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  1. leolady820

    Split up and get a friend. No matter what the story is I'm sure you deserve some happiness. Some people do well with open marriages though. Some don't.
  2. leolady820

    Oh my god. That just made me so sad. There probably is a story behind that one... Maybe you can get a FWB too? Not giving advice but I feel like I would probably do that or consider splitting up
  3. leolady820

    Wax off hee hee😜
  4. leolady820

    Just start talking man. I'm sure we'll figure it out!
  5. leolady820

    Here here Tracy! I completely agree!
  6. leolady820

    Yea. Laughter is wonderful medicine, and your drawer is not a secret anymore Haha. Thank you for that Tracy! I'm glad to have people to talk to about this because I think about it! I want to do it for him and for me. I'm just going to keep working on getting physically stronger because this really one of my goals. It might seem like a weird goal to some but it's a goal for me to have good, comfortable sex again.
  7. leolady820

    Wow. Thank you for that. It's enlightening. I try to let him know I appreciate him. I think I'll take it a little further and make it more frequent. This also let's me know how lucky I am. He really isn't what you would consider a patient person but he definitely has become more patient through this. That alone is appreciated. I'm not a jealous person though but I understand how you feel/felt because my confidence took a hit after this. I am regaining my self esteem and confidence and no longer hate to look in the mirror. I couldn't stand the sight of myself for a while. I know I'm making progress now because that's not the case. He tells me I never "got ugly". It's all in my own head because I'm not like my old self. I guess I need people on the outside to remind me of this stuff. I sometimes think he's saying these things just to make me feel better.
  8. leolady820

    Wow! Haha. These are quite the posts! I'm not offended at all and now I feel very fortunate. There are definitely people out there worse off, with more struggles than what I have. I'm so glad people are sharing. I was not expecting people to be as open about this. This is really great. My struggle is basically make sure he is comfortable and not injuring me in order for it to work out for him.
  9. leolady820

    And yeah, Kelli is it? I can't talk to my mother about this either, among so many other things... I don't think it's a generational thing with her. I think it's more of a personality difference. Anyway, I know the feeling. It's nice to be able to get things out on here though at least. Glad I signed up.
  10. leolady820

    You're absolutely right. Us not being married, he has no obligation to stick around. I've given him multiple opportunities to leave but he stays around and helps me. I'm still a little surprised because he's significantly younger than me and I guess I just figured he would be like "eff this, I didn't sign up for this, I'm out of here." I hope it's because he loves me, but sometimes I wonder if it's just so he doesn't look like a piece of *beep* for leaving. That could just be me though. I never had problems with confidence or self esteem but I have had some issues with it since my stroke. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has dealt with this?
  11. leolady820

    Oh I see. I was just worried you weren't doing well. Being Diabetic does suck... That's all I can think of to say right now. Get yourself together! I feel like I'm making an honest effort to do everything right. I'm terrified of having another stroke!
  12. leolady820

    Yes. I do think we need to talk about this. Sex was a very big part of my relationship prior to my stroke. It's not the only thing keeping us together obviously because he's still here. It's very important to me though. I have to start trying to get in different positions though...Haha.
  13. leolady820

    I guess I'll weigh in on this topic. Again, not sure how to make conversations flow on here but I'll try. I'm not married. I have a long term domestic partner. PS(Pre stroke) we had a very good sexual relationship. We have only had sex twice in the last six months. The first time it was just ok. Not very comfortable. The next time was last week, and it was still somewhat uncomfortable because I couldn't position exactly the way I wanted but it still worked out for me. It didn't really work out for him because he thinks he's hurting me in some way. It really hit my confidence but he assured me we would keep trying, we'll figure it out.
  14. leolady820

    And jwalt, why do you say your Diabetes management is "lumbering " along? Is it going badly?
  15. leolady820

    So, update. Thank you for your responses/suggestions 🙂I'm not sure how to make the conversation flow well on here... My doctor lowered the dose of the Trulicity in hopes I can build up to the one she wants me to take. I haven't fainted again and the nausea/vomiting is less severe and shorter duration now. I was able to get myself off the floor that time I fainted. I guess I was lucky for that... I'm not in therapy at the moment. My insurance decided I had enough... I still do my exercises at home though. It's not the same but I believe it's helping. Anyway, this topic is about diabetes management so I guess I'll say more about that. I think this medication is working though. Right now I don't have to take insulin multiple times a day. Just the Trulicity once a week and my long acting each night. So I guess that's something...
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