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    I enjoy TV, my computer, cell phone, current events, and sports, I'm content at home in my easy chair keeping my Grand Daughter's puppy while she's in school and my wife's at work! I'm enjoying the life I got left
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  1. Another welcome aboard Don and hope you enjoy this site as I have been a member here since 2005 when we only had a few members back then......
  2. I guess my comment didn't post to your topic here but I will try to see where did it go then if I can't find it I will post again, ok?
  3. Now I just got to learn how to get the smiley faces to work so maybe I will stumble upon the right button to hit but right now I am very lost and not too bright to start with..... Anyone got the info on how I get the smileys to work????? Wait a minute.... I think I see a face just above where I typed smiley,,,,,,,.... Yep that was the button......Perhaps one day I will figure out how to get my real picture back on line so I don't get mistaken for someone else.....
  4. You know, you are so right, Spring and Fall is coming here in central Texas for sure.... See it is warm here mostly year round and if I could take a picture of the trees in the yards along my street you would see some with green leaves and mine just as bare and looks dead..... The grass is the same some yards green some looking dead for sure...... And we had rain several days...... More is suppose to come by next weekend.... Hopefully I can get outside on my scooter with my two little dogs in tow with their leashes so they don't run off to far but they don't let people get close to me they start barking like crazy if anyone comes near me...... I got a shed in my back yard with my bbq pit in it but my top has come off so I got to get the roof put back in place then I can use it rain or shine to cook my meat and my ribs I love to fix/..... OK, I'm handicapped, left side paralyzed, walk with a quad cane and use a three wheeled scooter outside.... But I drive anywhere I need to go in my old 2003 Ford explorer with over 208,000 miles on it and my next door neighbor takes care of my yard front and back.... Before my stroke in 2004 I planted a garden with my grand daughter in charge she was so happy taking veggies to school for show and tell...... Now my shed sits on that part of my back yard where I go out there and BBQ when the weather is nice..... So I don't miss cooking out and my wife depends on me doing that all the time as she prepares the meats and brings it out to me for grilling to perfection..... So I guess I look normal and can go anywhere even to the Mall which isn't very far away from my house..... I'm told I look like Bill Cosby just don't have his money...... So that's about all I know for you to know a little about me hope the others let you know about them as well cause we are all in the same ole boat peddling along in life as best we can...... Now you know a little about me..... Oh we have a two story 4 bedroom home, all bedrooms are upstairs so the VA got me a stair lift but my wife loves to run up the stairs and her daughter and grand daughter lives with us and probably will be for years to come as our grand daughter will be 13 soon and she was born when I had the stroke in 2004........ Oh, I'm in central Texas by Fort Hood Army Base and our city is Killeen Texas not far from Austin Texas nor Dallas about in the middle so it's central Texas with plenty cows and horses and other animals especially Goats...... But we all get along and cook out every week-end......
  5. Welcome back I guess I am back too and where you are looks like it does in some parts of our Eastern seaboard like in New York and those states..... I had enough snow and cold weather in my 12 years in Germany to last me the rest of my life.... So I shall remain in Texas for a long, long time to come..... Then too after my stroke I use a scooter and a quad cane to get about so the snow would be too much for me to handle....
  6. Sue with all that rain for ten days you may need a boat parked close to your door or window to make your get away if it continues much longer..... Stay safe and dry as possible...... Watch out for any gators on your property......
  7. Thanks for your replies Janelle and Scottm it is good to see both of you are on board and doing good..... Linnie, my wife is doing much better and seems to be recovering from her illness she suffered and from her hospital stay so I am glad and she is back to work at the bank supervising again..... They added more tellers to the staff so she will be busy getting to know all of them while trying to take life easy for herself until she is much better..... Maybe the post will pick up soon as more members get back from vacations..... I got to relearn the message board again......
  8. You are so right Steve and I am clicking on things to see what happens but my little memory is so short and so I jot things down then can't find them..... It will take me some time as a survivor and old now as my mind or memory is bad too....
  9. Am I the only member with no idea how to post or reply to this new board????? I will hang around until I can figure it out somehow....
  10. Since the board has changed I'm just wondering if perhaps we can have our pictures back when we make a post on the board???? Looking for answers from you all soon..... And perhaps the little smiley faces as well....
  11. I suppose it depends on what part of the country you live like in some places like Alaska the days are very short from sunrise to sunset and it gets dark early or atleast it did when I was there last many, many years ago.....
  12. This is Fred again posting and still wondering why our members has stopped posting on the message board??? Our CEO, Steve Mallory had sent me a message wondering why no one was posting on the message board lately it seems??? I'm still wondering myself although I can't find my last post I did on this same subject so has anybody seen that post on this subject of posting on the board lately that I posted a few days ago?????? Let's all start back posting on the board real soon, OK? My case was that my password would not work and when I requested another one it didn't work either and just today I had to change again so I'm doing something to cause it to not work every time..... Fred King
  13. Hey members, All of us I was just wondering if perhaps many of you were not posting on the board lately since the looks have changed or you just haven't had time to post lately????..... In my case I had password memory problems and just couldn't get on board.... Seems like all I have done lately is request new passwords daily so perhaps my little memory is fading away slowly.... So if you all read this post please reply so I will know and can pass it on to our CEO why no posts have been made much lately..... He wants to know!!!!!
  14. Map

    Hey you all, I'm Fred and just trying to make a post to see where it lands or where it ends up being.... I got a message from our own CEO Steve as he was wondering where had all the posters gone lately since very few post have been made on the message board lately..... In my case I had password problems not being able to remember my password for this site and others as well..... So I guess my memory is slipping away slowly.... Let me ask if any of you members are having problems with the board since the change was done and it is not the way it once was????? For me I like the way it was better than it is now..... Fred King
  15. Am I the only one that can not get used to this new board and pictures the way they are???? I feel so lost after trying for a week since Steve changed the looks of the board to log in....... So I guess I'm here someplace with my picture or a face like the others I see...... Fred King