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  1. Well tomorrow at 9:50 it will mark one year that I had a stroke and its kinda sweet but very sour. My legs hurt a lot as does my ass after PT, I even asked what I could do to help with the pain was told to ice down each leg for 15 min after PT and that's when I noticed my right leg gets cold and is freezing but when I ice the left side it does not feel that cold, my balance is fair at best. My eyes are making me crazy, I had 20/20 vision but now its so hard to look at things and trying to do the simplest things wipes me out I have to say the people here are great but I don't know how long I can keep this up as this is the hardest thing I have ever done. To steve, Linnie ,charles and to others I did not mention thanks for making my f@$&$#g life a better place Now off to the Eye Dr TTYL Ed
  2. I personally don't know what to say that can help you but I do hope things work out for you, your family and friends Ed
  3. Sure, but never forget how they truly think of you, they will need you for something and you should be away or busy with anything but them. Sorry for you loosing your FIL Ed
  4. Don't punch him, kick him in the sweets and say oops
  5. Hello and welcome After reading your story your husband is one lucky man to have a loving and caring wife helping him out, this place has lots of ideas and answers so don't be afraid ask away Ed
  6. Hello and welcome Are you at home and how is that going, remember have a good support team as that will help you in the long run. Read, read and read some more and don't hesitate to ask questions, your just getting started. I look forward to reading your post Ed
  7. It all depends, how is your eyesight, your balance and your muscle control ........ . Take it nice and slowly, try big open parking lots but your the best to say if you feel comfortable and in control . Remember slow and steady Ed
  8. I have to be honest other than smoking pot a little in high school and hating it I have never tried anything else and most people don't believe me but its true, I don't smoke, drink or do drugs. Ed
  9. Steve I sure hope your wrong, It was not that bad 6 months ago ??????? any idea, I can do most anything other than run and ladders that take time, Any other ideas Ed
  10. I have that tingling sensation on my left foot , if I curl my toes it feels like pins are poking me and makes my foot jump around like its being tickled and yes it does kinda feel like a mild sunburn. this kinda scares me
  11. Cymbalta is amazing, they gave it to me in ICU to bring down the swelling of my head and it worked other wise they would have removed some skull to relive the swelling
  12. That's a tough one, when will the next big earthquake hit here in so/cal, the answer to both questions is no one knows just do your part Hope this helps
  13. I get where your coming from. Coming home makes you feel like your getting better but having family there makes you feel like you matter Never give up Ed
  14. Hang in there and don't consider a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Read, ask questions, listen to others that have or are in your situation and live life the best you can, be thankful as your still with us and have been given a second chance. Ed
  15. Why is it unless you are recovering from a stroke most don't understand. Ed