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  1. edkel1

    Boy do I understand trying to be normal, I'm surprised I don't drink, maybe I should start
  2. edkel1

    You know it's not whether you win or loose it's the enjoyment of participating and the memories......................... but wining is nice Tell your brother to enjoy the ride and the friendships he has made at the track Ed
  3. edkel1

    I have to be honest, I just looked on YouTube and after about 15 min of watching a Glamis video I started balling my eyes out, god I miss going there but this stupid stroke has made it not possible. Sorry i'm not a baby just have so many memories going there, that was my winter hang out miss it dearly How do you post pics on here I have several I would like to share, Connor might get a kick out of some of them. Ed
  4. edkel1

    Well I have to say I am honored, guess people do read on here I too love my Quad and sand rail and the Sand dunes here in California but once again cant enjoy my self after joining this club, it is the best, only way to explain it is the never ending roller coaster that is never the same because of the terrain. Look it up on You Tube, its a place called Glaims in California and you might understand why I love it so much Tell your son Connor to enjoy riding but don't ride over your head as in trying to keep up with someone that might be a better rider, its so liberating Ed
  5. Well I have to say things have changed for the better in my life the last few days. I had my right hip replaced 7-30-19, my surgery was at 9:30 and walked on it at 1:30, I was released at 2:45 so getting my bad hip taken care of was something I have been waiting on for about 8 mounts but what I never expected was a change is my eye sight, If I look to the left its normal but if I look to the right it seems to not focus and makes me dizzy and feel bad ????????? Why, I found that there were no pills that helped and going to eye therapy was a waste of time or was it ????? wha
  6. Hi Paul Best one is Strokes SUCK
  7. becky1 Hate to say it but it's out of our hands other than living a healthy life style, don't let the hiccups make you crazy or sick just live life one day at a time and be happy your still with us Ed
  8. Deigh I wish the medical world would put in the time and effort for stroke research and recovery as they have for HIV I'm not saying to forget the HIV world but the consequences for HIV are very preventable where as strokes pick people for assorted reasons , some brought on by life style's and others are just the luck of the draw. Ed
  9. Yes I have been waiting for 2 1/2 years and still nothing, the fatigue is relentless, i'm surprised I never started drinking...........................but I keep hoping when I wake up in the morning things will change in a positive way.........when donkeys fly. Ed
  10. Thank You and i'm glad I could help you out. Remember all you need to do is just ask and someone will be along with an answer or idea that might help. Don't give up on him unless it turns violent and remember those vows we all took, " In sickness and in health " Good luck Ed
  11. Chris I can speak on behalf of your husband as I too had a stroke and spent 6 weeks in the hospital and another 6 weeks in rehab, i'm that guy that could work non stop, could fix anything and did, wife did not work and life was for the most part great other than little things that pop up unexpectedly, I feel terrible, I think I let my family down, I cant work, have practicality zero stamina, i'm dizzy all the time. I will tell you it does not make me feel like the man of the house, rather if make me feel like the one that caused it all and its tough living with that, one of my daugh
  12. Hello and what the hell are you doing up, you should be in bed :)

    Hope to chat soon, Im just trying to get some things taken care of in my life



    1. HostTracy


      LOL I know right 😂. I hope you are well.




  13. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.