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  1. alansd

    need advice?
  2. alansd

    Yes the therapist was certified took a 200 hour class. im better but not happy with where I am, so I continue to try anything and everything. saw some ongoing stem cell trials and applied for all, but patients within a day or two of their event are what they are seeking.Success was achieved with a woman years past her stroke, and motor problems were resolved. Stanford university study. But nothing yet available to us, the general public.
  3. alansd

    Just had a round of dry needling done by an ot. My left forearm was so tight it prevented me from bending the wrist. This technique is like acupuncture but goes deeper and punches small holes in the muscle causing to loosen. It worked well now my fingers are relaxed and the wrist is much looser. It was mildly painful but did not take long.i am lucky yo have had a great OT who tries many therapies.
  4. alansd

    I just got a part time job...applied for a was hired as a photographer for home,cars,planes,boats for sale . I have been taking pictures since I was 10, so I have lots of experience. hope to start in the next week or so. Strictly part time by assignment. I can't work too much it will jeopardize my retirement.I am also going to be a support person for those hospitalized after stroke, my therapist said I am good to motivate others.I look forward to helping.
  5. a hand surgeon I met told me to hold a guitar i my lap and keep trying to get my left hand on it, the brain will take over.


    ive been trying, but the hand slips off mostly, still gotta keep trying.Ive got an offer from a band if I can get it going...

    1. Deigh


      I think you should hold your hand on your hand surgeon and see your brain makes your hand slap him around the head!


    2. alansd


      He's quite a fine dr.  To many athletes and musicians but the answer is further out for me, my hand just slips offvthe neck...very frustrating..will I ever play again? Still think so....

    3. Deigh


      I apologise for my reply, I should expect with the amount of effort you are putting in, you should play again but we have different problems, My left hand was still able to do most of the things it did before except for a 10% loss of strength and that meant that getting the right hand to hold a plectrum was the major concern for me.


      I've oversimplified that a bit, building up the strength is only part of the problem, the rest is re-learning how to get  it to do what is expected of it. But the point I'm making is that the left hand is the most important part of guitar playing, I've met a muso who could strum with just a stump instead of a right  hand.

      Keep at it.





  6. alansd

    look up the hanger company, they will fit your husband for the glove,right down to the fingers,then a prescription from the dr would be sent to cover the cost, if the upper arm piece is added the insurance will likely cover the whole thing,easier.A secret we found out although the upper arm piece is not required in every situation.I can now pickup and drop the foam balls and am beginning to do it with no device on my hand as well.Call Saebo to find the authorized rep and therapist in your area,they were very helpful to me.
  7. alansd

    it is relatively comfortable but should be fitted by a specialist certified by Saebo..My hand was mostly clenched but loosens up after use.. I've been taught to turn my head to my weak side while holding my eyes on something to the left. A few repetitions loosens my left hand,My neuro chiropractor taught me that trick. Bioness is an estim device. this is purely mechanical.I have elbow and shoulder issues too.
  8. alansd

    frustrated with left hand recovery, I am using the Saebo flex device in my therapy now.here's my first round of activity after a week... saebo flex
  9. alansd

    the ER I went to after my first tia stroke, should have given me TPA to prevent a subsequent event.Instead they waited until I had a second and worse stroke. This one could have been prevented.
  10. is he on an anti depressant?
  11. alansd

    see Saebo.com
  12. yes all the best to everyone ar this time of the year and lets hope for whatever positivity we can enjoy in the new year to come.
  13. i,too was driving my ford expedition when the stroke hit,so lucky to have maintained control and actually drove home not knowing what was happening.It took me 6 months to get back to driving, and though I am very careful, my wife and son complain about my ability. Strokes suck, and that is the truth of it. Do everything to avoid another..do you take a blood thinner like Plavixor or such? You likely should.