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  1. i realized some years ago I had tinnitus,probasbly for a ling time, but it never dawned on me that it was a hearing problem I learned to think past it and that has helped, I think you can change the way you think and that will help your hearing issue, at least it does for me, The funny thing was, i was visiting a guitar player who was selling an amp I wanted, he remarked that he had tinnitus and it was so annoying he had to quit playing. i asked if he was hearing the tone at that moment, as I was also. I thought it was his stereo doing some sound...high pitched...kind of a background noise, nope, it was in my ears, I went to get my hearing checked right after that and was told I had a percentage of loss, and tinnitus was in the range of loss .sort of making up for missing tonal range,this freaked me out and I couldn't sleep, as all I heard was that tone...I bought a white noise generator cd and that blocked the sound so I could sleep. eventually I either accommodated to it or learned not to" hear" it, which works for me all these years later,
  2. there was a great pyrenees reported running wild around here today..that's odd. the yorkies owner would not allow the long qurrantine in austrailia so we lucked out
  3. in the ER I had no mobility issues just a tia that had passed and high bp.The ER doc gave me hydralazine to lower bp and after getting it I had a deep brain infarct, and suffered left side damage. ]That fact was told to me by the neuro surgeon, who will not repeat it now, in case i want to sue.Cant blame him i guess but it still is just not right.
  4. we arrended a group pot luck dinner with people we worship with on Friday. After dinner we were chatting and I mentioned how we had lost our dog of 18 years, and were thinking about another one in the next few months. A woman with us said she was moving ( to Australia) and had to give her dog up. I asked what kind it was, and she said " Yorkie". My wifes head swiveled as this has been her desire for many years.We loved our little dog but she always commented when we would see or meet a Yorkie, She said we could never afford the fees most charge for that breed, and the lady said , "honey if you want her she is yours, with no charge!" So we drove out to meet her yesterday, and are thrilled, She is the sweetest little thing and no problem for me to leash up and walk, which was a big worry. We will get her in May when our friend packs her things to be shipped to Tazmania. Very excited... https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPhcR4YC07JiRAoX6j0Dhu9QvyG3FAfdy-K0o4U
  5. so good to hear your positive outlook, that will help you the most in the long recovery, but yes there will be recovery.Hang in there and keep that attitude,you will adapt and strengthen.
  6. i spoke to a pt where i go and he is certified in this technique. He said it is effective locally for pain , in the muscles only, Anyone try dmso? heard a lot about that since I was a teen (oh so very long ago ;( H
  7. A teacher ar my wife's school said this solved her knee and elbow problems, done by a certified pt needler. I know its like accupuncture but that is all at this point.
  8. my first speech ability after stroke was limited,i could form the words in my head but could not get them out.frustrating as heck,I had a" brain cramp " just putting sentences together.this was of course the first thing everyone noticed, and later the first thing they commented on as it improved. my dear mom, who has since passed asked me, on the phone if I was doing ok because I sounded so odd to her, the last thing you want to hear ids that you are being odd or weird, Its the stroke I would try to say,same thing for the quick and heavy crying. Thankfully that is mostly gone, speech is almost normal, and so on.
  9. Also support your gut bacteria with resistant starches, they feed the bacteria, not you. Cooled cooked rice and potato starch added to a glass of water or any beverage,served cool, not hot works very well. Add flax seed ground to your oatmeal, or whatever you can put it in. you could mix Metamucil, water and potato starch in one drink, i add a liquid arginine,carnetine Coq10 To that .
  10. my angiogram went well, if it had shown a badly occluded artery the Surgeon would have suggested stenting , but no mention was made, we meet Monday to go over the details. I will ask if I need t stay on the plavix. I have a day to relax and let the hole in my upper leg heal.
  11. we've had temps on the 70s with on off rain, flowers and trees blooming. I am so happy to see them. my neighborhood ducks are back visiting us daily, which is great to see.
  12. evidently lowering my bp was not the correct thing to do with my lack of symptoms. doing this opened up the blood vessels and caused an ischemic event which is shown when you compare the ct scans before and after/
  13. I find joy in family, the outdoors, going out to a restaurant and seeing frends. I love watching concerts on you tube sent via chromecast to the big tv and stereo. I also got a kindle as a gift and read every day.
  14. It was 210 in the ambulance, had come down to 185 in ER then they gave me the drug and it went to 160 the drug caused ischemic stroke the Ct scan before and after are very different. Neuro surgeon looked at hospital records and scans and said this made no sense, why would they feel the need to administer it? I certainly don't know but I am disturbed about it.
  15. had a pretty bad fall last week, and broke my clavicle. NO bruising though I hit the garage floor hard,I expected to have a big purple spot. But none, just a lot of pain, controllable with tylenol so far. Wearing a sling for 4 to 6 weeks until it heals.I was a idiot! oh well you learn as you go