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  1. leolady820

    I hope to be able to offer others the same support and understanding one day...
  2. leolady820

    Thank you for those words. Everyone on here is so supportive I'm beginning to think you all understand what I'm going through lol 🙂
  3. leolady820

    Jeez. That's rough too. Animals... I can relate to that one too. My dog does not help my anxiety. I can manage feeding, watering, letting him in/out, and giving him medicine, and I do an ok job cleaning his ears. He has allergies and needs extra care often that other dogs don't seem to need. He's very large and always stands in my way refusing to move unless it looks like I'm going to do whatever it is he wants at the moment. When he does move it's usually fast and I don't know which way he's going to dart to. It's often around the side of me that has the least room for him to squeeze through
  4. leolady820

    And I just finished filling out my intake paperwork to start my mental health visits. Taking steps...
  5. leolady820

    Oh my gosh, yeeeessss... Nail. Head. Hit.
  6. leolady820

    Haha wow you guys. I don't use my cane in the house but I do use a cane out in the world still. I may not really need to but the anxiety gets the better of me and makes me weaken and my foot/ankle starts to turn. I do have better control now though so hopefully with a little more practice I'll get there. Sometimes my foot knows I'm anxious before I can even register it in my mind. It's weird. This conversation is helpful though. Thank you so much. I'm feeling a little more brave each day. I may try to go visit my son today on my own!
  7. leolady820

    You guys are great. This is really helpful to me. Luckily I always have had the not giving a sh*t what people think of me part down. I had a stroke. I walk funny and slow still. I'm dealing with it and I'm the one who has to deal with it. Not the general public so... people overall are nice to me though and try to help with doors and such when I'm out in the world. I'm trying to do more things on my own. I've started driving again. That's a big step. I have anxiety walking to and from the car so I struggle with that, walking in parking lots terrifies me. I'm still trying bit by bit to do these
  8. leolady820

    That's another thing Paul. I'm struggling with the amount of my disability income in relation to what I was making before. Big difference. So hard to adjust. My life has changed so much and I'm probably going to have to move soonish. I want to stay in this area but I don't know if I'll find a place that I can afford... I need to stay near the gym I go to because my trainer has helped me tremendously. Stressed!
  9. leolady820

    It's seriously nice to know I'm not alone and I will take a little of everyone's advice. I really as appreciate all the insight. Getting on here was one of the best things I could do also even though I have a little trouble navigating the site sometimes. Thank you everyone. I'm starting to feel better already.
  10. leolady820

    It's seriously nice to know I'm not alone and I will take a little of everyone's advice. I really as appreciate all the insight. Getting on here was one of the best things I could do also even though I have a little trouble navigating the site sometimes. Thank you everyone. I'm starting to feel better already.
  11. leolady820

    That's what my daughter says too Tracy. She tells me I've helped so many other people that now I should be ok with asking for some help. Easier said than done though. Quite a few people I've helped are nowhere to be found now... My daughter helps me a lot but she had a baby in March and again I felt like a burden when she was pregnant and now she has two kids to take care of as well. My son helps me out too. There's just some things I'll have to figure out on my own though. I want my kids to have their own lives and not have me dependent on them. That's what we all want though so I guess I'm p
  12. leolady820

    Also Heather. I just noticed your post. You have a lot of good information in your post as well. And yeah, I am my own worst critic and often can't see the bright side when I'm going through something these days. I definitely need to practice thinking things into fruition. I think some of it's largely because I was already staying home a lot more because of my physical limitations before this covid19 thing started. It definitely interfered with some of the progress I was making when everything shut down. I still went outside with help to get fresh air and what exercise I could get. Still do an
  13. leolady820

    Thank you Tracy. I'm hoping the counseling will help once it starts. I've actually got some things going on in life that I have to make some big decisions. My life is going to change again and it's overwhelming. I appreciate the support. I have people in my life who just don't know how to be supportive and maybe don't want to try, but I have some who try to be supportive but they can't fully understand how different my mind set is from before and how much I struggle because my outward appearance seems overall ok. I never bothered people with my problems and I was always good at coming up with
  14. leolady820

    Thank you so much for responding. It is helpful and it lets me know I'm on the right track. I have also started going to a personal trainer but I'm nowhere near running. I'm not satisfied with my walking yet either but it is slowly improving. My trainer also has been helping with the breathing exercises you mentioned because he can recognize my anxiety and helps me through it. I will try to get on the board more often too. That should be helpful. Sometimes it's a little tricky to navigate though. So, with this board, working out with the trainer, practicing my breathing, and talking with the
  15. I need to know how some of you are dealing with the anxiety and depression that seems to be just part of having a stroke. As if having a stroke isn't enough to deal with! I still feel angry and feel it isn't fair this happened. Then there's the anxiety that often interferes with my physical functioning and can be damn near crippling. Even the smallest distraction or problem sends me to the moon sometimes! I'm scared to ask for or try medication because of the side effects. If you already have balance issues, it doesn't seem smart to take something that could make you dizzy or drowsy. Don't kno