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  1. Happy Anniversary bstockman!

  2. Happy Anniversary bstockman!

  3. Happy Birthday hostbonnie!

  4. bstockman

    Sue, just be gentle with yourself.. You are a "giver" but the time for YOU is now. If you don't want to be in a position to have to try to be Jolly.... the word NO not this time. Give yourslef time to grieve for Ray and your Mom.. You are nuber ONE right now. So if you feel like curling up in a blanket and just sitting ( oh I forgot ) its Summer there.. a walk on the beach, sitting on the veranda.. IT is time to do for SUE right now. Much Love and Many hugs Bonnie
  5. bstockman

    (((((((((((((((((((Sue)))))))))))))))))))))) sending huge hugs... In 1979 I lost my dad and husband 5 months apart... It is a rough road for sure. I am thankful you have such Family support. I know you will feel quite lost for awhile. Your days routine of taking care of Ray and visiting Mum filled up your life. I know through your faith you will make it through. Good days and bad days. Hoping the many Happy Memories you have will out shadow the bad days. I LOVE that you kept your Mum's special dress. Sending prayers for You and your family love and hugs
  6. bstockman

    One suggestion,, can you take a bedside (type) urinal. then if someone can take him for an extra trip they can use the urinal and just dump it. Extra pants and depends (of course you have already thougth of those). Have fun. the plans you are making ahead of time will surely make things easier. Best Wishes
  7. Sue,, sending hugs and Love you are in my thoughts and prayers
  8. bstockman

    (((((((((((((((Kimmie)))))))))))))) I am so sorry. You should not be embarrassed. It does sound like you and Matt should get your own place. Sometimes "tough" love is the best, if he has to be on his own and find his own place. You need to do what is best and safest for you. I know Matt cares for you with Love. I'm sure you and Matt have tried to talk with Marc about counseling, he may still have some un resolved issues or anger at losing his dad. All I can say is I'm so sorry you are going through this, and I hope things turn around for you all Soon. love n hugs, Bonnie
  9. bstockman

    Some thought on Grief

    Hi Everyone, I have not blogged for quite awhile. John passed away 6/28/11. The melanoma he had removed 7 yrs ago Came back Full force. He was diagnosed 4/27/11.... Little did I know when we walked out the door on the 27th... would be his last time walking out of the house. My stroke took a back burner, rarely even though about it. I am a 9 yr survivor, and a very Lucky one, my deficits are mainly those you can not see. My left side can be a bit clumsy and I have a slight limp. My impairments are mostly, memory, focus, etc the ones that do NOT show. I tried with the help of my daught
  10. bstockman

    HI Sue, I'm glad you had a good weekend. I know how much life is so different now. Being a "widow" is a Lonely place and although you may want to talk to someone, ust reaching for the phone ... is sometimes overwhelming. I am also glad you joined the widow/widower site. Unless you have lost your spouse it is sometimes very difficlt to undertsand. Your routine is Gone, and now you are busy with all the paper work and things on this "new" journey" Going from WE to ME is quite difficult and lonely. If any of you are a widow or widower is a Wonderful site. It is so full o
  11. bstockman

    There is no one to blame . you may have forgetten to pack his drink, but the teacher could have found something ... I am sure with all the excieted children and the Fair.. it was just not thought they he didn't . I am glad he is doing better now. Chldren are so resilient.. Hoping he will quickly regain the strength and some extra work outs. Sending HUGS to you and prayers for Cayden. I'm sure the teachers will make check lists and know more for the next outing. (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
  12. bstockman

    Huge Congrats Grandma Jamie, what a doll...
  13. bstockman

    Sue, I just found out of Ray's passing. My sincere condolonces to you and Your Family. It will be a crazy, busy time for awhile. and time for the "reality" to sink in. I did find a widow site. Like here people from all over and even a few from Austrailia. It has reall been a savior to me to find people who understand ..loosing your spouse. it has great groups and Blogs also. I admire you so very much for your love and support.. You have devoted yourself to Ray and others. Please be gentle with yourself, take time to rest and take time to Grieve. A great Book : W
  14. bstockman

    Happy Anniversary to you 2 Love birds. hope you had a GREAT day!! Bonnie
  15. bstockman

    Thanks Fred, your Blogs are always great to read... I have been up and down a few mountains as well.. those mountains do make us stronger. Along these paths we can meet some amazing people.