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  1. HostAsha

    such a beautiful poem alan, glad i didn't miss it, I never check board so feel lucky got to see this, very nicely put. Asha
  2. HostAsha

    Sue : welcome to wonderful therapeutic world of blogging. my world, I love it I love your new year resolutions, pretty good, love it, I should try to incorporate some of those in my life too Asha
  3. HostAsha

    I love it Sue & plan on copying you. enjoy life while we are still here. Asha
  4. HostAsha

    wow they look so adorable together enjoying the warmth. Asha
  5. HostAsha

    Kevin : wow big crowd, you are braver than you know & think, wow I am scared even looking at the crowd. you rock & great champion for the cause amazing. Asha Chandra
  6. HostAsha

    wow kevin : great job on your first blog all goals accomplished, it will be easier if you create new blog for your every new entry instead of adding into same blog, since we don't realize if somone just adds the comment, but new blog gets publishes & people get to read it. Asha
  7. HostAsha

    Happy New year

    Happy New year everyone.hope you all had wonderful year. For our family 2019 year was filled with lot of joy. most importantly our son got into one of the top medical college in the USA making all of us so happy & proud of him. & he already finished his first semester there & enjoying himself, he has great set of friends & amazing professors who all are all great doctors who want to make a difference in people's life, & according to him none of his professors have any big air around them, they treat their students as if these kids will be their future collaborators, so every one is treated with lot of respect, I guess I need to start treating him like adult & not child & micromanage whenever he comes home for holidays. lesson for mom to learn. now change of subject, I am not a person ever to make resolution for new year, but this year after reading my favorite blogger's blog I have decided to do two important things for year 2020. I have decided to do good things jar for 2020. its kind of gratitude jar where you put good things that happened during week & you open it on next year end & relive those memories, which felt as a great exercise to try, so I am going to try this year. Also planning to do one word mantra for this new year 2020. lot of time when I am trying something new I freeze with fear and with all useless thoughts of how I am not good enough or smart enough or I will mess up big time. so this year I am making my new year mantra to be "just Do it". Nike slogan. I know taking that one step in right direction & you can always finish your project on time, so I am going to recite my that one line mantra for year 2020 when I freeze. wishing you all happy, healthy & prosperous new year. hope some of you join me in this bandwagon of doing this good resoluion. I am happy kevin from our chat group is going to give it a try. Asha
  8. HostAsha

    kevin : welcome to wonderful & therapeutic world of blogging. you will see huge benefits of logging like I discovered for myself which has made me blog junkie. I feel this site & blogging played huge role in my life in getting rid of my depression. Happy New year & I am planning to do good things jar this year, it will be my to do list task every sunday along with my watching supersoul sunday series. keep on blogging. Asha
  9. HostAsha

    Sue : I am glad you were able to create new memories for Christmas. As we get older things change, routines change & the way we celebrate our holidays change. Only change in life is permanent. Asha
  10. HostAsha

    Pam : I am so sorry you had to go through this, but I am glad your son was with you & you got your treatment right away. Its not your time yet. I never thought about heart attack is more stressful than stroke, & you are so right about it, stroke was so peaceful there was no fear of anything. hope you feel better soon & find your new normal soon, prayers & hugs Asha
  11. I am so sorry about your daughter to suffer stroke at such an young age, but doctors are right, she has her young age & supportive family by her side, she will do great recovery with that two factors in itself. post stroke life is not good or bad its just different. one can still achieve all their hopes & dreams with good attitude & that will lcome with good family support & support group like these. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & having young family at home & also retiremed from the job I loved. I never thought I would find joy in living again, but having just 7 year old son at our home, I persisted & didn't give up, having very supportive family & finding these online stroke support group was my savior, It literally pulled me off the ledge I was ready to jump off from. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul, & I can truly say my stroke brought lot of good things in my life. It woke me up from my sleepwalking through life. I truly view life with lot of meaning. today our son decided to pursue degree in medical field. my post stroke ourney was not easy but thanks to support of my family, life is wonderful again & today I am proud 50 year old survivor who volunteers at drop pf the hat everywhere, when kido was little it was in his school, then redcross, hospital & now on this site. As a parent just be very sportive of your daughter & tell her to keep her head above water & keep on breathing even when it feels like drowning, life is wonderful & she survived for a reason . we do have scheduled chats every day from 3-4 EST in survivor room #2 & 8-9 EST on M,W,F. actually I do host chats on wednesday evening chat in survivor room #2) & friday evening chat which is usually in coffeeshop, where you can meet others & gain lot of insights on how to deal with life after stroke. hope to see you & your daughter around there soon too. Asha (now happy 50 year old survivor)
  12. HostAsha

    Nancy : sending you prayers & hugs Asha
  13. HostAsha

    Darell : welcome to wonderful online stroke support group. first few years are hardest, everything looks so bleak, but your wife has her age & you by her side, she will come out fine with flying colors. I had stroke at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved in 2004. I thought I will never find joy in living again, but thanks to my young family at home, our son was just 7 at the time I persisted, & today life is great again. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors highly therapeutic for my soul. after 15 plus years my life is just different not good or bad just different. guess what our son is on his journey to become medical doctor, all his doing, my contribution was to just hang around & show him his mom is not wimp who will give up on him or her family. we do have scheduled chats every day afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST. I do host chats on Wed evening in survivor room #2 & Friday evening 8-9 EST in coffeeshop, hope to bump into you guys soon. Cheers, Asha (now proud 50 year old survivor)
  14. HostAsha

    hey Renzo : welcome to best online stroke support group. we do have chats here every day afternoon 3-4 EST & on evening 8-9 EST (M,W &F) on Friday we meet in coffeeshop rest of the days in survivor room #2. you can log in to chat directly by typing in your browser http://strokechat.net, and logging in with your user name & password. & once in the chat select proper room like survivor room #2 from the pull down menu on the left, since when you come in chatroom you will be in lobby so select correct room & you will be among friends who have walked path before you & ready to cheer you & guide you. hope to meet you there soon. Asha
  15. like I have been telling you guys & writing in my this online journal so that I go back & take a look at it again & find those wise words again when I am wavering when encountering some negative events in life, I have been attending this discussion format classes in our temple nearby where they are discussing bhagwad Gita sacred& ancient book of Hindu religion. It is teachings of God to prince on the battlefield where he is all torn apart & questioning these basic question that arises in his mind & God answers them beautifully, background of the story is there 5 brothers (pandava)who are righteous & by cunning method of their cousins kaurava who took away their kingdom by cheating them in game of chess, & after long years staying away from their kingdom since they lost it in game of chess when pandava came back to claim back their kingdom as per their agreement & cousins would not give it, so they had to fight their own cousins , Arjuna head prince of pandavas who was bravest & expert warrior looking right in-front of him his own cousins, teachers from he had learned all his skills from on the battlefield, he gert all discouraged & started questioning what he is about to do on the battle field to his charioteer, who happens to be Lord Krishna himself. bhagwad Geeta is beautiful questions, answers series of dialogue between Arjuna & Krishna. lot of questions Arjuna asks to God are very relevant & we all human beings also face similar question from time to time. like why should I fight my illness or my family for anything I know I had faced them & was all confuse about what I should do when things got hard in my own life & I had to make decisions, & I feel lucky to have resources like these & made my decisions based on them. basic teachings of Geeta is following 1, do your duties(Karma) based on your dharma like role you are playing in life,(wife,mother,employee,warrior, whatever role you are playing) 2. don't get attach to results( this was my AHA moment of the class last weekend, you do your part expecting results, but don't get attach to results, results can go wither in your favor or against you. your job is to do your job without having any expectations, say results don't go your way, so what you don't know whole story, how things will unfold. Only control we have in life is doing our job. I find I can so relate to Geeta) when things got hard in my life giving up felt so easy, but I held on tight on strength of my hubby & my family & friends who decided to stay by my side & ofcourse our son was just 7 at the time, I could not do that injustice to him by giving up, I decided at that time he deserves better mom I will fight tooth & nail & never allow this stupid stroke to take away joy from my life, Anyway my latest AHA moment was do your duties but don't get attach to results, my job in this battlefield of life is doing right things let God worry about results on which I don't have any control over. Asha