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  1. huntspete

    Kelli..........you make perfect sense and you obviously understand and you put things into words so well, much better than I ever could, your posts (aswell as posts from others), is an up-lifiting experience. Whereas non stroke people say "you look so well", or "I understand"...........and its just empty words and they think they are complimenting you or doing you a favour by understanding, but it means so much more from a fellow survivor, because you really do. Thank you.
  2. huntspete

    Hello Lisa........glad you found the site. I have mainly been reading through previous posts and getting some perspective, and there are some amazing posts and nuggets of golden information from people further down the road than I am. Im not sure I have much positivity to add, but hopefully in time, i will be able to contribute more and that positivity shown by others will rub of on me.
  3. huntspete

    Deigh, I found this site from your posting on the UK mystrokeguide and i have to say this is far superior to navigate. So you are definately spreading the word far and wide. Thanks.
  4. huntspete

    Yes.........this guy has his own youtube channel, I also saw his suggestions how to get in/out of the bath (its safe, hes fully clothed), and then watched a lot of his other vids and he was very inspiring and positive, his name is brian s redd.
  5. huntspete

    I have severe trouble with my emotions now, 2 and a half years post stroke.It took me months to get the courage and stamina to actually get out of the house and face the world. One of my 1st public events that I summoned up the courage to attend was unfortunately the funeral of good friends mother, so felt it would be good to show my face and my support. However, it really backfired and knocked my confidence back and Im struggling even more now. Now, youd think that its ok if you cry at the funeral and is not uncommon, so no one would notice...............but it wasnt crying that came. It was a cremation and as the curtains closed, the departing music started playing and the coffin rolled away behind the curtain............thats when the totally uncontrollable laughter started ! I knew it was happening, i knew it was wrong, but i had NO CONTROL. I started jabbing a pen hard into my leg to try and create some pain that would over ride the need to laugh. Eventually, I managed to surpress it enough, but it was too late. How can you explain this to people that you hardly know ? Just another issue that a non stroke sufferer would not be able to comprehend, thankfully people on here will totally `get it`, even if they dont have the same problems, thank you for giving us this opportunity to get things off our chest .
  6. Just found this site, was pointed in this direction from someone on the UK stroke guide. 2 and a half years post stroke, and still wondering where I fit into the world now. I cannot work as I used to but work part time from home which gives me a certain structure, but Im very isolated and feel my world is getting smaller and smaller by the month. So, Ive joined and hope to become part of the strokenet community. Thank you for reading.
  7. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.