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  1. Thank you Linnie. No, like you, I won't bother with medications as it doesn't exactly bother me to have outbursts of manic laughter, and my family just ignore me till it's done. Post stroke, my laugh is deeper and my singing is like ominous thunder-rumbling! In church, I try to sing real quiet, but then, I was never close to an operatic diva! Also, I stammer and stutter some now. I KNOW exactly what I want to say but can't think of the words. When I do make a remark, it often comes out completely wrong and I wonder what made me say it! But then, again, I did used to utter some bloopers!
  2. Reply to new member GLENDA- Hilltop Shadow Boy, was I relieved to read your blog and discover my own Emotionall Liabilty was similar to others. Yes, i knew about the crying and I had manic laughing until recently when it, thankfully, wore off to a much lesser degree. What I wasn't prepared for, was the frustrated anger, I bang my walking cane on the floor (Nanny McPhee?) and blow my top! it can be for something trivial and afterwards, I feel dreadful and guilty. My hubby rightly says I've got to get this anger under control but it ignites so suddenly! I should be a sweet old lady at my age, not a harridan!
  3. I don't believe I shall be driving again. I'm 78 and will be happy to use local buses again if I can get my left side stronger. I was informed by a fellow member about spasticity - Is that spelt correctly? Can anyone tell me how to improve it; what have other members been trying please?
  4. Thanks Linnie, though the hotel we were given a voucher for was ultra posh! Our voucher didn't cover too much of it, Maybe we should have put it towards afternoon tea instead. One small comfort, I didn't slop any food down me! I really need advice on a problem though. I DO get frustrated and then have angry outbursts and my poor hubby keeps urging me to control them. I'm obviously rubbish at self-control and I KNOW, in my heart, I am rebelling against this new person I have become who is so reliant on others. I have a bible class here once a month and we're a cheery group; they all think I'm funny but are going to pray for patience for me. (I do too, but it hasn't worked so far!) My manic laughter has also turned into tears a few times lately, which greatly worries me. Am I just feeling sorry for myself or am I losing the plot?
  5. Like the way you say it all Linnie, wish I knew you better. Got any advice for someone who's as tubby as ever and isn't going to be running it off any time soon? Other people seem to lose weight! That adage" laugh and grow fat" really applies to me. I'm the newbie who finds most things highly amusing and often laughs manically!! Oh, well, it could be a lot worse and I'm pretty content after my stroke at end of January. My heart goes out to YOU though, having it so young. You always sound so laid back and unfazed, - ARE you? bless you for your positive comments, Barbara
  6. Oh, Linnie, haven't we all that? I would probably have gone into my manic laughing! I seem to find everything so much funnier than everyone else does. One of our friends on site helpfully informed me that this was called 'emotional liability'. My hubby adds that I've ALWAYS been that! (the clown of the family) but do you know, it's not such a bad problem when I think of the alternatives. It's our 58th wedding anniversary today so going to a more upmarket eatery this evening where I'll probably slop food down my bosom! Cheers everyone!
  7. I'm Barbara, a newbie. I've just been reading your letters Nancy. My poor dear new acquintance, how I feel for you. No, I'm not in your worrying situation but I do have a very dear friend of 93 who has very serious ongoing painful cancer in her leg and NEEDS to have an amputa tion. She's adamant that she's too old for this surgery and is quite ready and content to die. Her husband and sons aren't ready to lose her however and opt for surgery, as they hope this will ease her pain. Who are WE to urge someone into those kinds of decisions? Are we wanting to keep them alive for our own sakes or theirs? It's a heartbreaking dilemma for ME and I'm not family as you are. You sound an amazing lady who's heart - and mind -are in the right place. Your hubby is a fortunate man and I hope and pray that you will find time for yourself along the way. We'd all wish for someone like you around us in the bad times, so keep your pecker up if possible and reminisce on the good times you shared instead. Will keep you in my thoughts Nancy. Be assured we are all rooting for you !! Love Barbara
    I'd been complaining about navigating the stroke site, saying it it was v. difficult for someone who wasn't a computer whizz.  Seems I'd unwittingly gone between 2 sites!  U.S. AND G.B. !.  My son had to put it right for me.  Here is his letter to Kelli............................

    Really sorry, I have now found out that my Mum was in fact contacting you about www.stroke.org.uk   This is the UK stroke site!   Your site is great, and you have logged her in!


    So all good, and I have uploaded a picture of my Mother - feel free to stick a few pins in tonight :-)


    Thanks for all the help, and go have a coffee (or stronger)


    Apologies and thanks again!


    Oh dear, Kelli, should I throw my hat in first?   How does one apologise for being such a first class idiot?  I'm not used to Americanisms and hadn't  noticed the change from Network to Association!   I had THOUGHT that everything seemed *beep*-eyed all along!  Your site is great and
    I'VE been the bug in the works!    All that hassle I've given you, it's a wonder you didn't need counselling ! 
    I've been talking about you and showing my folks your photo. Even told them I wished you were my neighbour and if wishes came true, you could have come to a scary, sticky end!  .  Your own introduction. sounded like my own words and made me think we had common ground. Well, don't fret, I'll try to leave you in peace. I wondered how old your boys are?   I have two girls Sandra 55,  Kay 53 and son Glenn,51  & 6 grandchildren 30, 28, 26, 24, 22 and 16.  They are mega wonderful and my pride & joy.  I didn't achieve much in life but they're the exception!
    So, a BIG sorry Kelli. Maybe you will 'blackball' me, is that a saying there?  We live in the New Forest, Hampshire, a beautiful place.  Much love.  B
  9. Thank you so much. I'm a klutz on computers Hubby, Alan says "If it's got more than 3 buttons, she's stymied!" For the first time in months, I've cried a couple of times recently. I just felt I was such a liability on my family. I was simply watching Alan dressing and longed to be able to dress myself properly! Owing to a feeble left side, I can't manage my bra and even putting my pants on is hit and miss ! I 'm horribly aware that I'm impatient and intolerant and am working on it. Alan seems to do things so slowly, I'm thinking "I could do that in half the time" Bless him, he's not in good health himself and has had the job of house-husband thrust upon him. If I mention the back yard needs sweeping for example, he tells me he can't do everything! These jobs never seemed a chore to me. How true the saying " No one knows how much you did until you can't do it" I'm sorry, I think I must be feeling too sorry for myself. Ignore me, it's off my chest now! Ever so much love to you all my pen-stroke pals. Barbara
  10. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. babsbusy



      Really sorry, I have now found out that my Mum was in fact contacting you about www.stroke.org.uk   This is the UK stroke site!  Your site is great, and you HAVE logged her in!


      So all good, and I have uploaded a picture of my Mother - feel free to stick a few pins in tonight :-)


      Thanks for all the help, and go have a coffee (or stronger)


      Apologies and thanks again!