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    I enjoy TV, my computer, cell phone, current events, and sports, I'm content at home in my easy chair keeping my Grand Daughter's puppy while she's in school and my wife's at work! I'm enjoying the life I got left
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  1. Thanks to all of you I been trying to log on to the site for months and did that one time but since I have not been able to log on to the site until now.... My computer skills are gone and no matter what I use for a password I don't remember it..... My left side is totally paralyzed beyond being able to use my left side... I am sorta waiting to be called by the good Lord there is not much more I can do in this life by myself..... My 10 year old grand daughter is doing this for me now.... Thanks to her.... We all got to go one day....... Fred King
  2. Well, well I finally got back o this site after trying for many, many months..... My name is Fred King and I been a non active member lately but a member since 2005 after my stroke in 2004..... So many of you will not know or perhaps remember me ever being on site here... So I will post again real soon...... Fred King
  3. Well, well I finally got back o this site after trying for many, many months..... My name is Fred King and I been a non active member lately but a member since 2005 after my stroke in 2004..... So many of you will not know or perhaps remember me ever being on site here... So I will post again real soon...... Fred King
  4. Fred, I saw your comment on Asha's blog so you HAVE been back on this site.  Your browser history should show that too.  If you have any trouble getting back on maybe your daughter can help you with that.  We miss you.(((hugs))) from Sue.

  5. Asha, If you get to read this message from Fred King today please send me a comment back so I can see if I can post or even get back on stroke net site... I been locked out by not knowing how to get back on this site.... I have lost a lot of my brain control and memory..... Thanks Asha.... Fred King long time member here....
  6. Boy I would love to see the races but I'm in central Texas with no chance to travel that far from my home alone....... However I hope you get to see the races and enjoy yourself there.....
  7. I have not posted lately I coudn't get my password right to get on the site.... Everything I put down was wrong....... Guess I'm just getting old and more forgetful...... Fred King
  8. And Happy Easter to you too!!!!! from Fred in Texas!! Fred King
  9. Perhaps since I have PTSD I could become a canidate???
  10. Well my age and physical condition has caught up with me not that it has gotten worse just that age has a way of letting you know what you are able to do and what you think about most of the time.... Most or many of you regular members know me well since I been on here since 2005 even worked here as a volunteer back about 2007..... Time now and physical condition is letting me know it is about time for me to step aside and just rest and enjoy the rest of what life I may have left on this earth.... First my wonderful wife has recovered and gotten better from her rapid heart beat condition and her thyroid operation and has been cleared to return to her supervisor position at the bank.... Now I'm hoping she can get the manager position which may be coming open real soon with the current manager getting ready to retire..... We never know what's in our future or what life holds for us to do in our coming years head because there are always so many options or ways to go with things to do in our lives..... As for me I had been bowling real good in League play and had just bowled another 300 game the night before the stroke.... So running my pro shop and drilling bowling balls for my many customers were over.... I had to sell my business and get ready for the life of a stroke survivor not knowing what that life would be like nor how long it would be for me.... Well it's been 13 years and my health has been good as I found Strokenet here and joined to learn more about strokes and what life would be like not knowing how much longer I would be living..... So over the years I have had a wonderful life and met many new friends right here on strokenet... Life is what you let it be as you get older and gain more knowledge about life and the many faces of strokes while you thank God above you are a stroke survivor.... Having a wonderful mate makes surviving a stroke so much greater to you or atleast it did for me.... I have the heart doctor, foot doctor and others taking care of my health so I hope to be OK as a stroke survivor as I got my exercise bike, an attendant and my two little dogs here all the time.... So I'm not feeling bad about being a stroke survivor I can still get out and about plus drive myself any place I need to go..... There are things like getting a new vehicle I don't think about any longer this one I got will have to last until I can't drive any more.... I do wish I was walking better and able to make it to church services often but God knows my heart and my abilities too.... I'm not sitting in a back room or dark place waiting for God to call my name and at 75 now I still may have more wonderful days ahead of me as a stroke survivor..... Any of you members that wish to talk to me just let me know I will give you my email and cell phone number you can contact me when ever you desire to contact me, I would love to hear from you anytime.... Be good to yourselves until next time!!!! Fred King
  11. I feel like I met the right lady a few years ago too but this is my fourth time around and God bless I finally got it right and had a stroke in 2004 but I'm still here....... God Bless your marriage hang on in there the years will add up quickly......
  12. Another welcome aboard Don and hope you enjoy this site as I have been a member here since 2005 when we only had a few members back then......
  13. You know, you are so right, Spring and Fall is coming here in central Texas for sure.... See it is warm here mostly year round and if I could take a picture of the trees in the yards along my street you would see some with green leaves and mine just as bare and looks dead..... The grass is the same some yards green some looking dead for sure...... And we had rain several days...... More is suppose to come by next weekend.... Hopefully I can get outside on my scooter with my two little dogs in tow with their leashes so they don't run off to far but they don't let people get close to me they start barking like crazy if anyone comes near me...... I got a shed in my back yard with my bbq pit in it but my top has come off so I got to get the roof put back in place then I can use it rain or shine to cook my meat and my ribs I love to fix/..... OK, I'm handicapped, left side paralyzed, walk with a quad cane and use a three wheeled scooter outside.... But I drive anywhere I need to go in my old 2003 Ford explorer with over 208,000 miles on it and my next door neighbor takes care of my yard front and back.... Before my stroke in 2004 I planted a garden with my grand daughter in charge she was so happy taking veggies to school for show and tell...... Now my shed sits on that part of my back yard where I go out there and BBQ when the weather is nice..... So I don't miss cooking out and my wife depends on me doing that all the time as she prepares the meats and brings it out to me for grilling to perfection..... So I guess I look normal and can go anywhere even to the Mall which isn't very far away from my house..... I'm told I look like Bill Cosby just don't have his money...... So that's about all I know for you to know a little about me hope the others let you know about them as well cause we are all in the same ole boat peddling along in life as best we can...... Now you know a little about me..... Oh we have a two story 4 bedroom home, all bedrooms are upstairs so the VA got me a stair lift but my wife loves to run up the stairs and her daughter and grand daughter lives with us and probably will be for years to come as our grand daughter will be 13 soon and she was born when I had the stroke in 2004........ Oh, I'm in central Texas by Fort Hood Army Base and our city is Killeen Texas not far from Austin Texas nor Dallas about in the middle so it's central Texas with plenty cows and horses and other animals especially Goats...... But we all get along and cook out every week-end......
  14. Welcome back I guess I am back too and where you are looks like it does in some parts of our Eastern seaboard like in New York and those states..... I had enough snow and cold weather in my 12 years in Germany to last me the rest of my life.... So I shall remain in Texas for a long, long time to come..... Then too after my stroke I use a scooter and a quad cane to get about so the snow would be too much for me to handle....
  15. Sue with all that rain for ten days you may need a boat parked close to your door or window to make your get away if it continues much longer..... Stay safe and dry as possible...... Watch out for any gators on your property......