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  1. jwalt

    So! Sometimes I am too chicken to monkey around. and Sometimes my chicken goes cold turkey when my monkey turns Ape. And just the thought of zip ties can cool the ardor. My wife and I are trying different things and some of them are working, so mostly good news. At least I have the pseudo Bulbar affect to blame if there is crying. Love ya all!!!
  2. Actually the "lumbering along" is descriptive of the fact I am not following a controlled diet, the way I used to do. I was at one time very strict with myself over food choices and amounts. Presently, I am careful but not nearly as strict as before.
  3. leolady, Hopefully some of our people who are dealing with diabetes and stroke recovery will weigh in on your questions. My diabetes and stroke recovery are lumbering along and I have not needed any of the new medications. All I can say is - stay in touch with your Doctor. It must have been a fearful experience to end up on the floor in your kitchen. I think it is very important to determine the cause of your fainting. Good luck in your battle. James
  4. jwalt

    I can't believe that I am discussing this subject on this site and I am comfortable doing so. Just goes to show the trust and caring shown by the people on the site. Several who have responded to this subject have acknowledged to having problems with their intimacy and that makes me less bothered about my situation. Thanks to all.
  5. jwalt

    Kelli, No, you are not off base. Your advice is good and warrants another try by me and mine. Maybe that pink bunny, banging the drum is a new normal? James
  6. jwalt

    Renzo, Welcome to the group. Hope you find all these folks as helpful as I have. James
  7. jwalt

    👩‍❤️‍👨This may be a race that I'm going to lose. The other runner just does not show up at race time. I hate not having the sexual companionship but also hate what it does to my self image and confidence. I'm not sure how to "move on". Most other areas such as how I walk, how I talk, how I look - I can just accept the status quo and move on; but this sexual area seems to keep coming back and challenging me. But I guess there is another way to look at it -- If you are the only one running and you still can run alone, you will win every race.😜
  8. jwalt

    There are those of us who eat for comfort rather than nourishment. After an event such as a stroke and its attendant problems, we have fewer and fewer ways to get comfort other than eating. At that point it becomes more important for us to experience the comfort and joy of eating (or overeating) rather than taking care of ourselves. I fight the problem of overeating but so far have been successful in keeping my weight down. If I gave up the fight, I doubt there is anything someone else could say or do that would matter. I'm not saying to give up because the subject is so very important. Rather than trying to carry the fight yourself, I would suggest trying to find a way to get him to caring about himself. I'm no authority and am just talking about what would possibly work on me. Either way I wish you well.
  9. jwalt

    My wife and I are both 79 and both have some health issues. Timing is always a problem. The times when I am up for it, she is feeling poorly or has an injury and vice-versa. The times when we are both in good shape, we usually do things with family or friends and by the time we get home, we are just too tired. I think Paul has it right that you just have to keep trying until you get it right. Just keep on keeping on.
  10. Janelle, So often we see you comforting others, it is important to remember that you may not be feeling too chipper yourself. Within the last week, you sent me helpful thoughts when I was having a bad day. You are a really great person and ally for all of us in this group. You say you would scream and cry but can't because you have used up all your tears. In that case just do the screaming. I have gone out by myself and yelled as loud as I could at the trees and bushes. Not much effect on the trees and bushes but sometimes an effect on me. And on our bad days, just about any change or effect is helpful. So sorry you are feeling bad. You deserve happy days and rainbows.
  11. jwalt

    It is so great to find others who use music as therapy. I often find myself relieving stress by just chilling out with my old stereo playing. I also find it helpful when I get confused and frustrated about something. The music seems to help me organize my thoughts and move away from chaos. Before my stroke, I chose the type of music based on my mood at the time - everything from country/western to classical - but now it doesn't seem to matter. All types are helpful for my muddled mind. Again, so good to know. that I am not alone in this world!!! James
  12. jwalt

    I usually hear the music but I dance either way! 🎼
  13. jwalt

    Paul, I'm amazed, reading your item and info on a lot of other threads, how many really highly placed computer and programming people are in this stroke group. When I got involved with "computers", they were just hard wired sorters with punched paper input. I have been retired so long that I'm rusty on everything digital. Can't imagine how frustrating it must be for those of you who are staying involved in the industry; but, are working under the extra stroke related issues. You have my greatest admiration. James
  14. I have two grown daughters who have always had a problem picking a gift for my Birthday or Christmas. My stroke has solved that problem. I have told both daughters that what I need and want is help in the digital device area. I was previously pretty good at working my way through instructions for hardware or software. Post stroke I find the procedures and or instructions very complex and confusing. So now when I get hung up on a problem, I can just "dial a daughter" and get all the tech help I need. Think now I will extend this process to my grandkids then no-one will have to worry about shopping - just wait for a call from me. I keep finding stroke related problems, it's good to put something on the plus side. Stroke, the gift that keeps on giving!!!
  15. Alan, I salute your endeavor. I had a million questions that I didn't believe were important enough to take up a doctor's time. If you let the patient just talk a while, the things they want to know will probably come out. Again, what you are doing is so great. Congratulations !!! James