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  1. As you guys know I am sucker for Oprah's super soul Sunday series, & learn valuable life lessons from it. As I have mentioned before I feel loved by feeling of appreciation expressed by my family members. on yesterday's show guest said something very important, whatever we always wish for is usually never enough, so if you wish for more money, however amount of money you get its never enough, same way with all other items, if you always feel loved by words of appreciation its never going to be enough for you to feel loved. which I totally get it, I am writing it down so that I don't forget this valuable lesson. I should know by now through all action of my family & extended family & friends, I am enough & don't need anything more to be loved . Asha
  2. HostAsha

    losthubby : is your wife able to login here, she can start blogging here on site or come to our live support group where we meet every afternoon M-F from 3-4 EST& on evening 8-9EST on M,W & F. all daus we meet in survivor room #2 on Friday though we meet in coffeshop where every one is welcome to join. Stroke affects whole family, & sometimes hearing advice from your family or doctors does not help as much hearing from other survivors , since you know they have been through the fire & came out alive to share their story, & you find value in it. I know that was case for me. if doctor tells me life will be better , it was hard to trust him on that, but when it came from other survivors easy to believe, & learn trick or two from them in finding their new normal which is satisfactory to all parties involved. hope to see you both around often Asha
  3. I am so relieved my illness did not screw it up our son's life. I stroked at age of 34 when our son was just 7, and I went through severe depression for a year, luckily hubby held our fort till I picked up pieces of my shattered dream & broken life & started building our new normal with help of my family & friends who chose to stay in & some new friends came in. our son saw up close & personal how doctors helped our family rebuild our life together. kido shadowed lot of my doctors during his high school years which helped him decide what he wants to do in future. our son is all-rounder, he is very bright in studies but equally passionate about video games & playing outside with his friends, and quite procrastinator, so I always worried about him. I always told him he has potential to get into top ranking colleges, if he plans & study properly instead of doing things right at the last moment. though I have noticed with him, if he wants something in life, then he works very hard to achieve that dream, & getting into medical college was his dream, so he worked real hard in his undergraduate years, passed with highest honors in his department , aced in his medical entrance exams, & excelled in personal interviews, & finally got into multiple medical colleges, he chose one of the top ranking medical college. I am so relieved my illness did not screw up future of our only child, I feel all credit goes to my hubby's strength, had he given up on us I would have royally screwed up kido's life. so very thankful to how things have unfolded in my life. My mom's only wish in her life is one of her children should become doctor & now her grandchild is going to fulfill her wishes. she is on cloud 9 along with all of us. Now we pray he becomes best doctor & make a difference in people's life. Now that he is becoming doctor he is already commenting on my food habits lol , but oh well I got to take something good with something annoying things too Asha
  4. HostAsha

    Sarah : I know how hard it must to feel, you have been doing this for past 15 years, care-giving is one tough & thankless job, I pray you find good solution where you can hands off heavy lifting job , though you will be overseeing others who will be doing the job, praying for good solution you can find which all of are content in it. Asha
  5. HostAsha

    Its ok to feel bad about it sometimes, but this is cards you are dealt, if you spend in past, you miss living in a present moment where you can still create lot of fun memories with your new self. In my mind that's biggest finger to stroke. I refuse to live feeling sorry for myself. I can still do lot of things albeit bit differently, but important thing is I can still do. Asha
  6. HostAsha

    Prayers for your dad & your family Asha
  7. I am usually upbeat person, but last few days have thrown me off the track & I am not feeling so great about my life in general. ok now where do I begin, It started with my PMS, my blister which makes it harder to walk & trying something new at work & royally stuck because I don't know where to turn for help. Now you got gist of my confused life, I still have lot to be thankful for amazing family spouse, son, brother, sisters, mom, nieces & list is endless but I still feel lonely, miss having best friend with who I can yak & tell all my troubles. Anyway I will stop complaining, I do have lot to be thankful about life in general
  8. HostAsha

    hi Karen : welcome to best online stroke support site. Every stroke is so different, but what I have learnt is we all go through similar emotional stage of recovery, that's where support group helps big time. You feel less alone in your stroke recovery journey. In 2004 I stroked at age 34 after giving premature birth to baby & loosing her day later & then suffered stroke day later which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved, Though I feel finding this site & support group is the one which saved me from jumping off the cliff I was ready to jump from. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors highly therapeutic for my soul we do have chats every day M-F in the afternoon from 3-4EST & evening m,W & F from 8-9 EST. all days we meet in survivor room #2 only on friday evening we meet in coffeeshop. hope to bump into these chats soon with you. though even after having supportive family, support group helps, you feel less alone. After being on this post stroe journey for past 14 years, I can tell you one thing for sure, life after stroke is just different, not good or bad just different & you can still find ton of joy in living. I strongly believe you survive for a reason & not as punishment. hope to meet you soon. Asha
  9. HostAsha

    Sue : so happy you are back & all is well in your world other than just bruising. I am sure all your family & friends now can breath sigh of relief Asha
  10. HostAsha

    I usually use half size higher for my shoes which helps it does not feel squish & also shifting weight on it also helps straighten toes Asha
  11. HostAsha

    prayers for your son & daughter in law Sarah, I know it is so hard not being with our kids when they need us most but God will provide them support through good network of doctors, nurses & friends & other family members. we all are paying for your son's family too Asha
  12. HostAsha

    Sue : you will be in my thoughts & prayers for successful surgery & quick recovery time without any complications. you have lot of angels watching over you. Asha
  13. HostAsha

    Tracy : moving into new home is stressful, I am glad you are settling into it, & making your own now. Enjoy decorating, find your zen place where you can chill when world eels overwhelming, start having routine, go out for walk, nature is biggest healer of anxious mind, watch birds, read great books, life is wonderful once you start making routine & start following it. It takes 21 days to form habit Asha
  14. HostAsha

    hi there : I agree with both of above comments, strokes do suck, & he himself is right now going through his own grieving process & taking it out on the person closest to him, sometimes without thinking. please understand its brain damage & he is also adjusting to his new normal, stroke affect whole family. you will have to hold the fort while he collects his bearings together. you both need to talk with doctor & get help. I have found blogging & chattng with other survivors & caregivers is very therapeutic for every one. If he is able encourage him to start blog or join our chats. we do have chats every day afternoon from 3-4 EST in stroke survivor room & M,W 8-9PM EST in survivor room & on Friday in coffeeshop. hope to see you there. Asha
  15. HostAsha

    wow : Happy strokeanniversary to Gary, I know it can't be easy, but as a team you guys did pretty well. Surviving stroke this long term without family support is difficult task. I am glad your daughter in law is doing better now/, prayers do work Asha