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  1. gonna take more than another stroke and a torn esophagus to take me out..........maybe not much more but we'll see
  2. Well, it's almost time to be on my own again. For those of you that don't know, I had a couple of late night falls in the bathroom which caused bleeding on the brain and another stroke. After a week in the hospital I Got som food icaught in my throat (couldn't swallow very well) and in the process of clearing my throat I somehow managed to tear a pretty large hole in my esophagus which they then had to surgically repair. I was expecting a relatively minor procedure but here it is 3 months later and I'm still in a rehab section of a nursing home jus now starting to talk about when I can get out of here (probably in a few weeks since I need to find some kind of AFC or assisted living for a while). I'll tell you what though, I've been thru many surgeries and thought I was prepared but fixing a torn esophagus was the worst thing I have ever experienced. Maybe it was because I was already weak from the new stroke but I was pretty messed up for about 2 weekd from post surgery delirium. At least thats what they tell me cause I still don't know what was real and what was imaginary. Being totally doped up probably didn't help either buy I'm pretty much recovered except for some feeding tubes still sticking out of my belly. Oh yeah, to top things off I couldn't eat or drink for a little over a month. Still trying to get to the point of walking again but it's real slow going. The only real after effect from the stroke is the CPS and my vision have worsened so I think I'm gonna be OK. At least being in the hospital for 3 months has forced me to quit smoking.
  3. haven't been around in a bit. Right around New Years I took a couple late night bathroom falls on my head which caused a pretty bad subdural hematoma. I was hospitalized for a week then admitted to a physical rehab facility for a month or two which is where I now am. While I didn't have another stroke it sure feels like I'm back to square one. After 3 weeks I still can only get up out of bed and walk with a walker with staff alongside of me with a safetybelt tied around my belly. I've lost about 35 lbs. since my fall but think I've turned the corner on the whole not eating issue. Hopefully I'll get out of here in a few weeks but feeling pretty scared that a lot of the strides I made in the last few years (including pain management) are now gone. I'm pretty sure things will be OK but it gets hard to see the positives when I'm stuck in a hospital bed with a catheter stuck up me (UTI) since I fell on Jan 3rd.
  4. I'll have to try this. I have problems with the left side of my head, specifically the side of my neck and my left eyelid and around the eye. Maybe it can help
  5. Since I am also being treated for depression, my reaction to the Cymbalta is something my dr. has been watching, and so far so good. A muscle relaxant seems like something that may help. i'll ask my dr. at my next appointment, so we'll see about trying something like that. I am starting to get the idea though that this pain is something that I more or less am just going to have to learn to live with. At least I can get around pretty well since the pain so far has been something I've been able to tolerate (for the most part). As much as I complain about the pain, I also know how lucky I am that it's not a lot worse
  6. got some bad news this morning. The pain clinic my PCP referred me to just called to let me know that they won't see me because they don't think they have any treatments to offer that can help with the pain/numbness issues I'm dealing with. It's definitely not the end of the world but it does make me worry that the pain is just something I have to just learn to live with. I am taking a combination of Lyrica and Cymbalta and while I am at the max dosage of Lyrica, maybe the Cymbalta can be upped. Like I said, it's not the end of the world but it's not a good start to the week.......arrrrghhh!!!
  7. My dr. sent out a referral for the pain management clinic at the local hospital here in Lansing. hopefully they'll get back to me soon because this cooler weather we're having seems to be making the burning sensation a lot worse. Last weekend the only time I got out of bed was for church on Sunday. It was nice to catch up on sleep but I don't want to start making a habit of that. With the pain the way it is though, I can make it thru the week, but by the weekend I'm just mentally spent from all the grinning and bearing it
  8. yeah, i've been told the way it is in MI right now, I'll still qualify for Medicaid once I get Medicare because of my income level. In a couple years though, who knows if that will be the same
  9. I will check it out, thanks
  10. I'm going thru the motions now to get my primary care doc to refer me to pain management clinic. Opiates aren't out of the question, but I'll try all other options first
  11. Funny how even when the pain almost reaches the unbearable point (like it is right now), it almost feels like the worst part of it is putting on a happy face and saying "I'll survive" when people ask if your'e OK
  12. I'm definitely concerned about what's in store for the future regarding my health insurance. I'm just past the 1 year mark post stroke and collecting SSDI. I still have straight Medicaid for insurance, so I'm in good shape for now. I know that next year I'll be put on Medicare which I know nothing about yet. I do know I need 1, possibly 2 shoulder replacements which I am seriously thinking of getting done while still on Medicaid. Besides that, all I know is I will hopefully be learning a lot about Medicare in the next year
  13. in the last few days since coming to this website I've already found a pain management clinic here in Lansing and have filled out their online request for help form. If I don't hear from them in few days, I will call. Especially with winter coming I know the pain is going to increase and hopefully I can find some help It's also a relief to know that CPS is an actual treatable thing and not just something I'm just gonna have to learn to live with which is what I've been doing the last year with little/no success. I'm not thinking I'm going to find some magic cure-all. Just something to help me manage better. For me, it's bad enough living on SSDI, I at least need to be able to get out and do things to have some meaning
  14. Wow, I'm pretty amazed so far at how the little I've read so far on CPS seems to match my symptoms to a T. I know that just because I've read a small bit about it doesn't make me an expert, and that I do in fact suffer from it, it does mean that it's worth exploring further with my drs. Yhanks for the suggestion, I will be following up on it
  15. with me the sensation is so bad I have to wear a size 12 shoe when I normally wear an 11. Even then it feels like my foot doesn't fit. plus, all I can wear are slip-on shoes