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  1. Blessed2behere

    Welcome Nicole! You have come to the right place. Everyone here is so helpful and supportive. As a fellow “newbie” I know you have so many new normals. Everyone here has experiences that help us know we are not alone in this “adventure.” It took me exactly one year to find StrokeNet. I can tell you they have helped me so much! Just knowing that “stroke fatigue” is a thing. (It’s a thing)... helped me with my depression issues. Hang in there...it does get better. My issues are very similar to yours...it’s been 18-months for me. Swallowing continues to be a problem, so I try very hard to not gobble up tasty bits of this or that, when I’m home alone. I try to slow down when I do..no more swallowing those chocolate chips and m&m’s mindlessly;-)) Weakness on my left side..all the advice they have given really helps. They also helped me to think of tasking with a purpose, opening the jar..(I use a big thick blue rubber band on most jars).. A little stronger now..always working on stuff..But that’s life..right? Welcome Nicole!
  2. Blessed2behere

    Yes, she does. I love kity’s too. She is gorgeous!
  3. Blessed2behere

    Thank you..post its and messages on my cell phone!! Great ideas...
  4. Blessed2behere

    Hi Tracy.. Getting out of the house is huge for me. I do go to the doctor and beauty salon. Previously, I would have run errands stopped Walgreens or Home Depot to just browse. Now, I can't wait to get home... No, make that I'm desperate to get home! So, Friday, I went to WalMart after an appointment. At first I was so excited, shopping from my list and finding new things..proud that I was "out and about"! I spoke to sales people, and greeted strangers.. But, I stayed too long. Boom, I didn't make the turn with my cart. Nothing down? Okay, oops, didn't judge how close I was passing that lady..I started to panic...and made my way to check out, where, hopefully, I could do no harm. Still, over-all I was happy to be out.. at a place where all the things I've been ordering online are in great supply;-) and immediately available. I enjoyed the experience of seeing the colors of "seasonal" summer merchandise! I remembered that I used to be the "I love to shop" girl. Oh well, good memories. Any way, you inspired me to try... thank you, from pam
  5. Blessed2behere

    Hi Heather..I just read "The Spoon-Theory" article! Thank you again for everything..and for thinking to share this with me. Wow..it explains "it"... this recovery/coping process so well. I hadn't yet had a chance to tell my husband about finding and being thrown a lifeline by all of you at StrokeNet. I did this morning. I asked him to read my Newbie introduction. He said he didn't think I fully realize how impaired I was. I told him I thought I was answering and speaking to the EMT's. He shook his head and said...sounds were coming out..and that my whole left side was..unable to do anything. Everytime I face that reality, it makes me sad. I don't know why? Maybe I just wanted to skip that part and get to where I am now. But, I suppose I can't be where I am now, if I wasn't there first? (Wow..big thoughts on a Sunday morning;-)) Anyway, I don't feel as alone with you guys out there. And, I feel great relief knowing that my husband knows I have new friends. I get a little sad that I can't just pick up the phone and meet at the park with a couple of friends who dropped me.. but I understand I need to show up at the park and do what I used to do. I think getting a new pup will be huge..I can't wait. Until then, I need to go on more walks (or my first walk)? Thank you again from Pam
  6. Blessed2behere

    Thank you Deigh for the welcome. Yes, we were blessed to be surrounded by people with previous experience...in my case I’m also grateful that my city has a stroke protocol and well trained first responders! It had not occurred to me that a group like this even existed...I’m so happy to have found you all. Thank you, Pam
  7. Blessed2behere

    Hi Asha! I’m so happy to meet you. I’m deeply moved and inspired by your message.Finding the group has lifted my spirits just in the few days I've been here...I no longer feel so isolated or frustrated that people around me don’t understand.. I finally realize that I’m not alone...I love what you said.. “I feel stroke as just a speed bump which allowed me to slow own & enjoy scenery along the way.” Thank you...
  8. Blessed2behere

    I feel happy just seeing your beautiful kitty..my fantasy is too get a kitten and puppy at the same time.I have always have both..and they were always good to each other...and me! Beautiful!Beautiful 🐱 kitty!
  9. Blessed2behere

    Me too! Love Betsy Johnson. I have a cute little spring bag with a cute bow on it..not a fan of the skulls either..! Love 💕 🌹 too!
  10. Blessed2behere

    Thank you, Paul, for telling me about your sweet Pearl. Give her an extra snuggle.. I miss our Pearlie Girl so much. It’s been a year and I am so ready to welcome a pup into our home. I do know the therapeutic value of animals and I’ve become the crazy lady who crosses the street to greet the doggy going the other way! But, we have some big life changes coming with my husband retiring and we plan on a long vacation with our kids this summer. I would Iike to get a pup right after all that! I spend a lot of time looking at doggy videos and pictures online:-)) I feed birds and the other critters that parade through my yard...and my husband got me a fancy camera to take photos of all the visitors, which takes me outside of my troubles. Thank you for the recovery encouragement. It means more than I can say. I’m so happy that I met you all and am just beginning to understand... that surviving this far is something. Maybe I was feeling a little guilty all crazy mixed up with grief? All of this does mess with your psyche... I just wasn’t able to connect the dots. .. through the brain fog. I’m much more hopeful today than I was a week ago. Baby steps... thank you again. pam
  11. Blessed2behere


  12. Blessed2behere

    Bless you, Tracy. I’m already hoping tomorrow is a better day for me in the kitchen. I have yummy things and a cookbook. The early-prep done ahead of time makes so much sense. Like when I was working and the kids were in school. I do have issues with clutter..which I have a lot of..I never let dishes wait til the next day..until now. Now I do have to tidy everything up so that I have a clear, uncluttered work space. That way I can keep track of what’s going on. I pretend I’m one of the TV chef’s. And put ingredients in little prep bowls. I find that sometimes i can’t remember if already added something..unless i see the empty little bowl. Does that make sense? I love your mom’s attitude.. She’s right of course! Oh, yeah..I forgot to say that I love birds..my yard is a bit of a bird sanctuary. I make my own hummingbird food. I used to make big batches. 4 cups water, 1 cup sugar formula multiplied. Well, I can’t tell you how many times I would have my giant pot and then ask myself..was that 8 cups or 12 of water? Then get out the other giant pot and re-measure that water. Now..I do one batch at a time.This is one of the things I left on the stove til it was almost boiled away. I plan to learn to set a big loud timer!! Thank you for being there..again and again. pam
  13. Blessed2behere

    Becky..Thank you for the information about “dysphagia.” I have had at least 4 really scary moments...3 while home alone. I get these crazy, HUGE and loud hiccups. The first one is now my clue that something is wrong! The hiccups come fast and hard and take my breath away. Then, if I can catch my breath... I learned to throw myself over the back of a chair or even bend down over the sink. The choking sensation is very scary. I really work on not eating (or gobbling) leftovers while cleaning up. Or the “I think I’ll have just one cookie, cracker or chip!” I have cut them out completely.. But, 2 weeks ago we were at a lovely, black-tie fund raising dinner. We were seated at a table with young couples we had only just met. I passed on the bread when it came around..but on the second pass I placed the yummy roll on my plate. Since we gave up most breads a few months ago..I just wanted a teeny little taste.... immediately the first hiccup. I put down my napkin, excused myself and dashed out of the huge ballroom. In a panic I ended up in a long, long hallway with the bathroom way far away. I made a beeline to the open balcony area where cocktails had been served earlier. I spotted a trash can..looked right and left to see if anyone was around..I was panicked and mortified. I made it to the trash bin. Fortunately, eventually I became aware that a table of volunteers was seated in that long hallway. They were the cashiers that collect donations from the silent auction. I spotted someone my age, with a kind face. I staggered to her and said something like “I wonder if you can help me, I’m having a medical emergency and need help finding the restroom. Could you find my husband he’s seated at table # 30.” I have now learned to ask for help from strangers. Otherwise, I may have appeared drunk as I was unsteady there for a moment. I have also learned that more often than not..people are wonderful. They were very kind. Eventually I confided that I was recovering from a stroke and suffering a couple of symptoms. They asked if I need the hotel medical staff or 911. No..just the bathroom and my hubby. We are 5 minutes from the hospital..we can get there if I need that...eventually all was well..no more food or drink that night. I didn’t know it was common. It is scary. For some reason chicken is also a trigger? Part of the new normal is self awareness and situational awareness. I used to be accused of being a busy bee🐝 ! Always on the move, getting so much done. I think I can still get it done..just differently and slower. Today, was not a great day for me..I’ve had that food suck in my throat feeling.. all day. So no eating till it passes, hubby got home and I explained no dinner for me..bit uncomfortable..wishing for root beer float...another day. Thank you so very much for all he information..I really am a newbie! I’m so grateful. Pam
  14. Blessed2behere

    Hi Pam, Thank you for the welcome. I am truly blessed to be here..and loved. I’m starting to understand the power of a group. I was so alone. I’m not sure that I mentioned how hard it has been for me that some friends no longer include me. I fancy my self “independent” but that’s just a sad acceptance of being left out. I'm working on getting out more and getting involved in taking care of myself by trying to do the things I love..this is the beginning for me. Thank you. L love roses too! 🌹 Pam I’m just learning how to get around here in the Strokenet world..
  15. Blessed2behere

    Oh, Tracy! Thank you, thank you for sharing your kitchen experiences with me. I’ve been so upset about my mistakes. Worried... Yes, I think many women and of course men are so accustomed and accomplished at multitasking, especially in our homes. (Work too;-) My laundry area is in my garage just off my kitchen. I’m so used to dashing through the house to grab up laundry, dash past the stove, stir a pot, drop clothes in the machine, transfer a load to the other machine, grab a basket..back to the house, drop basket on couch then back to stove...or some variation of that. Right? Since all of this..if I’m not in a stupor I’m in a hurry to catch up when I get a burst of energy. Once I burned a saucepan to a crisp..discovering it seconds before it surely would have burst into flames. I had caught a whiff or two of something burning and stil didn’t connect the dots.. Another time I used the bathtub to fill a bucket of water with warm water.... Hours later I found the water running down the drain. I just sat down and cried over the bathtub thing. I confess some incidents to my husband and he’s always so sweet and says it’s normal for everyone...but my brain is screaming “it’s not normal for me!” Then my panic and anxiety quotients rise again. I will try to keep notes..and start lists. I do that for other things. We started a new healthy eating plan with cookbooks and online recipes that I have been reluctant to use. I typically wait until a few minutes before I know my husband is due home to start any cooking. New habits..yes, I need those. I do need to slow down..and realize that I am changed..and try to learn from what my body tells me. Thank you for this insight. The hot pan, burned hand thing I still see in slow motion...I knew from my minds eye what I was doing.. but, I was completely stunned when my hand made contact with the hot one...weird brain stuff. Thank you again,I feel better knowing that in some way what I’m doing makes sense to someone else. Of course I’m sorry this is happening to you too. I think this might qualify as learning to dance in the rain? I have so much to learn.. pam I apologize for the large text..I’m having trouble with me eyes...