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  1. Happy Anniversary Deenie!

  2. Happy Anniversary Deenie!

  3. Happy Anniversary Deenie!

  4. Deenie

    my putor crashed a couple of weeks ago so sent it away and am using the old on.. hope that they leave most of the stuff I had on it before but said they couldn't gaurantee anything.. so as winter comes one has more time to spend at it... my new one is only 10 months old, so if you don't hear from I'm stuck..
  5. Deenie

    my condolences to you and your family... she was so young... glad you got away for a few days..always refreshing we are plannibg a bit of a get away later on next month tosee an aging aunt and some cousins...enjoy the food and hope you have a bit of luck...
  6. Deenie

    I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers..I stayed with my hubby for over a month when he had his stroke as he was very depressed and confused..and didn't really know very much about his surroundings or happenings going on...
  7. I can only offer hugs and prayers as we live in Canada and things are different here as far as health care goes. It is the same here they keep putting you off on to the other guy and passing the buck. Just when you think you may have found some help or advice you are told you should see so and so who is either not available or does not exist..Perhaps the VA could find him some help or couselling..
  8. Deenie

    great to hear you both had such a wonderful time... nice to hear Ray enjoyed himself so much...we had our 40th a couple of years ago and hubby was not that ready to be with so many people as he was still quite emotional at the time. We actually just used up one of our gift certificates last month and really enjoyed our supper,, were given a piece of cheese cake with a candle to celebrate even though it was like two years past..have many pictures ad lots of memories....
  9. Deenie

    congrats on your fifth year anniversary... and also your quitting smoking... I always enjoy your blogs and look forward to when I have more time to take more time to blog and chat...
  10. Deenie

    Bonnie nice to have you home again..Congrats on your quitting smoking and nice to hear your mother inlaw is doing so well..Hubby is still coming along and I hope he doesn't get depressed as this is very hard on both of us... Talk to you soon...
  11. Deenie

    Sorry to hear of Coopers passing... so nice that you were there and comforted him in his last moments... he sounds like he is in a happy place now.. our friends just lost their Bejion at Xmas. Their doggie was also around 15 years old and she had a real personality and definately a member of the family..I don't think they will get another as they like to travel.. My hubby's nephew has a cross-- shitsu and minaiture doberman,,very cute and she just loves him follows him all over and licks his pudding cup or anything that he gives her...Enjoy your new doggie, loved Coopers blog????
  12. Deenie

    Hi I'm Deenie from Battleford Saskatchewan...caregiver to hubby going on six years...
  13. Deenie


    Tommorrow we will begin our journey to the end of an era.. We will leave from Calgary to Kelowna BC, where we will meet up with the rest of the family. With my brothers and sister and some of Mom and Dad's friends we will have a funeral Mass, lunch and mingle with the people. From there we will go on to a private internment of their ashes..It will be a sad day for us as it is a final resting place for people we all loved.. Dad passed away 20 years ago and Mom still had his ashes as she wanted to be buried with him.. Reliving 20 years ago will be very hard for me as my Dad was special to me
  14. Deenie

    Thank you for your blog. I too have helped out my mother in law and cared for her house and yard when she was on holidays, making sure all the garden and flowers were watered.. then when she went to the condo after Dad died we always made sure she was well taken care of.. We brought her meals when the homecare was not available..then when she went into the nursing home we were there for her.. Later on when she needed feeding we all helped and she died in our arms.. I think I would have done the same for my Mom if I had been closer as she just passed away just a couple of weeks ago... My siste
  15. Deenie

    enjoy you time away and have lots of fun ,let your hair down and party hardy