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  1. HostAsha

    thats very good one love it, now I will quote tracy too Asha
  2. right after my stroke I struggled with depression & I depended heavily on spiritual books & biography of inspirational people, they gave me strength to go on, when I could not find any in my own, that time I read victor frankl's mans search of a meaning & it resonated fully with me, I needed purpose bigger than myself to give good fight to stroke & that I found in my 7 year old son. some of the quotes of victor frankl which resonated with me I am noting it here so that I can also come back & refer to 1. Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is
  3. HostAsha

    GreenQueen not able to see your faces properly was very weird I was trying to peek up to see faces lol glad you had good time. Asha
  4. HostAsha

    willis : this is so exciting, I so agree with you memory is in heart & not in four walls, & you & April will be creating wonderful memories in your new shangrila. you got some great neighbors. Asha
  5. HostAsha

    Sue : I am so sorry about lockdown you are facing right now, today we are grieving loss of my brother in law, hubby's oldest brother who was 76 year old & passed away in his sleep, his wife was sleeping next to him & did not realize till the morning. We had all talked with him on weekend sharing fun stories of our vacation & promises to meet soon in November & spend more time in our village together. I understand it was ideal death for him, no pain or ay suffereing, but so sorrowful for his family who is all left behind not able to say proper goodbyes. I realize th
  6. HostAsha

    Sarah : I am glad you were able to celebrate Gary's life with your loved ones. glad lot of your family members were able to join. Asha
  7. We are back home happy & safe, this year we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. I am usually vacation planner at our home, I wanted to go to Greece, but due to covid uncertainties hubby's suggestion was we should go somewhere in USA only. one of our earlier vacation we took in USA is California with our son who was still baby & was in car seat & in diapers, we had drove from sanfranscisco to Arizona covering all national parks,17 mile drive in Monterey Bay & had so much fun, We wanted to create same adventure this time just two of us. so hubby planned the trip with just
  8. Tracy welcome back, we missed you around here & your part 1 was quite coherent, I was able to follow it through. For me coming out of this stroke ordeal alive helped me realize I am stronger than I give myself credit for. you are still here for a reason & there is room for improvement as long as we are willing to work on it. who knew as we get older g through so many losses & joys through life & gather wisdom for lifetime. Enjoy the journey Asha
  9. Mark : you were adventurous I could never do tent camping after my stroke, though I wanted to do it, so I opted for cabin camping which was doable for me & it was fun experience. Its good to be able to laugh on our mishaps, I bet things would be lot easier now if you try again. Asha
  10. HostAsha

    congratulations to Conner & whole family for awesome milestone. Sorry about Carrah, there are bad people everywhere, and you feel so helpless, but kids are resilient, & soon all of you come out of that experience stronger. It wasn't carrah's or your fault that it happened, maybe next time got to be more careful in shady neighborhood. keep pepper spray handy or something. Asha
  11. HostAsha

    Sue: I have told you this before but your earlier blogs about your care giving days had made me realize what my hubby must be going through with my actions, & slowly I changed my behavior at home to be useful instead of sulking & taking out on my dear ones, I started contributing at home which made whole lot of difference in my mindset & it was biggest positive feedback loop of turning my life around for better. So one never knows how our writing blogs or writing supportive comments can affect someone's outlook on life. For me this site literally saved me Th
  12. I do believe wholeheartedly choices we make in our life creates our destiny, I know that for fact. I have made some great choices in life & some not great, that's why I am happy with wherever I am today in my life. I feel all those experiences were needed for me to become the person I am today. Some choices I made out of my own stubbornness to prove it to parent(Mom) I am no less in my brilliance just because I am girl & should be provided equal or more opportunities because I am capable & thankfully due to support of siblings I was provided those opportunities. saying yes to hubb
  13. Tracy : I loved your acceptance & being enough post, its spot on. Thanks Asha
  14. HostAsha

    I have no advice except that every stroke is different, but keep on doing your exercises & don't give up , things will improve in its own time, while you try to reclaim your life back one small change at a time & it all adds up becoming good new normal again Asha
  15. HostAsha

    Sue : nothing is guaranteed in life just have to take one day at a time or one moment at a time & make a good decision so that we will have better results for tomorrow. you are so thoughtful about tieing up things so that your daughter does not have to go through same hardship you went through with your parents. quite practical but hard way to look at the life. say hello to peter from us. Asha