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  1. Update on shannon It's a month now since , shannon entered the hospital having a mini stroke .. Followed by his 2 massive strokes just days later.. He is now out of ICU , but still on the ventilator and feeding tube in his stomach .. They got shannon standing up on his feet last week , well with the help of 3 orderlies.. He looks a lot better now , even the sagging of the right side of his face has disappeared Although he is still paralyzed on his right side , and the left side of his brain is still swollen a little .. And he can barely hear out of his right ear , and being he had no hearing in his left ear before all this started .. I got him a writing board , so we are able to print questions on it.. He's able to recognize us and says he feels better now , he also was able to write his last name out with his left hand .. I was impressed Now the bad news , our union insurance company has denied him for long term care , I cant not believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!! And in a strange twist , me and shannon built the hospital , that he is at
  2. yesdear20003

    Its March 3rd in Milwaukee , Wisconsin .. And its 17 degrees , tonight it will be 4 below zero .. With a 22 below wind chill tonight , with high of 8 degrees tomorrow .. We have winter here and construction season ..
  3. An update on shannon condition. . It's been 3 weeks today , since shannon had his first massive stroke. . And he is still hooked up to that dam ventilator .. But they got shannon up and standing today , well with the help of a few orderlies . But just to see him out of that bed , brought me to tears . I had to leave the room briefly , I didn't want shannon to see his best buddy crying .. Then I sucked it up and went back in and fist pumped my buddy and said , that o boy ... Were still not sure if shannon recognizes us or can hear us .. Being he was deaf in his left ear and being he is still completely paralyzed on his right side .. Were not sure if his right ear is working But that's ok , just to see up on his feet made my day the best ever .. He will be shipping out for his rehabilitation home tomorrow... I will be there , to help him begin his long awaited recovery ... Thanks a ton for all your prayers
  4. I would like to know from stroke survivors . Were you able to remember the day before your first stroke . Were you able to remember your loved ones visiting you after your first few weeks of waking up from having your stroke . I am only asking so I may understand my buddy Shannon's situation. Were shannon went to the hospital on February 3rd Suffering from a mild stroke and on feburary 6th . The doctors told shannon they were going to clear out the clot in the artery on the left side of his neck . And there was only a 2 percent chance of something going wrong . Then during his procedure shannon suffered a massive stroke on the table and while recovering suffered another massive stroke on feburary 7th . And turned 53 Is it possible shannon will be able to remember what the doctor told shannon before his strokes happened . And will shannon be able to remember me and his wife visiting him in his ICU room , and would shannon know he is paralyzed all but his left arm and hand . This Friday. , February 28 shannon will have been awake for a week now . Shannon is still in real rough shape , his wife asked him yesterday if he knows who she is . And shannon shook his head back on forth , we believe that means no . Now I have been able to get shannon to first bump me , actually he his really good at it .. I just hope that means he does remember us .. Shannon will be transferred to a long term rehabilitation center this week sometime And I will be there by his side to help him begin his long road back to recovery .. No matter how long it takes
  5. Went saw shannon again The left side of his brain is still swollen And he will be getting a helmet for his head because they are not putting a plate back on his skull for a while . Also shannon cant move his left leg either on command , only thing that works is his left arm and hand . Poor guy
  6. Now maybe , it's time I should work on problem. I am a diabetic , but since shannon had his stroke. I was so upset , I quit taking my meds again And have been eating everything I am not supposed to on purpose My blood sugar is back up to 620 this morning , my best is 837. The last couple of years my h1c has been 15.5 and only 14 on my last blood work My doctor keeps telling I am going to collapse and go into a coma Since shannon has had his stroke , it's like what the sense I should be laying there , not shannon We have talked about this numerous times Shannon always ate right and always told me , I have to eat everything in moderation But if I dont change my ways , I might be able to be there for shannon
  7. Thank you heather You advice made me go from super nervous , to super excited about seeing my buddy shannon today. Shannon is in pretty rough shape , he is totally paralyzed on his right side and can not see out of his right eye His left eye doesn't look to the right very well either. He is unable to try and speak at this time , due to his throat is pretty raw from the breathing tube being in for 2 weeks On the brite side he was able to hold and squeeze my hand with his left hand , and his blood pressure didn't go over 115 today while I was there . I repeated to shannon I will be there for him , no matter how long this takes . I even got shannon to smile briefly !!!!!! There gonna be shipping shannon out to a long term rehabilitation center next week . Gonna go see him again tomorrow , keep visiting him as much as possible . And I will be there next week at his new temporary home when he arrives etc... Once again Thank you heather
  8. Thank you for your reply PaulNash My friend's name is shannon
  9. Would like to thank all of you for your prayers , for my buddy Shannon .
  10. Thank you heather My friend's name is shannon. It's just me and shannon have done everything together for so many years I am so nervous about tomorrow , shannon has gone thru hell the last couple weeks. The nurse's , have said shannon has been fighting his antieshia. Not sure what they meant by that , but they also said , he wasn't allowed visitors for the last 2 weeks in icu Because when we came to visit shannon , it was making shannon agitated , but he was on fentanyl to keep him asleep. So how would he no we were there , other than his blood pressure would rise to 200 or better . Then we were asked to leave , not even his wife was allowed to see him the last couple of weeks . But where he likes it or not , I am going to be there for him . As long as it takes
  11. This will be the first time my best buddy of 30 years. Will be allowed to wake up , the doctors have kept him a sleep since feburary 6th. The day of his first massive stroke , since then he's had a 2nd massive stroke and massive bleeding and swelling in the left side of his brain. Then the doctors had to remove the left side of his skull. And he turned 53 on February 9th What do I say first , when I walk in. Will he recognize me , will he be able to understand what's going on. Will he remember calling me the night before , everything went to hell. Will he remember us fishing together almost every Saturday in the summer months. I want to be the best caregiver ever , I just dont no where to start , or what to expect tomorrow. He has also been my partner at work now for a good 25 years
  12. My buddy has had a rough day They removed his breathing tube , saying it can only be in for 2 weeks. And he wasn't able to breathe on his own , so they put a treak in and its connected to a ventilator. They also put in a feeding tube in his stomach. They also said he appears to be paralyzed on his entire right side , and his brain swelling has only gone down slightly I am really getting worried
  13. Hello everyone I am a newbie here , as I want to be the best caregiver ever to my best friend of 30 years I am 57 and my best is not in real good shape And I am going to be there for my buddy , to help him get thought this. What has to be his biggest and toughest challenge ever for him. I look forward to any and all the help you experts can give me. Thank you
  14. My best friend of 30 years Went to the hospital 17 days ago while having a mini stroke. He had a clot in the left side of his neck , the doctor said they would clear out the clot. There only would be a 2 percent chance something could go wrong. Well my buddy had a massive stroke on the table and the next day while he was recovering , had a 2nd massive stroke. The doctors discovered the origin clot filled back in Then the doctors gave my buddy , clot busting meds. Which opened up the clot , but caused massive bleeding and swelling in his brain Which caused the doctors to remove the left side of his skull or my friend would have passed It's been 14 days now since his first massive stroke , and the doctors have not let him wake up yet . There thinking in 2 more days they will back off on his antieshia to let him try and wake up. So , he could use any and all the prayers he can get. Thank you My friend turned 53 the day after they removed part of his skull
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