable to get down to the floor, though, the best I can do is on the bed. There was another one you told me about -- lying on the edge of the bed with my bad leg on the floor - lift it up to the bed and so forth. Will that one work as well?
  6. Heather, you once told me to "tuck under my bum", I'm not sure what you mean. I tried what I thought you meant, and it is a very awkward way of walking.
  7. My knee hyper extends, too. But the high AFO doesn't help it at all. Can you post a pic of yours, or describe it?
  8. He did cast it, so I don't know why he made it so high. ???
  9. Thanks guys! I'll contact the guy who made it, see if he can shorten it.
  10. Where does yours come to? I'm only 4'10", maybe that's why it's so high, although it was custom-made for me.
  11. Why is an AFO so long? Mine comes up to the back of my knee bend. Hence, when I bend my leg to put it on, it cuts into the back of my knee. I don't use the top strap (across my shin) and it stays on just fine with the ankle strap plus with my shoe on. Would it be safe to cut it down a couple inches?
  12. Yay for you, Scott!!
  13. Welcome Mac. Yes, it is a real thing. I don't have anxiety, but I'm quick to anger which causes crying. And I've never been a crier or yeller -- I used to just get very quiet when angry, and hubs knows it. Now, he's overwhelmed when I cry or yell.
  14. Hmm, just tried it. I can slightly bend my foot up at the ankle, and that's with the AFO on. I'll experiment later with it off.