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  1. Its different for everyone, slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life, take lots of pictures with your kids because you never know what tomorrow brings. Ed
  2. edkel1

    Sorry I never did answer your question I can only speak for my self and with a tear in my eye I am disabled trying to survive day to day Never give up
  3. edkel1

    Trump had nothing to do with it, its been like this for years
  4. I was wondering if your union.........you got another chance make the best of it Ed
  5. edkel1

    Steve told me to start because it takes time, went to SSDI and got a packet from them on what they wanted. Had my GP Dr fill it out Had my Neurologist fill it out Had my eye Dr fill it out Had my PT Dr fill it out I was approved in 6 weeks and all without a lawyer Good luck and message me if you have any other questions Ed
  6. edkel1

    Tarina Having a conversation with your self is fine but the minute you start having a conservation or arguing with your self in front of others its time to go see a shrink As far as getting a lawyer for your SSDI........... If you fill out all the paperwork honestly and correctly with multiple Dr's evaluations and you are disabled you will be fine but there are those that don't because there not disabled, they are lazy, don't want to work and get paid watching reruns of Jerry Springier. On a side note hope I don't pis anyone off but Lawyers are bottom feeders worthless in my opinion but there a necessary evil in today's world. Ed
  7. edkel1

    Mike Make a plan like signing up for SSDI, does your state help out with medical insurance, how close are you to your old neighborhood, could you afford moving back and find a good psychologist to help you thru these tough times, as far as TV do something everyday and relax the rest of the time. Don't sweat the small stuff Hope you figure it out Ed
  8. Mike That sucks but I understand there point. I'm an electrical contractor and just stopped doing that for odious reasons. I did have my class A license to drive my motor home and trailer to the races but gave that up because its difficult, bet I could do it but don't feel conferrable doing it. Had my Top Dragster / Super Comp license but was not conferrable at all going 190 mph, if I got hurt is one thing but if I hurt someone else I don't think I could live with my self. Go to SS and start the process of disability, you have paid into it so time for them to help out, it does not happen so start as soon as possible. Don't worry because everything will work out and cross your fingers for 2020 and getting back behind the wheel of your rig Everyone is here for you all you have to do is ask Ed
  9. edkel1

    That's good but please rate your pain before and after using CBD
  10. edkel1

    Track Thank you so much Ed
  11. Mike You did dodge a bullet so don't sweat the small stuff, no more smoking and drinking and enjoy your life Ed
  12. Honestly..............................nothing I take it as i'm on a ride and hoping it ends soon Ed
  13. edkel1

    Scott You spot on reading between the lines, kinda like the old Elixir / Snake oil thing, taking this cures sunburns, hang overs, dry skin, oily hair, zits, freckles and the list goes on and on. I hope you find something that works......... it has to be out there. Susan.........thanks for your input and honesty Ed
  14. edkel1

    Scott I am sorry but don't give up hope you never know. Trina My GP told me don't waste your time or money on CBD oil, that there is not enough information or clinical studies done on its use, he said it best "We have 50-60 years worth of clinical studies on Tobacco and Alcohol use yet we have maybe 5 years give or take a few worth on the use of CBD oil, he said it will take another 10-15 years to get a firm grasp on weather it works or not " and my Neurologist told me point blank to stay clear, he told me that your blood pressure can go up from 20% to 100% of your normal blood pressure and that could trigger another stroke and after 30 min or so it could or should start to go down. I know people that use CBD oil are going to say i'm full of it.................maybe I am but who do you trust, non educated people, sales people trying to sell there product or your Neurologist that is a Dr, has at least 10 + years of experience, is licensed in the state he practices in and possibly just saved your life ???????. I don't know about you but i'm putting my money on the Neurologist. I went to a Chiropractor last year, a friend of mine in Chicago swore by his results and his Chiropractor recommended one in Montclair, Ca The Chiropractor swore he could cure my dizziness and when I told my GP Dr and my PT Dr about what he said and what he was prepossessing to do they both told me to stay clear, i'm, glad I listened to them because I have read about things that have lead up to suffering a stroke after a visit to a Chiropractor. Hope you get a handle on your CPS Scott Ed
  15. Trina I looked at your story first because of your name, one of my old customers here in so/cal left his wife and her name was Trina, I was like could it be..................... I was reading your story and you sound like a carbon copy of myself from the world spinning to your eyes not seeing like before, could not walk, tired all the time, everything. I do remember when in PT trying to regain my balance and learning to walk that when I would lay down fast on the mat the world would start to spin be it just 5-10 seconds and all I could do was shut my eyes and let it pass. To this day just thinking of that makes me feel sick and I close my eyes just in case, I have only felt like this 2 times since I got out of CNS in Bakersfield. I had my stroke 2 years ago 11-16-16 and was in the hospital within 35 min, In ICU for 2 weeks then the next 4 in PT, it took me a few months to be able to walk again but I can, my left foot feels weird, it feels like its lightly sunburned and pins pricks on the ends of my toes while the right foot feels fine other than I need my hip replaced but my right hand/arm feels heavier and slower than my left, my eyes are still weird but I can see and I can drive. The one thing that I hate most is feeling exhausted, I can try to do yard work and 10 mins in I feel like I just ran a marathon Lots of people on here can help you out but it takes time, don't give up and if you have a question ASK, someone might chime in with a answer or an idea that worked for them, you never know Maybe we can talk because I have lots of stories but writing about it is not the same as sharing past experiences with someone. Again welcome Ed