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  1. Were you able to understand it....the nuance of it....details?
  2. A copy....so....one image? I guess I kind of thought it'd be more like a movie?
  3. That is EGGZAKLY how I felt in the first 72 hours thank to this wonderful resource.
  4. Love that town!!! Exit 7 (I think it was) on the train!
  5. What? How'd that happen?
  6. Hey RStone! Welcome to the group (I'm a newbie as well). This group of folks took to me like I'd been here for years, all very nice folks, and helpful with advice! Made me feel safe :) Welcome !! :)
  7. It never even occurred to me to ask to see my MRI. I presume you need an appointment for that. Insurance won't pay for that I'd imagine....does anyone know what that costs? I think I'd like to see that.
  8. Steve, I think I'm going to have to donate again....those 3 - 6's are bugging me.

    1. smallory


      Jon, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  I had no idea that I had a notification.  The message board does not send me an email notifying me of a Notification Message.  I only use Notification Messages to greet new members.  I'm usually so busy that I don't bother reading them.  I happened to see your notification reply by pure luck.  When new members reply to me it's usually just to say "thank you."  If they want to have a discussion they contact me via Personal Messenger (PM).  When someone sends me a PM I automatically receive an email.  I typically reply within 24 hours. 


      I have created a step-by-step instruction on how to start a PM, click here.  Should you need instructions of more topics you can go to our Advanced Help library, click here


      BTW, where have you been? 

    2. JonJ


      Oh!!! I misread.....I thought you said "how" have you been....where have I been?


      Hmmmm....just working, inventing, marketing and selling....doing as much of what I do as I can until they take it away from me.

  9. Well, one good thing about that would be, now, all you have to do is bookmark that page and you're good to go forever.
  10. I second that WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!!! I'm here to learn....and anyone's opinions, thoughts or ideas.....are all new to me.
  11. well, the more I worked on this plan/idea, the more I realized there should be a new button, right next to the password thingie that lights up after 3 failed attempts.....it just says "screw it", if you push that then you get access.
  12. Interesting. I'm seeing my regular doctor next week I think....so I should ask to see a neurologist.
  13. DAMN!!!!!
  14. Wow! Don't they have to open that?