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  1. swilkinson

    Kev, nice to see an Aussie style wind powered water pumping windmill in your photo. Does it make a scraping noise like the ones out west of here? Love the rustic look of your garden.
  2. swilkinson

    Good display. It is learn as you go along, or was for me.
  3. Great job on all three blogs. I started a blog to help me see my situation from another perspective. I look back over the years and see the careworn caregiver and the widow and I am okay with both aspects of my journey. Hope you can see your journey as special and unique but also human and shareable. Good comes out of it if it helps others too.
  4. When Ray had the major strokes in 1999 we didn't go camping for a while, then took the campervan up the coast to one of our usual spots. My first time putting up an annexe in a heavy breeze. Twisted it the wrong way, jammed my thumb, cried with frustration. The man who came to my rescue was around 99 but four hands are better than two so we got it up. I did better the next time. The first time is always harder. Good for you though for your efforts, better luck next time.
  5. Can't post to your posts on Strokenet.  I can email you, or what ever mode this is.  I had a similar problem.  Perhaps your not aware of.  I do like Kev posts also.  


    I mentally try to blog but still not understanding the method or site.  Wish others would post also.  



  6. swilkinson

    Feel like having somewhere to vent? Why not start your own blog. You can make it private and keep it as a diary but if you would like to get comments for feedback you need to make it public. I know it seems a nothing time with all the restrictions due to the Corona virus but why not write a blog on how you survived the time alone or locked in with your loved ones?
  7. swilkinson

    Welcome Liam from a fellow Aussie. I was carer to my late husband Ray who died in 2012. Ray had many strokes, seven majors and others that caused minor damage. We found that trying to get over one problem at a time was the way to go. This lasted for 13 years. I know from his experience that it is very frustrating when you want it all fixed at once. Hopefully over time things will improve. I was Ray's full time carer because of his balance problems which puzzled the neurologist until they discovered he had also had a brain stem bleed. This was picked up eventually in a CT scan. All I can do is hope you find the kind of physiotherapists we did who coached Ray back from every stroke until the last one which sent him to a nursing facility for the last 13 months of his life. We were fortunate to have 12 good years before that happened. Life after stroke is different but there can still be good times.
  8. How very sad suicide is. It is why I did Lifeline telephone counselling as one of my dear friends committed suicide over a debt he owed. Lifeline as a suicide prevention line probably saved a lot of people at the "just thinking about it" stage. We on this site have learned so much through our encounter with stroke as a survivor or caregiver and it has toughened us up and taught us to appreciate life just as it is. We have support here and that counts for a lot.
  9. swilkinson

    Nothing lasts forever, this embargo on moving state to state or country to country will pass too. Congratulations on your stroke anniversary.
  10. Just to say  I miss you. (((Hugs))).

    1. GreenQueen


      Thank you Sue.💚

      Means a lot.

      Finally feel ready to be here. 

      J x

  11. swilkinson

    We have cane toads in some parts of Australia but not here. I used to hear frogs in the swamp down the road but they covered the swamp with houses so no more frogs. They call that progress! You have had a busy week doing your odd jobs, keep up the good work.
  12. Thea, how are you managing? I'd like to think we like help in some way even if it is just so you know someone is thinking of you. Life can be so hard some days so why not come here and vent and get it off your chest? Sometimes just writing it down seems to make it better. Thinking of you. Sue.
  13. swilkinson

    ASHA, so💖 those unexpected visits from family.You have raised a thoughtful young man. Hope your husband had a good weekend. And that you enjoyed some mother and son time too. Good time for building those precious memories for when he is away from home and you are thinking of him.
  14. swilkinson

    Talking to a couple of older friends today and it seems going out is quite a strain on people of my age or older, particularly those who live alone. Why are we suddenly so timid? These are not weak or ill people but people I think of as still in the prime of life. It seems the Covid-19 virus has scared us into a kind of agraphobia. Not something I thought about as a consequence of a plague-like illness. So how do we get our confidence back?
  15. swilkinson

    I am here in spirit if not in body. Blue days are common for me in winter. If life gives me a sunny sky I am fine, give me a gray sky to wake up to and I want to scrunch back down under the covers. The Corona has taken away a lot of what gives us joy, so take it easy, pamper yourself if you can, and come back when you feel able to.
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