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    Howdy..<br /> I stroked April Fools Day of 2000... not a good april fools joke! I have been doing much better than the naysayers predicted.<br /> Most of my recovery has been done by trial and error.. a lot of errors. I couldn't drive for 2 years but when I got my license back I kept the motorcycle endorsement. Don't make me tell you about my motorcycle adventure a few years ago.. <br /> I was concerned about some issues and returned to school to see if I could still think.. I finished school and passed the national registry tests for EMT and gained licensure here.. Nobody will hire me because I'm a liability.. Oh well, school was interesting.<br /> I have spent the last few years since the stroke doing hybridization and genetic modification (polyploids) in Hemerocallis (daylilies). I've produced some interesting hybrids and will continue to pursue my breeding program.. I've built a greenhouse and am in the process of erecting another.<br /> All this from someone who wasn't ever supposed to walk unassisted again. Never give up!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary bill!

  2. Happy Anniversary bill!

  3. Happy Anniversary bill!

  4. Hello Donna..

    Thank you for your help in getting my strokenet account reactivated! I tried to PM you but was unable to access that feature.. bill

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  6. Howdy.. There are probably about as many opinions about making a full recovery as there are stroke survivors. I will tell you one thing.. If you quit trying you are already defeated. Just let the critics pile dirt on you and write the eulogy because you are DONE. Some days it will seem as if the easiest option is to quit... don't do it! The Drs. said that you can't what? Your spouse doesn't think that you can do it? I refuse to have anyone impose their limits on me. Try until you feel like crying and then shed a few tears before you start trying again! I may have some residual deficits from my stroke but I am now a far superior person than I was pre stroke. I'm not talking about denial... I would rather call it determination. I have not posted here for quite a while but I hate to see anyone stop trying because they believe that they are as good as they will get. You may fool a lot of folks! bill
  7. Hello everyone.. I still stop by this site on occasion, when I have a functioning computer. It's been 7 yrs. since my stroke and I am still as ornery and stubborn as ever. I guess that I'm an example of someone who doesn't have the sense to stop trying. I had to sell the motorcycle that I purchased when the state finally let me drive again after a couple of years. I decided that Goldwings are not the best rehab tools on the market! I should have bought a Harley. Anyhow... I now have some bolts in my left leg....but heck, it was my left side that was affected by the stroke, so I was limping anyway. I also returned to school see if any portion of my intellect remained intact. I graduated and satisfied myself although I'm still considered "disabled" and that just plain tick's me off. Folks have such screwed up perceptions of people with disabilities.. Heck I can do more with mt good side than a lot of "normal" folks. I'm having a problem with the computer... I can't edit this post and the above sentence looks as though I lost my hooked on phonics book! Well......... I will try again later if the board is behaving better.
  8. bill

    Hey Pam......I could be a "biker type" ..........and I don't wear spandex except for special occasions. You do just fine with philosophy too, it just takes more time to chew it and get it digested.
  9. Howdy Denny WOW I had never even considered that some folks might be offended by my posts. I hope not, but I'm just posting my reality on the board. I couldn't walk at first, and my left side was useless. I have come a long way in the past five years. Now I can walk and drive and I even ride a motorcycle. Perhaps some folks have not made the progress that I have made, but I post to attempt to get survivors to keep on trying! We are all different and will all have different recoveries too. I just am too stubborn to stop trying. Now I'm wondering if some survivors perceive my posts as being arrogant. I'm nobody special and I never intend to offend anyone (except with my humor). I know that depression has played a part in my recovery and I imagine that most of us have 'bad' days. I am not aware of the incident that you refer to in your blog. Maybe it was the result of someones bad day. Heck, most everyone else who isn't a survivor perceives me as being somewhat different. I figure we survivors should cut one another some slack.. I am pleased of someone does better than me, it gives me a goal to aim for.. sometimes my aim isn't too good but I'll keep on shootin' til the ammo's gone bill
  10. bill

    Hey Sam......I might not eat your cooking ( especially if you are serving sausage) but I'll be 1st in line to buy your CD when it comes out. Keep at it my friend! bill
  11. bill

    Hi Pam...I sing this song and people look at me like I'm nuts (maybe I am) I have only heard the Louis Armstong version I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself, what a wonderful world I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself, what a wonderful world sometimes I change the words a bit but the meaning stays the same I heard some folks mention blogs in chat and started looking around I hope that you don't mind
  12. Hello everyone, I didn't have my computer online for quite a while and wasn't able to stop in to say hello. I'm pleased to see this thread is still active. It sounds like we have all encountered some ignorant people during our journeys. I guess it's part of the stroke experience that even the Drs. fail to address. I know that there will always be ignorant and insensitive people in our society. I pray that we all be given the strength to deal with them.
  13. bill

    Hi Tammy, You sound like a very patient, giving person. Was you husband abusive before the stroke? As much as you love your husband, you must love yourself too. Sometimes you have to be a bit tough, love isn't letting someone use or abuse you. If your b/p was that high consider this, who will take care of you if you have a stroke. Sometimes we have to make decisions that are difficult or may not have an "easy" answer. You need to consider your health also, it sounds as though you need a break. Your husband has had to deal with a lot since his stroke and will have to deal with respite care if it comes to that point. He may be angry, but may respect you more for making the decision. I had to get a Drs. OK to admit my mom to a nursing facility. She required care 24/7 and my brother was her caregiver. He wound up becoming ill himself. Mom's gone now but my brother will carry the "scars" from his experience for the rest of his life. I loved my mother but in my set of circumstances it was the best solution. just my 2 cents worth (2 cents don't get much anymore)
  14. Hi Linda, I live in a rural area in Northern Michigan and frankly, the support is quite limited around here. Most of my family has been quite supportive. My son attended CMU and is knowledgeable about sports medicine and nutrition. He has become my personal "trainer". Although I may never be quite the same as I was pre-stroke I'm not done for yet. I notice that my strength improves daily. Your husband is fortunate to have a compassionate wife as a caregiver. It's a hard thing to deal with for a spouse. I just visited a woman who had a stroke 2 yrs before me. Her husband is gone and has filed for divorce. She feels crushed. The whole family is a victim of a stroke. I personally felt as if I was a prisoner in my own body. It's a hard feeling to describe. I feel that it's a real test of a relationship. It's easy to have a relationship when everything's going well. If you can both survive this rough time you will have accomplished something that will bring you closer than ever before. Linda, just a thought. Most people will not understand what I mean, it's easy to be happy when you get an obvious blessing. Sometimes we are blessed in ways that are not apparent until long after we receive them. His ways are not always a simplistic solution. Be Blessed Bill
  15. Hello, I was just wondering if any others have had people tell them "well, you look alright" when you attempt to explain why you are unable to function at a pre-stroke level. I have had people accuse me of "faking" when I explain my limitations. I ask them if they would be happier if I had a more visible disability, like an amputation. That usually makes them angry, but I feel like they display a great deal of ignorance on their part by virtue of their actions.
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