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  1. Shorty

    Thanks. I just have to ignore the ignorance. Coloring was the first thing I did when my hand returned. I wasn't the best but ya know.
  2. Shorty

    Yes. I do the easy word finds and I love to color. I was embarrassed to say that. I told myself how she treats me is her karma and how I react is mine.
  3. Shorty

    Thank you
  4. Shorty

    I'm up in Jacksonville
  5. Shorty

    I'm so glad your hand is coming back. I remember when mine returned. Yea!!!!!!. I just drop things a lot. But for the first time the other day I laughed at myself. I'm doing the best I can for now. Am I the only one in Florida?
  6. Shorty

    Perfect. Thanks
  7. Shorty

    I come to accept how we are. Before I moved in we never spoke. I'm kinda done. I want my brain back. I want my body back. I want me back. And it's *beep* me off those have been taken from me. My job is amazing. I do the live chat for my company. Very easy and laid back. No stress here. And my boss is even better. I'm very hard on myself and I want to get better now!
  8. Shorty

    Thanks Paul. I'm not or haven't been a touchy feely person until all this happened. My sister has her own issues. Like being bi polar and on meds. Just to name one. I guess that's why I like coming to work. Getting out is my break. So we are just together on weekends. My doctor won't let me work overtime or I would. I usually go to Wal-Mart on Sat mornings, get groceries and walk around wasting time. I will read the article. Wouldn't hurt. I guess I just don't understand what a stroke really is. I just remember being horrified when I couldn't even get ready for work that day. Really terrified me bad. I literally just had my stroke so this is very fresh and new for me.
  9. Shorty

    Thank you. That was encouraging. I have to remember I'm recovering from 2 major events. Stroke and hysterectomy. And cancer. But I feel better since I found this group. Stay with me and don't leave me.
  10. Shorty

    Thanks everyone. Your words are very comforting to me. My sister started on me when I got home last night. I told myself to not say a word and I remained silent. Which was hard for me. If I could leave I would. I tried to find a local group but was drawn to this group and I always follow my instincts. I will keep going one day at a time.
  11. Shorty

    Thanks Heathber. That was great information. This is still very new. It's only been 3 months since the stroke. It's just overwhelming and I miss my body. I guess I will see what happens on my first follow up visit. So glad I found this website!!
  12. Shorty

    Thanks for sharing. I definitely don't understand my body anymore and it's irritating. I never been a fan of doctors. Then 2 inpatient stays back to back. Ugh. When I did the MRI in the hospital they put blinders over my eyes. I thought I was weird. Lol. So my body will never be the same again? That's depressing. I drop everything I touch all the time. I just don't get what happened to me. Maybe it's my fault. I never took care of myself. Stupid stroke.
  13. Shorty

    Ok that helps calm my nerves. My primary care said he will do an MRI soon. Ugh. All these doctors. Just overwhelmed. Thanks Scott.
  14. Hi. This is Marjie. I have my first follow up visit with the neurologist next week. I'm not sure what to expect. My stroke was caused by the artery/vein behind my left eye being blocked. 70% blocked. I'm getting anxious about seeing him. How can he tell if the plavix (blood thinners) are working.
  15. Shorty

    Thanks Scott. I appreciate that.