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  1. thanks Heather, I am going to disuss goal with my therapists today and see if we can agree on a plan. They have strengthened the leg quite a bit but more options are needed
  2. I got a threraband to wrap on my weak arm and do resistance exercise, hop it helps get the arm working better, right now I can use the bicep to lift my han towards the shoulder but that's about all.
  3. I love going to PT 3 times a week. Have a very nice and encouraging young woman therapist and a very experienced OT. I walk well with a cane, but when trying to free walk, my left keg still swings out and is stiff. Trying to train it, but not able to yet. at the gym I walk with a harness attached to a track on the ceiling for safety, and do obstacle courses and a swing bridge, that is a challenge, how have you (if you have), retrained your leg? Will simply walking be enough practice to do it, of course with the cold here I can't go out and walk much if at all.
  4. One day off baclofen and my legs are lighter and my head clearer. Still took a nap yesterday, but have been waking at 5 am when my wife gets up for work.
  5. A week on baclofen and I was a zombie, very tired and my legs felt super heavy, turned my PT sessions for me. The dr advised me to stop taking it, and today I feel better already. I am going to get Botox in the arm as he also suggested that, it will take a few weeks to coordinate with insurance and his time.
  6. So sorry to hear that. My wife is very loving and supportive, but I worry about asking too much of her, like having to cut our grass, as she did in September, it won't be needed again until Spring, so I have months more of recovery that will occur again and hopeI am better enough to handle that choreat the least. She does not complaint, but I imagine it gets old doing so much for me. I wish I had a good suggestion for you guys, but other than counseling or a support group I don't at this time, again sorry. That's what marriage is built on,total support.
  7. After a day on baclofen,my hand is looser,but I am kinda sleepy,we will see how it goes
  8. i am starting on 15mgs baclofen today. hope it help my tight hand
  9. i always tell peope that there are issues due to my stroke that are emotional....right up front, then they are not surprised if i do something innapropriate
  10. i worry a bit about health issues the stroke was totally unexpected as my health seemed excellent for many years, no illnesses at all, great diet and workout plan. Bang i'm disabled, and life changed radically. I know the cause and its being treated but still.....
  11. My terrific 92 yr old mom suffered a heart attack and hemorrhagic stroke Tuesday. She is now in hospice care.3 months to the day since my tia.
  12. I too love scotch and Irish but can't handle it right now. Neuro dr said a small amount is ok for me, but it hits me hard.
  13. Just got my second months supply of nerium and missed it for a week while I waited to receive it. Been helpful for me. Not speeding up my thought process , but general clarity.
  14. Hi bill, welcome. You are inspirational. I feel crappy some days about my condition, but I have a supportive wife, lots of friends, and two great sons. So I shoul be satisfied, but I want back the way I was before, and hate that it is slow in coming. I understand there are many going through way more than me, and they inspire me to work harder and persevere. You are certainly one of those. Best regards and good luck to you...
  15. Not yet taking the baclofen just the steroids, my wrist is a bit better, but my left leg feels very heavy, making walking a challenge. I tried a friends cane yesterday and it felt good. Might be my next purchase.