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  1. My Ot recommended mirror therapy for the disabled hand. There is a YouTube video where the FoxPro that pioneered it talks about it.Results are major improvement in 85 to95% of users. I ordered a tabletop mirror from amazon, the health companies sell mirror boxes for this but they charge way to much.Hope to report progress soon.Dang I hate not playing music. Stay well people!!there are two videos with this doctor,you might watch both.
  2. alansd

  3. I saw a show on PBS which reminded me of a site I had joined but not used much.Dr Daniel Amen was the speaker, discussing brain"change", mainly for depression,Adhd, OCD, etc.He also touched on memory loss and response times.His book is called Change your brain, change your life".He also helped direct construction of the BrainHQ web site. There are games there to improve the brain.The games change in response to your success or speed and adjust to help you. I find I improve with each session. It is actually fun. Brainhq.com
  4. alansd

    I see stroke patients weekly, many can not speak or can talk but cant find the words.Ive has aphasic patients, and I say 'its ok".... "You hear the words in your head but can't get them out"? They usually smile and say yes or shake their head.One actually started talking while I was in her room. That was awesome.
  5. alansd

    good info there ..I am no doctor I just play one in my mind.....
  6. Mine was 2 1\2 years ago.I'm now70.but keeping busy and enjoying life as it is. Hoping for some stem cell treatment in my future.Still kind of paranoid about having another event.
  7. alansd

    I was a school IT specialist , retired in a Friday, had a stroke on Monday.I've done Tech Support at assisted living homes some, but I only have one working hand so it's a challenge.The brain still.f guess our what needs to be done but the body can't always do it.now in my fourth round of PT some progress is starting.I have been trying so hard but am still.often frustrated.But life is good and well worth the work.
  8. alansd

    fiber is helpful but if overdone can contribute to IBS...again see chris kresser on this. Food is the ultimate source of health, add to that some exercise and good sleep and you have a strong cure for many ills.
  9. I insist on playing guitar again.....whatever it takes
  10. alansd

    Im sure we've all heard about the importance of maintaining a healthy gut.This is extra important for brain health, and recovery. Probiotics mostly dont work as the bacteria dont get into the gut.Yogurt is mostly worthless and if it has any sugar in it, it is totally a zero benefit. But according to top nutritionists...resistant starch that your body cant ingest, will feed the necessary bacteria and encourage them to healthy growth. One of the easiest to use is Potato starch.An example is Bob's Red Mill brand, which many stores carry.A tbsp of this in a drink of water is all you need to start. You build up to two tbsp nightly. The effect is quick, you may become a bit "gassy" as the bacteria are fed and flourish, but that gets better with time. This seriously cures constipation with no drugs, and I have found morning brain fog is ended. See https://chriskresser.com/?s=potato+starch for more. i 'thi t
  11. alansd

    keep on hoping for the best , sounds like it is coming.
  12. alansd

    very nice read there.I had some medical procedures that scared me, so I went mentally to a similar place, and also recreated part of my trip to Barcelona in my head, It worked to keep me calm and relaxed.Also I do TM and listen to "brain wave music" in headphones.This is very refreshing,for all that fatigue the day brings.
  13. alansd

    After my stroke I had a follow up angiogram, and my Neurologist discovered I have no right side carotid,. The artery , after it enters my brain, splits and then simply ends.He said it was likely smaller blood vessels pick up the delivery from there.We don't know if this has been there all my life, or rather not been there all my life, but it is likely. Weird .. I guess but Its the God made me so whatever. I just want to say depression is the worst, it prevents you from making solid progress.Set a daily or even partial day goal to meet and then get it done, you will feel better incrementally and be able to set a higher more difficult goal.I try never to sit on the couch and watch tv longer than an hour without getting on the floot to stretch, or using my shoulder pulley, or even walking around the house using the remote control vacuum. I also do Brain HQ the online exercises, which are challenging and fun. My first daily goal is to get out of bed earlier than I want to...maybe 7 or so, to start my day.Then make the coffee...then breakfast, then stretching and some easy exercise.I now go to the gym and do whatever machines I can.No pain no gain as they say, whoever "they"are. Reading something vhallenging is good to, I am readindgthe history of Europe and a book on Quantum physics.Simplified of course. I also watch Rugby on youtube which I knew zero about, but is very entertaining and fast moving. Also, Ted Talks on youtube are educational. A good comedian is an option too.I like Jim Gaffigan, especially. i now volunteer at our hospital to see stroke patients weekly, that is very rewarding, and makes me feel more valued. Nothing is easy except doing nothing. And that is self defeating..Good luck..
  14. alansd

    i liked my Viewmaster a lot.But it is so much better to see the sites in real life. I love travel. Our annual June trip this year will be New England, Cape Cod , Bedford, Newport, Boston, Maine.By car. Long drive from Georgia! Several stops along the way to visit relatives and friends. Lobster and quahogs.(sp?)
  15. makes me feel better about stroking at 68. Congrats on making it through that horrible experience! Please continue to share your life experiences since.