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  1. I can function pretty well overall. I have a bit of balance issues and I can’t stay focused for very long. If I push myself to hard I’ll get a horrible headache for a day or two. I had PT yesterday and today didn’t do squat cuz of a headache. I feel once I can get past the headaches I’ll be ok.
  2. I’m hoping I can return to work soon, but I’m terrified I won’t be able to. Who here has been able to return to work?
  3. Ed, I have 36 months of disability threw my work and I filed for SSI in February. They keep having me fill out more and more paperwork, it’s seems to be never ending.
  4. Ed, I'm sure I’ll be getting tested for a bunch of things. I’m hoping to see when or if I can ever return to work.
  5. I’m going in on the 18th for cognitive testing. I was told it takes right around 6 hours. Is that the type of testing you had Ed?
  6. My stroke started with a instant headache, the worse headache you can imagine. I remember grabbing my head and saying my heads going to explode. Then I remember nothing for 10 days. I was airlifted to Spokane and spent the next 10 days in ICU. I’ve had a headache ever since to some degree.
  7. We can chat anytime you want
  8. Ed, Where is that testing facility at?
  9. I haven’t had any alcohol since my stroke. My head hurts 24/7 as it is....... not so sure I want to add a hangover to the mix. Although there are times I miss having a jack n coke lol
  10. According to my physical therapist I have vistibular damage. That has something to do with my inner ear I guess.
  11. I’ve seen several different doctors now and not a one of them can explain why I get such horrible headaches. They all just want me to take a antidepressant, nothing has worked only made the headaches worse and I end up with a slug of side affects. One of them made me so dizzy I took a couple of bad falls. I’m home alone all day and live 20+ miles away from the hospital and I’m not driving yet. Figured it wasn’t a good idea to continue taking medications that could get me hurt.
  12. I’m in eastern Washington. North of Moses Lake
  13. I also have a class A drivers license. I drove truck for almost 30 years. Scares me to even think of getting behind the wheel of a big rig.
  14. My eyesight is horrible. I’ve only driven a few times since my stroke, it scares me. I get anxiety in any kind of traffic.
  15. I feel the exact same. Some days are worse than others