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  1. alansd

    yes Will i was a player for 50+ years. Had success in recording with the band Atlanta on mca records in 1983-7. I earned two RIAA certified gold albums and toured the US extensively fo 5 or 6 years.Miss playing a lot, spent the past 15 years playing and recording praise and worship music, travelled to the UK and Israel twice to play there.I now play right handed keyboards with a praise group.So I still have a music outlet, thankfully, but its not the same,here is a link to my 2017 gig at a local festival. not the best audio..but it
  2. alansd

    I went for the procedure,Picked up at Ohare airport by an escalade limo, driven to our hotel in Glen view.Had a meeting with the doctor later, he explained everything and answered all my questions which were many. The next morning I went back to the clinic for the process. 1st they drew blood for use later.Then took marrow from my cerivical gird . Then put in a port for intravenous and left to let us relax for an hour. Next the doc came in and set up the drip for the stem cell intravenous after the cells were processed and i had a dose of manitol to make the blood brain barrier
  3. alansd

    off to see the wizard,,, tomorrow.Excited
  4. alansd

    thank you much.
  5. alansd

    thank you....
  6. alansd

    off to freezing Chicago in 3 days. just saw a new study today that supports the treatment, Perfect timimg.(LOL) I am so ready to be able to move freely. Walked the mall twice this week/glad there are couches along the route happy holiday all!
  7. alansd

    appreciate the prayers , only 11 days until our flight.I had a consult with my neuro surgeon, a stroke specialist and he was pretty positive,mainly he said " I see no harm in trying this, but dont be overly optimistic"Being that this is not FDA aspproved, that was a good comment for me.But I remain optimistic that over a few weeks to months I will see benefit.New studies are popping up all the time, reinforcing the clinic's methods, Mesenchymal cells, intranasal application and use of manitol to help the blood brain barrier become more permeable.
  8. alansd

    i certainly will, I prayed for guidance in what to do and everything pointed this way.Jan 29th.
  9. alansd

    Life is never trivial, you have your impact on others and that is something to be glad for.I hope your relationship continues to blossom.I am blessed to be near 72 and married for 35 years.Happily. We have our tensions, but always overcome them and enjoy our time together.That is a wonderful thing.2020 has been tough, both our sons had covid, but ut lasted only a couple of days and they are fine now.Lots of stress with my 87 year old father in law who is in assisted living where the rules have changed too many times.But he too is well and mostly happy, so alls good. 2021 will be interes
  10. alansd

    A lot of new studies have been done and continue to be done with stem cells,Most of the newer ones have success using Mesenchymal atrologous cells, from ones own bone marrow. These cells can differentiate into any cell needed, including neurons and other brain cells.My source for this info is the National institute of Health site for clinical studies and papers.I also read in Narure, and JAMA.This stuff is pretty hard for a non -medically trained person, but I could get through it by looking up the terms I did not understand. I found much positive news on orthopedic uses,
  11. alansd

    anyone get past Spasticity?I read it is a stage of recovery, but the book did not say if it goes away. It is a plague for me daily.Left side face, neck, shoulder, arm,leg all of it.
  12. alansd

    hello all, i am still here.....I rode my recumbent trike around our new neighborhood now that it cooled down some and the construction has abated.Enjoyed lapping the cul-de-sacs.But ; my bad leg was super tired for the next 3 days.Still I look forward to my next cruise around.There are a few hills to deal with also, but I like the challenge. I am using fsm, with micro voltage applied steadily on my arm and hand. It does relieve any pain, and helps with spasticity for awhile but not brought the hand back yet, supposed to take 6 weeks,I am in my first.
  13. we in the U.S. are doing ok. The problemis in young people still having parties, and going to any bar that is open.The rest of us social distance ans wear masks when it makes sense.The rate of infection and deaths is going down.Just seems like forever getting back to normal. The election is crazy and the pro sports in empty stadiums is just sad.
  14. alansd

    pt is never fun, but also not always helpful.I found out after 160 different sessions.
  15. alansd

    hang in there,it will get better with time and patience, you will need to be strong and kind.