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  1. PaulNash

    Still here, still alive. Been seriously busy (DIY home reno, gardening, work. Also pretty depressed (domestic issues exacerbated by COVID restrictions). Keeping going, day to day.
  2. PaulNash

    Will2, I could not have put it better. This site is a sanity- and life-saver
  3. Hi Jim I may be way out of line being proscriptive, but what the heck, here goes. Feel free to ignore this and to tell me to shut up. This all assumes that things are salvageable (and there is probably no harm in assuming that). First, try (if you can and she is receptive) to let her know that you understand that she's upset, under pressure, and that you are trying to change how you live your life and how you interact with her. See whether she is prepared to open a dialog about what needs to change, what the priorities are. Linda and I do this from time t
  4. PaulNash

    If you are interested in wildlife, there are fixed tents like that at various Southern African reserves that I have stayed at. If you are interested and can cope with long-distance travel, Etosha Pan (Namibia) has 5-star arrangements, I have seen some in Zimbabwe (especially on the Zambezi river), but their current state is unknown. And the most amazing of the lot was in Zambia -- basic accomodation (2- or 3-star rather than 5-star in Etosha), but the animals wander around really close to the site in the evenings, looking for unwary tourists And Kruger Park in South Afri
  5. PaulNash

    My father died quickly and peacefully. I think about him and all the good parts of his life on both anniversaries. My children are tired of hearing the same old stories over and over, so I tell them to myself instead. My mother died slowly, with Parkinson's. My major thought on her anniversaries is gratitude that she eventually died, and that her death was painless. Then I think about her life, which was complicated, and how she managed to deal with it. I get more and more sympathetic and impressed each passing year.
  6. PaulNash

    Kelli, I don't know how you do it. That is real dedication! I'v been working partly from home, partly on-site for most of my working life (IT/network geek) The split used to vary from 100% on-site to 100% remote, depending on what I was doing and who I was doing it for (it's hard to pull network cables if you are not actually there). Currently, I try to go on-site as seldom as possible, but there are still times when I have to be physically present. I get edgy, but the customers mostly get even more edgy, so we stay well clear of each other. Or I go in when they are
  7. PaulNash

    Wow. I have just been to my family doc who thinks that I have gout in one toe. Sounds like is is as actually spasticity. That toe scrunches up, muscles tight as can be, and gets really painful after a while. Only relief so far is if I straighten it manually (push down with the other foot while sitting). Onset was around a time when my other leg (the effected one) started to behave significantly better. I'll bring this up with my neurologist at my next consult, and see whether he has any ideas. Family doc wanted to put pin down the length of the toe to hold it strai
  8. PaulNash

    Thanks you Kelli I want on two CBT courses post-stroke, which helped for a while, but with my memory issues I kept forgetting to use it, or if I remembered I forgot how to do it, and would generally end up feeling worse. This is great -- I have printed it & stuck it to the wall in my "quiet space", so that I can run through the steps easily when I am feeling overwhelmed, depressed or angry.
  9. PaulNash

    Crossing everything that I have two of, and hoping and praying that this is a permanent change. You are a real inspiration.
  10. Hi Janaailene I'm not the feel-good type; here is what I've gone through. Your mileage will almost definitely very, but there is hope. I've never had a panic attack (as far as I can remember). I had two strokes two days apart as a result of a vertebral artery dissection in 2016. Nothing after that. I am allegedly at a higher risk of another stroke "because". My neurologist can't explain exactly why, it's more of a risk/statistical thing. Plus the dissection is still there, but the artery is now completely blocked. The first two years saw a bunch of imp
  11. PaulNash

    I've also gone from being primary (often only) bread-winner to also-ran. I finally earn as much as Linda does now (if you include the disability payments), which is something that we are both still coming to grips with. I'm also getting used to her asking a colleague when she has computer problems, rather than asking me. Mick Jagger: "Time is on my side". That's the one thing that has consistently helped mood and function.
  12. PaulNash

    Deigh, what part of SA were you evacuated to?
  13. PaulNash

    My heart goes out to you. I am hoping and praying that he improves quickly and you are able to take him home soon.
  14. PaulNash

    Hi Deigh I was born and raised in South Africa, met my wife and got married there. We travelled a lot, and spent 3 years in Canberra while she tackled a PhD. We moved to Canada after we had children; we lived on a farm and things were getting really scary (gunfire through the nights, neighbours be robbed at gun-point) so we moved to Canada. Been here for 16 years now. We still miss SA, have family there and visit from time to time, but moving to Canada was the best thing that we could have done for our children. We lived all over the place when it was just the two
  15. PaulNash

    Executive function issues are a real bummer; I have them in an allegedly mild way, but combined with the memory deficits they make focus really difficult. I have found that keeping a written log of everything that I am doing and why I am doing it helps a lot. Checking with people that I have everything down correct before I start work and then telling people that "I am just checking my log to make sure that we have covered all the bases" before I sign off makes them feel more comfortable and more confident. I work from home most of the time, doing relatively low-grade