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    I enjoy TV, my computer, cell phone, current events, and sports, I'm content at home in my easy chair keeping my Grand Daughter's puppy while she's in school and my wife's at work! I'm enjoying the life I got left
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  1. Fred, I saw your comment on Asha's blog so you HAVE been back on this site.  Your browser history should show that too.  If you have any trouble getting back on maybe your daughter can help you with that.  We miss you.(((hugs))) from Sue.

  2. fking

    Asha, If you get to read this message from Fred King today please send me a comment back so I can see if I can post or even get back on stroke net site... I been locked out by not knowing how to get back on this site.... I have lost a lot of my brain control and memory..... Thanks Asha.... Fred King long time member here....
  3. fking

    Sue with all that rain for ten days you may need a boat parked close to your door or window to make your get away if it continues much longer..... Stay safe and dry as possible...... Watch out for any gators on your property......
  4. fking

    Bring It, says your Blog so I will as I read all of what you speak about and I must say God has blessed you..... Your daughter is getting out on her own, you and your hubby has gone in different directions, your health has held up, your mind is still good, you talk to your mom often, and your mindset is good in getting your body in shape like you want it to be.... I been there done that and can feel you in your process after a stroke.....Keep God in your process He is your strength in all you do every day and you will see and feel your body and life in general will make the adjustments you
  5. I'm so happy to report my wife is better walking, sleeping, and being herself again.... God is good all the time!!!!! So all I can think of is take her to some place she loves and enjoys being there..... She even got up this morning and went to early morning Glory service at church driving herself in my car of course........ That place will be the Casino since they have already sent me an email for two free nights at the Hotel...... She was cleared by her doctor this week and all the gear she was using was turned in so she can wear regular clothes and shoes again and return to work full t
  6. fking

    Just pray to God He will see over her and keep her safe as you are doing what all or most mothers do so don't worrie just pray and leave it all in Gods hands, He will handle it.....
  7. fking

    I'm not sure I could have handled living in a nursing home or a facility and glad my wife brought me home to survive with her by my side.....
  8. As I sit here at home now and my wife has finished all her hospitalization and surgeries I feel it's time to go to the casino again..... It may have to be on the week ends since she is trying to also return to work at the bank while she is feeling much better..... She needs to be moving around and walking some to get her strength back...... We shall see what goes in the next few days......
  9. Asha, I am as thankful as you are for all the years and I'm still above ground........ A big Blessing from God!!!!!
  10. fking

    We are all grateful in many ways for sure and I'm glad my wife made it home and able to do things for herself now and going back to work too...... What a big blessing to me......
  11. Yea they are fine and keep me company all day so I take them riding on the scooter some days when it's warm they love that being with me.......
  12. fking

    Ruth, I hope soon I can get back to Houston to see William and you at home so you two can meet my wife as you already met my daughter I had with me when we stopped in to meet you and William a few years ago now.... All the best to both of you until we can get that way to stop in for a visit hopefully soon..... I will let you know when so I will check with you for sure....
  13. fking

    I'm thankful I can sit at my kitchen table and read your post and not be hurting all over my body....
  14. fking

    How nice for the both of you to have vacationed on the big Island and had a joyous time......
  15. Asha, I think I got about the same amount of years of being a stroke survivor counting from 2004 when I suffered the stroke..... I am just as grateful as you are to have made it this long and can do all of what I do I'm so thankful to God and my wonderful wife...... All the best to you and your family..... We both can say we have come a long way....... I'm paralyzed on left side but I'm alive and well.....