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  1. That is EGGZAKLY how I felt in the first 72 hours thank to this wonderful resource.
  2. Steve, I think I'm going to have to donate again....those 3 - 6's are bugging me.

    1. smallory


      Jon, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  I had no idea that I had a notification.  The message board does not send me an email notifying me of a Notification Message.  I only use Notification Messages to greet new members.  I'm usually so busy that I don't bother reading them.  I happened to see your notification reply by pure luck.  When new members reply to me it's usually just to say "thank you."  If they want to have a discussion they contact me via Personal Messenger (PM).  When someone sends me a PM I automatically receive an email.  I typically reply within 24 hours. 


      I have created a step-by-step instruction on how to start a PM, click here.  Should you need instructions of more topics you can go to our Advanced Help library, click here


      BTW, where have you been? 

    2. JonJ


      Oh!!! I misread.....I thought you said "how" have you been....where have I been?


      Hmmmm....just working, inventing, marketing and selling....doing as much of what I do as I can until they take it away from me.

  3. Well, one good thing about that would be, now, all you have to do is bookmark that page and you're good to go forever.
  4. well, the more I worked on this plan/idea, the more I realized there should be a new button, right next to the password thingie that lights up after 3 failed attempts.....it just says "screw it", if you push that then you get access.
  5. JonJ

    Interesting. I'm seeing my regular doctor next week I think....so I should ask to see a neurologist.
  6. (Some may think looser security would be the result but, I think I'm on to something here)
  7. I just had an idea for a website improvement. Since memory seems to be a big factor in strokes, short term memory seems to be the big one, I saw one fellow couldn't remember the "last thing" (his belt or his zipper), I seem to be unable to remember where certain keys once were on my keyboard (and where they once were, have been replaced often with repeating keys like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). This request for a website change affirms this issue in many of us and I think may save a lot of hassle for the Admins. Everyone forgets their passwords, even people with great memories, but for those of us with stroke, it seems common enough that a different approach my be worth considering (and time saving): Ya know that little warning that come up that says something like "password does not match, please try again"? I think after 3 failed attempts the little sign should come up and say "Okay......I think that's really close enough," and let me in, or possibly just as a confidence booster maybe...... "I'm really quite impressed, of all the letters in the entire alphabet, you actually got not a single one correct, however, contextually, you were actually moving in the right direction".
  8. JonJ

    What does this mean? How do you do this? What can it tell you? Say for instance you have no significantly noticeable signs (asking for a friend), and then you get this stuff done.....what could you learn from it?
  9. how can I tell if someone has responded to a post I may have made?  I don't want to appear rude to someone.....but I can't figure it out. (It just dawned on me.....I probably won't know if this gets responded to....to learn how to tell how to figure out how to know if something I wrote was responded to, that I should respond to.  This is starting to look like a conversational mirror held up to a mirror.  I suspect this will not end well).


    (I wonder if there's a medic on this flight?)

  10. Ear buds....hmmmm......podcasts....I know about those (never heard one before), kind of like radio but on the computer.....where do you find these podcasts? This is something I can download in to my phone and listen to from there? (I got a smart phone about 8 months ago and I know where the icon is for GPS)....I'm hoping that will work because I really don't want to be lugging my office computer around just to listen to stuff.....I bet they have ocean sounds and stuff.......I presume there's a place to put ear buds in to my phone....I'll go see the 17 year old that runs the Sprint store this weekend and ask him to explain ear buds and podcasts. Podcasts eh.......life is a constant surprise......... (Edited to add: I always sleep with the TV on because I have to have noise....I'm the same way on airplanes, got a screaming baby? Trade seats with me.....I could sleep right through it.......but the TV thing is frustrating because all those studies that you read about blue background light and such not letting you get in to REM.....and, frankly, you don't have to like all their songs to respect that they have talent.....but I digress....okay....podcasts....I'll know more on this subject next week.....will report back then).
  11. Well, I think I said I'm sleeping a bit better than usual (not quite sure where to put this), which is largely true....it's now been officially 8 days since the start or first signs, 6+ days from when I actually knew anything and, I'm noticeably tired at the end of the day. Normally at any point of my day I was like the guy who ordered "1/2 decaf, extra milk" and what they heard was "One IV of double strength espressos and keep 'em coming", when I'd get home I was like the Cheshire cat grinning from ear to ear....boing, boing, boing...... now it's like it's entirely possible I might be able to drink responsibly again (nooooooo) because all I can think of when I get home is a small glass of Pinot and a good book (okay...."small" is subjective)......and 2 hours later I'm sawing logs. But....BS (before stroke) I'd be up easily 11+ times a night, each and every time (all the way up to the alarm) I'd be "Gawwwwwd......please let me have another 6 weeks of sleep before the alarm goes off, the calendar clearly says January, February, March, Adult....I am not ready to adult yet!!!!!!", now it's down for 2 hours, up, "need a bit more", down....up 2 hours later....get up to go look at the alarm clock that I have 20 feet away from me and it's not even midnight and I'm thinking "I could actually get up right now and do this thing.....but.....nawwwwwww.......g'night" Anyone else have anything on this? It's like time is slowing down (and no, I'm not kidding....that's actually what it feels like).
  12. JonJ

    So would I !!!!!!
  13. JonJ

    :) Excellent advice :) I'm not sure when my follow up Dr's appointment is, but I expect it will be in a week or less. I'll report in with what I find out then.
  14. JonJ

    MOOOOM!!!!! Kelli's laughing at me!!!!!!!!