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  1. edkel1

    That's the one time having a 3rd hand might come in handy...........🐒 or 🐔 Ed I used to keep one of each zip tied to the top struts holding up the top on my golf cart when I Drag raced, when I was in the lanes I had more people ask why I had a Monkey and Chicken zip tied and when I told them the comments were priceless, in Drag Racing sometimes we are called up to race but have to wait hours........what else do you do with your spare time, I got the chicken at Ceasers Palace up in the arcade and they would not sell it to me but use them to win prizes, you would toss them into a bucket, pay $5.00 and got 3 of them so I used 2 and kept the 3rd one for my Golf Cart , sorry for the long read but that's something the stroke did not take were my memories......................thank god
  2. edkel1

    Thanks Tracy I was going to say wax on.....wax off but did not want to upset others, it was just a joke Hope all is well Ed
  3. edkel1

    Remember " No one loves you like you do "
  4. Ernie Can't add much more to what Tracy has already said, just relax and read and keep reading, take your time and don't forget to ask for help, that's what this board is all about Ed
  5. I am sorry to hear of your son's stroke, yes being home will make him more relaxed and that's good being with family Hope it all works out for your son and family, never give up. Ed
  6. November 16, 2016 at 9.55 a.m. a day that will live in infamy...................................... The day I had my stroke and joined this club, life has changed for me in every way possible from learning to walk again, retiring from work, selling most of what took me 40 years to accumulate, giving up on my passion for drag racing to my wife giving me absolutely zero support and leaving me for another women the last 3 years has been a living hell. I'm not here to bitch or complain but to give thanks to the people I have talked to on here, you kept me from loosing my mind, all I can say is Thank You. I am forever thankful for your wise words, sarcastic banter and letting me vent otherwise I would have mentally exploded and been on the 6:00 news. I keep trying, I cant get rid of the dizziness, my eye sight and hearing sucks and that fatigue has not gotten any better but I wake up every morning thinking maybe today things will change. Ed
  7. edkel1

    What a subject but it effects all of us hang in there
  8. Welcome to the club Its a club no one wanted to join but it chose us so are we lucky or Fed up, I don't know. Read lots and when you think you have it figured out read some more, there are lots of people that are smarter than some Dr's here Live your life the best you can because its out of our hand's in other words don't worry about it as long as your seeing your Dr and taking your med's and stopping anything that could make it worse. Good luck and welcome aboard Ed
  9. edkel1

    Ana That is a tough call, it depends on so many things, have you given any thought on something you could do from home that way you are always there just in case. I wish I could be of more help but only you know what you feel conformable or can do, something will come to mind you will find the perfect opportunity to have a career but be there when someone need you. Never give up. Ed
  10. edkel1


    Willis I took my first toke in 1976 age 14 and was done playing with it by 1978 remember that was the rage back then, I did not like the feeling, I like being in control of myself and only found it to help in acceptance in school or fitting into the crowd and with the girls. I was immature but that's what you call growing up. I never had an attitude or anxiety problems , most people today cant handle anything unless it goes there way 100% of the time. As far as sleeping all I know is as soon as my head hits the pillow i'm out like a light and sleep 8-9 hours. Pain management ????????, I rarely took anything because I never had any pain as in headaches, heartburn or ????????? and rarely got sick. Today at 57 and after I had my stroke I take two pills twice a day for my type II Diabetes and one baby aspirin and that's all. My doctor told me before he passed away that there are no drugs that will heal what the stroke has taken away, a part of my brain had died and nothing is going to bring it back, sure other parts of the brain may help out some but it might take years for this to happen or not happen, this is the best its going to be. I have offered my new Dr's and others in the medical field if they have a secret drug that could make me 60-70% of my former self I would give them my house complete and walk away from it because I still have that desire to be successful and could do it again even at my age, its just money, all I want is to have the old Ed back but that's not going to happen because the Stroke took something that can not be fixed, sure it depends on how severe the stroke was and where in the brain it happened. I hope i'm talking out my ass on this subject and i'm proven wrong, CBD is the wonder drug that so many are stating , remember i'm just a stupid Electrician but its been almost 3 years now and S.O.S., I just want the dizziness to end. I get up everyday hoping will it change today ...........NOPE The only thing changing is my age Sorry for the long vent and Willis it it helps you out keep doing what your doing. Remember " A man has got to know his limitations " an old quote from one of my favorites Clint Eastwood Ed
  11. edkel1


    Willis...................question is does it help you ???????
  12. edkel1


    I hope everyone that chose to try CBD products has great results, i'm no Dr just i'm just a stupid Electrician trying to enjoy the new me Ed
  13. edkel1

    Hi Yes I too am late to the party. For gods sake listen to your Dr unless your a Dr yourself trying to treat your self, after words keep listening to your Dr Ed
  14. edkel1


    Alan You are right but we did not have a concussion..............................................................we had a stroke and everyone stroke is different. My Dr told me before he passed last year that strokes are nasty, parts of our brain have died and it depends on so many things, basically its a case by case scenario and if you were lucky or not kinda like Luke Perry.................were all here so we were the lucky ones, my Dr also told me there is not enough clinical studies on CBD and stroke recovery, he said it will take years and the reason its legal is states are only looking at the tax revenue generated and not if it really does help. I hope i'm wrong but what if i'm not, only time will tell. Good luck with your and all the boards members stroke recovery. Never give up. Ed
  15. edkel1

    Tracy If you ever feel good enough to travel I would hire you in a second to help decorate this dump of mine Your place looks great , enjoy it Ed