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  1. KevRider

    Oh hemorrhoids , can be areal pain in the *beep*! I had them fom 17 tp 47 when I finanally had the surgery. Wish I don it 3 decades earlier.
  2. KevRider

    I think I enjoyed this Thanksgiving more than any other. A one point I didn't hink I'd make it this far. TG is also the day I put up xmas decorations. Wow that insert came thru bigger than I expected but... It took me like twice as long as it used to and I flet rather precarious on the step ladder my balance is not great and I don't trust my left leg 100% Now lets hope I can keep the blood flowing to my brain till Xmas!
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  5. KevRider

    My physio found that my ham-string and calf muscles were contracted so she did a big & painful stretch of them. Then various exercises and the muscle strength started to regain strength. My right hamstring can pull 30lb but me left was only 7lb now its up to 23lb 🙂 My physios have been great!
  6. KevRider

    I had trouble sleeping following my stroke. I use medical marijuana every evening and nowsleep like a log!
  7. KevRider

    This is where I'm not sure of the best words to use. My wife gets true vertigo, which is caused by crystals moving in the ear. She counters that with Eply's maneuver see link. I get a kind of light headedness, there is no spinning room. Its almost like the start of a drunk or stoned session. It was quite strong and persistent at the beginning and I just chose to push thru it. It has reduced substantially in the 5 months since my stroke. It now comes on more with sudden changes of direction or moves I don't normally do. It seems to have been reduced by Microcurrent Neurofeedback a type of scalp acupuncture.
  8. I was never good with a walker. so they moved me to a quad cane. I also needed an ankle brace as my left toe tended to drag. When I left rehab , 5 weeks after stoke I walked out with hiking sticks and brace. 14 weeks out I did a one mile hike with brace only.
  9. KevRider

    I used to Scuba too. It was skin diving in tropical water. I think its pretty brave after a stroke its dangerous enough before!
  10. KevRider

    This was one 5 weeks after stroke. 07/28/19 had a break thru and left leg is slowly coming back!11/25/19 as I write this I ride with no brace now.
  11. KevRider

    My lft leg is braced and was petty much useless.
  12. KevRider

    They got the sign wrong in that the blood clts were remove, not fom my legs but my head.
  13. KevRider

    I hated this contraption but it got me moving agin.
  14. KevRider

    Scotsdale Rehab

    All of July 2019 was spent in Encompass Health, in-patient rehab. Great staff ans my wife could stay at the facility,
  15. New to this Site in fact I found the chat room from a google search. I joined the site proper yesterday. Will be in chat room whenever Im near my computer at the right time. Unfortunately time coincides with some of my physio. and other stuff but if not committed to stuff will be there.