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  1. Sadly the cause for the current clot was atria0 fibripation and plavix supposedly isn't effective against it.
  2. Hi, Sorry for the long reply I didn't get an email notification about a response. Warefan is most likely out of the question right now, he is pretty prone to bleeding. When he had his heart attack they gave him Plavix with Aspirin and after a month he almost bled out of his intestines and it took around a week for the Plavix to clear out. Right now we are deciding between Pradaxa and Eliquis. He already has Pradaxa at home but he is vary before taking it, it has an antidote developed which works in two hours and totaly negates the effects but has higher risk of irritation/bleeding in the intestines. Eliquis doesn't have an antidote and it is said it takes 60h to flush out of the system but has reduced risk compared to Warefan and Pradaxa. Does anyone have any experiene with them and what their experience is with this? Because even irritation can trigger chron and after that ... a stroke is the least of our concerns. LAst time he had it he had severe Acne and had to chance shirts sveral times per day, osteoporosis caused by chrons, 4 crushed vertrerbrea, removal of a part of his intestines etc. Thanks in advance for any answers. P.S. since i am not a stroke survivor myself and I sadly can't contribute anything here you could always ask me anything IT related and I will try to help as best as I can. P.S. no.2 I don't think clexane is an option, Plavix was also ruled out because it doesn't help with clots being formed via Atrial Fibriliation.
  3. Hi, A bit of an update about the stroke to anyone interested. Again I thank you for your tips and everything. FInnaly after a month my father was finnaly able to get an MRI scan which concluded he had a stroke. He is talking more clearly but still can't find the right words most of the time, math skills are still very impaired and reading is also impaired but he can read most of the text if he takes his time. Now he has a bit of a more serious issue. After they discovered he had a stroke they wanted to describe him an anti clot drug called Plavix which he uses before without any issues. But after they found out he has issues with arythmia an tachycardia they said Plavix would be useless and said he should take a drug called Marevan/Marivarin instead which is dosed each week to assure he takes just the right amount. Now the issue is that Marevan has a side effect that can cause intestenal bleeding which my father is very prone to since he also has Chron's disease and he also had issues in the past when he had a heart attack and they made a mistake and perscribed an anti clot drug + aspirin which caused his chron to activate for a week and he almost bleed out. Does anyone know any alternative drug with less of a risk of intestinal bleeding?
  4. At the moment I am helping my father from afar, helping him read via Teamviewer and spending the weekends with my parents to help them out. It seems he is recovering slowly, he is able to read but still extremly slow. Luckily most of the shows in my country are subtitles so he is helping himself with that. Sadly don't know anyone who specializes in strokes since doctors dont want to give any rehabilitation until it is determined it was a stroke, the MRI is even delayed now till the end of the month :/ I did that I am trying to pretend he has Aphasia / Alexia and searching for rehabilitation excercies. I also downloaded translation tools that are more or less text-to-speech from english to our language to help him out with long paragraphs. Will try to find the book. I am treating it like a stroke but we are still worried that it might be dementia which was somehow triggered by stroke-like symptoms? My father is pretty stubborn and luckily his depression waves aren't happening anymore, that is what worried me the most. Because he said that the sudden depression was worse than the times he almost died (around 4x).
  5. Checked, in my country at least you can take medical leave for only close family member which are classified as spouses or children, which doesn't include parents.
  6. There is no therapy scheduled because all symptoms point to a stroke but all tests (except the MRI) didn't show anything. So the doctors aren't giving him any therapy until they find out what is wrong. They said it could be dementia but.. dementia triggered by stroke symptoms? I am just worried either way because I have to talk with my mother alone about my plans of quiting the job and helping him out for a while.
  7. I am not panicking, I am holding myself together when I am near him. The problem is that the doctors never concluded it was a stroke but are hinting at dementia, but mostly everyone never really heard of a stroke symptom that triggers dementia. I will talk with my parents during the weekend to make plans, currently he is better he can watch TV but can't watch shows that have a complicated plot line and it has to be simple. I find it weird that he is able to solve a word search puzzle faster than me but he has issues when a word in our language goes "štorklja" and if you don't use our letters and just write "storklja" he won't know what the word means. He can still play the guitar but he has a really hard time doing simple calculations I asked him how much of a difference is there between 250$ and 2500$ and he said it wasn't alot. I am just worried because he said that he falls into depression from time to time. First of all "You are a very good daughter to pitch in and help." I am not a girl If my father keeps getting depression daily I will urge him to take anti-depressives but they didn't seem to work on him in the past. I also had depression when I was in high school and prozac did absolutely nothing for me. Is it possible that you can be immune? My father isn't on any rehabiliation yet since the cause is still unknown that is why we need to wait for 12 more days to get an MRI :/ I hope someone who has seen his symptoms that I also wrote above will be able to help him. I will try to force it tommorow if I should stay and help him in the beginning or ask at my job for vacation (I only started working there on the 3rd of January this year :/) or try asking for remote work since I am a developer. The other problem is that we are still hiding this from the rest of the family, by his wishes, and we can't really ask others for help for now that is why I feel the need to help my parents. Hmm will check this program. I am trying to test what my father has issues with right now. For now I only tried word search puzzles which he managed to complete faster than me. I will try some math excercises, if you have any programs or web application for that I would be thankfull. Thanks again both of you for your support. I am just feeling so useless at the moment.
  8. First of all I would like to say hi to everyone here and I apologize in advance for any mispellings since I am not a native english speaker and I am under a bit of stress because of this. On the 9th of January 2018 my father was rushed to the hospital after he said he started seeing double and couldn't read anymore and had a speech impairment where noone could really understand him. Doctors in the hospital did some tests (currently in another town so I sadly don't have any more exact details) and a CT scan which didn't show any sign of anything wrong. He is only scheduled to go on an MRI scan in 12 days sadly so they can figure out the details. My father has heart issues besides the stroke (achycardia/arrhythmia, arterosclerosis, chrons disease, asthma,...), when he came home he was able to communicate very well but... he has issues finding the right words, can't read (only if he goes 1 letter at a time and even then he misses) and doesn't know what is going on when he tries to watch the TV, but he was able to type on the keyboard (correctly) but couldn't see what he wrote. I will most likely quit my job and move back home to help out. I have a few questions: Is there a chance that he might recover? How can I help him so he doesn't fall into depression and with his recovery of course. Are there any teaching methods I can use to try to stimulate his brain and help his recovery? What should I be prepared for? Maybe how can I help myself a bit since I am pretty emotional when it comes to my relatives and when I saw him I almost couldn't keep it together. More in a way in what way should I think to stay a bit more positive (I know it wont help anyone but It might help me stay a bit more composed) I hope I didn't break any posting rules here, I wasn't really sure where to post since the caregiver is my mother but I can't bear to let her go through this alone.
  9. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.