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  1. Mark : your camp sounds so much fun & I agree they should make it monthly meeting for this kind of meeting. It will be nice to meet each other that way often . Maybe we should also have zoom call for our chatroom & maybe play one of this games on zoom once a month or something, it will be fun. Asha
  2. Things are not finalized yet but its moving into right direction, so I have to share my joy. hubby has spent his first few years of his life in village in India with his family & is very fond of his native place, & even after moving to city in India his family has connection with village which has our very powerful community God we all believe in & his whole family & extended family will gather their once a year for special prayer ceremony. Usually now in village there are mostly old people live there, but during this special occasion village is filled with people, & you
  3. HostAsha

    Tracy : I am glad you posted this, I always feel being open with others about your difficulties helps only. So I am glad you shared your problems & found cindered spirit on the other end. hope your charges were taken care of . Asha
  4. HostAsha

    Amazing kevin & yes you do need haircut lol. keep on doing what you used to do prestroke & life will become great again. we still miss you in our chats though know you are busy Asha
  5. HostAsha

    Sue : very beautifully written blog. I am also still here after 16 years being on this site. I found this site exactly after 9 months of looking feverishly for some kind of online support for young person like me who had young family at home & had pretty decent career or job which kept me happy & suddenly in an instant my identification of how I view myself was in shambles & I did not know where to turn & I found this great site with active survivors & caregivers I could relate to at some extent. I had great supporting but not expressive spouse who will never
  6. HostAsha

    Tracy : thanks for updating I am so glad you are enjoying & loving your new routine, loving your arts & crafts, your kitties & trying your best in getting your sleep pattern streamlined, I am sorry sometimes I am critical & complain about not showing up on time at the appointment, since it is hard for me to understand that part as brain damage & not laziness. I am glad you take my comments in the right spirit without getting offended about it. Asha
  7. HostAsha

    wow Kevin : your hoop house & produce looks amazing. I grew up in city so for me fresh produce comes from grocery store only, even though my grandfather was farmer, I have no farm knowledge. Asha
  8. HostAsha

    Sue : great step in right direction, once you start driving you will feel so great & you are going about doing that in right order, that's what I did & drove local till I needed to take kido to his activities, now I don't & don't even feel need to go anywhere, I am content in my daily routine. Also once you start celebrating your stroke anniversary I tell you, you will look forward to it in anticipation instead of dread. Asha
  9. ok today is not a good day feel like complete looser & failure in life & always needing in help in all wakes of my life. I guess in life you will have both kind of days some good some bad, today is that kind of day feeling like complete looser. I recently lost my diamond erring for my one ear which is side I prefer to sleep on. also had fight with hubby about some some personal home related issue where I said some hurtful things to him & even said hurtful things about our family God in my feat of anger & now I feel doomed because our family God is the one who have always resc
  10. HostAsha

    kev : enjoy your harvesting, I am amazed by your farmin skills & more you do vacuuming around the house easier it will get & you will have one more thing in your list you can do which means one less work for your spouse & you feel good contributing member of the family. enjoy building your post stroke new normal life Asha
  11. HostAsha

    nancy : so good to hear from you & all the good news from you, since Dan is in his good behavior, it reflects in your blog, your stress level has also gone down & you are able to handle other inconveniences of life much better. I am so happy your boss appreciates your work. work becomes joy when you are appreciated for your work. Congratulations on planning to become new grandma soon & your kids moving close to you. don't be stranger & update us more frequently. Asha
  12. HostAsha

    ouch Kevin : hope you are feeling better, maybe its time to take some rest & join your chat buddies we still have chats every da afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST on M,W & F though friday we meet in coffeeshop other days all in survivor oom #2. you got good farm going on there, we have planted tomato first time in a pot & I am seeing lot of them turned orange now from green, hopefully will turn red soon too. Asha
  13. HostAsha

    Sue : once I started waking up for our son's school times early morning after not doing for a year after my stroke & just sleeping in bed & let dad or hired help do the work used to make me ore depressed, though once I decided to get rid of all the help & take back my duties & started waking up for our son, my whole day became so good, I started doing more exercise & started doing more things around the home & started feeling useful again. It was complete turn around in my outlook on life. longer day also made me feel good about life. hope you find similar
  14. HostAsha

    George : thanks for sharing your grief with us. our condolences & peace for you & Leslie. Leslie's mum lived her life to fullest till the end. I like Leslie's idea of scattering her remains to place which means lot to he, that's what I would want my family to do it for me. Asha
  15. today is our 29th wedding anniversary. We have been through enough ups & downs in life & still thankfully standing strong. This year I made nice imovie for our wedding anniversary with romantic, meaningful Indian song playing in the background while going through our 29 years of pictures slideshow. I was hoping that kido will help me in making it, but I had used up all his goodwill for mothers day & his dad's birthday movie, so he was not in mood to help me, & if one thing stroke has taught me that if I want something I never quit & go after with full force, I am relentless