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  1. Twice now I've pushed hard exercising and ended up running a fever later in the evening. Some tylenol and rest fixes me up but it's very annoying. Has anyone one else run into this?
  2. Jondoty

    Just cant beleive I went undrafted yet again despite great hands and a solid 40 time😉
  3. Jondoty

    Thankful for replays on nfl network... so not that desperate for sports. Yet.....
  4. Thank you. I've notice thats how it works but I apparently needed someone to point it out to me.
  5. Jondoty

    Hello Renzo my name is Jon. That's great that you're recovering so quickly. I'm 35 and stroked just under 2 years ago. I'm walking pretty well but still having problems with my left hand. I have vision problems too. I had a retinal artery occlusion along with the stroke so now my right eye is completely blind permanently . I'm glad you found this site. I've been here a very short time but I'm very thankful I found this place.
  6. I've never thought of myself as a role model. In fact I'm usually disappointed with myself thinking I'm not working hard enough no matter how much I do.especially with my hand not making the progress I think it shouldbut if I can help somone in any way then that's great and im happy to be able to do that.
  7. I'm sure you'll make it I haven't done anything special just hard work and consistency and I still have a long ways to go. sounds like you're doing very well.
  8. Jondoty

    Hello my name is Jon im 35 living in Pacifica,CA. (about 15 miles south of San Francisco) would be interested in hearing from any other young survivors in my area about ways you have found to cope with the drastic changes stroke has brought to our lives.
  9. Working with a pt is on hold right now as my favorite PT is on maternity leave and this pandemic has thrown a wrench in the process of working with another pt for now but I do have excercises to do and I am seeing progress. I will never give up... it is hard to deal with the pace of the recovery being so slow and people around me not understanding how slow the recovery process is but I am making progress and I'm confident I will reach my goals. I've always been a very driven person. It took a while, but I finally learned to set more realistic goals and to stop putting a timetable or
  10. Hello everyone my name is Jon I had a right side ischemic stroke on 8-1-2018 at 33 I'm now 35 I have been working very hard on what I call my comeback. I have been walking with no aid for about 4 months now. I try to walk around my block 3 times which equals 1 mile a day my gait is not perfected yet but it's getting closer and closer. I also got my drivers license back in January and luckily I'm able to work for my dads construction company. Working in the office.. not sure what else to say. I hope to be able to contribute to this great community you have here and learn alot as well.
  11. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.