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  1. Hello everyone I just wanted to invite everyone to come and join me an hour filled fun & scintillating discussion from weather to whatever is going on in our life, could be children,books, movies or our coping tricks to make this post stroke journey as much fun. I will be hosting chats every Wednesdays from 8-9PM EST! at Room #2 Stroke Survivor Chat. & on Friday I will be hosting in coffee-shop. Give me opportunity to show you post stroke life is as much fun as it was pre-stroke. hostAsha
  2. it has to be stroke deficit, but sometimes when trying to think through simple technical problem, one minute I have things crystal clear in my mind & then after 5 mins it just disappears& I keep on trying to get to the solution & just chase my own tail in developing simple software code, which should be so easy. It is so frustrating the way I am doing my volunteer work, I am glad its volunteering or else I would have been fired so long ago. though people working in my team must be thinking such an idiot can't figure out simple things. but I guess that's the reason I am retired from the work force since my cognitive skills are impaired
  3. This Feb 8 it will be my 15th stroke anniversary valentine day. I can't believe it has been 15 years since I have been to valley of my life's journey, though old wisdom is right you find out who is truly yours when you are at your rock bottom, who is willing to lend you hand & get you out of mud. I found out who truly loves me & willing to stand by me when I was in my worst shape of my life. my siblings, mom, spouse, our son were biggest motivator in me pushing hard to fight for life which is now very stimulating& satisfying.I never knew I could still find so much happiness in my life, even when it felt like my life was over. I guess being stubborn & go with flow personality helps. I guess If I want something or believe in something, I won't give up. & me believing that I have full responsibility towards our son & he deserves better mom, made me always push myself more, & seeing positive results of it, made me push my boundaries even further. & after 15 years on this journey. life is good again. its different than how I would have envisioned it, though there is still lot of joy in it, Since we started celebrating as our valentine day I don't dread my stroke anniversary, I actually look forward to it. Its usually Broadway show with nice dinner & flowers kind of family date. Anyway I see lot of good things have happened in my life last year. I pushed envelop little further which have helped my self confidence even further. Few things I learnt hard way, but my life is richer due to it. hope whoever is reading this blog, never gives up & keep fighting & see how beautifully life will unfold for you the way it did for me Asha
  4. Deigh: its free, you just have to register with the chat service, there is no fees, I am most frugal person, I won't spend dime when its not necessary. So I know for fact that its free service. are you sure you are joining correct chat forum. try logging in from strokenet board, or you can login directly too by typing http ://strokechat.net Asha
  5. HostAsha

    kelli : I am sorry I won't be able to attend the service but my thoughts & prayers with the family. Asha
  6. Deigh: with this new chatroom you can join through your phone or ipad too, try it & you might be surprised Asha
  7. hey guys I have decided to help out & host chat in our stroke survivor chatroom on Wednesday from 8-9 EST after sudden passing of our steadfast reliable chat host administrator of SN hostdennis. Though I would appreciate & enjoy chats more if lot of you show up on my scheduled day, so that we can all have fun together. Otherwise I will get very lonely there alone. so please mark your calender & come to chat on Wednesday from 8-9 EST in stroke survivor room2 Thanks, Asha Chandra
  8. HostAsha

    Thanks Sue I am selfish, chatting blogging all helps me too, who knew while comforting others you are also getting comforted, so its great gift one can give. Asha
  9. HostAsha

    Hi kelli i can help out for evenig hours of chat times Wednesday or Thursday evening 8-9 pm will work for me. Let me know what needs to done next Asha chandra
  10. HostAsha

    Sue : have you noticed change in you, you are no more that blogger who will see life very realistically & look at things negatively. Now even similar circumstances you are looking life with glass half full. so going more with flow without resisting it. Dennis sudden death was very shocking. One never knows what tomorrow will bring. I feel as long as we lived happily today & brought joy to people in our lives, life is well lived. & he just did that, he loved his family fiercely & supported all newcomers who came here looking for support. Asha
  11. As all of you aware by now I love watching Oprah's super soul sunday series on her OWN channel. I love listening spiritual awakening books or discussion, since I always learn something new from them even if its repeat. This Sunday was no different, when facebook COO sheryl Sandburg talking about her book lean in. Book she wrote after sudden death of her young husband while exercising on readmill while family was vacationing in costa rica. She talked about how post traumatic growth can also occur in person instead of stress after traumatic event happen in person's life. I fully agree with that statement, but I also feel having solid support system around them helps, she talked about how gratitude helps, I also feel having reason bigger than yourself also helps to pull yourself together, & given enough time has passed also helps. you can see how things finally have unfolded in your life & seeing everything fall into place again more beautifully, you can see that beautiful post traumatic growth she was talking about. it was one of my AHA moment of Sunday.
  12. HostAsha

    Pam : so happy for you enjoy this miracle & make best out of every day given to us. laugh more, help out more be kind to every one including yourself is my motto this year.. happy new year Asha
  13. Happy New year everyone. time is flying by so fast. 2018 got over so quickly, My 2018 was year to be grateful for, lot of new & challenging things happening in my life, though with those challenges also came feeling confident in myself was biggest reward Though lot of times during year felt like giving up, but with not giving up, I see growth in myself. I grew more confident in my ability than inability. Now 2019 is here, year brings in lot of anticipation. I am scared & praying hard for everything to fall in place for our son. Its year full of anticipation & I wish & pray all his hard-work pays off & he is well onto path of his chosen field. Asha
  14. HostAsha

    Tracy : wish you happy, healthy & prosperous New year. We all have to take responsibilities for our choices we made in life, that created our destiny. you can not blame any one. We all need to forgive ourselves & move forward. Your mom made her choices based on what she thought was right thing to do for her, which she might have regretted later. But oh well, we all make mistakes, it was nothing to do with you. you start living & enjoying your life. reading your blog makes me realize oh man I have also never lived alone & it must feel so scary to take care of everything alone, but I know its doable & must feel so empowering too. I will be praying for you. piece of advice from immigrant who came in this country with nothing but willing to work hard & start my married life "penny saved is equivalent to penny earned". cooking at home has lot of benefits, you save money & end up eating healthy food. Asha
  15. HostAsha

    Pam : you are in my prayers, for test & negative results Asha