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  1. I have a lot of spasticy in my left arm/hand from my one and only stroke at age 39 in 2000. over the years I received Botox,but didn't have a lot of confidence in the doctors doing it. I felt no relief at all. also had some in my leg. nothing. found a very experienced doctor. had the injections yesterday for fingers(that injection was pretty painful) wrist and bicep(what a bruise!). I know it should take about a week to notice anything,but I already feel something. I have absolutely no movement in that arm/hand. never had in these past 17 years. this new doctor would prefer treating it with medication. I'm already on the highest Baclofen dose. they added Dantrolene and it may help. would be easier than traveling all that way for Botox every 3 months. I'm feeling positive,anyway. All the best. ~Beth
  2. Oh boy,not this again. There are been numerous posts on this guy. Most opinions lean towards him being a fraud. insists on money(a lot)up front won't take insurance. I'm not interested in letting a Dermatologist insert an arthritis medication into my spine and lying upside down for 15 minutes. anyone can make these videos-and clearly he has). no clinical trials done. I'd be interested if reliable sources okay it.
  3. I'm still cynical. I believe it's a scam. I've heard it costs around $8000.00 just for a visit. I would be hesitant about letting someone(not trained in neurological issues)inject me in my spine with medication used for arthritis. If there were actual clinical results and not just videos he's made I might take the chance. I do believe the Face Book stroke support page I belong to had people that actually tried it,or at least were in contact with the doctor. From what I recall he wasn't very good about getting back to patients. And I thought someone said money was due just for the consultation. I'll just wait until something proven comes along. If you try it keep us posted.
  4. Very interesting. I think when a major breakthrough appears we'll hear about it. I shared the article on Face Book. Some of the support groups on there were asking about it.
  5. Thanks,Kelli. i think a "real"(yeah,I know he's a dermatologist which is a doctor) doctor is the place to start. Don't you think if this were a real cure we'd be hearing about it from legitimate sources? If it looks too good... I don't want to discourage,just my thoughts.
  6. There have been many discussion on here and elsewhere(Face Book support groups went into it awhile ago) regarding this. Most people concluded that it's a scam and doesn't benefit anyone other than the doctor who's doing it. You might want to search the Forums. I believe people here have actually had the treatment done. Others have contacted the doctor. I've yet to see anything positive. But it may be worth a "shot". All the best! ~Beth
  7. I've heard about it,but don't know much beyond that. Try searching Forums on here using the search feature. I believe there was a discussion on it some time ago. Best, Beth
  8. 17 years ago after my stroke I was sent home with a hemi. Only because I had no function of my left arm. I found it to be awkward and didn't care for it. It was useful for transfers in the beginning,though. As I worked more with my in home PT I graduated to a quad cane and then a single point(which I use now). It went quicker than I thought it would. Now I go caneless in the house. And use a "Loftstrand"(cuff)cane outdoors for added support. These are good for long term use and took pressure off an injured(from overuse) rotator cuff on my unaffected side. I hope this helps somehow. If you're on Face Book there are useful support groups. You could always ask there. They have been extremely helpful to me. Wishing you all the best. ~Beth
  9. I think that's a great idea. I really hope others will contribute and share stories of long time recovery.
  10. Hi Vickie, I had my stroke almost 17 years ago when I was 39 in 2000. In 2004 I was having so much spasticity(still am)that the pain was unbearable. My muscles would spasm from quads all the way down my leg to my foot. PTs were unable to move my ankle at all because my Achilles was so tight. Dr. suggested the Achilles lengthening and it was the best thing I've ever done. It helped the pain. i don't recall wearing a cast/boot for very long. But my foot still turns in on itself. Impossible to get it flat on the floor no matter what. My toes curl under too. Had the tendon on my big toe cut by a Podiatrist and that helped. Thinking of getting them all done. And seeing if he can help the foot from turning in. I wear an AFO any time I walk/stand. Hope this helps. I agree with this whole "can't" thing too. All the best. ~Beth
  11. Hi Penny, I have a lot of Spasticity from my stroke almost 17 years ago when I was 39. I did try Acupuncture years ago. So long ago I don't really remember the rtesults. All I recall is that it relaxed me. I would be willing to try it again though. I'm on the most Baclofen that's safe to take and that doesn't seem to help. Horse Riding Therapy did work,but the results don't last. And Botox did nothing for me. Wishing you all the best. ~Beth
  12. I pray it doesn't stop also.
  13. I'd have to agree with Kelli. This sounds very promising. And I had thought this was around the time things might kick in. In my almost 17 years since my stroke I've never had that happen. Left arm,hands and fingers won't budge at all. Although,slight movement in my arm-and I need to be looking in the mirror. It does help to move the right one at the same time.
  14. Even after seventeen years I'm desperately looking for solutions,too. Many of us are. But I'd like to think that if there's something ground-breaking we'll hear about it from legitimate sources. And,yes,no two strokes are alike. For now we can just support one another and look for solutions together.
  15. I agree. If there were a "cure" to stroke we'd hear about it from legitimate resources. Not the doctor's website,with what I consider to be phony testimonials. Maybe I'm a cynic,but I just don't buy it.