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  1. KevRider

    Great work on the treadmill. Yes mines been a core to my recovery also. I think it has helped with my stepping rhythm big time. My core muscles still need to come fully back on line. I notice it more in the saddle than walking. Yes this recovery stuff is slow and a lttle boring but...!
  2. KevRider


    So this week i haven't had any notice improvements. Though perhaps my stamina is still improving. I have kept up my morning run back from the barn today additional incentive to get back quicker as we were down at 42F. I'm still following the morning ride with some project work. This week it was getting the barns north side stalls ready for winter. Our predominant wind is from the south west , so for the with we move the horse to the lee side. To prep the running pens I had to take fencing down, and gravel and rake the area. then replace the fencing. I'm still not a strong as i was 2 year
  3. KevRider


    Well this week I can't identify any actual improvements. Of course they can be so subtle now I have to pay attention to spot one. I do catch my self slipping back to my safe walk and find myself having to coach myself , like "Come on a bit faster" as I continue to move more as I used to. This week I have been involved with installing a big drum composter. The screwing of nuts onto bolts was an exercise they used to have me do in rehab, and I found I was flashing back to that as i had to do it a lot in this project. It certainly showed up a slight deficiency in fine motor skills in my left fing
  4. KevRider

    No it was the other way round. I think my headiness which feels like a light drunk is directly linked to my balance. When i first got home 4 weeks post stroke , it was with me all the time , EXCEPT when i would get in the saddle it would go away . that was consistent. Now if tried a tight roll back it would come back but I wasn't doing much of that . My problem was more I was riding like a novice and bouncing in the saddle!! It has taken a year to get back in the saddle. That's a phrase we use , in that a novice rides on the saddle and a good rider is in the saddle. I think that's controlled
  5. KevRider

    LOL yes they are.
  6. KevRider


    My recent attempts to push for normal seem to be paying off. Most of my motion lately is normal, though I still have to concentrate on doing it. Often the first couple of steps may be slightly lacking, but then i push a little, focus and its back again. This recently re-learned motion gets me into new areas of balance challenge. But only small ones which trigger a little headiness for just a moment and I seem to be learning how to re-balance and haven't been anywhere near falling yet. Control of my left arm ahs improved so much I have decided that my riding is good enough to restart train
  7. KevRider

    Pushing for Normal

    Those who may have read last weeks blog will know i'm pushing for normal. Generally its been working great! i'm estimating about an 85% rate and it feels good when I get it right as for a few minutes I fell no deficits. The slight down side it that occasionally on rougher ground i lose a little balance. and may stagger slightly for a stride or 2 it challenges my balance and may induce a little headiness. but I have not taken a fall yet, and believe that balance challenge is probably good neuro plastics learning anyhow. My horse came up lame 5 days ago so no riding for a few days, but took
  8. KevRider

    Breaking Habits

    This week its been harder to note specific improvement. Rather I seem to have realized that I may have to push beyond habits i've fallen into. I had started , and continue to run back from barn to the house every morning after feeding the horses. Yet I realized that I walk in a very steady and cautious way which has now served me for several months. One evening my wife was calling me to the bathroom to take meds and I realized I use to walk much faster in such circumstance. I increased stride and speed and had no problem! t wasn't like when I push to relearn a muscle use. I t was more like the
  9. KevRider


    Improvement these days is in subtle increments and easily over looked. My fist consistent walk of the day is over to the barn to feed the horses and I always use this to gauge progress. This morning I was most of the way to the barn when I realized I was thinking about something completely different and just walking naturally. Most of the time since the stoke I have to concentrate on every step I take. Another thing I added to my routine is I now run back from the barn , a distance of some 50meters. it actually feels more like my old self when I run as opposed to walking. Additional
  10. KevRider


    So this week I engaged in more work around the house and garden with some significant results. I offered to help with vacuuming the house. The to and thro motion of this induces a strange headiness as I transferred weight from one foot to the other. Later my walking changed to a longer stride and during my first walk of the day, which id from house to barn to feed horses, the walk felt vary natural and indistinguishable from my pre-stroke walk. It still gets a little wobbly as the day goes on and I become tired at the end of the day. We have also been doing a lot of harvesting and i have
  11. KevRider

    Just another week.

    Well with Arizona been a Covid hot spot we continue our isolation, now almost 5 months. Days slide one into the other we have to mark them with meals to help keep track, Spaghetti Sunday, Wednesday Pizza and 'Friesday'. Can't complain to much were almost set up for it. I think about 60% of what we are eating comes off our land. We have plenty y of space to ride in the morning, in fact we have over 2miles of track on our own property. My stamina is slowly coming back. Used to be when I rode it was about it for the morning and I needed to sit and re-coup. The last few days after riding I have en
  12. KevRider

    I hvan't the experience or gear to drive him. My arms may b well enough to work him at the walk if Deb saddles for me. The trot would be a bit painful i think. The ine is like 4yrs
  13. KevRider

    Not such a good week

    Well on Thursday last I was moving a bail of hay , which had fallen weirdly and jammed in position. I lifted with my legs but had my elbow bent slightly. Just as it started to move I felt my forearm muscles tear like breaking old sting. The felling was sickening , both mentally and physically! So that led to 3 days off nursing the arm. Its been getting better each day but is still to tender to risk riding. I did get back to the treadmill. On a better note I have been lengthening my walking stride back to its old level. The monsoon is on us here with heavy cloud cover through the night which
  14. KevRider

    Some we eat with salads , some we give to friends. Deb roasts a lot with onions and garlic . Its then frozen and used later for soup base , with spaghetti and s pizza topping.
  15. KevRider


    So actually had to go out this week! We get our income form a few rentals and we had a tenant leave so we had to go out to assess clean up needs, which included taking a traitor of junk to the dump. So some interaction with others hopefully at a safe distance, wearing masks and gloves. It felt good to be out and about but I was somewhat nervous in the interactions. Its good to be mobile enough again that I can do a lot of tasks required .,but I must admit I hired 2 guys to help with the heavy loading. Got lots of riding in the mornings this week and kept up regular walking on the treadmi