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  1. Happy Anniversary ctaylor!

  2. Happy Anniversary ctaylor!

  3. Happy Anniversary ctaylor!

  4. Happy Birthday ctaylor!

  5. Happy Birthday ctaylor!

  6. Happy Birthday ctaylor!

  7. Happy Anniversary ctaylor!

  8. Happy Birthday ctaylor!

  9. Welcome to the forums ctaylor :)

  10. 61 year old survivor male. stroke july 2003

  11. Happy Anniversary ctaylor!

  12. ctaylor

    long time no blog

    March 31, 2009 Who knows where the time goes? It
  13. ctaylor

    [/b Right after suffering my stroke blood clot to my brain Biggest suspect use of the drug Vioxx for 3 years before my stroke. Taken for a spinal cord injury suffered in 1998. It worked great less pain less powerful narcotic drugs needed to control constant pain. Ya everything was fine until the morning of July 4th 2003 when a tiny clot skipped through my arteries and lodged in my brain. What did my stroke rob from me? Everything Dude, I mean everything. Thank God that perception finally began fade and friends, family and fellow strokenet members helped to make me realize that it isn't t
  14. ctaylor

    Jean. I am absolutely enthralled with Coopers blog. Because of the creative ability you have with words I feel as though I do see through Coopers eyes and feel what he feels. I don't know who ever coined the phrase "Living the life of a dog" meaning I guess how unfortunate but had they read Coopers blog they would realize that nothing could be further from the truth. Cooper is one very remarkable pet but his owners are no less remarkable. Hang tough Cooper my friend I know you have much more time to make Mom and Dad's life a little more hectic and a lot more fun. Bow Wow Cooper wating
  15. ctaylor

    Hey Jean it's great to hear from my favorite blogger. Glad things are going better and that Don seems to be on the rebound. Congrats on the writing award but I'm hardly surprised. Like I've stated before you are the Charles Dickens of the blog world. And I think I would hate it if you suddenly had the ability to write your thoughts in just a few words. You use words the same way a painter uses a brush. And I don't mean house painter however the metaphor remains the same. Jean I think that the biggest reward a writer can receive you got a long time ago and continue to receive every day. T