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  1. Hi Heather, thanks for getting back to me , I think comparing issues helps, because we realize we are not the only one struggling with these things, the best part is that we can all see that we continue to try to improve no matter how many years post stroke. You and I seem to have similar deficits, I am able to go up on my toes and my left foot has more dexterity than my hand I find that is amazing, just the way the stroke affected my brain, I am lucky that I am able to do any thing at all, my whole brain was flooded with blood when the AVM, blew, the surgeon told my husband he was not sure if he had saved a vegetable. WHEW, but here I am, still striving to improve, like you even though it's slow it is better than going backwards. My hand is the hardest part too, such a struggle at times. But we do what we can do, thanks for your support. Penny
  2. Hi again, well it has been 15 years for me, the 21st of this month I was 52 when I had mine. I focus mostly on my hand, so basically I try to incorporate it daily in most things that I do task wise, I understand that the brain rewires itself that way even if my hand is not completely doing the task, I try to think that it is while my right hand does the job. good for you wanting to return to running, every now and then I will jog a few strides and it feels so uneven that I stop, skipping is another nightmare, dancing another, but I do walk well, hike and cross country ski and snow shoe so I am pretty happy with that, yes you have to be realistic about your expectations for sure, we are lucky to have expectations at all. We all have our challenges, keep up the hard work. thanks for the messages I enjoy hearing from those in the same boat. Penny
  3. So your name is Heather not heathber, thinking that is a combo of your first and last name? Nice to know this about your PT, and physio treatments sounds like you have done the gambit how many years since your stroke? I just past my 15 year mark, I can't believe it has been so long, but life is good frustrating at times but by and large I feel fortunate to be able to do what I do. I had acupuncture yesterday and asked the dr. If he treated stroke conditions he said he did, but because it has been so long since mine it could take longer to help. I still think it is worth a try. Thanks for responding to my posts it is nice to connect with people who are dealing with similar aspects of stroke. Have a great day Penny
  4. Ufusco, wow, interesting how stroke affects all of us so differently, I am guessing that you are very strong willed and because of that you will recover well, hard as it is, the fact that you have the use of your limbs especially your hands is encouraging, I don't think you will experience spasticity because I had that from the onset I never lost sensation either. I hope that you continue to get better each day, it is like watching grass grow but in a few months time you will see that you are improving. Thanks for your responses to my questions We are all striving for answers, especially from those who are in the same boat. Take care. Penny
  5. It would be great to find someone like this, the specialist I used years ago was good but not ethical in that he over charged the insurance companies but his procedures worked, he does not practice in our area anymore and I suspect it was due to his over charging. He was a Russian Doctor who practiced prolo therapy. Have you heard of that? I see my Chinese doc today so I will ask him. Like you said it can't hurt to try and anything that helps is worth the money spent. I thank you for your follow up answers. Melbourne, Australia I figured you were not from the US when you described your PT as a physio, that is one country we have not been to one of these day perhaps we will. Have a great day thanks Penny
  6. Hi Heather, thank you for telling me about this, I actually think I had a similar process done on my back years ago because of how you explained it, sounds like what he did and it did reduce the pain in my lower back. I will have to try and see if there is someone in my area that does this. Still I wonder would acupuncture help with tight muscles due to spastitsity for so many years, I think it is worth a try any way, it is not that expensive and he has helped my shoulder quite a bit. I like your motto, that's the way I feel after 15 years on the 21st of this month. Where do you live? Penny
  7. Heath ER, what is dry needling? I see my acupunturist tomorrow using him for a sore shoulder, on my good side over use I suspect, but I will ask him about this procedure. Thanks for mentioning this
  8. Boy you just had yours so the more you do now the better off you will be, what kind of stroke did you have? Left or right side deficits. Spasticity or no. Yes you tend to run the gambit over time in hopes that the hard work shows a difference, I found the seabo flex the best by far as far as strengthening my hand and stretching it out, I still use it from time to time, probably not enough but you will realize that you get so tired of having to think about it all the time. Still you must because it is always there, and you learn to live a full life with it believe me, like you said "what choice do we have" BEATS THE ALTERNATIVE, good luck with your indevors, Penny
  9. Hi, thanks for giving me more information, I have looked into all of this of course after being 15 years post stroke, I do know what it takes repetition, repetition etc. unfortunately the regemin gets old fast and you just want to get on with your life, I have done the constraint induced, seabo flex, Botox with therapy in 2014, so I have tried a lot, I just looked into the Rafael smart glove, not sure it is for me though because it requires sitting in front of a computer doing exercises, for how long I don't know, but I am not very patient in that I know myself not wanting to just sit and repeat and repeat when I can be doing other things. Any way, I thank you for your interest and your replies, knowing we are not in this alone is crucial. We all want that magic bullet, at the end of the day it all boils down to just hard work and making the most of your life with what you have. Penny
  10. I will consult with my dr. on this next week, thanks for the input. Penny
  11. thanks, guess it doesn't hurt to try
  12. Thanks for your input, I see my dr. Next week and I want to ask him about it of course he will say it works Ching Ching. $$$$$. I did google it and it says it can help with spasticity which is my worst problem, worth a try I expect, it did say too that they need to put needles in certain areas of your scalp. So how do you tell the acupuncturist how to administer the therapy?
  13. Thanks Bella, just thought it may be worth a try, my stroke was in 2002, still trying. We never give up do we thanks I am trying to find out more information about the Rafael glove now not having a lot of luck. Penny
  15. Hi Steve, thanks for all of your efforts, I have been looking at the new board for the past two days since you sent the e mail and I am trying to figure out how to navigate around it. I am getting better but I really am not computer savvy at all, still I am trying. I guess that is the reason that I do not participate that often, yet it is comforting to know that it is a place where I can go to feel connected to others who experience similar problems due to stroke. I did post two things last night but could not find where I had. I have no patience so I give up. I hope you understand my lack of communicating. Still I really appreciate this message board. Thanks, Penny