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My name is Carrie and I had an ischemic stroke coming up on 6 months ago. Completely lost use of my left arm and leg. I'm now 46 but was still 45 when I had my stroke. I have two grown children, a grandson, and another grandson on the way. I've made a lot of progress since my inpatient rehab stay, a few weeks of home health, and then a few weeks of outpatient rehab. I do feel fortunate because I could have worse but I'm having a lot of feelings because I just miss my old self, body, capabilities, etc. I can walk with a single point cane(not a lot but getting better) but I still feel anxiety and fear of falling. My arm is getting movement back but not useful and still have very little strength. My kids and significant other are very supportive but will admit they can't understand what I'm going through. I think it will help to know my intermittent feelings of depression and anxiety are valid. I also try not to get discouraged because I'm still doing exercises but my progress is now pretty slow, at least in my opinion. Just looking to surround myself, even if it's online, with people who can relate.

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