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  1. alansd

    it is relatively comfortable but should be fitted by a specialist certified by Saebo..My hand was mostly clenched but loosens up after use.. I've been taught to turn my head to my weak side while holding my eyes on something to the left. A few repetitions loosens my left hand,My neuro chiropractor taught me that trick. Bioness is an estim device. this is purely mechanical.I have elbow and shoulder issues too.
  2. alansd

    frustrated with left hand recovery, I am using the Saebo flex device in my therapy now.here's my first round of activity after a week... saebo flex
  3. alansd

    the ER I went to after my first tia stroke, should have given me TPA to prevent a subsequent event.Instead they waited until I had a second and worse stroke. This one could have been prevented.
  4. is he on an anti depressant?
  5. alansd

    see Saebo.com
  6. yes all the best to everyone ar this time of the year and lets hope for whatever positivity we can enjoy in the new year to come.
  7. i,too was driving my ford expedition when the stroke hit,so lucky to have maintained control and actually drove home not knowing what was happening.It took me 6 months to get back to driving, and though I am very careful, my wife and son complain about my ability. Strokes suck, and that is the truth of it. Do everything to avoid another..do you take a blood thinner like Plavixor or such? You likely should.
  8. I use this we bite, it truly helps....brainhq Practice daily and you will see improvement as you go,
  9. alansd

    i had a time on our cruise last summer where I could not get to a restroom fast enough,I actually had pee on my pants after trying. How embarrassing! I visited a doctor after I returned home , and he said alcohol and caffeine both irritate the bladder, so bu sure to go before you feel you truly need to. that works for me, ''its a preemptive pee" '
  10. alansd

    lm nearing the end of 5 weeks twice a week therapy. my affected arm moves a lot more and with little or no pain now. Next week they will assess my ability.The system is Saebo VR it requires a computer, xbox kinnect interface and their software.
  11. alansd

    Now two weeks, 6 sessions in this routine. my left arm was is working for the first time, I can bend the elbow, mind the arm across and up also. Can't raise it overhead yet. The next few weeks, there are three to go, they will implement hand and wrist training. Bring it on!
  12. alansd

    I was taught to control my eye stability to stop dizziness.you turn your head right and left while holding your gaze on some object straight ahead. slowly move the head to each side,if you have trouble holding the eyes stable, you need practice,it gets better and easier,i couldnt do it at first, especially up and down... If you have an ipad, you can download a gaze stability app...Focus...that helps a lot .
  13. alansd

    good to hear that as I still have zero guitar skill. my arm is still stiff and no wrist or finger action other than I can make a fist, but not open it. My wife is very encouraging and wont let me sell any of my 8 guitars, or the amps.Which is smart, you never know,,,when this might happen for me.