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  1. alansd

    my wife and I went to Ireland for 10 days, rental car and B&Bs all over the country.It was a fabulous trip, the left side driving did not phase my wife after the first day, the accomodations were wonderful, hosts great.I did tons of walking, even climbed the spiral stair case in a 900+ year old castle.After the first week with steady walking in each village we visited, I found the walking easier and my legs stronger.Very encouraging. this wasmy second "european" trip since the stroke. Irs great to go and do. I am blessed with a super caregiver and the opportunity to travel some.heck the link for some photos.
  2. alansd

    ive had horrible hamstring tone for months. It makes walking, and sitting very hard.Thanks to suggestion from my neuro chiropracter, I bought a Wahl vibrating massager, this when applied, makes the tone dissipate for a good while so I can walk longer and further, been using it on my hand too , it helps but is harder to use there. here it is.... massager
  3. alansd

    long ago question but it is a Saebo flex, I have one and posted about it, awhile back.
  4. alansd

    I wish I could run at all ,let alone miles. I used to trail run near my home but not its just a memory. I've kept my running shoes just in case.
  5. alansd

    I try to stay active, but realize my limitations. When my left leg has zero strength, I may opt to sleep in, sit outside, go out to lunch and not much more. Other days it's usable and I will go shop, hit the gym or try to walk in my neighborhood,I can be very frustrated at times for sure.
  6. alansd

    There are and have been ongoing studies with stroke recovery and stem cells. One study is ongoing at Duke university now but is closed to new patients. This study is the second in a series where stem cells are injected into the area of the brain that was damaged, and it has been found that they stimulate the lost motor abilities.Another so Stanford Univ. was done and showed promise in regenerating neurons.Its just a matter of time for this to become available as a therapy. whats strange is that studies show the new neurons only last for thirty or so days and then seem to dissapear, but the effects continue. One patient regained lost mobility after 10 years. maybe the link to stroke stem cell fraud on th S site needs to be modified....?
  7. alansd

    i wear a splint or brace every night, it keeps my hand open and more relaxed most of the next day, then I use estim to work on the opening.I bought a healthmate from Amazon, inexpensive and works well.
  8. alansd

    i am lucky, when I look back at where I was a year ago. I'm walking, driving, enjoying life and traveling. The hand is so important to me, its frustrating to not be able to use it,I have like 8 guitars waiting to be played.
  9. alansd

    i'm usually positive and upbeat, though the lability makes me break down every so often. I now have two OTs ,andone told me on Tuesday I might not get my left hand back, "you have to face it", then the Thursday one said i am on the way to recovering the function .Of course I didnt like or accept the first ones comment.I'm getting it, maybe not now or soon, but I will.Dont tell me I cant.I work at it daily and steadily.I might even be the stem cell patient who gets recovery that way There are several very promising studies done. Look up Neural stem. to see some.Its just a matter of time.
  10. alansd

    i read a kindle and have read 45 books this year. its great and convenient too.The light does not effect me and it adjustable for brightness and font size/Amazon has lots of books on sale for cheap too.
  11. now that I scrolled through, what was the question? Silly , but my memory is slack at times too. There are good cognitive and memory improvement games on the internet.I did a series for a month and found it to be very helpful.
  12. alansd

    need advice?
  13. alansd

    Yes the therapist was certified took a 200 hour class. im better but not happy with where I am, so I continue to try anything and everything. saw some ongoing stem cell trials and applied for all, but patients within a day or two of their event are what they are seeking.Success was achieved with a woman years past her stroke, and motor problems were resolved. Stanford university study. But nothing yet available to us, the general public.
  14. alansd

    Just had a round of dry needling done by an ot. My left forearm was so tight it prevented me from bending the wrist. This technique is like acupuncture but goes deeper and punches small holes in the muscle causing to loosen. It worked well now my fingers are relaxed and the wrist is much looser. It was mildly painful but did not take long.i am lucky yo have had a great OT who tries many therapies.
  15. alansd

    I just got a part time job...applied for a was hired as a photographer for home,cars,planes,boats for sale . I have been taking pictures since I was 10, so I have lots of experience. hope to start in the next week or so. Strictly part time by assignment. I can't work too much it will jeopardize my retirement.I am also going to be a support person for those hospitalized after stroke, my therapist said I am good to motivate others.I look forward to helping.