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  1. Happy Anniversary bblack!

  2. Happy Birthday bblack!

  3. Happy Anniversary bblack!

  4. Happy Birthday bblack!

  5. Happy Birthday bblack!

  6. Happy Birthday bblack!

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    this is test :growl: :geek: :money: :oohlala:
  8. I would like to thank everyone for the b-day wishes, they meant a lot. Also a special thanks to my family and friends for a great evening!

  9. Happy Birthday bblack!

  10. Ok, one of the better SB halftime shows in recent yrs.

  11. You know the years are getting upon us when one of my fav playboy spreads (Jenny mccarthy) starts getting wrinkles

  12. Happy Anniversary bblack!

  13. Happy Birthday bblack!

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  15. I also live in CA. 5 years after stroke I went to renew my license and they noticed something wrong with my right arm. I told them I had a stroke 5 yrs ago. I had to go thru the process of filling forms, going for an interview, and having a driving test. I pasted. It was not hard and YES I had been driving for those 5 yrs prior to this.