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  1. KevRider

    Weather Break

    Finally a break in the weather ! After a hard winter here we seem to have entered spring. There's an ornamental pear tree that w use as a kid of indicator and its starting to bloom. Spring has high wind but they come later in the day. So there is a gap early morning where the sun is shining and temperature are above freezing so I got a few rides in. Seem the yoga and physio therapies have paid off! I am riding passably, doing best since my stoke. I still finding my posting trot rather bumpy as my muscle coordination is still a bit off so im not quite with the horses motion. Im much more in the saddle now but paying a price for all this in muscle aches later. I use these things to judge my recovery, like my left leg is becoming more effective, when I rode in the fall it was just along for the ride hanging there! After riding, the wind doesn't stop us working in the hoop house, so Deb and I have been doing lots of starts. Riding and gardening test my stamina which though improved I far from its pre-stroke level so by 2pm ( I get up like 4am) I crash in front of the TV wit a cup of tea. My exercise regime suffers wit my energy going else where but I don't worry about that as im active most of the light hours. Wed:treadmill Thu: day off Fri: treadmill Sat: Ride & gardening Sun: Ride & gardening Mon: Ride & gardening Tue: Ride & gardening Ave BP 151/86 weight 190
  2. KevRider

    Yes we have snow We are at 6000ft so snow in northern AZ in the high dessert is quite common.
  3. KevRider


    Well this virus will definitely put a dent in routine. My wife and I have decided to self-isolate as much as possible. We have cancelled all appointments and the Gym is closed and Yoga cancelled for now. We only have 20 cases so far in Arizona and they are all in the valley. Were going out for animal food later today but are paying in advance by credit card and they will just dump the stuff in the back of the pickup when we arrive. Better safe than sorry! On a more fun note the weather broke and we managed to get a ride in , but short lived a snow storm is coming in this evening. No one seems to have warned the flowers the daffodils are out and trees starting to bud. Challenge of trying to loose weight seems to elude me. Of course it doesn't help when I use Maryjane and get the munchies 🙂 Thu: Yoga Fri: Off Sat:Gardening Sun:Yoga Mon: Day off Tue: Rode Weigth: 195 and ave BP 151/86 My headiness continues to decrease but its like an exponential decay half as bad as lst week but still there. I missed the chat room Monday, either the time was altered or they started day light saving - which we don't do in AZ Time to shower , Kev
  4. KevRider

    Nephew Visit

    Life is getting back to old stuff. I have enough stamina to make evening events now, I was crashing about 6Pm before. Yoga leaves me rather trashed for the rest of the day but motion and balance seem to be improving. My headiness has also reduced to a light background annoyance. A bit worrying is that my blood pressure is trending up suggesting my arteries continue to constrict. My nephew is here for spring break so I have him doing tasks most of which involve the tractor , which he loves driving at 15 🙂 Wed:Acupuncture Thur: Yoga Fri: Gym , Lunch with friends Sat: Sun: Yoga Mon: Doctor Tues: Went to movie with nephew BP Ave 151/86 weight 189
  5. KevRider


    Well I had intended to do a blog every Wednesday but the best laid plans of mice etc.. Yoga seems to be paying off as walking etc seems a little easier but I seem to get out of balance more, but I also recover the balance quickly. In the mornings you could hardly tell id had a stroke but as the day goes on fatigue will start to show. Headiness/dizziness has receded considerable =. I think that's more the acupuncture. Im engaging in life more like I used to do. So time has been full and taking me out of the house more which is good. However it has meant that meant that I haven't got to the chat room and missed my post here. I had written off gardening this year but a neighbor Jim (closest) is helping big time and this weekend an old friend I hadn't seen for 11 yrs visited (middle) and all three of us prepping the beds for later planting. The downside to work - I forgot to stay hydrated and I think this drove up my BP to 169/91 so yesterday I drank much more and also took some THC to help sleep and this morning im at 140/80 which is good for me. Still losing the weight battle at 189 lbs.
  6. KevRider

    New Mexico

    My father was a master Marine on the Great Lakes run. At 7 he brought me a View Master 3d viewer and I remember most a cavern wonders of the world disc and image of Carlsbad Cavern. Well I finally got to see it. Deb and I took a 5 day road trip for valentines and our 19th anniversary, From a recovery point of view I probably did more walking than ever since my stroke. The caverns were a couple of hours of very up and down and uneven trails but the hand rails were a great help. The trip was fun and I was pretty trashed at the end of each day, but all the walking was at least a substitute for the gym which I didn't get to this week. Wed: House party & Evening meeting Thur: VLA Fri: Roswell Sat: Carlsbad Cavern Sun: White Sands Mon: Drive home Tues: Acupuncture BP ave 149/87 weight 190lb (eating out a lot doesn't help
  7. KevRider

    BP tracking

    So after years of trying to keep my blood pressure down and taking lisinopril my stoke doctor likes the Bp elevated some. My arteries in the base of my brain are very narrow so hes or with higher blood pressure is supposed to push though this restriction. I track it every morning and graph it. It all over the place and no trend is readily visible. Over time a drop would suggest improvement which is what my Dr hopes for. Some improvement are so subtle that it may be several days before I realize the change. Thee headiness Ive had with me since post stroke was reducing but this last week its reduced considerably it seems to come when my balance is challenged. Its absent most of the time and only comes when I make a sudden or unusual movement. I can get thru the day with it absent most of the time. We have a house party today and then off on a road trip for our 19th anniversary to Carlsbad caverns via Roswell for my UFO following wife. Wed: event Thu: Yoga Fri: treadmill Sat: Day Gardening Sun: dat off Mon: Gym Tues: Snowed in - cancelled acupuncture weight 188lb - Bp ave 148/86
  8. Wow thats a bit unusual but Im no doctor so can not answer. However what I found on my path in recovery is that unused musclse tend to contract and stiffen. I have made substantial advancement when muscles have been strectched for me. My first example of this is when my left hand was paralyzed in a fist. My therapist asked me to straighten my fingers. I could not. He opened the finger by force closing and opening several times. After the session I could not move those fingers and told my wife that I thought the exercise was a waste of time. The following morning I awoke and could straighten the finger my self! Since then on numerous occasions I have found motion of one muscle has been stopped by a tight muscle opposing that motion. I don't know if this is happening in case of your father.
  9. I'm 8 months since my stoke. While in in-patient treatment Id ask my doctor about specific things going on with me. His standard reply was 'all stokes are different' He wasn't wrong but his answer was not helpful. Her on stroke net I found enough people that at least one would have what I have. Recovery varies also. I was paralyzed on left side and lost speech. I thought I would spend the rest of life in a wheel chair. If im not tired I can walk where you could not see the deficiencies however from the inside I can still feel it. I personally struggle to keep a balance from pushing for all I can get back and taking it easy on myself I have to schedule a day off. I did find it helped to chat with others and hear their experience. Welcome to the group.
  10. KevRider

    I led a s/w development team before nd code. My stoke was June 2019. My recovery goes well but I still mis key all the time and find my programming skills have reduced considerably, THe loses can be depressing , it helped to gripe to others who understood -join us on a chat.
  11. KevRider

    A Day late

    I normally try and update my Blog early Wednesday morning but I was in Phoenix yesterday. Im finding that the Yoga , although not as strenuous as physio-therapy, eaves me pretty trashed for the rest of the day. I can feel it stretching some muscles and trying to active others which I have not used since my stroke. It seems to be working since the day after I always move/walk more easily and with slightly better form 🙂 The problem with road trips is that I tend to use the excuse that we can't cook away from home to indulge in eating out. WE had to go frm Flagstaff to Phoenix and we chose to go down the gorge into Sedona which I cant do without stopping for a coffee and a vegan chocolate (see pic) cake We sill eat Vegan with the occasional piece of grilled salmon but I suspect I eat more than I do at home so am not surprised that Im not loosing weight which is staying at around 186 lb. Well I'm home now till Feb 14th. Wed:Yoga Thu: Take it easy Fri: Gym Sat: Gardening Sun: Yoga Mon: Road trip Tues: Road trip Stamina seems to be slowly increasing and my headiness is less than it has been 🙂 So slight and slow improvement but still improvement!
  12. KevRider


    So I wrote of certain activities after my stroke, one of which was growing veggies. I have a 48ft hoop house and come 13 out side beds which had gone to ruin over the summer as I was out of action. Well my wife made a deal with a neighbor & friend who has just retired and wants to get into growing. So now hes going to do the heavy work and I'll do lighter work and we will split the produce. So Saturday he came over with his son and daughter and her boy friend. They did an amazing job and the hoop house is in god order and ready for planting. Meanwhile I did 4 trays on lettuce starts. It good to feel the garden comin back to life! Wed:Gym Thu: Yoga Fri: Tread mill Sat: GYM and gardening. Sun: Yoga Mon: Day off Tue: Acupuncture Kept to regime for Gym and Yoga but failed on snacking and paid the cost in weight which climbed to 188lb
  13. KevRider


    The best laid plans of mice and men! Well my new year intent was sabotages by a bout of nasty flu. It attacked my muscles and they ached terribly. It even affected my walking and it felt like I was going backward. On3e night of heavy blankets and sweating and the fever broke an by Thursday I felt better but was washed out energy wise so I decided the better path was to rest and recuperate so cancelled Yoga and Gym. I also had a presentation scheduled for Sunday and wanted to conserve energy for that. Monday felt sufficiently well that I returned to gym. Im trying to regain some stamina I can manage 9 Mins on the elliptical followed by a circuit of weights. I m incrementing it slowly and Im a long way from the 45 mins and weights I used to do. I may never regain that but Im still pushing for it all be it slowly. Reduced exercise and eating out hasn 't helped the weight loss but theres always the coming week! Wed: in bed with Flu THr: took it easy Fri: took it easy Sat: travel to Phoenix: ate out Sun: Presentation . second since stroke Mon: Back to Gym Tue: Acupuncture Weight 182lbs
  14. KevRider

    Nice to see you progessing. Hope you get more in 2002. With repect to the last post my left foot would toe drag then my therapist did some major stretching of the calf on that side, which helped greatly. Seemed the calf had tightened due to lack of use and was actually pulling my foot down.
  15. KevRider


    A goodly amount of travelling reduced mu exercise program but still:- Wed: Yoga joined by my wife. Thu: Gym Fri: drove tp Phoenix ate out. Sat: event & drove home. Sun. Day off. Mon: Drove to Sedona and made presentation. Ate out. Tues drove home got sick - feels like a flu. The big challenge for the week was returning to public speaking. Especially as I still have trouble controlling speech. I was sufficiently concerned that I had a dream 2 days before that I could not speak at all like just after my stroke. Anyhow the presentation of 45 mins was almost flawless except for one word that failed to arrive from my head. In an instant my wife called the word and I rolled on to the end, So we were all quite pleased 🙂 I managed to avoid snacking thru the week but eating out twice this week I didn't actually gain weight but did not loose any either.