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  1. Happy Anniversary cindy!

  2. Happy Anniversary cindy!

  3. Happy Anniversary cindy!

  4. Happy Birthday cindy!

  5. cindy

    He's so strong

    My husband is the strongest person ever. Some days I can understand about 60% of everything he says. Pretty amazing since he couldn't speak a word or even know his own name when the stroke first hit. He's overcoming it, continuing to get better even after 4 years. He recovered amazingly from the AAA surgery. His surgery for the colon cancer is 4/6/2007. We'll know more about the extremity once they get it out and do the biopsy. I hope he doesn't have to go through chemo. He's been through enough!! He went to the grocery store today. When I think of all the things he can do it blows me away. Okay, so guess we'll hit this one head on too. I want to just plow through it with him and be on the other side a winner already. All overwith but it will be here soon enough I suppose.
  6. cindy

    Thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers. His next surgery is set for April 6.
  7. cindy

    About Bob

    My husband is saying full sentences and phrases now where in the beginning he couldn't speak a word. Only now he has colon cancer. :Tantrum: He just recovered from surgery where he had an abdominal aneurism in the aorta. It made the artery 4 times the normal size. The only reason we found it was because when they found the colon cancer they wanted a ct scan of the torso. He says he won't take chemo if need be after the surgery. We'll see. We go see the surgeon tomorrow to find out when the next surgery is. The last 4 years since his stroke have been an extreme ride of ups, downs, emotions, trials, tribulations, victories and failures, well you know. You name it. God.........I wonder if and when it's gonna stop. I've never met or known anyone as unbelievably strong as my husband.
  8. cindy

    Fred, It's a western saddle. I don't ride english. Why? The saddles are too small!! Cindy
  9. cindy

    My new Lover Boy!!!

    So I have a new love. He's my avitar. His name is Axel and he's a dapple grey Thoroughbred gelding. My sister gave him to me. He's needs trained and I'm on my way to doing just that. I've never had a thoroughbred and can tell a big difference in the Quarter Horses I've always been used to. He's much more spunky. Yikes!! So I wear a helmet when I ride him. I don't want these old bones breaking at my age. Especially my head. It's messed up enough as it is!! LOL!! Anyway I'm really happy I have a new purpose and goal in my life. Time for me every afternoon when I get off work. My hubby is still doing great. He has a colonoscopy tomorrow so he has to drink that yucky stuff starting tonight. They found some blood so I'm hoping it's nothing even though I can't help but to worry a bit. Of course I won't let him know I'm worrying so we'll see. Love you guys........and so glad you're here. Cindy : )
  10. cindy

    I just LOVE your spunk and attitude. Oh my...........if some of the rest of the world could jump on your wagon and ride along I think we would all be a lot better off!!!!! A HUGE congratulations on the diploma and accomplishments you've made in your life. YOU GO GIRL!!! Cindy p.s. I'm a big fat scaredy cat when it comes to roller coasters and jumping out of planes.
  11. Hi Dorrie, I'm really sorry for you and your Mom. My husband had his first seizure a little over a year after his stroke. Then a couple of months later he had two more. His last siezure was Jan. 1, 2005. The doctor kept him on the dilantin he was taking and added Lamictal. He hasn't had one since. I want to add that the last seizure was both a curse and a blessing as it jolted something in his brain and he started to progress in his recovery. Both his cognitive and speech ablilities. Do you think maybe a change in medication might prevent another one? Just a thought and our experience regarding the seizures. I hope and pray that you will find the financial aid you are seeking and things get better. Take care and hugz to you and your Mom. :hug: Cindy
  12. cindy

    Been a while...AGAIN!!!

    Geez.....Been busy I guess. I usually come on the site while I'm at work but Real Estate has actually picked up a bit. I started riding horses again and man am I SORE! I called my Mom the next day and told her every muscle in my body hurt except for my face. My sister has an equestrian center about 35 minutes from me and has plenty of horses for me to ride. Right now I'm riding the oldie goldie so I don't kill myself since it's been about 20 years since I've ridden minus once. I used to show Western Pleasure and am having fun with my new adventure. My hubby is doing great. He went to the drug store for the first time and refilled his prescription yesterday all by himself. We've been working on him doing things by himself in case something happens to me. My greatest fear is I go before him and he not be able to do things on his own. His speech continues to improve daily. It's almost unbelievable because, well we all know what the doctors say. LIES.........LIES !!!!!!!! But I won't go there. Lately I've noticed my honey's vocabulary expanding. It's all very exciting and living in good times right now. I remember when I first came here I was a mess......confused, depressed, felt all alone, felt like my world had been pulled from right out under my feet, BUT................... Thank you Strokenet. Cindy
  13. cindy

    "House" with no cane

    I tape the show House all the time. I love it and the new season just started not too long ago so we haven't seen it in a while. Well we were watching it for the first time (of the new season) last night and my husband pointed to the t.v. and said he has no cane!! I didn't even notice it. Why does that make me so happy? In fact I was thrilled and still am. I like writing about what might seem to be so small to others but so big to me. It makes me happy. Funny thing is when I told several people about it today they were polite but I don't think they got it. Oh well, guess they don't have to. Oh, by the way. House is a doctor and always used a cane if you never watched the show. I feel good today. Cindy
  14. cindy

    Hi JoAnn, You've gotten good advice and such and I welcome you too. Like you, I found this site in desperation. My husband had a stroke in Jan. 2003. He was laid out from the massive stroke and the doc.'s etc. thought he would never be able to even walk. He was completely paralyzed on his right side and didn't even know his name much less be able to speak a word. Today he is driving, walking, talking much better and living as close to a normal life as possible at this point. He continues to get better all the time so recovery is still taking place. He tires easily though. What I missed the most about him in the first year or so was his personality. It was like I was living with someone I didn't know. But that has returned as well. I know what you mean when you say your friends and family members don't understand. I had no one that understood what I was feeling or going through until I found this place, even though they tried. I understand that no two survivors are the same and it depends on a lot of things in regards to recovering from something this devastating. Take care of yourself and I'll be thinking of you. Cindy
  15. cindy

    Hi Asha, LOL....that was funny about hotcindy. Yes, most of the time I am hot. I live in Fla. and it's hot as "blank" down here. As far as the other type of hot....NOT!!!!!!!!!! Cindy
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