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  1. That is simple and now I see how the hooks work, hope Dean can go from there.
  2. That looks pretty simple to install, need to see the hooks that go on the shoe and how they hook on, can you send pics of the parts you have Ed
  3. You know I read what Kelli wrote and have come to the conclusion I am so lucky and need to be thankful for it, I'm dizzy all the time but I can drive and my vision sucks but I'm alive and can do almost everything I did before I had my stroke. Wish I could work but what do you do when you run out of energy 10 min into the simplest of things. I am sorry for feeling sorry for myself and complaining all the time, please forgive me . Dean please send me pics of what you have to edkel1@sbcglobal.net and I will try my best to help you out To everyone if I can do it everyone can too Ed
  4. Wish I could help but sadly I cant, can you take a picture and send it to me , I'm pretty mechanically inclined but need to see what I'm working with Ed
  5. Call when you have a chance, I pm you my number
  6. I had my stroke 11-16-16 and spent 6 weeks in the hospital and another 5 1/2 weeks at CNS in Bakersfield because I could not walk without a walker but CNS got me walking again, I went back to work the day after I got out of CNS and that was 2-3-17 and to be honest it was hell, it has gotten a little easier but nothing like I once was, I will put it like this I am maybe 5-10 % of my former self and that's on a good day. I was an Electrical contractor and really can't do that any more as going up ladders is so hard, I had a class A drivers license to pull my rig and race car around with and don't do that any more, I had a Top Dragster / Super Comp race car and don't know if going 185-190 miler per hour is a good idea as dizzy as I am so no I cant do that any more so whats left, my wife has left and my son and daughter think I just need to go to the gym and get back in shape, boy are they lost. In a nut shell I cant do what I once loved but that's not to say you wont get better.......... but just a word of caution be prepared if you can't its as close to hell that you will ever get........ this can't be my final reward for working my ass off for the last 38 years or is it . So now i'm disabled and do almost nothing because I get winded for taking out the trash, like I've said before I need to start Ed
  7. Goe Have you applied for disability , you should try as I have been told that it can take months, Steve said the same thing to me and I was granted permanent disability in about 6-8 weeks, I personally would love top go back to work but physically cant. The stroke took more that my ability to make a living away from me...................................................... It took away my soul and my life
  8. A lot of interesting posts........... Yes suicide is a last ditch effort to stop the hurting both physical or mental, why else would you want to live and put up with all this pain. Mine was being dis guarded after the stroke, makes you feel worthless and then you get up and try to walk or do the simpleness of things and see that you cant and that makes you that much more depressed, like digging a hole you cant get out of. What do you do, take more drugs that give you nasty side effect........ not me so you just grin and bare it. I personally just want to move some where far far away Ed
  9. ..............I give up, its like the old skit " Who's on first "
  10. My tests were for my balance / gate but they might share some of the same tests Ed
  11. Becky You would need to come in for a full set of tests, mine took almost 6 hours. I don't think you are in so/cal ????????? Deigh.... I never got headaches but after the stroke its right behind my right eye and sometimes my right temple but only lasts about 5 min max ???????????? Ed
  12. Left you my number in a pm call any time
  13. Goe There in New Port Beach, Ca 92663 and there phone number is (949) 642-7935 I would like to chat with you too Ed
  14. Becky The place is called Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute and the [person that did all my tests was Adam waters, Au.D. he was the most honest person I have worked with, he said there are things to help my vestibular problems but he did say this mighty be the best it ever will Hope this helps Ed
  15. Goe So do I , They said they think they can make be better but no guarantees and the guy that did all my tests ( five and a half hours worth of tests ) was honest and told me this might be the new you, how do you handle that........ I need to start drinking but to be honest I don't like getting drunk, I just like making and fixing things. Ed