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  1. alansd

    i walk often as much as I can, choose to stop and breathe every so often,I also seek out benches and other places to sit as I go, to re-energize. When I was in Ireland last year, the walking was tough, cobblestones and long streets,I had to grit my teeth and push on through hip pain and lrg weakness, I would focus on the goal I was trying to get to, and it made me push through. I surprised my wife with going up narrow circular stairs in a castle.
  2. alansd

    at my physical yesterday my dr. told me of a drug that loosens tight hands, Not botox, xiaflex.I was excited until i found out its for "Duchennes disease". oh well.
  3. alansd

    i get the gist -you meant fist, its a touchy subject.
  4. alansd

    I get freaked out for stupid problems, like taking ten minutes to put on a shirt, i never get used to how frustating it can be, but I also watch "dry bar" comedy on youtube which is very funny to lighten up my attitude.
  5. alansd

    Yes! I found these veryhelpful.when I get a bit dizzy I turn my head while fixing my eyes on my thumb held in front of my face. Also used an iPad app of exercises.
  6. alansd

    I decided to continue needling on my neck and left arm, I find my legs are getting better from the strength training. ordered some gripping gloves to help also.
  7. alansd

    I try to be POSITIVE and upbeat most of the time.I also pray often.
  8. alansd

    I saw an orthopedic surgeon for my neck issues, he said they were related to my spassticity alone and not the degenerative discs.Recommended dry needling. I've had two sessions, they improved my neck flexibility and my leg tightness, but I am very fatigued today which is not uncommon.hopefully the positive results will remain when t he fatigue and mild pain are over.Napping today.
  9. alansd

    we were sitting on the porch of our new "cottage" home enjoying the dog walkers going by when we saw a young muscular guy with a huge great dane in solid grey.Beautiful hound. we waved at the guy and complimented his dog. On his way back he came across our lawn to speak to us, but though his lips were obviously moving no sound was heard, when he came close enough I could hear his almost perceptible words, He showed us his cell phone where he has a text that explained he is Bob who suffered 3 strokes at age 28 after a mosquito bite gave him encephalitis. So wow! I remarked at his ph
  10. alansd


    in the meantime doc sent me for for dry needling in the neck,it helped loosen it for about a week or so, then it tightened again, but another treatment is needed, I am also seeing about using it on my leg and arm.still waiting on tms to set me up.
  11. alansd

    Anyone using plavix get a rash or itchy spots? I have no one seems to know why
  12. alansd

    I use two droppers of cbd Canadian Hemp oil each morning, they seem to help, but I can't be sure.I did get some cbd gummies w(ith 5% thc )they helped me relax with zero pain and I felt great, Cant get these where I live though, so they were a one time thing. Wish my state would relax the laws.
  13. alansd


    "spasticity is not my friend, but we ''re tight." I went to see an orthopedic surgeon about my neck which is painful every day and night. They told me my left side hemiparesis is the cause and set me up for dry needling on the neck muscles going this morning to see what happens. In the meantime, I read some recent,very recent studies on Trans cranial magnetic stimulation, which have shown great improvement in stroke survivors even after ten years. I found a clinic that does this, but it is in Colorado, and you have to go there for minimum of ten days. I cant do that,
  14. alansd

    my trike is a Trident Spike1,I rode a competitor to try the concept, Atlanta has a 20 mile beltline trail formerly railroad that has a bike shop right on the access, they were very accomodating.I could not buy the one I tried it was 3x the cost of the one I ended up ordering,I also wrote a large shop in Florida where the stock many brands and asked for suggestions.since I am new to all this and not going to race anytime soon, this was one of their suggestions.I contacted the builder in North Carolina, placed the order and it arrive a few days later. bought a helmet and tried riding in my dri
  15. alansd

    thanks for all the nice comments.Much appreciated. We have cleared out a ton of stuff getting ready to move at the end of the month. I dumped most of my cassette tapes. 200 or so.Sold a lot of collectables, including my hipster leather jacket from 1967. holding onto my turntable set up and about 250 record albums.Just cant let go, though I did purge 6.Sound of my wife laughing here. Sold all my tools , keeping only the essentials.Quite a lot gone,but it does feel good , in a I am excited to move, and all our visitors to the construction have loved it. New cha