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  1. I just got ga free sample of CBD cannabis oil. Seems helpful for minor pain. Also came with hemp crime which is locally helpful Wish we could get access to smokable real stuff. Saw a store in Germany when we were there but couldn't get back to buy any. It is illegal to bring into the us anyway.
  2. After almost a year my doctor agreed to let me wean off anti depressants. I feel in control and generally happy. Sometimes a big frustrated but I am developing lots of patience and still seeking and expecting bliss to full recovery. Should be good to be off the stuff.
  3. Yes consider yourself lucky, I am a year in and still struggling with left arm and leg. The whole lifestyle I have had to adapt to is different. Lots I can't do but enough I can do to enjoy each day. I muss the left arm more than anything else as I am a lifelong guitar player and loved to tinker with cars. do now those are memories and goals too. I think positive, work out a lot and try hard to accomplish more and more each day. My walking is better but still gimpy. So you sound like you are doing well. Welcome here and share whatever you would like.
  4. i understand for sure, we have to happy about where we progressed to and not dwell on the bad stuff.
  5. it all gets better and rehab is a major help
  6. I did not do a second round of botox, I felt I had made good progress with the first, and didnt like the dead arm feeling, or lack of feeling.
  7. My wife is a teacher who just went back to work after summer break. We has a great time together, eating out, shopping, watching Netflix on rainy days, and enjoying our new Yorkie; Chelsea, who is the sweetest dog we have ever owned.We also took our "bucket list" cruise...down the Danube river from nuremberg to budapest. 2 weeks of bliss.I actually walked the chain bridge in budapest end to end uphill, and down,over 1/2 mile. But now its back to reality, waking up and dealing with being stiff, and unable to walk at first, figuring out breakfast, planning my day, its all so exhausting. Are your mornings an uphill struggle? I tend to improve after coffee, and strteching. I dread the coming winter as the cold makes all this stuff tougher.
  8. you are the proof of how sensitive our heads are to trauma,a reminder to all bikers and motorcyclists to wear a helmet! congrats on being alive and able to soldier onto improvement,I am now one year into stroke recovery and still experiencing my frustration with normal living. If you are a believer, focus on faith and positive messages, like those from Joel Osteen, they constantly remind me of ythe valley we are in and how to use it to grow and improve.I started tai chi, in addition to working out 5 days a week, it gives me focus and I am getting stronger as I go.All the best to you for improvement!
  9. me too, the floor on my left always is a mess after a meal.my neuro doc told me to start gargling with water nightly to improve brain/mouth activity,and connection.Seems to be working,and he also said using the spin brush on my tongue would help as well. my dog likes the way I eat and sits on my left side to catch the treats.
  10. thats why I like seinfeld's show "comedians in cars getting coffee", It is off the cuff humor with the addition of cool classic cars they drive around in.
  11. i was at my every other day workout yesterday at a huge LA fitness club.( i am up ro 8 minutes on the cycle now after barley making 1 minute 4 weeks ago) i was doing a hip machine,when i saw a big man, not fat but large, 200lbs plus, hit the floor in front of me going down hard like a sack of potatoes,?The woman on the machine next to me and I jumped as quickly as we could to help him,I was ready to do resucitation CPR whic I am olkscertified in.....the guy spoke and did not need it so we stayed until a staff member came around. I walked the fellow over to a seat and told him to relax and breathe and then to go get his blood pressure checked. He said he just got nervous and dizzy all of a sudden, the staff member went to call the guy's wife. Where was the blood pressure cuff? I would have called emt to check him out, I told him about my similar wxperience which ended with a stroke, not to panic him but to be sure he went to see someone and soon....Why does this huge club not train their people in stroke awareness? I have no clue.I did see a guy i the shower , years ago who was having a heart attack obviously, and I went out to call 911. thids likely happens more often than not. Too many out of shape folks who do their own thing with no instruction or plan...kinda scary.
  12. Benni-any movement happening for you?I can pinch thumb and index finger and make a fist now, i see guitars in my future finally,yaay!
  13. you should consider getting on lexa pro, it help you control the emotions but doesnt make you wooden my doctor put me on it right after my stroke and said Id need it for on year, iam in better control of the crying now, though it still hits once in awhile. best of luck to you, smile as often as you can
  14. i had botox in my left forearm and bicep. this because my wrist was so tight my OT could not stretch the fingers without hurting me.It helped loosen it all up and now my fingers cab make a fist voluntarily,and the botox lasted 3 months, but the wrist pain never came back. I do have shoulder pain from subluxation though.
  15. my therapist told me to start gargling daily, as this activates the brain more than you would expect.