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  1. In a way keeping busy helps us to find a calmer place in our lives. Awful things happen around us but we have things to do that keep us focussed and that is a good thing. Enjoy making your baby blankets and I know you will be a blessing to the people who receive them
  2. swilkinson

    I am glad you came back to update us Mary Jo, for a lot of people life after caregiving is unimaginable so in some ways people like you and I illuminate that road. The strengths we build up as a caregiver enable us to going living a worthwhile life but the feeling of aloneness is hard to shake. Like you I have not so far found someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with. But I do have a lot of pleasant friends and sometimes that is enough.
  3. swilkinson

    Janelle may be without power and phone connection due to the very strong winds that area experienced so I am sure she will reply when she can.
  4. swilkinson


    In Australia a lot of service type people call older ladies "Darls" short for darling, an inoffensive term of endearment and often a substitute for other words such as "sweetie" (sweetheart) or "pet" which were often used a couple of decades ago. This morning a trolley boy took my trolley back to the trolley bay after asking if he could "take it Darls" and last week another young man offered to help unload my groceries. All this shows I am an older woman now, a fact given away by the grey hair and the way I walk when I am tired. The left leg where I had the melanoma removed from behind the kne
  5. swilkinson

    Stay as calm as you can. I haven't been in a cyclone but had a strong wind destroy my cabin and back yard ten years ago so know that kind of feeling. Hope it weakens before it gets to you. Stay safe.
  6. Wow ASHA your husband is an exceptional person. Having a mother who considered education for girls a waste of time I struggled to educated myself. But in the end I have always been where I was needed so I have had a good life anyway. And taking the opportunity to serve others was drummed into me by my father so that has been a great educating factor in my life too. Like you I am able to appreciate what I have.
  7. swilkinson

    I suspect my late husband Ray had some of that response to multiple choices so I can relate to that . Everything had to be slowed down for him and I would say something like: " Do you like grape? " Then ask about strawberry etc. Maybe explain that to your wife. Also his taste had change so sometimes what he had enjoyed before his stroke tasted strange after. All of life is a learning curve.
  8. I have crocheted cat mats for over a year now. But I know each animal refuge has different ideas so maybe phone a few and find out what they want. On the music predicament now the weather is nicer how about driveway concerts? Either by yourself or with other musicians? Don't know how you would arrange that it but maybe ring a few care homes and find out if the residents could come to a window to hear and see you. Every little bit of entertainment would make a difference in somebody's life. Wherever there is a good intention and a good heart you are making a difference.
  9. Speech therapists should be available for every stroke survivor. Ray had aphasia late in his stroke journey and swallowing difficulties. Luckily I was connected to an association that helped locate therapists that worked for a basic fee which we could afford. Wish that kind of service was available for everyone. You have such a good heart Kelli and that makes it tough when you see people in need and can't get help for them. All we can do is give them the help we can. Bless you for what you do for others.
  10. ASHA, so good you have another opportunity to make some changes in your life. Little adjustments can make a big difference. You are going into Spring and hopefully have a better summer ahead than last year. Make the most of your life, it goes too fast. Great to hear you are looking at yourself with fresh eyes, there is always room for improvement.
  11. swilkinson

    Tracy, floods are a problem when we let people build homes on flood plains. The rains finally ceased and then the clean up began and our TV screens have been full of those heart breaking scenes. The weather has reverted to the normal range of warm days and cool nights and I am loving it. I am able to get out and about in comfort now the humidity has gone and spend a lot of time in my garden, there is a lot of work needed every change of season. Not looking forward to the depths of winter but am sure I will find plenty to do.
  12. swilkinson

    Rain and sunshine 🔆

    I am person who is sometimes short on perception. This in my lifetime has caused some interesting discussion, like the time I prayed for rain and a furious man confronted me outside the church and said: "How dare you pray for rain when I start to harvest my crop on Monday?" So I am a little hesitant to give any kind of opinion or advice unless I know all the facts. So whoever's prayed for rain on the New South Wales coast will they p!ease stop! Elsewhere if you are still in drought go ahead no harm should come of it! We have had two weeks of rain with very heavy rain this week resu
  13. Tracy I have no advice for you. As you know I belong to a Stroke Recovery Group and each individual is that, each with a unique set of deficits and a separate set of problems. What we share is a willingness to listen, to empathise, to hug each other with compassion when Covid restrictions get lifted. Thats all I can offer to you.(((hugs)))
  14. I think it is easy on Strokenet as everywhere else to just scroll and read scroll and read without adding a comment or starting a new topic But adding something helps others. Adding something gives others something new to think about. Adding something introduced a possible new subject to explore. So please add you comment to discussions or your update to your blog. Help keep Strokenet interesting to the regulars and welcoming to new comers.
  15. swilkinson

    Oh so sad for you Janelle, so hard to lose a fur baby who has become a true member of the family. The pup will grieve too. When we lost our little dog many years ago our neighbour's dog used to sit on our verandah and howl like a banshee. I felt like joining her. It took weeks for her to get over it.