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  1. I just met my new Dr today, I had my old one for 41 years but he passed away due to compilations from double knee replacement 6 months ago anyways the new Dr was great went over my med's and everything, I have been taking 10 mg Lipitor each night since my stroke but i'm always tired and dizzy so he had an idea to stop the lipitor for 30 days, he said he has seen it make some patients tired and have sore mussels so I'm off them and lets see if this works, he told me all medication we take have side affects and everyone handles them differently so crossing my fingers and hope it works...... besides before my stroke and not taking lipitor my cholesterol was 98-102 and I love red meat but my neurologist wanted me bellow 70, I sure hope this works. I have not taken anything for mood since they took me of Cymbalta at CNS, I was told the reason I was on 200 mg of Cymbalta was to relive the swelling of my brain due to the stroke and falling 10-12 feet, they said if it does not work they might have to remove part of my skull to relieve pressure but the down side was it was making my sodium drop and the Dr in Bakersfield recommended I get off of them, I have not been on any mood pills since 1-24-17. I asked my neurologist about CBD oil and he did not recommend it , said it will raise my BP at first and then it might go back to normal but high BP could lead to another stroke so what do I do. I never want to go thru another stroke again. Hope all works out for you Alansd Ed
  2. I feel for you on this one as no one wins, the only person that really counts is yourself and if you can honestly live with your decisions than make them and stick with them Good luck Ed
  3. Kelli You still have stroke fatigue 9 years after, has it gotten any better because......... i'm coming up on 21 months and keep telling myself this will change, I don't know how much longer I can take this, I'm weak, dizzy and hit the wall of fatigue 20 min after I start To be honest I scared for the first time in my life and I don't like my odds at getting better Ed
  4. I found that I do better in cold than heat, it was 114 here in my new city of Norco Ca a few weeks ago and that killed me but my idea of cold is 35-40, guess i'm a puss Does coffee really help, i'm not a coffee drinker but since my stroke it just does not taste that good any more, any other ideas.....PLEASE Ed
  5. So you had your stroke 2 1/2 years ago and its just starting to come around now, what are you doing medically to help out, any special treatments Ill stand on my head,eat or do anything to fix this, at 20 months its getting unbearable. Any help would be greatly appreciated Ed
  6. I'm just tired of everyone I go to saying they can make me better but nothing ever does I'm dizzy all the time and have zero stamina and don't take the heat like I once did, gotta be honest this has gotta change because there is only so much one man can take Ed
  7. I am going to the eye Dr once a week, I stopped everything because it was not doing anything
  8. Positive....... My family thinks I am embellishing my stroke, looking for sympathy......... I could go on and on I never quit now walking for five minutes wipes me out
  9. Russ How long do you keep trying....... forever because I don't think I can Ed
  10. I hope i'm wrong too but I cant keep going like on this, I'm the guy that could do anything and now I'm a gimp......... help
  11. Russ I have been this way for 20 months tomorrow, I am starting to believe that this might be as good as I get and that's hard to except all the treatments don't help in any way............. "A man need to know his limitations" and I think I'm there Ed
  12. Hey I have a question on vestibular and balance as that's what is wrong with me, I can drive , walk, kinda run but its hard, the problem I have is because im dizzy all the time...................................any advise or suggestions Ed
  13. Welcome Yes your lucky like most of us are, 2 weeks was not bad at all, I was in ICU for 2 weeks and rehab for 4 more and than 5 weeks at CNS in Bakersfield, your are 100% correct " Never give up " Hope your walking gets better but I agree i'm at almost 20 months and i'm still dizzy Ed
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  15. ??????????????????????? You have asked the same question several times and never give any details when asked ???????????????????????????????????????