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  1. edkel1

    That's great but I personally like sticking M-80's in them and running like hell or should I say stagering away before i'm wearing pumpkin and explaining to the owner why I just did that to there masterpiece, just the hell raiser in me trying to get out like I use to Ed
  2. edkel1

    Tracy I am truly sorry but this is our new life, hang in there it beats the alternative.............. or does it happy happy Joy Joy Talk to you soon Ed
  3. edkel1

    Yes you do way to much.....try and take a little more easy When I have something to do or places to go I take the next day to get rested up, i'm just hoping it gets easier as time goes by, I have found that I recover much quicker but that does not change that I do need extra days to feel somewhat normal. Ed
  4. edkel1

    I am sorry about your situation and hope it gets better, strokes take so much from us
  5. edkel1

    What does your Dr say
  6. I cant add anything that has not already been said..................................go see your Dr Ed
  7. edkel1

    Hope that works out for you not only financially but emotionally, its nice to be wanted and needed Ed
  8. edkel1

    I live is so/cal and it was 88 today. I hate Snow and its a four letter word Good luck because I could not do that
  9. Sorry is all that comes to mind As far as him filing on you, he must have had something going in his head or a plan, the stroke was just bad luck, I hope you have family members that can be there for you when you need to talk. Do you have any kids as this will affect them and moving a few states over would be tough for everyone involved Hang in there is all I can recommend Ed
  10. edkel1

    Well I met with my new Dr on 9-14-18 and I asked him point blank what are his thoughts and experiences on Marijuana / CBD oil and a person recovering from a stroke and he confirmed what my last three Dr's have told me all along, very little research has been done and yes it might / will raise my BP at first and that is not what I want to hear after having a stroke, FYI my B/P was 116/78 so why do I want to risk it, I am lucky I only take 2 prescriptions and can do most everything and i'm trying to be healthy and enjoy the rest of my new so called life. Good luck everyone Ed
  11. I know that feeling all too well My wife told me she wanted to leave 6 weeks after I got out of rehab but finely moved out of the house June 1 of this year said she wanted to before but waited till now to tell me......what Fing timing My youngest daughter always says its always about me and having a stroke and she tired of that My son gets mad at me if I ask him to slow down or stop cussing or calling me names or telling me im stupid, hes only 16 and thinks he knows everything and says I should be taking CBD oil and getting high and I tell him I could either listen to him or all my Dr's.... who would you listen too, he only texts when he wants something My oldest daughter is keeping me sane and I feel for her as i'm a gimp, I don't want to bore her with stories or chase her off because that's all I have, I have no other family. For all my Dr appointments and therapy in the last 22 months since I have had my stroke , I would say around 175-200 my wife went to two Dr appointments and my youngest daughter went to two that's all, my oldest lives 550 miles away again I don't want to bother her, she does have her own life. So in a nut shell i'm alone most of the time and it gets boring and i'm still dizzy all the time but I look at the bright side i'm still alive.................................................................................... wait this is not alive .....i'm just surviving and like I have said before " A man has to know his limitations " I know when i'm around people and my brain cant handle the over saturation of talking, yelling and cussing but what do you do........................ I should start up drinking because what could it hurt I'm j/k So I keep trying day by day but so far the same results..........help
  12. Tracy Thanks for the long talk and remember i'm all ears Ed
  13. edkel1

    Janelle Be polite and just tell them NO and that your only available at the times that suit you best. Good luck Ed
  14. Tracy That's sucks and I applaud you for trying but honestly why, its just washing your car and I know you want to try and do it yourself but pay someone to do it, have a seat and enjoy a cold one watching......... you like myself and thousands of others cant do what we once took for granted but this is our new life so make the best of it. Please check what drugs you are taking because they all have side affect's and Dr's don't care because they get kick backs from the pharmaceutical company's for prescribing it to there patients I too get wiped out quickly but I stooped taking Liptor a little over 3 weeks ago, I still get tired easy but i'm recovering much faster and by that I mean if I did stuff around the house in the morning I would be wiped out the entire afternoon and need the following day to recover but now it will take me an hour or so to cool down and recover and be ready for more. Hope this helps and never give up. Ed
  15. edkel1

    That's why I hate hospitals or most Dr's, I know hate is a harsh word but its only business to them but to us its our new life Hope it works out for you Ed