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  1. MJS1963

    I agree! Bring back the Thongs!! Just kidding. A little humor never hurt anyone. All things are salvageable Paul. Nothing is ever past the point of no return if you and you wife have love, respect, honesty, and a willingness to WANT it. Will things be the same ? No. Because of what you have suffered, what you both have suffered, life will be different, but trust that love will always triumph. Talk, keep talking, talk it all out. Be honest, don't hold back to save feelings. You have to get all of that bile, those festering feeling out into the open into the light.
  2. Hey Ed, No union there, but the two brothers that own the company are very decent people, even though they wont admit it. Thank You.
  3. MJS1963

    Thanks you for your kindness and your encouragements my friends. I have run into the fatigue already, even though I didn't suffer any lasting deficits, that I have found yet. But I have noticed I feel good all day, and then the bottom falls out quickly in the afternoon and I get severe snooze-itis. Luckily, returning will be light duty and my employer is aware that I need to go slowly and build up my stamina.
  4. Well said pappasmurf, you are a smart man.
  5. Tracy, I agree that the F.A.S.T acronym is not entirely correct. In my case I just had stupid fingers with no other symptoms. But I was in tune enough to my body to know something wasnt right. Congrats! I hope your diligence is able to save lives!
  6. MJS1963

    Tarina, Thank you for your kind words. I will jump up and down a little extra for you. I cannot help but to think that the Lord had fired a warning shot across my bow to wake me up and has given me an opportunity to change my life for the better. I will put you in my prayers. "Pride goeth before destruction" was my destiny. Mike.
  7. MJS1963

    Hi Paul, I'm a little late to the discussion, but as a man who has lived through 2 divorces, I can only say this. If the love and trust is there, then it will work. Tough as it is, and as dark as it may seem, if there is love, then there is hope. I know from hard learned events that a tragedy can hammer on even the most solid relationships. What makes it or breaks it in my view is understanding and compassion. Knowing when to withdraw a little or when to be close enough to grab on is key. I unfortunately cannot tell you how to do either, but you have to have faith. But through it all, keep talking! Nothing kills a marriage or relationship faster then festering emotions and feeling of fear and angst. Talk it out, and keep talking. with a little luck and God willing, you both will triumph over it.
  8. MJS1963

    Hello my new Friends, Well it's official, I can WORK! My employer has opened up their hearts and will allow me to continue to work full time. Not as a driver yet, but doing other things around the shop and business. Make small deliveries in the pickups, office help, do some routing for the other drivers, help in the shop, help with phones, but no filing as my filing system here at home consists of a large pile of papers in no particular order. In a month or two or three, we will look into driving again. They are being cautious, which I can fully understand. I found out that in Wisconsin if you had a CDL before 1996, I do not need a medical card for Intrastate driving. I need one for Interstate driving, but I dont drive between states. Another thing I can get down on my knees and thank God for.
  9. Hello Steve, Thanks you for the reply. I think my biggest fear or concern is there was no definitive diagnosis of where the tiny little clot came from. Dr thinks probably heart due to afib, but cannot of course be certain. All I can do is radically change my lifestyle and habits and pray hard this was just a shot across the bow looking to wake me up. I'm awake!! But there is more good news as I can keep my job. Not driving at this time, the company wants to wait for a month or two and see how I progress, and then look into it again. We found out the I am grandfathered in and do not need a Medical Card to drive, but they are a little cautious. Which I can understand. So in the mean time, I will be doing other things. In shop work, office help, deliver lubricants in the pickup truck to customers [ I work for an oil company ], and anything else thats needed. That right there is the biggest weight off my shoulders since the "Incident". I will defiantly let you know next time I am down in that area. Have a friend that lives east of Springfield Corners, and I get down there and visit once in awhile.
  10. MJS1963

    Hi Becky, Like I said, I know it costs thee companies millions and possibly billion of dollars, to develop, test, study, get approved, and market these drugs. I don't hold it against them for wanting to make a profit. But when you see how much the cost of some of these drugs drops once they go generics, and one wonders if a drug that would sell for 800 dollars for a 30 day script, then goes generic, and that same drug drops to 40 dollars for a 30 day script, if we have getting the shaft all along.
  11. MJS1963

    Hi Becky, I am looking onto a program that Johnson and Johnson has for the Xarelto. applied today, crossed fingers. It still gets me boiling how some of these live saving these drugs are 1/4 the cost overseas.
  12. MJS1963

    Thank you Beck for your kindness. I never liked to get things like compliments or sympathy or "things" from people. Pride or ego maybe. Oddly enough, after that hour long, all out, crying fit I had last night, I actually feel a little better. Perhaps it has been coming for years, dont know but I was dehydrated afterwards. I will consider antidepressants. I always think those thing cause more trouble then they are worth, but perhaps small doses for short term.
  13. MJS1963

    Hi ed, I am holding off on SSDI or other similar things right now, My employer and I are truing to work out something to keep me employed. Maybe something will come of it. I know things like that take time, so I may start working on that soon. My old homestead is about 160 miles north of me. Thats where the bulk of my support mechanism is. Here, not much in the way of friends. A few work acquaintances, but nothing solid.
  14. Thank you for your kind words Tracy. I know things will somehow turn out ok. i hate change f any size or type, thats my biggest problem I think.
  15. The Stroke Diet. Thats funny. I hope it does not turn into a fad deit everybody wants to try. Nothing will get done. But true, since my hospitalization, I went in at 233 pounds, as of today, I am 214 pounds. 19 pounds in 3 weeks. I didnt smoke any when home, but once I got in the truck and out on the road, 2 packs a day. I quit cold turkey, got into vaping, and now, still vape, but with very little nicotine. Maybe you could try vaping to help you quit.