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  1. thats why I like seinfeld's show "comedians in cars getting coffee", It is off the cuff humor with the addition of cool classic cars they drive around in.
  2. i was at my every other day workout yesterday at a huge LA fitness club.( i am up ro 8 minutes on the cycle now after barley making 1 minute 4 weeks ago) i was doing a hip machine,when i saw a big man, not fat but large, 200lbs plus, hit the floor in front of me going down hard like a sack of potatoes,?The woman on the machine next to me and I jumped as quickly as we could to help him,I was ready to do resucitation CPR whic I am olkscertified in.....the guy spoke and did not need it so we stayed until a staff member came around. I walked the fellow over to a seat and told him to relax and breathe and then to go get his blood pressure checked. He said he just got nervous and dizzy all of a sudden, the staff member went to call the guy's wife. Where was the blood pressure cuff? I would have called emt to check him out, I told him about my similar wxperience which ended with a stroke, not to panic him but to be sure he went to see someone and soon....Why does this huge club not train their people in stroke awareness? I have no clue.I did see a guy i the shower , years ago who was having a heart attack obviously, and I went out to call 911. thids likely happens more often than not. Too many out of shape folks who do their own thing with no instruction or plan...kinda scary.
  3. Benni-any movement happening for you?I can pinch thumb and index finger and make a fist now, i see guitars in my future finally,yaay!
  4. you should consider getting on lexa pro, it help you control the emotions but doesnt make you wooden my doctor put me on it right after my stroke and said Id need it for on year, iam in better control of the crying now, though it still hits once in awhile. best of luck to you, smile as often as you can
  5. i had botox in my left forearm and bicep. this because my wrist was so tight my OT could not stretch the fingers without hurting me.It helped loosen it all up and now my fingers cab make a fist voluntarily,and the botox lasted 3 months, but the wrist pain never came back. I do have shoulder pain from subluxation though.
  6. my therapist told me to start gargling daily, as this activates the brain more than you would expect.
  7. iI vebeen trying evrerything to help my hand recover,exercises, e-stim, concentrating om moving the fingers.FInallu I am getting some twirches in the thumb and index finger, my left foot started that way with toes twitching, but then it came back quickly. the hand is not. What were others experience with the hands coming back online?So darn frustrating.
  8. we booked our cruise for july, and selected only the excursions that sound like I could handle them ....very excited.
  9. follow up- I started back to the fitness club after 7 months. at first visit I could hardly get on the bike , but i did and rode for 1 minute, eout thatxhausting, I tried most weight machines and could barely do any. now in the third week of 3 visits per week, i am doing 6 minutes on the bike and using 10 or 11 weight machines, some one handed. hip machines and leg machines are very helpful and I have added weight to each one.I am tired after but feel good. hoping for more use of the left arm, but i can only push on the shoulder machine with any success.no real action on the arm but twitches in the fingers, and can use a flex strap to exercise the arm and shoulder. Planning a european river cruise with my wife so we are excited about that, I worry about all the walking,,but I will make it.,,, somehow.
  10. i have been doing meditation and taking lions mane mushroom supplement. my memory is better and i feel more clear mentally there is a book about lions mane mushrooms.
  11. i motivate myself in the gym by trying to add 30 seconds to my bike riding each week. I started recently with one minute now I do 6. reps on the machines also, trying to increase each time until I can do 15 or more, then I will add 5 lbs
  12. ive got that gait too, would like to lose it.
  13. if you are back to near normal walking,,,,how did you get there?I use a cane and walk without it at times, but it is very strenuous and tiring. my left leg has gotten better over time, but still no where near normal in my control if it. I started back at the gym last week, and i am riding a bike there,also doing several leg machines.I walk frequently too, But I look to the day when walking is effortless once again.
  14. After five plus months of PT three times a week, I "graduated" and was set free to go back to the fitness club I used to attend. my first visit proved harder Than I expected, even getting on and off the machines was a challenge. I managed a 45 minute workout which left me exhausted , I felt like II broke the ice though.will attempt to do every other dayand see how it goes. I'm continuing ot three times aweek. Hope to recover the left hand still.recovery is hard work!
  15. his show is hysterical to me.