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  1. Thank you very much. I am to see a neuropsychologist Thursday I had know idea that a stroke could affect your brain this way Again I reallydo appreciate your reply
  2. Hello smallory Do you know how long that the worst of the anxiety last?
  3. Helllo weaver Wsa your husbands anxiety very bad at first?
  4. Me and you both brother. Every morning I wake up with anxiety that is crippling. I just have to keep on going for another day
  5. Hey russ Yeah I was not prepared for this almost constant anxiety. I keep hearing and most of the time believe that it is caused by the damage to my brain, but sometimes I believe it's just me going crazy. I sure do hope that it can heal itself. It is really messing with my rehab.
  6. Having a very nervous morning. But one day at a time. 2 and a half months since stroke. It has changed my life but I will keep on keeping on. There is no other choice.
  7. I hope that you all have a great day.
  8. Good morning everyone! !!!!!!!!
  9. Mac

    Hey heathber Hope all is well. You are so correct. Good news is that I had a really good day today. You are so right You have to put it aside and think about better things. My outcome could have been a lot worse. Take care
  10. Mac

    Almost three months since stroke. Things do seem to be getting better. Right now it's just one day at a time. Just gotta keep a positive attitude
  11. Happy new year heathber I will try to stay busy I guess not being able to work makes it a little harder. Trying to make a list to keep myself occupied. Thanks again for your reply
  12. Mac

    I'm gonna beat this!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mac

    Becky thank you for your kind remark and to all of you who replied. Some days are just worst than others. I worrya out the stress on my wife who is my rock right now.
  14. Mac

    Hello hilltop. Good to hear from you. Had my stroke a little over 2 months ago.it does feel better knowing I'm not the only one who gets emotional. With me I just feel very nervous and anxious every morning until the evening comes around, then it gets better.I just keep hoping it's the stroke damage and not me . Don't want to feel like this forever. Thanks again for your reply. Talking with other people does help