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  1. KevRider


    The best laid plans of mice and men! Well my new year intent was sabotages by a bout of nasty flu. It attacked my muscles and they ached terribly. It even affected my walking and it felt like I was going backward. On3e night of heavy blankets and sweating and the fever broke an by Thursday I felt better but was washed out energy wise so I decided the better path was to rest and recuperate so cancelled Yoga and Gym. I also had a presentation scheduled for Sunday and wanted to conserve energy for that. Monday felt sufficiently well that I returned to gym. Im trying to regain some stamina I can manage 9 Mins on the elliptical followed by a circuit of weights. I m incrementing it slowly and Im a long way from the 45 mins and weights I used to do. I may never regain that but Im still pushing for it all be it slowly. Reduced exercise and eating out hasn 't helped the weight loss but theres always the coming week! Wed: in bed with Flu THr: took it easy Fri: took it easy Sat: travel to Phoenix: ate out Sun: Presentation . second since stroke Mon: Back to Gym Tue: Acupuncture Weight 182lbs
  2. KevRider

    Nice to see you progessing. Hope you get more in 2002. With repect to the last post my left foot would toe drag then my therapist did some major stretching of the calf on that side, which helped greatly. Seemed the calf had tightened due to lack of use and was actually pulling my foot down.
  3. KevRider


    A goodly amount of travelling reduced mu exercise program but still:- Wed: Yoga joined by my wife. Thu: Gym Fri: drove tp Phoenix ate out. Sat: event & drove home. Sun. Day off. Mon: Drove to Sedona and made presentation. Ate out. Tues drove home got sick - feels like a flu. The big challenge for the week was returning to public speaking. Especially as I still have trouble controlling speech. I was sufficiently concerned that I had a dream 2 days before that I could not speak at all like just after my stroke. Anyhow the presentation of 45 mins was almost flawless except for one word that failed to arrive from my head. In an instant my wife called the word and I rolled on to the end, So we were all quite pleased πŸ™‚ I managed to avoid snacking thru the week but eating out twice this week I didn't actually gain weight but did not loose any either.
  4. KevRider


  5. KevRider

    Well come to the stroke net. You were lucky . Home in 3 days! Join us in the chat room some time.
  6. KevRider

    Well first week of year done. I made it to the gym twice - objective received I stared Yoga class - intend to do 2 per week I used the tread mill Resisted snacking and weight dropped tp 186.6 b like a 5lb lose I finished physio therapy news Year eve with a 40 ft Run. So my recovery is going very well. I still get unbalanced and wobbly when I get tired. The headiness (like a drunkenness) which has been present since my stroke seems to be reducing πŸ™‚ Starting the Yoga seems to be timed very well Some of the poses I would not have been able to do a month ago. There was a lot of gentle muscle stretching and my legs felt jelly when we were done just like they do after physio but I wasn't trashed. 2 days later the muscles had toned up better and at the gym the workout went easier. I am now at a stage that if I'm not fatigued and I am focused my walk looks normal but it still requires effort on my part. My left arm is generally functioning well but I noticed last night in certain less common actions it still has spasmodity. I need to check that out. Been vey snowy here. Lost power on the solar system so had to get out and brush the panels! I have a lot of other activities (political) coming up this week so I may have to compromise my objectives. A break in the weather would be nice to let me back in the saddle.
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  8. KevRider

    A New Year

    So it's 2020! I'm not usually into blogging or journals etc. But some times I loose track of my recovery and dip into depression. Every day seems such and effort and I try and keep an attitude of gratitude, for still being here if nothing else. Daily improvement is so slow that I loose sight of my baseline, which is I can out after the stoke paralyzed in both limbs on the left side and unable to speak. Yesterday was New Years Eve and my last physio therapy session in which I ran. My recovery has been amazing or so I'm told πŸ™‚ that's another reason for gratitude. So I'm starting this (we will see if I mange to maintain it.) Another member was saying they are starting to keep a jar in which they write about something good that's happened in the week and put in the jar. So this I will use as the jar and set my goals for the coming year. 1. Write a post about at least one god thing that's happened every week. 2 Get to the gym at least twice a week unless out of town. 3. Use the treadmill at home if not going to gym. 4. Take Sundays as a relaxation day and do nothing. 5 Loose some weight - now 191lb I was at 175 before the stroke. OK off to the gym.
  9. and Happy New Year to all!
  10. KevRider

    I normally visit mum in the UK at xmas but I cant face the 3hr drive to Phx for a 10.5 hr flight to London, 1 hour tube and 2.5 hr train drive. 15 hrs in all. I just don't have the stamina to do it this year after the stroke. Maybe next year! Meanwhile enjoy your time with your mother Tracy.
  11. KevRider

    this is the direct link to the schedule http://www.strokeboard.net/index.php?/calendar/1-chat-schedule/ http://strokechat.net/ should take you to the chat room . on the left of the chat interface is a drop down the allows you to change rooms, select the support room. Hope this helps
  12. KevRider

    Hi Renzo, WELCOME Live chat check chat schedule.
  13. I can kind of relate to that as I had a fatal heart attack 2,5 yrs ago the brought me back with the paddles , it like having a 1000 razor blades go thru your body. I change diet ,lost 35 lb exercised vigorously. was in better shape that I had been for years and wham a stroke takes me out and almost kills me. The fear of another was overwhelming at first and I could not sleep my therapist diagnosed PTSD which qualified me for medical marijuana. As it does in New Jersey. I use it in the evening and it relaxes me and really helps with sleep. Each of us has to find their own solutions what works for me may not work for others. Reality I could be taken out my heart or another stroke in an instant. Accepting that reality I try to enjoy the day as much as possible. Some days it work well other I just get so tired!
  14. Hey we share the same birthday! but mine was in 1951. Welcome to the site. Stress is so hard to judge. I run 5 property companies so there a lot of accounting etc. I don't find thisso stressful. However just after my stroke for a while I feared another and pondered my forthcoming demise at a morbid level. I couldn't talk easily to my wife as it triggered all her fears of losing me, so we finally went to therapy and it definitely helped us. I get some support from the chat meets as at least the people there understand what I going thru - join us - its cheaper than therapy! πŸ™‚ What if any deficiencies did it leave you with , if any? I was originally fully paralyzed in my left arm & leg and had trouble speaking ( may stroke was June 2019 also). For me I realized I was creating more stress worrying about reoccurrence than any business problems. Life changes- we all have to make life changes - the **&$ stroke made changes for me! Anyhow WELCOME