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  1. alansd

    I believe god has a season fir my recovery and He will set the time, so relax and keep working. My workouts at the gym get better and stronger.
  2. alansd

    I started in the VR study, they come to me 3 times a week for two hours. It uses Saebo vrehab software on a Microsoft connect set up. I stand in front of a monitor and make my avatar do the exercises. It's tiring and uses my left arm a lot for the whole time. not sure what it will ultimately do, but it does get the arm moving a lot. they record my performance to compare sessions.it will last 5 weeks.
  3. alansd

    That's why I cat nap..I love to be busy but sometimes it overloads the circuits
  4. alansd

    i found this "club" while in rehab, a bit over a year ago.It made me so much stronger to hear from others with the same experience, or much worse ones,Still here and active.Welcome to you...
  5. alansd

    I sure will , you can see the progress in this therapy as companies like Saebo offer systems for use.
  6. alansd

    I just gif accepted to a university study, by an OT doctor and graduate students into VR therapy for stroke arm recovery, they will come to my home 3 times a week. I am a lucky dude. Hope to report good results,soon.
  7. alansd

    fit mi by flintrehab.con
  8. alansd

    I have a great cruise agent if anyone is interested in one.
  9. alansd

    the crew really takes care of you,,,they especially watched out for me and suggested thing we could do as accomodation for my limited walking.
  10. alansd

    yes escobar was quite good. We lucked out on restaurants over there,
  11. alansd

    i cant let this thing beat me, I also do tai chi with youtube videos....gotta move....
  12. alansd

    yes to regular exercise! I started at the gym in may, couldn't hardly do anything the first time there , then it got easier and after a week of trying I could do most all the machines, and now I go daily, splitting the days into upper and lower body workouts, I even use my affected arm to push down on the seated tricep machine,I always start light then when I can do 15 reps comfortably, I move up 5 or 10 more. It has helped me tremendously with regaining muscle and strength, and made my left leg considerably stronger.I do crunches and stretching on the carpet when Im home.
  13. alansd

    my feeling exactly
  14. alansd

    so far I've been using it steadily, my hand and arm need assistance from the good one to get som=-e of the atrivities done. Its fun but also hard. Hoping it helps.
  15. I think I would have been in a better situation had the ER doctor nor drastically lowered my bp after the tia. But no wish to tell, I am living as well as I can and making to most of every day. Gotta keep on keeping on. For sure.