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  1. LgSeaunier

    OK, thanks Becky
  2. LgSeaunier

    Thank you Becky. I know just who (which social worker) to speak with at the hospital.
  3. LgSeaunier

    Thank you Becky. I had no idea where to start or what the process would even be. Any idea how long it might take?
  4. LgSeaunier

    Thank you for your responses. It was not an easy decision but like I have.been told many times, no one should be abused. I have been, and I refuse to continue with it. The problem is - - he only has a 15 second to 20 minute memory retention. How can I discuss ANYTHING with him when he doesn't remember? I've given up making Dr. Appointments, he adamantly refuses to go. Even with the cancer tests. I don't know for sure if he has it or not. I'm so tired of being upset and angry all the time, I'm ready and looking forward to building the house on MY property - - alone. I'm sure that after everyth
  5. LgSeaunier

    I need to find a permanent facility for a belligerent-his way only-obnoxious-octopus. How do I accomplish this? Thank you for any and all ideas.
  6. LgSeaunier

    Hello my friends It's Friday night and my lover hasn't been belligerent all week. It's so nice! I'm down to two things to do. Building a 16 ft yurt is next. We need shelter until the house is built. Should be fun!! I'll keep you posted. Thank you for all your understanding and kindness (can't say that enough) I'm so grateful I found you. I'm not in that BAD place anymore!!! I'll post whenever I can. Huggies to each of you Lgs
  7. LgSeaunier

    Janelle was right. I tried never to let him see me fall apart, but two days ago he hit me twice, second time aiming for my nose. Well, when I knew I was about to fall apart, he wouldn't hear of me being alone. So he saw it. During my crying I looked at him and said "if you ever have doubts of my love for you, remember me now. I go through this because of my love for you. My head says RUN AND RUN FAST, but my heart says YOU CAN'T. " I told him other things too but that's the important things. Well, today he was different. Today he was kind and funny like he used to be (kind of) I see this as p
  8. LgSeaunier

    Hello everyone Everyone who reads this post is encouraged to please post your thoughts. More outside thoughts for me to draw upon, will help me make a more informed decision. Thank you. I'm working on moving two states away (600 miles) to our property. I see this decision as - - what helps me, will help my lover. I could focus on him rather rather than having the stress of my current situation of my family. Because we have no therapies any longer, I've worked out our own plan. Being on our property will give him therapy without him thinking of it that way, and have his inter
  9. LgSeaunier

    Why do I always have to be the strong one? I have been forever. With most everyone I've ever known which is why I've been on hold my whole life, never allowed to accomplish what I want. Problem is, I'm now falling apart inside. It's getting harder and harder to be strong for him. But I must push onward no matter what. Just had to say it, I can't anywhere else.
  10. LgSeaunier

    I want me family out of my life. I've been working on that for around 4 years now. My lover agreed to my decision. They say you can't choose your family. I say you can choose whether they are in your life or not. It may be an odd thing, but I can can take my lovers belligerence much better than my families. Especially my sisters (I'll not get into that on right now). My lover has the big "D" due to his cancer (according to his Dr.) and we need to stay close to a restroom so I can take care of it and change his depends when needed. Well, when we're out and about, we always seem to b
  11. LgSeaunier

    Janelle (GreenQueen ) Thank you for understanding. "we got you " was close enough to compel me to respond that way. Thank you for your empathy and compassion. Thank you all for that !!! It means the world to me that I am being heard. I'm glad you said "to talk and vent it's good for the soul. " My next post just might take you up on that. Lgs
  12. LgSeaunier

    Ksmith; Love the uncooked pasta analogy. I have an odd understanding of the world and I understood what you said. It's entirely sensible. Thank you for telling your story on my thread. LGS
  13. LgSeaunier

    becky1 I know what you were saying and I did not take it like that at all. These are helpful thoughts. No need to worry about saying something the wrong way. If I don't understand how something is said, I will ask for clarification.
  14. LgSeaunier

    Oh Deigh; I must respond to you. You reevaluated your own behavior because of the things I'm going through - - WOW - - I can only respond by saying, if I can do that to just one person, then that makes what I have to endure worthwhile. Thank you for posting that, you brought tears to my eyes. Posts like yours encourages me more than any other post could thank you - thank you - thank you L. G. S.
  15. LgSeaunier

    I would like to thank all who has given feedback and thoughtful ideas to help my situation. I am overwhelmed that there are others who understand and actually want to listen to me. Saying nothing about caring about my well being. I lay quietly in bed when my lover is asleep, and cry about it. Thank you all L.G.S.