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  1. HostAsha

    Deigh : I ever thought of that slow tying & how people move on to different subject by the time you finish typing issue before. It helps to write short response & more you come chatting with multiple chatters becomes easy , I know since thats has been for my case. hope to see you around often. I will be hosting tonight in survivor room 8-9 PM EST Asha
  2. HostAsha

    oh man Sarah : hope his wife's parents can help them out till you get your caregiver back so that you can eventually help them out . Change is scary thing, but sometime really amazing thing comes out of drastic change in your life, I am so happy for your son, he got better opportunity & hopefully his wife will feel better soon too. Asha
  3. HostAsha

    wow so pretty, if bathroom is this pretty, I will be staying in only lol Asha
  4. Tracy : Its no issue if I am around, I can always cover for you, but unless is my hosted chat I can miss it, unless I have been told before to cover for your chat. Any time you think you might have issue just let me know so that I plan to be there Thanks, Asha
  5. HostAsha

    Sue keeping you in my prayers, will have party in chatroom when you come home. Asha
  6. HostAsha

    I lost count after couple & did not see gorilla or curtain thing lol, its crazy brain is monkey business Asha
  7. Tracy : hope you are feeling better, what I have learnt in my own my life when we trust & let go of our control wonderful things start happening in our life, & also Anything we do in life if there are good intentions behind it, works out in best for all parties involved. you all will be in my prayers. Asha
  8. HostAsha

    Sarah : Gary & I are stroke survivor buddies in our stroke anniversary, I suffered stroke on Feb 8 2004 just few months before Gary suffered, We celebrate my stroke anniversary as our valentine date & always go out for Broadway show or some other fun activity on that day, since we started celebrating my stroke anniversary as our valentine day I have stopped dreading it though now I look forward to it, fortunately even though my stroke was massive, which left me paralyzed on my left side, but still allowed me to raise our young son with help of my husband & create my new normal. I bet Gary is able to live independently for so long is because of your support. Enjoy your party, I remember Jean riva whose husband was severely disabled had thrown party for her husband "thank god I am still here party". Asha
  9. I believe in routines & love them & they have given me control of my life back & I am able to recreate my new normal with my routine, it might not be same as my old life but its still very satisfying & good fun new normal, so I feel routine is a must & so is exercise Asha
  10. HostAsha

    beautiful mothers day gift

    I realize God has been very kind to me in general. I am blessed to have amazing husband & very smart kido though he is very independent & hates me if I try to get him to do something. All through out his life he has been go-getter, if he wants something, he will work very hard & get what he wants. he is good in studies, sports & playing out with friends, he is not organized, will wait till last minute, which drives me to wall & stress out. since his high-school years he wanted to get into medical field which he could have gotton right after his high school, which he had messed up due to his not being organized in 9th grade & getting his grades slide a bit. Anyhow that taught him lesson so he did pretty well in his college years & applied to multiple medical colleges. Recently we found out he got accepted in few medical colleges. We all are so happy & thrilled about it, though what I am more proud of it was that I had asked him to assemble some cabinet I had ordered online, & he was givig me runaround for few weeks, fianally he came & did it for me in few hours. I was so happy & told him we will give him assembley money he saved us, & what he told me made me proud mom, he was like mom you are insulting me by saying you will pay me assembly money, we are family & we do things for each other. I was so happy told him, you know it really does not matter to me as much that you got into top medical schools or not , but what you said matters to me most. yes we would have been unhappy upset had he not gotten in medical school, but being nice human being who loves his family matters to us more. So I feel I got my mothers day gift already.
  11. HostAsha

    Tracy : Usually when person is sick they are most self centered person, cause they are just thinking about themselves & how illness has all messed up their life. So you should not take anything your dad or stepmom says right now personally, right now they just need love & support from their family no lectures or advises. If they chose not to tell you something , you got to be bigger person & forgive them. let them be at-least in control of what little they are able to control right now. These are strictly my own viewpoints, please forgive me if I stepped out of line. Asha
  12. HostAsha

    OMG Tracy your dad & all of you will be in my prayers. you guys are doing great in making him feel better. I know as a patient you feel so out of control when you don' have any control on your body movements. hope he feels better soon. you being there fr your mom & dad must be great relief for your parents. Asha
  13. HostAsha

    Sue : Thanks for update on your life, isnt life is wonderful in someways & you find reason to all your troubles when you see how Ray inspired his grandchild to go in research & f ind a cure for future generation, what a legacy. When our son decided to purse applying for medical college, it gave me huge solace knowing me going through all the pain due to stroke was not just for nothing, eve if it inspired our son to even think about it, its not gone to waste. & now I sit here & worry about him getting admitted into one of his college of choice & praying for him to become succesful dotor who can make a diffrence in people's lives. All we can do is just take one day a a time, sick or healthy with so many uncertainities lfe throws at us. I am glad you are enjoying your garden right now. like Tracy for e you are always hostsue with her loquent blogs showed me journey og my caregiver who would not share his feelings he was going through while trying to hold our fort. Asha
  14. HostAsha

    Seems so much fun
  15. HostAsha

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts he will be fine soon asha