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  1. swilkinson

    fire hose
  2. swilkinson

    ASHA. I have always found my purpose in being there for others. I feel sometimes I am guided to a certain place at a certain time to meet someone else's need. I don't know how you know exactly which way to go, whether something is right or wrong but maybe as well as intention there is that twinge of conscience when something is NOT right. And going with the flow as you have taught me works well for me too.
  3. swilkinson

    I agree , I had that cruise on the Ruby Princess and if I hadn't been on it because of my friends need I wouldn't have gone. But a couple of days on the Murray River would be fine. I am planning some travelling by train later in the year if that is feasible. At he moment Omicron is raging here so will have to wait and see.
  4. swilkinson

    Thanks George for the wise words. I guess because the Covid came to Australia on a cruise ship I wouldn't consider a cruise till all this is over. I do need to make some travel plans for this year, time is fleeting and I am getting older by the minute. Will have a think about my options. I am considered a vulnerable person because of the lung damage caused by the RSV virus thirty years ago so when people say " this one is mild and we'll all get over it" I have my doubts.
  5. swilkinson


    My word for this year is SHINE. I am not sure for the moment exactly what that means but I am determined not to let the new form of Covid take the colour out of my world. The numbers of cases is high, the government in its wisdom no longer publishes statistics or areas affected so we live in ignorance BUT I will not be afraid. Fear is why my three grandchildren in Adelaide have not come up to stay with their mother this summer holiday. Fear is why there were no Carol services and we are back to wearing masks in church. Fear is a kill joy. So I have to be fearless. I have to do as
  6. swilkinson

    I have my son and granddaughter from Broken Hill here for two weeks but the South Australian kids wouldn't come up here to their mother for fear of being "trapped". I guess different people different attitudes.
  7. swilkinson

    I just had a booster, no problems with the two Astra Zenaca but the Phizer caused two days of pain from around the injection site. However if that is the price of keeping well I am all for it.
  8. swilkinson

    Scary noise
  9. swilkinson

    it was quiet here too over Christmas but there is a lot of traffic about now. A lot of people in my street go on holidays straight after Christmas. Hot days are good for the summer holidaymakers. I have my son and 9 year old grand daughter here so a few days to enjoy the beach lifestyle will be good for them. They come from the red dust country and enjoy the green grass and the opportunity to swim etc.
  10. swilkinson

    ASHA Bonnie meant a lot to me because as Tracy said the people on here understand us much more than our friends do. So they become our friends who just live in another place. I'll always be grateful to the people I've met on here.
  11. swilkinson

    sos signal
  12. swilkinson

    Solar flares
  13. swilkinson

    Three weeks to Christmas

    Since we've been out of lockdown the time has gone so fast! There is so much more to do than housework, crocheting and gardening. There is more social activities in my Iife and more charity and pastoral care work. I did get away to Armidale for a week which was nice but in that week weeds sprang up, spiders got busy spinning webs and there seemed to be so many extra small tasks to do when I came back. So the weeks fly by. I have been writing Christmas cards and starting to collect the goodies needed for Christmas Day and the week before New Year. Only four of us for Christmas Day
  14. swilkinson

    Does massage help? I read somewhere that that is helpful. On the whole caregivers are not able to overcome the survivor's free choices. I found that with Ray, that "No" meant "#@% No!!!" And that it can become a medical problem.
  15. swilkinson

    It's a bit of a mixed bag, some people are going out and about, planning interstate holidays and family reunions and others hardly come out at all. So talking to friends some will do meet ups and some think next year is soon enough. No-one seems very excited about Christmas, so no parties just meet ups. I went to one end of year gathering and was the only person dressed in Christmas gear which was really unusual. And some still think there will be future shut downs.