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  1. I get where your coming from. Coming home makes you feel like your getting better but having family there makes you feel like you matter Never give up Ed
  2. Hang in there and don't consider a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Read, ask questions, listen to others that have or are in your situation and live life the best you can, be thankful as your still with us and have been given a second chance. Ed
  3. Why is it unless you are recovering from a stroke most don't understand. Ed
  4. Hang in there, you have a family and your all working together but I do understand what you want Hope all works out for you Ed
  5. Kevin You are doing the right thing by being there all the time, how is she doing it took me 2 weeks to get out of ICU and I was at the hospital in about 30-40 min , Its hell Don't give up and keep going, time will tell. You have found a great place for answers and support so don't be afraid to ask questions Good luck Ed
  6. edkel1

  7. Hello Yes I have the same thing and wanted to talk with you on the Adderall, I have called my Dr to ask his opinion please contact me Ed
  8. Thanks Steve, have an appointment for SSDI on 10-2 The problem i'm having is no support, feeling like i'm alone my mind wonders and sometimes its not pleasant, I am so alone its making me crazy I still try to work but is hard as far as seeing my Dr's I go to all appointments alone and to be honest that sucks. My balance is still so/so and sometimes my vision is off but I keep trying. I did ask my wife for help and her answer is start selling stuff, I asked her I might need some finical help but she shot that down with a firm NO All I can say is being sick sucks or having your wife want to leave is tough but both at the same time give me a break, Yes I need help but i'm on my own Sure would love to talk to people on here, help keep me from going nuts Lots more to talk about but i'm spent Ed
  9. Kathy I want to say how sorry I am for not only you but your daughter, the person you need to worry about is her, explain it to her, tell her he did not leave her he wanted something else and in the long run he will be missing out. Good luck and let us know how your doing Ed
  10. I am shocked but don't count your self out, have you talked to your in laws or have they picked sides. This place will help you out and things will get easier Good luck and don't be afraid to ask for help. Ed
  11. Hello I was on Cymbalta in the hospital, 200mg a day for the first 6 weeks, the Dr told me that it helped with brain swelling, they said had it not that after 2 weeks they would have removed part of my skull to reduce the swelling in my brain. I was weaned off of Cymbalta and have not used it in about 6 months Hope this helps
  12. Thanks Becky I work for myself so that's not a problem, the family is . I have 3 children and a wife and that's it for family and now the wife wants to go so that's why i'm going crazy. I know i'm asking for a lot but what else do I do.
  13. Thanks for your responses I need all the help I can get I have to be honest this is the hardest thing I have ever had to live thru and with little support I don't know how to keep going, I need a break but that's not in the cards for me. This is hell Wish me luck Ed
  14. Hello all My name is Ed I'm 55 married with 3 children, live in so/cal, I have been an electrical contractor for the last 34 years, I can fix or build almost anything and have way to many hobbies from being a Shriner, collect coins, hot wheels, love the desert in the winter quads and sand rails to the river and boats and jet skis, I also drive a super Comp Dragster love speed. My life was going along great other that the normal day to day stuff then it all changed 11-16-16, I had a Cerebellar stroke on the right side problem I was on a 8 foot ladder, lost my balance and fell backwards about 9-10 feet. I went thru a tbar ceiling and landed on a desk then to the ground and was out for about 30-45 sec, when I came too I was trying to get up but someone told me to just relax and help was on its way, premedics were there in 5 min and I was at UCI in Orange Ca within 30 min as I side note there was no blood from the fall and all I remember is I was dizzy. I spent the next week in ICU on the 6th floor getting poked and CT scans, that's when I found I could not stand or walk, I broke 6 ribs punctured my right lung , had a stroke and bruised my brain from the fall, could no laugh or cough and slept all the time. I spent the next week at UCI on the 5th floor and was ever so slowly getting better but my side hurt so much. My 3rd week I got moved to there rehabilitation center and spent the next 4 weeks there learning to do things again, it was hard learning so many every day tasks all over, I felt like a looser and it was hard, I was doing better but my walking was killing me , cant run or use ladder anymore and I live on a ladder. Got out on 12-27-16 and was transferred to CNS in Bakersfield, they were very helpful but staying in the apts was hell, they have rules for any and everything and if they don't they make one of there rules fit. They did get me walking but I got double vision the second day I was there and am still a little shaky walking but it keeps getting better, there other classes were good and everything was getting better. I decided to leave on 2-3-17 but they wanted me to stay a few more weeks, at $1700.00 dollars a day I understand why. I am home now. Things are getting better but am still dizzy and the double vision is all but gone, still get tired for the simplest of tasks from doing bills to light work. I have questions. When will the fogginess go away as I hate this when will my balance be back if it will at all How do I make family understand this is as close to hell as there is, they just think i'm out of shape and just need more PT and work to get in better shape and build up my stamina ????????? I keep telling them this might be it but I keep trying. I go to all my Dr appointments and PT classes alone ( 26 of 29 ) and get little to no emotional support but I have to say my 15 year old son came in last night to say good night and today came in to hang out with me so maybe he is getting it. My hands work good but my right hurts a little and is a little slower than the left, I climbed up a ladder today to get on a roof about 12 feet , was not easy but I did it, vision is not focused but working with the eye Dr so have my fingers crossed ( not my eyes ) When will I feel like my old self how about 80% of my old self I would be happy with that. This is the hardest thing I have ever done, I never ask anyone for help I have only depended on myself but I can't do that right now and that is killing me. I don't get the same enjoyment and satisfaction out of fixing thing anymore........ WHY I don't know how long I can do this , anyone have any ideas Tomorrow at 9:50 a.m. it will be 9 months and I'm scared that i'm done getting better Thanks, there is so much more to say but i'm totally spent and going to go lay down and relax Ed