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  1. Thanks! This is really interesting. I'd be willing to do anything at home since I can't get out on a regular basis. the article didn't seem to have any real specifics,but I'll look into it further. ~Beth
  2. I'm not sure about this. I'm 17 years post stroke with extreme spasticity,but not sure what the signs of atrophy are. What does your doctor think? Best of everything to you. ~Beth
  3. Hi Penny, I have a lot of Spasticity from my stroke almost 17 years ago when I was 39. I did try Acupuncture years ago. So long ago I don't really remember the rtesults. All I recall is that it relaxed me. I would be willing to try it again though. I'm on the most Baclofen that's safe to take and that doesn't seem to help. Horse Riding Therapy did work,but the results don't last. And Botox did nothing for me. Wishing you all the best. ~Beth
  4. Wow. This sounds really promising. My hand has been in a fist(no function at all) for 17 years since my stroke at age 39. Botox didn't seem to do anything though. I'll look into this though. So cool that you have a horse. I have done Equine Therapy and it really helped. Hope to do it again this summer. Are you on Face Book? There are some good support groups on there too. I've connmected with other survivors there too. So helpful. StrokeNet is great. I wish you all the best. And thanks for the tip! ~Beth
  5. I pray it doesn't stop also.
  6. I'd have to agree with Kelli. This sounds very promising. And I had thought this was around the time things might kick in. In my almost 17 years since my stroke I've never had that happen. Left arm,hands and fingers won't budge at all. Although,slight movement in my arm-and I need to be looking in the mirror. It does help to move the right one at the same time.
  7. I also am unable to sleep flat on my back without lower back pain. I have to sleep with my back on an incline wedge(memory foam) and a bolster pillow under my legs. it's not easy to get positioned,but it works. the adjustable bed would be great,but expensive. thanks for sharing!
  8. Even after seventeen years I'm desperately looking for solutions,too. Many of us are. But I'd like to think that if there's something ground-breaking we'll hear about it from legitimate sources. And,yes,no two strokes are alike. For now we can just support one another and look for solutions together.
  9. I agree. If there were a "cure" to stroke we'd hear about it from legitimate resources. Not the doctor's website,with what I consider to be phony testimonials. Maybe I'm a cynic,but I just don't buy it.
  10. Hi Khalil. There was a discussion on here some time ago regarding this doctor in Florida. I thought about doing it,even thought it's very expensive($8000 at the time)and is a long trip. Some people tried it and seemed like the biggest complaint was the doctor not getting back to themand not very professional. He is a dermatologist and injects a psoriasis(Enbrel)medication for treatment of stroke. I,personally,question his qualifications. And think that if the "miracle" drug were out there we'd be hearing a lot more about it. Too good to be true. Here is another article that might help: Regards, Beth
  11. hi, My left arm/hand has no function(have a lot of spasticity and hand is always in a fist) at all,since stroke at age 39 seventeen years ago. I've never tried the NEMS,but know some people have had good luck with it. mostly loosening the muscles I think. if you're on Face Book there's a good support group(Stroke Coffee House) on there. I know someone on there uses a device. you could put the question out for discussion. wishing you all the best. ~Beth
  12. hi, ​I've never tried it,but heard it can have good results. I've had no function at all of left arm/hand since stroke in 2000. I wish you all the best. And let us know how it goes. ​~Beth
  13. hi Jen, I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for both you and your mother. i had my stroke when I was 30 almost 16 years ago. I do remember those days of just wanting to stay put and take the easiest way possible. I have a lot of spasticity and also had the Achilles lengthening surgery. it relieved the pain I was having and made it ossible for the PT to stretch my ankle. I still can't move it on my own and my knee doesn't bend at all when I walk(I basically swing out from my hip and use a cane). I need an AFO that goes almost to my knee. have a lot of weakness and tone on that left side. in my opinion it's just too soon for her. it takes years to adjust to our "new" selves. do either of you use Face Book? there is also a good support group on there. I can put you in touch. she needs to know she's not alone. many of these feelings are common. not sure if this helps-but I believe in time she'll get there. you are doing everything in your power to help. I'm sure she appreciates it. PT and doctor appointments are important. and every day they seem to be coming up with new treatments. I wish you the best of everything! ~Beth
  14. Happy Anniversary bella!