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  1. Thanks, im going to talk to my doctor about that neudexta , thank you and thank you Kelli , i try to remind myself ill always be dad some days are horrific, and others I feel OK. Its alot to handle, had to fight it off today, today was a bad one.
  2. Hello to all of my fellow stroke survivors. Im new to the forum and new to strokes and all that nasty stuff, Ill be brief but I want to emphasize on perseverance. Three years ago my intestine ruptured and I almost died, had to get a temporary colostomy and all of it was a nightmare. Now I was running a busy auto shop and I had to be out 6 months 3 operations, it was bad. I got it reversed but you know I have the scars and it hurts. Well about a year after my wife of 16 years divorced me. I have 3 beautiful children I love dearly so now I was seeing them once a week which hurts, plus she took all the money, everything I saved. Well then a year ago a big ford truck slipped off the lift and crushed me, breaking my whole shoulder. Finally three months ago I checked myself into the local hospital for a headache, well it was a massive CVST, now for those who dont know that one, its a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, the drain tubes for the blood from the brain to the neck and to add on to that I had another ischemic on the side of my brain at the same time, very odd. So quickly I started losing everything, vision, feeling, speaking, they treated it very aggressively and I spent only 2 weeks in the hospital. Everything came back except headaches, slight right side weakness, emotional problems, thought process and severe exhaustion . They said it was a miracle but I dont get those it seems. Well I lost my busy shop because I cant work, all the money is gone, I cant drive that great so Im trying to see my kids and im living with a family member after having my own place. It did something severe to my emotions. But Im hanging on in there and im gonna keep going even though all is lost right now. I want everyone to do the same, we all have to hang in there no matter how bad it gets. No giving up .....Ever!!
  3. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.