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  1. mum2two

    That’s wonderful news Kelli. You can breath again and his parents must be sooo relieved. Ann
  2. mum2two

    Sending positive energy to your grandson and his parents, I hope he’ll be well again very soon. Stay strong Kelli I’ll be thinking of you all. Ann
  3. Thanks for that Deigh, I must admit I’m finding the site a bit tricky to navigate at the moment but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
  4. Thank you everyone for you warm welcome, it’s good to talk to others who totally understand what is happening to us. Tracey - you brought back so many memories when you wrote about the post it notes, I had so many scattered around the house in the early days. Now I am thinking a bit clearer I have a book I write in. Thanks also to Deigh for pointing me in this direction. I look forward to getting to know you all as we travel this unexpected road we all find ourselves on. Ann.
  5. Hi I’m Ann and I had a lacuna infarct in February 2018. It’s been a difficult year adjusting to how I am now and I’ve found it extremely frustrating. I have short term memory loss as a result of the stoke although I do feel I am slowly improving, well on some days I do and on other days I find it terribly frustrating. I’d be interested to hear others stroke journeys especially if you have similar symptoms to me.