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  1. MJS1963

    Hi Tracy, The sequence thing is so weird! Watch a home video, and go nuts because I recall whats on it differently. The brain is weird, and fascinating.How it can rewire itself, or relate to smells or sounds to events and people. It is truly a wonder.
  2. MJS1963

    Thank You! So am I! It seems the good Lord isnt ready for me yet. BTW, It's Mike. Not sure how Mark came about. But, I've been called worse! LOL
  3. MJS1963

    Hi Scott, I can recall very vividly everything during my incident. When, where, even the part of the store I was in and what I was looking for. The only fuzzy thing I have is being in the ER that day. I recall going, entering, and walking to the exam room, but then, it's fuzzy. I do recall the 2 CT scans, and the MRI, but not getting the contrast for one of the CT scans. The brain is a odd, and wonderful thing.
  4. MJS1963

    Hey Deigh, The odd thing is, that the memories that are out of order are in a narrow range. I would say, maybe 4 year span? And so far just a few, and not linear. Like I said, my honeymoon, out of order, but then the Christmas following, ok. It's really weird. But given the fact that I missed the bullet, I can deal with the honeymoon before the wedding.
  5. MJS1963

    Hello my friends. I know it’s been a while since I have been on here. Not ignoring you, just busy. Really busy. And admittedly, many nights by the time I get home, I just don’t care about anything except bed. It’s been a rough few weeks. Work is going well, although not as well as if I could drive my big truck, ( she misses me ). The fatigue I have had is getting better. I don’t seem to need a nap after lunch any longer, but it is nice to have. I have found that I seem to have some lingering effect from my Cerebral accident though. My right hand always seems to be colder than the rest of my body. It’s not bad, but odd. It’s not cold to the touch, but just seems to feel cold. More annoying then anything. But the other issue that I have found is that some memories of my past seem to be in the wrong order. For instance, I CLEARLY recall traveling to Alaska before I got married. No. We went to Alaska on our honeymoon, after getting married. Or, when I went on a trip a couple of years ago, I drove to Cheyenne, and then flew to Florida. But I recall visiting Florida first, then being in Cheyenne. The memories are sharp, but many are in the wrong order. Other than that, my body seems to be progressing very well. The mild cognitive issues are gone, no more hand wobbliness, and the headaches are gone. Thank God! The office work I think has been helpful, needing to use the brain more often for filing, math, etc. I seem to not be able to type for a hill of beans, but then again, I couldn’t before, so … Thank you all for you support. It’s nice to know there are people in this world that do care about others. Mike.
  6. MJS1963

    Well, it's been two full days at work, and I m amazed how fast I fatigue. I'm ok up until about 2 or 3 starting from 7am. My energy seems to drop off rather quickly. Even though my stroke was small with no lasting physical deficits, it seems my body is rather angry with me. I would not have expected the energy loss I am experiencing. I dont suppose the meds I am taking help, but it is rather pronounced. So looks like I will have to come up with some kind of gradual schedule to get to previous stamina.
  7. MJS1963

    Thanks you for your kindness and your encouragements my friends. I have run into the fatigue already, even though I didn't suffer any lasting deficits, that I have found yet. But I have noticed I feel good all day, and then the bottom falls out quickly in the afternoon and I get severe snooze-itis. Luckily, returning will be light duty and my employer is aware that I need to go slowly and build up my stamina.
  8. MJS1963

    Tarina, Thank you for your kind words. I will jump up and down a little extra for you. I cannot help but to think that the Lord had fired a warning shot across my bow to wake me up and has given me an opportunity to change my life for the better. I will put you in my prayers. "Pride goeth before destruction" was my destiny. Mike.
  9. MJS1963

    Hello my new Friends, Well it's official, I can WORK! My employer has opened up their hearts and will allow me to continue to work full time. Not as a driver yet, but doing other things around the shop and business. Make small deliveries in the pickups, office help, do some routing for the other drivers, help in the shop, help with phones, but no filing as my filing system here at home consists of a large pile of papers in no particular order. In a month or two or three, we will look into driving again. They are being cautious, which I can fully understand. I found out that in Wisconsin if you had a CDL before 1996, I do not need a medical card for Intrastate driving. I need one for Interstate driving, but I dont drive between states. Another thing I can get down on my knees and thank God for.
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