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  1. John Keep up the good work, your working thru this give me hope but I totally understand small things wiping you out, it does the same to me Ed
  2. Thank you to all that have taken time to read my question and all the responses I have gotten, I know everyone has helped but i'm not getting it and don't want to waste any more time or space on the board. I'm not the only person going thru this. Looks like this is what I have to live with and have to figure out how to do it Thanks again Ed
  3. Where is so/cal are you, I am in Yorba Linda
  4. I personally like putting a small piece of scotch tape on there paws and watch them go crazy, I know it sounds mean but it is funy Ed
  5. You sound like a carbon copy of myself, at least you have your wife and be happy for that Good luck because what else do we have Ed
  6. I'm post stroke 17 months and can walk without a cane or anything else but that wipes me out like nothing else, my gait is not perfect but I do get around, my biggest problem is stamina and being dizzy PT helped but they have told me there is not much more they can do to help Just keep trying one day at a time Ed
  7. I think I really have felt the uneasiness and not being ok with my own feelings at a given time. We all expect to reconcile our feelings to what happens in our lives but I know for me that was not always easy to do or even that I couldn't at the time. Many times I think I have felt unable to reconcile, understand, my own feelings and reactions to them. Hugs for you Ed. Time is a friend...One day you maybe able to connect with these feelings and I hope you do my friend. You are not alone. Good I just thought you were upset with my feelings
  8. I'm a little lost ???????? You along with everyone else have been great listener , Its me and my feelings that I am having problems with.
  9. You know something I may state how I feel and get recommendations but to be honest nothing seems to help, I know I'm lucky and have it mild but the fact is I'm lost and don't know where to turn or what to do. I will use a Beatles line that comes to mind........... When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom "Let it be"
  10. Thanks for the warm thoughts but I must be hard headed, just mad that my life changed in such a way, I feel like I have let down my family, friends and customers but deep down inside were they......... Yes Paul sometimes I too wished the stroke had taken me in ICU but it left me the way I am now and I have to live thru this. Ed
  11. Thanks Heather No I don't have high blood pressure that on average is 123 / 78 but my cholesterol has always been good before my stroke it was 98-102 but my Nuro wants me at 70 so he gave me a prescription of a drug its only 10 mg once a day. What I do hate is i'm weak and get tired real fast and easy, sometimes it feels like I just ran a marathon for taking out the trash, and my right hand feels heavy and slower than my left. I love fixing things but am so tired and dizzy I can't do the simplest of things and that does not make me feel like a man I guess i'm just getting tired of feeling this way and I cant ask my family because they don't understand, I did learn something out of all of this my wife's nephew has a mild form of autism and if he feels even remotely like I do....... I see his father and grandmother call him names and belittle him in the worst way , for that I am truly sorry but I do understand it now.... better now than never. In a nut shell this stroke has taken more than most can imagine Thanks for your responce Ed
  12. Hello I have been think about asking this for a long time and to be honest I'm just loosing my mind along with my eye sight , dizziness, fatigue and now the wife leaving, how much is one person excepted to take. I had my stroke 17 months ago and recovered good enough that I can drive, walk, go to the store and do most everything I once did but I will be alone soon and at 56 that's not how I envisioned life , I don't smoke, drink do any drugs, gamble or run around with women, all I did was work my ass off so the family could have a great life but that all changed after my stroke..... I am lucky that i'm only on a few drugs Metforeman 2x a day, Glipizide 2x a day,a pill to lower my cholesterol now this is odd I don't have high cholesterol before taking the pill for it it was 98-102 and after taking the pill its at 68-70 ????? and a baby Aspirin. My question is how long till I can be 70-80 % of how I once was or am I just dreaming, I have gone to more Dr's than I care to think about and all of them have basically said the same thing yes we can make you better but nothing seams to work. I have gone to two chiropractors one that wanted to correct my atlas boy was he a joke and the second told me don't let anyone do any corrections, he was my PT for 6 months but after that time said there is not much more he can do for me, the dizziness never got better and my legs hurt before my PT. My personal Dr was great but said i'm just permanently handicapped and to add insult to injury he just passed away 6 weeks ago so I have to find a new Dr, that is so hard after having him since 1977. My Nero is Chinese and good but he said it will take lots of time, last time I went to him he told me i'm like a 10 month baby walking, I don't know how long I can keep doing this. I went to a balance clinic in Garden Grove and same story we can make you better, after 5 months nothing has changed. I still go to my eye Dr and she has told me I am getting better but the dizziness is relentless, I just want to scream. The best advise I got was from the Audio and Balance Institute in New Port Beach, Ca. He told me yes we think we can make you better but there are no guarantees and this might be the best you get. I know honesty is wonderful but thinking this might be it.... I would rather have a root canal with no anesthesia because I know the pain will subside eventually. I am not asking for anything other than the brutal truth or is this the new Ed 2018 I know I am lucky to be alive but I don't consider this living, what do I do........ this is driving me crazy Thanks for letting me vent Ed
  13. My personal Dr said the 24 month is about where you will end up but my Nero Dr said it keeps getting better regardless of time but both said don't stop trying Hope this helps because I think most Dr's are full of it Ed
  14. Most if not all people don't have the slightest idea what we go thru on a daily basis, hell I don't understand some of the things that happen or why, my wife included........................ she will say sorry if i'm tired, dizzy or feel like I just ran a marathon but deep down inside she does not know what to say so they say I'm sorry how you feel to be polite but this does nothing but make me feel worse than I did before. I wish people would just keep quiet or maybe ask if they could help but this is our new life........... happy happy joy joy. Ed
  15. I'm so sorry, hope things get better Ed