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  1. DaveC

    I felt the same way when I came here. (still do) After reading what so many others have been through, compared with what I am going through makes my problems seem miniscule. I guess no matter how small they are, they are still real and a problem for me. I feel that at my age most of my life is gone anyways. It would really be nice though if the rest was a pleasant experience. Too much to ask for? I have a high school buddy who raised my spirits right after my stroke. He called me to wish me a happy birthday ( which was two days after my stroke) and that is the first time I heard that he had a stroke at the age of 19. I was in Nam at that time so was not in contact with him. That was in 1966 and although I had seen him numerous times since I never knew that he had a stroke. That pretty much showed that in some cases recovery is possible and gave me hope. As mine wasn't as bad as many, I still have a lot of hope. Things seem to get better each day. Prayers for you too. Dave
  2. Thanks all, After reading some of the stories here I am almost ashamed to say I had a stroke. It has only been 5 month since the stroke and but for the gimpy feeling leg and the startle response I do not feel that much different. I do get tired easily, but I do not have many other problems. I can walk up and down stairs with no problem, dress myself, cook for the wife and myself while she works. The lucky thing is that my wife is a home health aide, and I believe a really good one, so she knows my needs. She drives a Jeep Liberty which is somewhat difficult to to climb up into and I have a Jaguar which is difficult to climb down into But I still drive. I did not lose any memories and I do not think I lost any of the little mind I had. At first I could not move my left arm and left leg, but after three weeks in rehab I could get around with a cane. And yes, I think probably I owe a lot to my daughter for her response in a crisis. She used to be a nurse so that may have helped with her knowing what was going on. I hope this does not come off as sounding like bragging but I do believe I have been blessed for everything to have gone so well. I also know that I still have a long ways to go, and pray for all who had it so bad. Thanks again and I will be around. Dave
  3. Hello all, Just found this site this morning and happy to have found it. After reading so many stories from others on here, I realize how lucky I am that my stroke was no worse than it was. To me it was bad enough but easier than so many others. My problems actually started on 03/10/2018, which was on a Saturday. From the time I got up in the morning, my equilibrium was in bad shape. My wife noticed that I was walking around like a drunk and asked me why, but I just figured I was tired. I made it through most of the day, but in the afternoon I fell in the hall. The cold air return for the AC is in the wall and when I fell, my arm slid down that and did a bad skin tear which did a lot of bleeding which scared my wife so bad that she called the ambulance. They brought me to the ER where they fixed my arm, did some tests and sent me home. I made it through Sunday alright and on Monday my wife went to work as usual. By Monday afternoon I was talking to my daughter on the phone. She lives in New Hampshire and I live in Florida. She said I was slurring my words but I disagreed with her and told her not to worry, but she did not listen to me and within a few minutes, a firetruck and an ambulance pulled up in front of my house. I argued that I was alright,and they said no, I was having a stroke so back to the hospital I went. The paramedics steadied me walking down three steps off my porch to the ambulance. I was admitted to the stroke ward and by the next day I could not move my left arm or leg. An MRI showed a clot in the PONS of my brain. Never heard of it. That was on March 13th. March 15th was my 70th birthday. The hospital would not even let me have any birthday cake. How rude. On the 18th, I was transferred to rehab where they did a great job of getting my arm and leg working again. I was released from rehab on April 11th. When I left they said the insurance would pay for either a walker or wheelchair so which did I want. I told them I would be alright with just a cane and that is what I use. While in the house I forget where I left it most of the time and do not use it. When I go outside I take it with me as a precaution. I have good days and bad with my left leg. I can walk but not 100%. The left arm and hand are getting there and I can now scratch my left ear without putting my right eye out which I look at as a plus. The one problem that I really hate is being so jumpy now. I have always been easily startled but is about 3 times worse since the stroke. Drinking hot coffee during these bad Florida thunder storms is a real treat. I still count my blessings as I know it could have been a whole lot worse. Dave
  4. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.