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  1. Thank you Steve. I tried to click on Techniques in Communication that you underlined but it wouldn’t open. I would love to see how I can communicate with my husband. I miss his voice, I miss his presence, it’s killimg me that he can’t say anything. Or, what I am even more scared of is that when he does start talking, he would be making no sense. He is being transferred to Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation that has extensive stroke and brain injury programs, but I need to learn myself how to speak with him. I am pretty sure they will use as much of insurance time/money as they can and the biggest chunk of it will be left for me at home anyway. Thank you again.
  2. I am new on here and desperate. My hubby had an aneurysm on his artery (was bleeding) and interventional radiologist offered to fix it by stenting. During the procedure he dislodged a clot that ended up in my husband’s brain. We were told it happens 1-2% and we got “lucky” to get it. I fell apart. Just an hour before the procedure my hubby was on his laptop communicating with his clients and came back from a “simple” procedure unrecognizable. I was hysterical...this all feels like a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. The attending doctor offered tPA medication, clot busting med that was supposed to dissolve it, but later, in a much bigger hospital where I moved him, I found out from two radiologists that he was not a candidate for it because of the bleeding and aneurism that was just fixed and tPA would’ve caused massive brain hemorrhage. I don’t know how I felt something was wrong, but as crushed as I was, I refused. Now I keep hearing that they were pretty much trying to put a gun in my hand to cover one mess with another. I moved my husband to the biggest hospital it downtown where he has been staying for over 10 days now. The clot ended up in his upper left side. But the front, the back and the right side are normal on scans. We were told he would probably be numb or paralyzed on the right side, the opposite side, but on the next day, he was moving right and left legs/arms with no problem. He has been walking with the physical therapist since day 4, according to occupational therapists has been doing well putting his pants and socks on. He watches TV changes channels, logs into his iPad using 6 number password. When I showed him a picture on the iPad, he tried to reach it with his index finger and I thought maybe he wanted to touch it to see if it was real, but he started scrolling pics, sliding them right to left. Since it’s only been over a week the doctors and nurses say it’s hard to tell where he stands. He is acting almost angry towards the doctors, but very respectful and submissive towards the nurses and respiratory stuff. I think his empathy is affected as he is not reacting to my tears, which is not my husband. Yet, he winks at me when I walk in, gives me a kiss when I lean towards him, strokes my hair when I lie my head on his chest. When I say “I am going to go get coffee” he waves away like “go”. When I bring mail from our mailbox he opens every envelope the exactly same way he always does, opens every one of them, then points to give him glasses, goes through every page, separates it into two piles, junk mail and bills. Usually gives me the junk pile pointing to throw it away. Last night he wrote his first and last name (very crooked like a child, but did it) and when I gave him thumbs up he smiled. I would so love to hear from anyone who had the same kind of stroke. How was it for you guys? Have you eventually learned to talk? I am not sure if intelligence gets affected. Could you hear what people were saying and understand it? Or, could understand it, but couldn’t respond? Did you feel/know you were in the hospital and not home? Did you remember what home looked like? How long was it for you? Was your empathy affected when you couldn’t feel other people sadness? Or, was it just the way you looked on the outside, but deep inside you were stressed and worried? I am trying to understand what he is feeling. Did you recognize your loved ones when saw them after the stroke, your home when got back? Did you ever get back to your jobs or was your knowledge completely erased? Did you go to the Rehab after the hospital? Did you continue therapy at home? Who or what helped you? My mind is racing, I can’t sleep or eat, I am terrified. Thank you for reading 😢
  3. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.