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  1. swilkinson

    She is very much appreciated. This site has been such a great help to me over many years. We are all in need of the companionship the site provides. Thank you Missy.
  2. swilkinson

    I will add my prayers too. You guys are all very special to me.
  3. swilkinson

    Nancy, in the last nine years since Ray died I have gone over and over what I could have done differently, what we could have done to prevent his stroke etc. But every time I come back to what I would have lost I had never met the people who have been so important in my life since then yourself included.Then I come to the conclusion that life is how it is meant to be
  4. swilkinson

    I try to be positive about the lockdown which looks Iike going on until the end of October. I have a daily diary on Facebook that a lot of people seem interested in. I do try and keep in touch with as many people as I can because I have time. Housework can wait. But it is sometimes emotionally tiring as most people are going to tell me their problems. Anyway one day this will be over and I can't wait for that to happen.
  5. swilkinson

    Keeping busy in lockdown

    I am still in lockdown, just as we were due to come out of lockdown our numbers in our local government area (LGA) began to rise. Only about 25 a day but with all the other late winter ailments that send people to hospital ours can't cope if numbers get too high. So the stay-at-home order continued. I am disappointed that once again I will miss out on a visit from any of my grandchildren for their school holidays. I so look forward to Trevor and Alice coming but once again that is impossible. Today is Day 76 in lockdown and tonight I will do another entry on my Facebook page and te
  6. swilkinson

    Team spirit
  7. swilkinson

    Janelle I really hope so. The Premier keeps saying we can come out of lockdown when we reach 80% fully vaccinated, that could be November. I am like everyone else and sick of lockdown but don't want to do anything to cause it to be further extended. So it is stay home and stay safe.
  8. swilkinson

    Still under lockdown, not unexpected as numbers are still high. One commentator was saying people in the Western suburbs still live fifteen to a household. Really? Makes us sound Iike a third world country.
  9. swilkinson

    I missed the opportunity to post this in the "Change one word" discussion so posted the photo here instead. This is the newly painted elephant on my front lawn. I call her Ellie.
  10. swilkinson

    Baby Doll
  11. swilkinson

    Deigh, I loved the Bay of Islands That was the first stop on my cruise in February last year. When this Covid is finally over I am coming back to New Zealand to have a couple of bus trips and a good look around. I reckon that will be a great holiday. I could certainly look again at all the other places we stopped too.
  12. swilkinson

    Janelle, I am not usually a jealous person but that freedom to go out for coffee or lunch sounds so good!
  13. swilkinson

    Sounds wonderful, after nine weeks of lockdown we are hoping and praying for a release that will allow travel again. The stair climbing is impressive and the jewellery reward even more so. May you have many more weekends away to build memories worth keeping.
  14. swilkinson

    Looks like Sydney is in for another extension of lockdown for the month of September too. At the end of August the Central Coast is being unhooked from Greater Sydney and will become a regional Local Government Area again. We will still have lockdown but hopefully with hair dressers, clothes shops etc
  15. swilkinson

    Ring master