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  1. I'll have to try this. I have problems with the left side of my head, specifically the side of my neck and my left eyelid and around the eye. Maybe it can help
  2. Since I am also being treated for depression, my reaction to the Cymbalta is something my dr. has been watching, and so far so good. A muscle relaxant seems like something that may help. i'll ask my dr. at my next appointment, so we'll see about trying something like that. I am starting to get the idea though that this pain is something that I more or less am just going to have to learn to live with. At least I can get around pretty well since the pain so far has been something I've been able to tolerate (for the most part). As much as I complain about the pain, I also know how lucky I am that it's not a lot worse
  3. got some bad news this morning. The pain clinic my PCP referred me to just called to let me know that they won't see me because they don't think they have any treatments to offer that can help with the pain/numbness issues I'm dealing with. It's definitely not the end of the world but it does make me worry that the pain is just something I have to just learn to live with. I am taking a combination of Lyrica and Cymbalta and while I am at the max dosage of Lyrica, maybe the Cymbalta can be upped. Like I said, it's not the end of the world but it's not a good start to the week.......arrrrghhh!!!
  4. Where can we find your book online Deigh? I'm always looking for a new book to read. I've tried variations of kindle pooti but its not coming up for me
  5. If you like science fiction you should like him. For a first time reader you might try "Do androids Dream of Electric Sheep" or "Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said". They're not that long and they're pretty representative of his work. There's literally hundreds to choose from though.
  6. No, pain meds aren't out. I' ve been thru many, many surgeries including one just a few months ago and never had issues, my problem was cocaine. I would just like to try other options first if there are any. Better safe than sorry
  7. The complete stories of Philip K. Dick Vol. 3. Philip K. Dick is probably my all time favorite fiction author (Hunter S Thompson being my non fiction fave) . He wrote tons of novels from the fifties thru the late 70s that were made into movies (Blade Runner, Minority Report being a few) This is a book of short stories which really help my retention and concentration. If you enjoy sci-fi with a paranoid, psychedelic twist, give him a read. He wrote literally hundreds of novel so theres a lot to choose from.
  8. My cp (if thats what it is) has been steadily increasing the last month as the weather has turned more fall like. Been getting to the point that I can't even be touched on my left side because of the sensitivity and numbness . I have no idea how something can feel this numb and be so sensitive to the touch at the same time. Waiting to get into the pain clinic. They said they received my referral and the case manager will be in touch soon. I don't really have my hopes set very high but at the same time, I'm far from giving up either. I just need some kind of relief soon. It's really a mental drain more than anything else. Not saying the physical pain is a walk in the park, but so far it's semi bearable. It's just draining me. I'm up and doing something most weekdays but it's not rare for me to sleep from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning just to recover from the week. Sorry for the complaining but I live in a house with 16 men recovering from substance abuse issues. With me being the senior guy here and getting ready to move out after a year here I sorta feel like I need to put on a brave face with the pain and not complain too much. It's like I need to show the guys here if I can deal with the stroke issues along with my recovery from drugs, then they have it pretty easy by comparison. I know it's mostly my own expectations that make me do this but I guess that's something else I need to work on. Thanks for letting me whine
  9. My dr. sent out a referral for the pain management clinic at the local hospital here in Lansing. hopefully they'll get back to me soon because this cooler weather we're having seems to be making the burning sensation a lot worse. Last weekend the only time I got out of bed was for church on Sunday. It was nice to catch up on sleep but I don't want to start making a habit of that. With the pain the way it is though, I can make it thru the week, but by the weekend I'm just mentally spent from all the grinning and bearing it
  10. yeah, i've been told the way it is in MI right now, I'll still qualify for Medicaid once I get Medicare because of my income level. In a couple years though, who knows if that will be the same
  11. I will check it out, thanks
  12. I'm going thru the motions now to get my primary care doc to refer me to pain management clinic. Opiates aren't out of the question, but I'll try all other options first
  13. Funny how even when the pain almost reaches the unbearable point (like it is right now), it almost feels like the worst part of it is putting on a happy face and saying "I'll survive" when people ask if your'e OK
  14. I've got to say, I'm glad I found this site. I've gone over a year with really no one to talk with that knows what I've gone thru and am still going thru to some degree. Thank you all
  15. I just know i meed to keep staying involved. There's still a lot of times i feel like i would just rather wall myself off from the world and be a hermit but how is that gonna help me?