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    i am a marathon runner, i love to run, and watch baseball, i used to coach baseball before i had my stroke, and now i use to work as a television news editor, but now i am on long term disabilitybut i am still going for long walks daily, i am tring to learn how to run a marothon
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  1. lharrison


    its that time again HO!HO!HO!a merry Christmas to you all just wanted to wish all of the members, a very merry Christmas to you and a very happy new year wish for you. a wish that you will get all that you want to have I hope that 2o18 will be a very good year for you , and now it is time to do all that you are able to do so that you may continue to get even better . so never give up and always strive to be the best that you can be and always know that I will be there for you cheering you on for you so merry Christmas to you and a very happy new year , and rember this your brain can and will r
  2. lharrison

    merry Christmas to all of you

    Well, here it is!!!! its that time already . yes its Christmas time , and time to bring in the new Year, my how times fly and here I am widhing you a very merry Christmas, and the best new year ever, I just had to blog , to let you know , that I think of you , and I wish nothing but the very best to you , I hope that you are seeing improvements since your stroke andthat you will continue to get even better so a very GMerry Christmas to all of you , and may your year be filled with happiness, and good cheer and a very healthy cheer to you,
  3. well, as you know itshalloween . time for a lot of trick or treat, and not only that but time to start on your schedule to get better and to work harder remember it never stop as long as you keep at it weither it be walking, or just exercise, as the nike slogan goes just do it . I'm rooting for you don"t give up just keep on keeping on just do whatever you are comfortable doing , for me it is walking still walklots not running as yet but I am sure it will just take time it is all about positive thinking so just get out there and get going
  4. tis the season to be jolly :thumbs up: time towish all of my friends a very merry Christmas to you :santasmiley: its that time to put the decorations :bell: maybe even a little eggnog :ChristmasTree: just a little wish to you :fireplace: a very merry Christmas to all of you and a very happy new year and a very speedy recovery
  5. well as you may rememberthat I have always been a very big baseball fan :Doh: and that my favorite team has always been the boston red sox :thumbs up: well I am very happy to say that the red sox has been doing a very good job of winning baseballyea!!!boston, and so as you know david Ortiz isretiring :crying: and a lot of fans is very sad to see him go :crying: so in my mind the gift for david retiring is a gift of the world series to go out with a bangjust wanted to blog to let you know that I miss you guys all the members of stroke net and that I am still thinking of you :crying: all the t
  6. well as you know from my galleries that I posted on stroke net on my family I have a grandson Christian , the absolute love of my life, well on Wednesday my grandson Christian is graduating from elementary and will be carrying on to high school, WOW!!!!! can you believe it?
  7. lharrison

    oh thank you so munch sue I am tring to help stroke survivers to get moving and I hope that you will have a great summer your friend lenny
  8. well here it is again its summer time, time to gear up for another year of recovery, you don"t have to worry about slipping on the ice just put on your runners or dhoes and put on your walking shorts , and not only get some more recovery , but a chance to meet your new neighbour, well don"t do it for me though do it for you, because you matter , you have been given a second chance of recovery, so do all that you can to help it along if you can"t run that's oky just start walking and buld up your endurance each step thayt you take will add up try it and you will see enjoy the day of sunshine ju
  9. lharrison

    aloha everybodys

    Well i just got back from my vacation i went on a cruise the princess cruise ship , the star princess. We went to hawaii, we went with my wife and my daughter and my grandson. I posted pictures of our trip on facebook , i had a great time i have never been to hawaii and none of us have so it was alot of fun. I took my scooter with me and i notice that alot of people did i was able to walk. I had to get into the tender it was very scary as the boat was rocking. We rented a car and we went to a leau.
  10. lharrison

    oh asha that is so nice of you thank you for all that you have done fori hope to see you in the chat room as well we have a lot to catch up my friend your friend lenny
  11. lharrison

    good news!!!!

    Well as you know i had an ischemic stroke left side and of coarse because it was left sidestroke i had what was called a vienal occlusion, in other wise i couldn"t see out of my left eye and so i thought that i would be permantly blind. However the good news is that after seeing an eye specialist i found out that in fact i have cateracts so i am scheduled to have cateract surgery done on me march 17th and i was told that the surgery that i will have will give me phrepial vision in my left eye. So now not only am i recovered from my stroke i will be able to see . That to me is very good news.
  12. OH YES IT IS TIME FOR A PARTY P[ARTY :yay: THATS RIGHT CANADIAN FLG IS FLYING HIGH , EVERYWHERE YOU GO,ON THE ROOF, ON THE FLAG POLES, AND A BIG PARADE WITH FIREWORKS :Explode: AT THE CLOVERDALE RODEO, AND THEN THE STEVESSTON BARBque SALMONS , AND THEN MY FAVORITE EVENT THE NANIMO BATHTUB RACES if you like to party , party, then this is the place to be, Canada day is my favorite day a whole lotta fun at the steveston salmon fest with lots of sockeye salmon to eat , on the barbque, and since it is in the summertime always warm and sunny so if you are Canadian hope that you will have a wonderfu
  13. well its that time again ?that's right time to dust off your walking shoes. the sun is shining , its hot outside, and you have made it through another season , so get going enjoy your life . if youcan go for a walk? by all means go for a walk . get outside , and meet the people outside your house, just remember whatever you are able to do it , please do it . not for my sake but for you!!!!! just want you to know that it is a very nice weather here in Vancouver, so I am out and about going for a walk. tring to do my new;ly exercise, I am still going to physiotherapy, and to massage therapy, and
  14. well just wanted to let you know that , I had a stroke, but I am alive, and I want to hope that if youto had a stroke as well, then , like me, you have been given a second chance!!!!! a chance to get better , and stronger, so please , don"t give up, take this opertunity, to do all that you can to enhance your life, to learn how best to cope with your new life, yes it will be different, but you can go to work to make this life the life that we have all been given, to make this life work best for you, and for me, the weather is getting great , so this is your chance to ...go for a walk, learn a
  15. lharrison

    oh yes fred Easter is almost here its the big easter egg hunt but choxalate candy works best to see in the snow Christin is always happy o have easter with all the dinner and the basket ful of goodies enjoy easter with the family