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  1. Lets have some more jokes ???????????????, they always bring a smile to my face
  2. I just read this one and am in total shock, this person needed there ass kicked so bad but instead Jill suffers for it 26 years latter all in the name of sports, would love to talk to Jill, get to hear her story and how she copes with it today. All I can say is hold your head up and never give up Ed
  3. Wish I was closer by, would pay you a visit and get you along with some much needed What you need is love, comfort and support and you have a lot of it here Ed
  4. edkel1

    You know it's not whether you win or loose it's the enjoyment of participating and the memories......................... but wining is nice Tell your brother to enjoy the ride and the friendships he has made at the track Ed
  5. edkel1

    I have to be honest, I just looked on YouTube and after about 15 min of watching a Glamis video I started balling my eyes out, god I miss going there but this stupid stroke has made it not possible. Sorry i'm not a baby just have so many memories going there, that was my winter hang out miss it dearly How do you post pics on here I have several I would like to share, Connor might get a kick out of some of them. Ed
  6. edkel1

    Well I have to say I am honored, guess people do read on here I too love my Quad and sand rail and the Sand dunes here in California but once again cant enjoy my self after joining this club, it is the best, only way to explain it is the never ending roller coaster that is never the same because of the terrain. Look it up on You Tube, its a place called Glaims in California and you might understand why I love it so much Tell your son Connor to enjoy riding but don't ride over your head as in trying to keep up with someone that might be a better rider, its so liberating Ed
  7. Paul Yes you are right, my mind can still do most everything but my body just laughs Yes i'm not giving up, sometimes I just look up and say " Let it be " Ed
  8. Green....... Two steps forward and two steps back , isn't that called the Cha-Cha Thanks for letting me bend your ear Ed
  9. GreenQueen You did not upset me one bit, I try my best everyday but it is an up hill battle, its always 2 steps forward and two steps back Paul Wish I could be just a small % of you, I do look up to people just hard after being the person that was the Shell answer guy and everyone thinks hey you can walk and drive a car so that means your just like you once were Ed
  10. All I can honestly say I have never had that thought, ever........................ but Paul called it, there are times I think my family would have been so much better off had the stroke took me. I think no more feeling like crap most of the days, no more walking like a drunk, dizzy 24/7, fatigue, feeling like a failure because I can't do things I once took for granted, I have given up everything that brought joy and happiness to my life as in work and hobbies and just live day to day. The one thing that keeps me going are my kids but that has its moments, 2 out of 3 don't get it and I don't want to burn out my oldest, then the wife left and I found out she was having an affair with her best friend the last 10-11 year and possibly longer , yes with another women and yes that screw's with my mind daily. Yes its hard but I could never do that and be labeled quitter. I am lucky to have talked to several people here that have helped me from going crazy but I just cant stop thinking of what has happened or how life is now................ but I keep waking up everyday hoping today things will get better. Sorry but this subject hit home for me Ed
  11. edkel1

    That's the one time having a 3rd hand might come in handy...........🐒 or 🐔 Ed I used to keep one of each zip tied to the top struts holding up the top on my golf cart when I Drag raced, when I was in the lanes I had more people ask why I had a Monkey and Chicken zip tied and when I told them the comments were priceless, in Drag Racing sometimes we are called up to race but have to wait hours........what else do you do with your spare time, I got the chicken at Ceasers Palace up in the arcade and they would not sell it to me but use them to win prizes, you would toss them into a bucket, pay $5.00 and got 3 of them so I used 2 and kept the 3rd one for my Golf Cart , sorry for the long read but that's something the stroke did not take were my memories......................thank god
  12. edkel1

    Thanks Tracy I was going to say wax on.....wax off but did not want to upset others, it was just a joke Hope all is well Ed
  13. edkel1

    Remember " No one loves you like you do "
  14. edkel1

    What a subject but it effects all of us hang in there
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