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  1. alansd

    great tips there Paul.
  2. Glad you liked it.😁
  3. alansd

    I do that. I introduce myself, then ask if they need anything, if they are being treated well and donthey have any questions.
  4. Its the gift that keeps on giving, Sometimes its forever, Though no one truly wants it, Really, No one ever. Yet it is your life now, To live as best you can Determined to improve Yet most don’t understand Its a club you never asked to join Whose members share your pain You truly would like to wake one day and start all over again But Life is well worth living For all who are in this way. Some get back to where they were, and some Simply Pass away. But here we share in our support and Help for all who come Knowing what they face each day It Makes us all as one. Happy new year Stroke Survivors by Alan.2020
  5. alansd

    Tracy, I too had some disappointing moments in the ER/hospital experience, but they are just people who try their hardest to help us all. Some are really good at it, unfortunately some aren't, they didn't all get A's. Maybe there should be tan "A" list hospital , like one on TV where everyone is a genius like Dr. House .My Pts have meant well but some of them simply go through the motions.Now I have one who seems o be really working for me to improve, Hopefully we will make it happen, I hate the way I am quite frankly .New Ot is on my horizon too ,I don't know which I want back more, my left leg or arm.....?
  6. alansd

    Grab you toes as many together as you can. Work them in a figure right to stimulate them and see if they loosen up. Mine do, but the tennis ball id a good tool,also workimg your ankle is the same sort of pattern is useful too. muliple directional movements. i hate the curly toes, but no one is gonna snip my tendons!
  7. alansd

    Been doing the volunteer work for several months now, the patient load varies a lot, but seems there are always new stroke survivors to see. it is more natural to me now, I've seen aphasics, deniers, multiple stroke experiences, younger people, older people. Friendly mostly , some belligerent but more to the nursing staff than to me. they usually enjoy the visit. I know it makes me feel good, and often very blessed to be in such a good recovery point.
  8. alansd


    Actually we do have some newer CBd product stores that sell non thc stuff. its everywhere. But even low level thc is not available. Lots of people buy it elsewhere and bring it in, but it's chancey.
  9. alansd


    Georgia has no dispensaries, but you can buy cbd hemp oil everywhere.I got mine on Amazon. I was lucky to get the thc gummies from a friend.They were terrific.I hope to see legalization here, too many people are in jail for possession. I am driving up the east coast in June and can stop in a few places where I should be able to purchase whatever I want.Washington,DC for example.
  10. alansd


    great answer!
  11. alansd


    Sorry about the typos
  12. alansd


    Update, I am using two droppers of Canada hemp oil daily. This relieves my pain and is relaxing. It's the only brand that works for me, I buy. 12ounce bottle an use it to fill my droppers. i did get some infused CBd with thc edibles. They really helped but I can't buy them in Georgia. they were s gift to me from Colorado.Truly helpful. i hope to find a way to get these again
  13. alansd

    what do you attribute the breakhrough to?
  14. I take and have taken a number of online courses, mostly free, and that gives me something else to work on besides my recovery. I am taking a Genesis class noe form hillsdale college that is very good. Also free. coursera is a good source for college classes that are free or inexpensive. Reading my bible and religious texts are keeping me in good spirits also, I am reading the Golden Bough, by Fraser written in the 1890s about early religion and folklore that led to religions if today. Interesting stuff. Point is that keeping my mind on other things takes it off the recovery process for a bit, which is so hard and stressful. I know my health is good and the chances of another episode are small if me. Thank God .
  15. So true, at my gym I see the same people who will ask how I'm doing. I say getting there but slowly, truth is this sucks and I am holding on until it's better, no matter how long it takes.