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  1. Hi ladies. Just a quick update. The surgery is done on my right foot. By looking at it I would say it's a huge improvement. Especially having my left foot to compare. It's a true 90 degrees of my leg and I can wiggle it a bit. It's in a half cast splint so near as I can tell anyway. There is no chance of ankle roll as the two are now fused together. I'm really excited to have them both done and healed. i will say this, the pain, oh the pain. Let me tell you. I'm a 40 year old male. The pain has brought me to tears on several occasions. It's one of those things where the long term benefits outweigh the short term struggle. If anyone else is going to get this done. It's an amazing transformation, but it hurts bad, real bad.
  2. There aren't to many light subjects about my stroke, but one thing that sticks out immediately is how people's octave changes once they are told I had a stroke. They feel like they must yell at me like I "deffed" out....lol. I'm like please stop hollering at me. I had a stroke!
  3. Becky, no worries. I too was like that when my Dr recommended the surgery. I think I might be on the extreme side of foot drop. Both feet are affected. I have tried and have outer leg braces. No go. I have spent months in therapy learning to walk. We have now determined that I'll never walk without this procedure. It does not hender walking at all. Please look up ankle fusion range of motion on YouTube. It will give you a better understanding. It did me. My feet are literally almost as straight as they can be and stuck. I think I have tried pretty much everything which brings me here. If they can get my feet straight I will have a much better chance of learning to walk again. Right now I'm on the balls of my feet with weak hip flexors causeing me to fall forward. So right now I have no chance to walk again. I have been reassured by my therapist and foot doctor that I'll have a much better chance of walking after the surgery. I am having anxiety about the recovery and the pain associated with the surgery though. My Achilles has shortened to the point my feet are locked. AFO Boots do not work because my feet are stuck down and they are very painfull to wear. You can imagine. He says this is much better than lengthening on my Achilles because the feet can not roll over.
  4. I have tried AFO Braces to no avail. I have researched the surgery online and on YouTube. There are many joints in your feet other than the ankle that help the foot move. Range of motion is still pretty decent from what I have seen. It actually pretty common procedure. Mainly for arthritis. Foot drop also. My feet are really bad from having been in bed for so long. I can't walk right now because my drop is so bad. I do have a therapist that recommended the procedure to me. In the beginning, when I had my stroke, I nearly died and my feet were the least of my drs worries. Now I'm not so medically frail, we are finally getting to it. I had a major brain stem stroke in my Pons area. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with the pain associated with the surgery, recovering. It looks like it's a painful deal. Thank you for your response, it is no doubt "drastic."
  5. Next week I go in for my first foot, right, ankle fusion. I was told they will release my A. Tendon at my foot and raise my foot then fuse my ankle in position. Two weeks later I go in for my left foot. The Dr does it in two as it is 6 hrs. per foot. Has anyone else had this done? How's the pain/recovery? How long before you could bear weight for transfers? I have some anxiety going in.
  6. Hey all! In March 2014 while at the gym I suffered a massive bran stem stroke. In my Pons area to be a little more specific. At the time I was 36. I'm going to be 40 the 5th of May. Anywho, it has totally devastated my family. We have three small children and my wife is my caregiver. The Stroke totally changed everything about my life. In the first few weeks I was totally "locked in". Only able to blink and move my eyes. Gradually, by the grace of God, I started to move my head and gain movement in my left side. I'm a lefty too, thank goodness. However, my right side is like moving 200 pnds. Which means I'm in bed a lot or in my PWC to get around. I can't speak, walk, shift around or move freely. I hope to meet some people that can relate, that we can share our thoughts and frustrations that come with a massive life altering event. So my question is. Anyone else?
  7. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.