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  1. MikeLaMarr

    It probably didn't help that I suffer from acid reflux so my esophagus was probably pretty torn up already
  2. MikeLaMarr

    I had the same problem last winter. Turned out I had a torn esophagus and needed surgery and 8 weeks of no food/liquid, plus a nursing home stay. Think it was partially caused by the lack of feeling in left side of throat and mouth. Thankfully, it seems to be fine now after 10 months. I'm glad it doesn't sound like you're having as major of a problem
  3. MikeLaMarr

    My dr. sent out a referral for the pain management clinic at the local hospital here in Lansing. hopefully they'll get back to me soon because this cooler weather we're having seems to be making the burning sensation a lot worse. Last weekend the only time I got out of bed was for church on Sunday. It was nice to catch up on sleep but I don't want to start making a habit of that. With the pain the way it is though, I can make it thru the week, but by the weekend I'm just mentally spent from all the grinning and bearing it
  4. MikeLaMarr

    I will check it out, thanks
  5. MikeLaMarr

    I'm going thru the motions now to get my primary care doc to refer me to pain management clinic. Opiates aren't out of the question, but I'll try all other options first
  6. MikeLaMarr

    Funny how even when the pain almost reaches the unbearable point (like it is right now), it almost feels like the worst part of it is putting on a happy face and saying "I'll survive" when people ask if your'e OK
  7. MikeLaMarr

    in the last few days since coming to this website I've already found a pain management clinic here in Lansing and have filled out their online request for help form. If I don't hear from them in few days, I will call. Especially with winter coming I know the pain is going to increase and hopefully I can find some help It's also a relief to know that CPS is an actual treatable thing and not just something I'm just gonna have to learn to live with which is what I've been doing the last year with little/no success. I'm not thinking I'm going to find some magic cure-all. Just something to help me manage better. For me, it's bad enough living on SSDI, I at least need to be able to get out and do things to have some meaning
  8. MikeLaMarr

    Wow, I'm pretty amazed so far at how the little I've read so far on CPS seems to match my symptoms to a T. I know that just because I've read a small bit about it doesn't make me an expert, and that I do in fact suffer from it, it does mean that it's worth exploring further with my drs. Yhanks for the suggestion, I will be following up on it
  9. MikeLaMarr

    with me the sensation is so bad I have to wear a size 12 shoe when I normally wear an 11. Even then it feels like my foot doesn't fit. plus, all I can wear are slip-on shoes
  10. MikeLaMarr

    I hear that about drs. While I really like my primary care dr., in regards to stroke issues, she's prescribed me the Lyrica and beyond that says there's nothing that can be done. She's suggested a few things like ice or heat packs (both are excruciating), and some kind of supplement/ herbal product called MSM (haven't tried yet). The thing is, I seem to a problem with minimizing things related to the stroke because I don't want to admit it affects me as much as it does. So I paint a picture of it not being as bad or affecting me as much as it really does at times. Just like how it's taken me over a year to sign up on this forum even though my dr. has been suggesting it the entire time since the stroke. Not exactly sure why I'm like this but there you go
  11. MikeLaMarr

    Actually I've only tried massage and an osteopath so the pages you posted are new to me. I will definitely explore more. Yhanks
  12. MikeLaMarr

    I've also tried Neurontin which didn't seem to work as well. I have Medicaid so the Lyrica is completely covered. I know what you mean about the silver bullet. I'm definitely not expecting a cure-all but it would be nice if there was some med (or any other kind of treatment) that could provide at least a little bit more help
  13. MikeLaMarr

    hi, just joined, so still checking things out. The title CPS caught my eye so here I am. I've never been diagnosed with CPS (only with peripheral neuropathy) but it seems to generally match up with what I'm dealing with. I had my stroke a little over a year ago, and while I get around pretty well, my whole left side (from ear to toes) is in a constant state of numbness/pain. I can't even describe if my side feels hot or really cold since the best way I can explain it is a cold, numbing heat (if that makes any sense). The pain is worst in my hand and lower leg/foot. With the greater pain in my foot, I can walk, but the sensitivity in my foot means constant pain, and walking in bare feet is next to impossible. I can grasp things in my left hand (unless I'm having a bad pain day) but if its breakable I have a good chance of either breaking it or dropping it since I can'y feel what I'm grasping. I can only type with my right hand because of finger sensitivity in my left. I'm taking Lyrica which helps to a certain degree but am looking for suggestions on what might help better. I've tried Osteopathic manipulative medicine (didn't help at all), and clinical massages (which help for a day or two). Anyone have suggestions on what may help more? Not looking for complete absence of pain, just looking to ease symptoms.
  14. Welcome to StrokeNet Message Board . Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.