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  1. SueC

    Oh that is so exciting! Enjoy!
  2. SueC

    I go through the same thing. If I overdo it, I am overly tired the next day. For the first few months after my stroke I found that if I pushed myself, my left arm and fingers and the left side of my face would go numb. It turned out to be what is called "stroke fatigue". I ended up in emergency about 3 more times since the stroke because of this. I was told by well meaning friends and family to push though and keep moving. Wrong. Listen to your body. Take it easy, and rest as needed. It is 11/2 years since my stroke and I still sometimes sleep 16 hours straight. My doctor told me it takes years for the brain to heal. So, do what you can, and take it easy on yourself. One step forward and two steps back is still normal for me. If my speech goes, and I am overtired, I know I have overdone it. I still get really frustrated and upset, and I have to remind myself that I had a stroke and it's okay to have a bad day. I take Elequis too, and have had the shaky feelings if I overdo my walks.
  3. SueC

    It's gorgeous! And what a lot of work you put into it! It doesn't look amateurish at all, and your colour choices are lovely.
  4. SueC

    I am a card maker too and your card is really lovely! Lots of thought and work was put into this.
  5. SueC

    A New Year. A New Word

    Well, it's new year, and I am feeling pretty positive about life. I started following an art challenge, and am happy with the progress I am making. I started off the year by going to an art retreat with a good friend who is very talented. My word for the year is LEARN. As in learn new things. Learn Acrylic painting - I am signed up for a class that starts next week. I have a bit of aphasia when I get overstimulated, and I am now at the point where that won't stop me. If I explain that I had a stroke, it will be ok. Learn Watercolour painting - This is something I have been doing for the past 5 years or so, and the stroke slowed me down, but I am working on regaining what I lost. Learn to be gentle with myself - This is a really hard one, as I beat myself up when I can't speak or can't figure something out. As a fellow survivor said he says to himself "Back off! You had a stroke!!!" Most days are good, but I am always thrown when something happens to remind me that it happened at all. I need to remember that it is a minor setback, not a permanent loss. Thanks for reading this. SueC
  6. SueC

    Two little buddies

    Daisy our 11 year old Golden with Jasmine, our 11 year old newly adopted cat. They bring so much comfort.

    © Be Kind. It Matters.

  7. SueC

    Congratulations Kev! I am glad the speech went well.
  8. Beautiful! Thank you for posting this.
  9. I am thinking of you all. It is encouraging to hear that there is some progress being made. The holidays are a difficult time - Merry Christmas to all of you. Sue
  10. SueC

    Wow Tracy! I admire your ability to write so well. I am in a real funk this winter too, and I wish I was able to be more creative to help me through it as you are doing. Kudos to you for putting one foot in front of the other and continuing forward. Your decorations sound lovely. Merry Christmas! One more week and the days start to get longer again !!!
  11. HopeE

    I get confused about which thing I am sending to other people. I started by sending only a few times. each day or week. That makes me able to look at each one individual post. I still get confused about how the others put so many on the site. I know that I have missed a few. 

    Keep trying to find people that may have similar questions or ideas.




    1. SueC


      Hi Hope!

      I am sorry to take so long to reply, I was away on vacation.I am not too sure if you mean the forum, or chat.  Please ask Kelli or Asha, as they are both better with computers. I hope to see you on chat sometime!


    2. HopeE


      Thank you. I hope you had a nice vacation. I am not sure which is for forum, or chat. I have tried to do some other chats, but there are a lot of different posts. I have been talking too much some times.


      I would rather listen to a few people in a small group than large groups. 


  12. Ah yes, an exciting day full of teachable moments... I have a pretty bad ant problem under the paving stones. I went onto a gardening website and asked about the best way to get rid of them that is both earth friendly and not dangerous for Daisy. Daisy is a Golden Retriever who gets into anything and everything, even at 10 years of age. I got a reply - use diametaceous earth. I have a photographic memory, and thank goodness, I didn't lose that post stroke. I could picture the container, and exactly which cupboard it is in. It's been in the basement and moved around for about 20 years, and that's no exaggeration. I can't remember the last time I used it. So, thinking it would be a great idea to start by trying it on the front path, where Daisy can't go, I set off to start torturing those hard working ants. First squeeze of the bottle, and the plastic container cracked, spilling about 32 ounces of white powder all over the walkway, my bare feet, my sandals, and thanks to a well timed gust of wind, all over my clothes. Lesson learned - what NOT to do: Wear good jeans, bare feet and sandals. Don't check for breezes when using a powdery substance. Be sure to use a really old plastic bottle, which will immediately crack open. Decide to sweep bits of it all over the sidewalk - which now looks like some kids went crazy with white chalk. DO: Strip down immediately, hose down shoes and feet before coming into the house. Wash all clothing in the washer. Forget that the washer is on and have a shower, as there is nothing like those nice moments of no pressure while there is soap in your eyes. Be sure to hurry, so that when you are getting the soap out of your eyes, you miss your eyes and your fingernail goes up your nose and thanks to the blood thinners, a robust nosebleed commences. Change into pyjamas at 6:25 pm and call it a day. Now all I need to do is buy some more on Amazon, along with a proper dispenser, and find a YouTube video on proper application Lesson learned. Geez Louise!
  13. SueC

    What a stunning collection!
  14. Just wonder how your doing ?  Thought I'd write.


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