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  1. i did tm meditation during a very stressful job, it realaxed me a lot. I might try it again to clear my head
  2. i ordered one, I have only my right arm forsupport, and can walk with no assistance, a little extra support should be good.
  3. if no reaction, I turn up thepower until I get one but short of pain threshold https://www.amazon.com/HealthmateForever-Electronic-Arthritis-Inflammation-No-USD723178S/dp/B00O7CM12W/ref=pd_ybh_a_18?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=QRR9MAM1MBC6PNQHS399
  4. good info thanks for the link
  5. i will look carefully before trying this.
  6. i bought my own unit after the OT started using it on me. $25 on Amazon. IT works well, but if i overuse it I do get sore. My fingers are moving more and more thanks to the little thing
  7. very nice design there/. I am in a VW forum where a member makes medallions for our cars, they are great.We had a 3d machine where I taught computer skills to kids, but it did not get used unfortunately. The art teacher was overly ambitious.
  8. A naturopath friend offered me an hour in her hyperbaric chamber. She says it is effective for brain cell growth and regeneration. I am unread on this and not sure of the benefits. anyone experience this therapy tool?
  9. this is such a great thread, i have been frustrated with my left arm action, or rather non-action. Trying hard with ot and pt, and e-stim there and at home, but not seiing much yet. Walking some unassisted, but neuro doc daid to try a hemi-walker. Also she said I could try driving soon. Guess thats all good as its only been 6 weeks since stroke-day. Still I get frustrated and a bit sad, though lexa pro keeps that in check. the posts here remind me of the need for patience and positive thinking, thanks all.
  10. neurologist said this is in the "pipeline" for fda approval, and may benefit me. i might give it a whirl.
  11. anyone using a hemi walker? my neurologist recommended me to get one. i have a full walker now, which is ok, but she said at home the hemi might be all I need
  12. I'm with you. I was tearful and depressed a lot after my TIAs, but now I am hopeful and getting better. I have a plan to get to the highest level of recovery in a year. Wish it could be sooner, but it is what it is. This is a great place to vent so feel free!
  13. a fun day at the track with my old 911. atlanta motor speedway.
  14. my wife and kids when they were "kids ', now 25 and 29
  15. DSC_9239.JPG