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  1. HostAsha

    feel so grateful this thanksgiving

    I feel so grateful to be still around in 2020 after going through some dark curve-ball of stroke in 2004, and still be around to enjoy the life with complete new outlook on life. In 2020 I feel grateful to see all my friends and family safe and sound even though my sister & brother in law got covid but they recovered fully grateful on my birthday hubby & I took day off & visited green lake state park in NY , which turned out to be fun & beautiful day trip grateful have found unconditional love right in my marriage which prods me to try & become like my hubby
  2. HostAsha

    Sue : I am so glad you got to spend time with your family & help out your daughter in her hour of need. you got sweet grandson who is so close to you & remembers his Pa. I better take good care of myself so I am around to play with my grandchildren which are at-least 15 years away which will make me 65 at that time, & I am so excited to see how our son's life will turn out, one excited parent & future grandma Thanks, Asha Chandra
  3. HostAsha

    Pam : Thanks for updating your blog, I was worried about you & thought maybe you are upset with us so taking break. I can't believe they would make your stroke as TIA. & you are one fearless lady reporting people to taste & making sure & straightening out those non-compassionate people they are in wrong profession. your son is so sweet getting you good cell phone which you are taking full advantage of. your phone game sounds fun. welcome back we missed you around here Asha
  4. HostAsha

    belated Happy Birthday your breakfast looks something to die for lol. glad you are enjoying that scrumptious breakfast on your birthday, that's better way to live long, rest of the year follow vegan diet. I enjoy sunset too they are so beautiful. wishing you many more of fun-filled birthdays Asha
  5. Some of you who know me, I am heavy into uplifting books, inspiring biographies & oprah's Super soul sunday where she gets accomplished leaders, thinkers which I have realized based on where I am in my own journey find great AHA moments to cliche lines. Anyway enough of background recently Oprah had Michelle Obama on her show talking about her "becoming" book great book, if any one wants to read & get inspired by how to be great mom or wife this book is quite inspiring. One of interesting thing Michelle Obama mentioned while discussing about her book & things she learnt about
  6. HostAsha

    Sue : I love your blogs you write so eloquently. Its so nice that you are able to help sheryl out & will be able to spend lovely time with er family. that's what family is all about on whom you can depend on. hope you had great time with your friend at the movie. My wish for me to find good girlfriends with who I can spend time together. I have realized when you do decorations for holidays, it breaks out routine & makes life more fun & interesting. I am looking forward to our son coming home for his thanksgiving holidays soon. Asha
  7. HostAsha

    I have found reason behind my stroke gave me peace & strength in dealing with adversities in life. I now know that after I dealt with stroke in my life I am much stronger than I give credit to myself. I feel as long as we learnt some lessons from bad things in our life that experience has not gone to waste. we all deal with some good things & some bad things in life & when enough time has passed from the bad event you can find something good that came out of seemingly bad event in our life. Asha
  8. HostAsha

    thanks heather great tip, I wil try to be proactive next year & start doing iit that way. I choose to not pay attention since hubby is tax accountant & dont want tp get in his hair which he has less anyway. So I just depend on him & then feel bad & scared about it.
  9. Right after my stroke when I was deep in dumps of despair I found strength in inspiring people like FDR who even being disabled got country out of deep depression & started so many great projects in America, funded & created national parks, social security & even made bank accounts FDIC so that common people don't loose their hard earned money. I was amazed & inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt who was close confidant & his partner in all senses. Recently I read one of her quote "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fe
  10. HostAsha

    wow look at that harvest do you sell it to grocery store or have food stall to sell it, thereis no way you can finish all tht bounty Asha
  11. HostAsha

    sending you both virtual hugs, hope you stay strong for conner. Asha
  12. Mark : your camp sounds so much fun & I agree they should make it monthly meeting for this kind of meeting. It will be nice to meet each other that way often . Maybe we should also have zoom call for our chatroom & maybe play one of this games on zoom once a month or something, it will be fun. Asha
  13. Things are not finalized yet but its moving into right direction, so I have to share my joy. hubby has spent his first few years of his life in village in India with his family & is very fond of his native place, & even after moving to city in India his family has connection with village which has our very powerful community God we all believe in & his whole family & extended family will gather their once a year for special prayer ceremony. Usually now in village there are mostly old people live there, but during this special occasion village is filled with people, & you
  14. HostAsha

    Tracy : I am glad you posted this, I always feel being open with others about your difficulties helps only. So I am glad you shared your problems & found cindered spirit on the other end. hope your charges were taken care of . Asha
  15. HostAsha

    Amazing kevin & yes you do need haircut lol. keep on doing what you used to do prestroke & life will become great again. we still miss you in our chats though know you are busy Asha