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  1. alansd

    i take Plavix and 325mgs Aspirin daily, my cardiologist said to stay on them.
  2. alansd

    My massager helps me but only for a bit. Then the leg tightens back up and walking is a chore.Sometimes I just want to run, any😈way
  3. coming up on my 2 year strokeversary in a few weeks.I am certainly glad to be alive and well-er.But also kinda sad that this happened in the first place, still miss my guitar, and so much more.Running, hikiing, camping, ball playing..etc.Is that dumb?
  4. for those who choke... have you tried dropping your chin towards your chest as you swallow? It opens up the throat, makes it easier.
  5. also- i could not eat Yogurt for the past two years, before the stroke I ate it daily.Just now starting to enjoy it, with berries in it, again. I started to eat red meat, especially Angus burgers,after 40 years of no red meat at all.Now I crave a good burger often.
  6. alansd

    I had dry needling done which helped.Also try this, hold your goof hand up in front of your face thumb up. Look at your thumb then slowly turn your head to the weak side, holding your gaze on the thumb. Do this 5 to 10 times and see if your hand loosens some.
  7. I react harshly to hot spices, couldn't tolerate Yogurt for a long time, too tangy. also dry crunchy stuff tends to choke me.Whisky helps. As does beer or wine😈
  8. alansd

    My photo job did not work out. No clients in our area. Too bad, but I applied to teach English to Chinese online and it looks good. Also its work from home and no more than 3 hours a day which suits my energy level well. i am training to do stroke support at a nearby hospital a few days a week too. gotta keep on trucking. mike.... hang in and your energy will gradually increase.Good luck to you.
  9. alansd

    i prefer the positive track.Screaming only is a temporary blow out.
  10. alansd

    ive been using cbd and hemp oil, but found I was using it wrong,I put it in my coffee, but thats a no no.You have to put a dropper under the tongue.
  11. alansd

    hello and a hearty welcome to you. I found this site while in rehab, its been great to share the experiences and problems as well as the good news and progress reports.
  12. alansd

    just a suggestion....listen to some Joel Osteen sermons. He is so positive and uplifting I find it very helpful.It keeps me motivated to do all the crazy stuff I do weekly.
  13. alansd

    i bought the curved knife and it enables me to do more cooking.It feels good to do that
  14. i try to motivate myself daily to get out and do something. A walk in the neighborhood, a visit to the gym or to the chiropracter, and now I am doing a once a week hyperbaric therapy session.Its hard some days, but even just meeting a friend for lunch is a great experience to be enjoyed.I have read a ton, and on rainy days catch up on Netflix too.I hate that I never feel really good, just better some days than others,but never free from these constraints.
  15. alansd

    i have not heard from here in quite some time, and we were messaging some prior to this.