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  1. bella

    Hi Alan, My stroke was 17 years ago. I don'y use the cane indoors,only ouside. leg pretty much has that heavy feeling all the time. Wishing you the best. ~Beth
  2. bella

    I have a lot of spasticy in my left arm/hand from my one and only stroke at age 39 in 2000. over the years I received Botox,but didn't have a lot of confidence in the doctors doing it. I felt no relief at all. also had some in my leg. nothing. found a very experienced doctor. had the injections yesterday for fingers(that injection was pretty painful) wrist and bicep(what a bruise!). I know it should take about a week to notice anything,but I already feel something. I have absolutely no movement in that arm/hand. never had in these past 17 years. this new doctor would prefer treating it with medication. I'm already on the highest Baclofen dose. they added Dantrolene and it may help. would be easier than traveling all that way for Botox every 3 months. I'm feeling positive,anyway. All the best. ~Beth
  3. bella

    Happy Anniversary bella!

  4. bella

    Happy Anniversary bella!

  5. bella

    I have extreme tone in my hand. always in a fist. Botox didn't seem to do anything for me. feel like I should be wearing a night splint. had on made,but lost it. it was so hard to get on will all that tone. now I have a Terrycloth(with metal inside) one that the OT had me order. I use ot once in awhile,but think I'd be much better off with a custom made one. most nights I wear nothing and know this can't be good. have an OT appt. coming up-will see what they say.
  6. bella

    hi Cathy, I'm not too far from Boston and I know we have some good ones. mass general hospital(when the new england patriot Tedi Bruschi had his stroke he went here) ranked number 3 I think. you're welcome to stay here if you go there. Beth PS. how have you been?
  7. thanks so much for the replies. this time around the Botox seems to have helped more :cheer: . the toes aren't so bad(no pain) and I can force my hand open with my "good' hand and i work on it all the time. the splint is also getting easier to put on. once again...thanks!!!
  8. I go in again tomorrow for my second round. insurance is paying SOME but it's still expensive . right now I'm back at that stage where my hand is in a fist and my elbow tightens up when I walk. I can tighten my fist but never open it without force...what a pain. I'm always trying to open it and range it with little success. maybe this round will give me more relief. good luck to all who try it! Beth
  9. well I'm happy to report that the Botox worked. I noticed right between the first and second week after the injections. I'll definitely be back for more! Beth
  10. well, I had my botox shots(about 8) done last week with the EMG needle. wasn't as bad as I thought. she said it should take about 2 weeks before I notice anything. I'm hopeful and feeling positive! beth
  11. hi, I am sorry for what you are going through. if this continues to distress you then you need to talk to someone you can trust...a neighbor,doctor,nurse,etc. I wish you the best! beth
  12. I guess we're all taking our chances in hopes that something will help. It looks like the FDA has never approved Botox for muscle spasticity(only for wrinkles)...at least that's what the news article said. I'm still willing to see if it helps. I've accepted life after stroke so I'll accept whatever else comes my way. beth
  13. well, my insurance has OK'd the Botox so I have an appointment in april. just got a new AFO and it has helped with the curling under. I'm willing to give it a "shot"(pun intended). did you notice that the website link warning about botox is for a lawyer looking for people who have had side affects...looking to sue somebody? will let you know how it turns out. beth
  14. hi all, I stroked in 2000 at age 39. I've had sooo much spasticity and nothing seems to work. taking baclofen(only 40 mg. a day). I've tried botox a few times and never felt any different. the last doc says my arm is so tight that it's affecting my walking...who knew! my foot and toes curl under so much that I feel like I'm walking on the side of my foot(I wear a hinged AFO). my hand is in a fist and my leg is so tight that I don't bend my knee when I walk. I just swing my hip out. don't know how to fix this but she wants to shoot me with more botox than the other doc did. she'll do it in the bottom of my foot to help the toes(ouch) and in my arm to help my balance. in these past almost 8 years I have never been able to move my arm or hand and have been told to get used to that...don't want to hear it! so I guess I'm going for the botox again. I figure it can only help,right? anyone have any thoughts on the matter? thanks for letting me ramble. beth
  15. bella

    I used wii recently and it was lots of fun. good for balance and also games you can play sitting down...I like the "fishing". they are hard to find and $$ but check out a used one(all those kids sick of them after the holiday) maybe on craigslist. enjoy! beth