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    "My scars tell a story, they are reminders of when life tried to break me, but failed." Steve Maraboli
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  1. razrbak94

    Thanks Willis, I suppose "search" truly is my friend in this situation. Not meaning to stir anything up, just wanting real feedback, not hype of hyperbole.
  2. razrbak94

    Looking for first hand experiences here. Anxiety relief? Are you in a fog? What has been your real world experience?
  3. Greetings Jon, from another newb. Good group here, lots of support. Finding we all have different impacts, but a share a common bond. Like Asha said above, chat room time is great community.
  4. razrbak94

    You reminded me of the period shortly after my stroke. It had little physical (visible) toll on me- just made me very weak. I really wanted the heck out of the hospital the following day, I remember how much effort it took me to walk down the hall, unassisted, to show I was good to go. I tried to make it look as cool and effortless as possible, on the inside I was like "what in the hell!!! why is this so hard???". Got home and proceeded to jump back into my normal routine to prove to everyone, including myself, that nothing had happened. I remember being up on a step ladder working in my shop when my wife came driving in, she lost her ever loving mind on me. I've built a good bit of strength back, primarily through weight training and hard core landscaping... happy where I'm at. I do still struggle with not being as mentally sharp as I was or need to be to perform at the level I hold myself to. I find have started to give myself a little bit more slack and have implemented tools & habits to help me out. Hopefully you can gain something from my rambling.
  5. Good read, thanks for posting up.
  6. razrbak94

    He'll be more than ready to get back rolling! I started early (10-ish) with BMX, which lead to dirt bikes (trail riding & motocross), which lead to me shattering my leg in 30 plus places May 3, 1992 (today is the 28 year anniversary), which was the last motocross for me. Rehab'ed and transitioned into trail riding and hair-scrambles (KTM300, last bike, pic above). Wadding myself up & taking longer to heal prompted me to close this chapter in my early 30's. Now my current desire for closed course competition has brought me to autocross (less likely to shatter legs). '92 Ford Mustang (also pictured above), which is transitioning itself to a street car project, for weekend goofing off. Much fun in going fast... hopefully your son will stick to the trails & stay out of competition.
  7. razrbak94

    Hi Margo! I too had a right side lacunar. Keep pushing & fighting... but be sure to extend yourself plenty of grace along the way. Eric
  8. razrbak94

    Spent a good bit of my life in the saddle- motocross, hairscrambles, autocross, bmx
  9. razrbak94

    Hi Kara. Use it as motivation & a little reminder for taking care of yourself. Try to live in the now & extend yourself a bit more grace. Be intentional on things you can impact/control & try not to sweat what you can't. Eric
  10. razrbak94

    Greetings WayneSki from a fellow newb. Where's home?
  11. Thank you, looking forward to it myself. Indeed a good wake-up call... I needed it.
  12. Thanks Deigh. Looking forward to making new friends, sharing experiences, and maybe learning a bit.
  13. Ischemic (lacunar) stroke on 1/7/16. Non-smoker, no drugs, modest alcohol use, decent physical condition, very low cholesterol, low blood sugar, low bp, incredibly low triglycerides... doing pretty well for a mid forty-something. About 6 months of intense work pressure/stress... manifest in clinical depression, daily panic attacks w/non-stop heart palpations. Stroke was my reward for killing myself (almost literally) in my work. Tenured my registration 2 weeks later. On this side of it, looking at it as a little gift from God, a quite effective wake up call on screwed up life balance and lack of stress management. Never really comprehended "casting your burden unto the Lord" prior... now I get it. Have a constant reminder with a numb/warm sensation in my the left side of my face, mild tingling in my left arm, crap(pier) short term memory and a bit more feisty attitude at times. My 50 year-old joints like the fact that I seem to get the same results with lighter weights in workouts. I am in a better place for it all, but still have deep feelings that I have been robbed of memories at times, jogged by a found picture, letter or item. Seems I'll find something forgotten which will rock me with intense emotion of loss and deep guilt for it. Probably a good exercise in remembering to appreciate the wife, kids, and beloved pets, while they are here to hold. Enough wallowing, good to have found this group, I look forward to this journey. Eric
  14. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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