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  1. Paul To me Glenn sounded just like you but maybe i'm loosing it, no worries get your stuff all done. we can chat when your all done Ed
  2. edkel1

    Scott I am so sorry for you, wish I had an idea but i'm just a stupid electrician and can only help you with a light not working I personally don't understand why more stroke survivors don't turn to drinking or drugs because what we live thru is hell and most people don't have the a clue, hell a lot of the Dr's don't I'm not telling you to start but that's what kids do now a days to deal with little hick ups in life and not understanding that's life. Hope you find something. Ed
  3. No worries Paul, there is a video clip of him that sounds just like you or maybe the stroke is really taking it's toll on me Its on YouTube and its a fact checking video from Wikipedia and make sure your wife watches Ed
  4. edkel1

    I will listen to that latter tonight I can only give you an Americans view on this, my father taught me when I was 5-6 that firearms are not toys, there tools respect them and never use them in anger, it only take's a few seconds to use them but a lifetime of grief follows if used in anger. My condolences to all the effected family's
  5. Paul Yes that's is true but I like to be prepared for all kinds of situations, sometimes I wish the stroke would have taken my memory but it took my stamina and balance instead either way I'm On a lighter note did you look up Glenn Hughes yet, when we were talking that's what pops in my mind Ed
  6. Tom I totally understand your feelings after loosing your Mom and Dad. Honestly..............I don't know what to say, I'm at a loss for words, just stay away from Drug's and Alcohol, try to keep your chin up and hope things change because " A man needs to know his limitations " Talk to others that are in the same boat and maybe that might help. It sucks when you want to vent or bounce ideas off of them, that's what helps you keep your sanity, you realize there gone, you can't hear there opinions, wisdom, laugh or see there smile's and joy in there eye's. Lost My sister in 1997 due to smoking that led to cancer Lost my dad in 2000 due to two hart attacks and old age 90 Lost my mom in 2001 do to complications from diabetes That's it I don't have any cousins, aunts, uncles nobody, I have my oldest daughter 32, she lives 550 miles away and see her once a month, my other daughter is 28 and thinks of herself and her family and I understand that then there is my son 16 , he's to young to understand what has happened. He is the one I always think that I have let down. My best friend had a stroke Christmas eve, he has a big family and always tells me I'm so lucky that I don't have any family ????? To be honest I would love to have family but that's not possible, I have one out of three kids that understands and that's keep me sane but for how long ?????????????????????????????? Tom.....I hope things get better for you, message me if you ever want to chat, I found that talking helps even if it's for a short period, that's better than nothing. Ed p.s. Thanks Paul it does help
  7. edkel1

    This is very sad and frightening Not to get anyone mad but I thought New Zealand banned firearms ???????????? Ed
  8. Thanks but I don't want anyone to cry or feel sorry for me, don't get me wrong I sincerely appreciate the concerns but its just how I feel. Everyone has a nitch in life, something that they love or enjoy, that brings them happiness and respect from others well I was that guy that could fix anything and I figured it out at an early age, I always had an answer and if I was stumped I would figure how, why and then fix it . I was self employed at 21 married with kids and had way more interests and hobbies than most. I was always going 24x7x365 As in hobbies I drag raced and helped coach my son in little league, had my dream muscle car, collected coins and hot wheels, life was better than good, the harder I tried or worked at something the greater the reward afterwords as in everything fitting together like a puzzle but the best part was seeing the smiles on peoples faces , the happiness that was my reward, there is nothing better than to make or fix something and see the smiles on the person face, if made me fell valuable and appreciated. Now I have to be careful just driving around town so no more racing, I try to play catch with my son but I can't catch or throw like I once did, but the worst thing is seeing it in his eyes that its no longer fun to play catch so now he has moved on. If it was just me having a stroke and I was like most other men that I knew that worked 9 to 5 and got home had dinner and watched TV till bed time but I was different, I feel like I have let down everyone around me from family, friends and customers. I keep trying everyday but its like groundhog day same thing and nothing changes. Enough on me spilling out my guts, I never intended to take over this post.........I am sorry Please never give up, do the best you can be thankful for family, and to the others remember we could have been like Luke Perry and died so give that person you love a hug and tell them how grateful you are that they are still with them. Ed
  9. Yes I went to a new Dr today and he was very helpful and honest, said your old Dr was right after 2 years this is it, the new me. I have been thinking about this for well over a year now sorry to say its bring me no relief only sorrow, I am nothing like I once was........................HOW DO YOU COPE, no one understands. Honestly I hate this new me.
  10. edkel1

    I'm glad its back to normal as Christmas was 90 days ago, yes it was hard on the eyes and the brain, everyone handles thing differently. Ed
  11. Hell, I'm here to read while i'm have a drink....................... J/K a six pack last me over a year or till it's born on date was 6 months ago. Ask away, lots of people here have as much if not more experiences than most Dr's do Good luck Ed
  12. Yes I too am a day late and several dollars short Sorry to hear about the Strokes just have him work on things he can do everyday. You have to do something about your Diabetes and A1C, see your friend ........you don't want to end up like that .............. well there is only person that can fix that....... YOU I'm puzzled but the union denied him treatment ????????, how can his medical insurance deny him, what union does he belong to Sounds like there might be a problem there Hope it all works out Ed
  13. Eat healthy, exercise and see your Dr on a regular basis other than that why worry.........its out of your hands at that point Good luck Ed
  14. edkel1

    Nothing worse than a bean counter making a decision on your health and well being while trying to save a buck. Good luck