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  1. Tarina

    Yep. I second that. I have short periods with energy and the rest of the time feel very fatigued. Its my experience that I can't nap. But resting does help. Its the only time I can listen to music with words, because I block out all sight and light with a heavy rice pillow to help calm my headache and vertigo too. You can do this! I think its great your back to work, but just like with dieting and stopping smoking, taking care of getting enough rest to heal is important too. You have the right idea. 🙂
  2. Tarina

    I'd be jumping up and down for you right now....if that were a possibility!!!!!!!! I can however get down on my knees with you and thank the Creator with you! SO AWESOME!!!!! SO HAPPY for you, I know this has been a major struggle!!!!!!
  3. Tarina

    I'm so sorry. I wish I could just be there and color with you. No talking, just be there with you but I know there is no substitute for your own children being by your side. You have been through so much already and this is just one more thing. I wish they could keep the pain management going for you while they do all they need to do to make sure that you don't need further treatment, it seems only humane! And it boils my blood that someone (especially in health care who has obviously seen this reaction before!) would be so insensitive! Hang in there lady! Ya know what? I'm going to color a picture in the adult coloring book tonight...and the whole hour or so it takes to do it...I'm gonna send healing and comforting thoughts your way.... call it a prayer to the universe for you if you want. Keep us posted on your journey.
  4. Tarina

    I'm a redhead....so....when I get mad it might be on a whole other scale then all "you" non-alien people. LOL But luckily it doesn't happen often. I described the two instances in the last 6 weeks and that is more than normal, because I am frustrated to a MUCH LARGER degree daily, post stroke. But yeah, watch out for fiery red-headed girls when they get mad.... Pele the Volcano goddess couldn't compare! I especially hate it when people think its cute when I get mad, because I'm little and ornery, as though that makes my point any less valid!!!!
  5. Tarina

    Wow! I'm glad I read this thread. For one thing I got angry with my ex last week, and all of a sudden I could speak clearly! I was as surprised by it as maybe he was, but then he told me I was faking it the rest of the time and a liar, didn't do enough google research to fake it well enough...blah blah blah....Hes a A**, most of the time....hence EX! But it did get me wondering. And then today, I had one of those days when the challenges and difficulties of everyday life....I just couldn't meet head on with a positive attitude...and I got frustrated with myself. My friend called so I was ranting at her about thinking a basket in my yard was a chicken--for 6 minutes (my vision said it was moving.. and I know it was 6 minutes because i was microwaving water for my coffee.), and being stopped dead in my tracks while trying to take my sons clothes out the drier because a sock that was my daughters was in there too...and it was purple...and it doesn't belong with my sons clothes...but where does it go?, and what do I do with it?. response (BLANK STARE). And the fact that I had a two page document that I needed to make two copies of and I totally screwed up making the copies, running several just totally blank sheets of paper, then trying to put them all back together (just 2 pages mind you!) and I couldn't figure out why I had 3 pages of each thing....duh...original?!? and then were each of those documents were supposed to go...This was an hour long ordeal (for someone whose job depends on being able to organize hundreds of pages of information and get it to differing areas, getting supporting documents for each part...blah blah.. feeling like a looser). Anyway, when my friend called I was telling her all of this, at first I was halting, stuttering and monotone as usual (sometimes I breathe in when I say a word?!, or hiccup?)..then as I got more frustrated and mad....my speech became clearer and clearer...eventually she said "hey...keep getting mad..you talk better that way". LOL which made both of us laugh. Anyway, I thought it was just me.... good to know it happens to other people too.... thank you so much for sharing your life- all of you-it makes it more bearable for us newbies, and less confusing. Oh yes. and I can sing too...but not talk (very well). Well...I mean...sing as well as a "shower singer" ever has sung before 🙂 Now I do it more and more because it just feels good to be fluid in SOMETHING! Walking and talking like a broken robot and having the logical and sequential capacities of a chipmunk on crack the rest of the time....Singing makes me feel alive again.
  6. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.