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  1. Happy Anniversary kristina38!

  2. Happy Anniversary kristina38!

  3. kristina38

    Panama City, Florida (Bay County) Northwest Florida
  4. Hi Tara, welcome to the board and sorry you are having so many problems. I am also a bartender so I know how stressful the job is by itself without all the extra stress on top. Don't have much time to post write now but I'll get back to you when I get off tonight. Try to stay positive, I now it's hard, I took care of my Mom for two years after her stroke so been there done that... Kristina
  5. kristina38

    Mott, so happy that you are at peace with your decision concerning your Mom. Try to take some time for yourself and your own "healing", you deserve it. Kristina
  6. kristina38

    Therapy can be very tiring on survivors. Mom had several different bouts with it. We'd go for a couple months until she hit a "plateau" and wasn't improving enough for medicare to keep paying. We'd practice the stuff we learned in therapy for four or five months and when we saw improvement we'd call the doctor and sign up for more therapy. I found with Mom she did best if we limited it to a few months at a time then quit and let her process all that info. I think sometimes they forget the cognitive deficits that go along with the physical and try to cram too much info into someone which j
  7. kristina38

    Melissa, thank you for your lovely post. If I've learned anything from all of this, it's to live life to it's fullest. Tomorrow is never promised. I wanted to give an update on my progress. We finally made it out of probate (four weeks late) and we are hoping to close on the refinance Tuesday. I can say I will be so relieved when this is all over and I can begin living my life again. I have so many things that need to be done but I haven't been able to until we close. I've spent most of my time obsessing over whether Mom's mortgage company was going to foreclose on us. Leaky faucets,
  8. kristina38

    Hello all, things are still moving slowly. We are still waiting for the judge to sign over the title of the house so I can refinance it, the process was supposed to take two to three weeks and is now in it's fifth week. Christmas has basically been canceled at our house as without the money from the refinance buying gifts is out of the question as are most of the things I had planned on doing in memory of Mom. I also had another tragedy, my beloved Wody the Cat (the Thanksgiving runaway that triggered Mom's recovery over a year ago) passed away on December 7th while I was at work. It seems
  9. Dorrie, I know how hard it is to see your Mom hurting or sad, been there done that and it's very hard. Your Mom is still the same strong person on the inside, she maybe down and not feeling as confident as before but she is still that strong woman you know. My Mom suffered horribly after her stroke and spent the first 3 months basically in a coma or close to it and then several more months of acute rehab with horrendous decubitus wounds, pneumonia, mrsa etc. I was fearful she would never have the strength to recover at ALL. She proved everyone wrong and continued to improve and somehow a l
  10. kristina38

    I'm going to agree with Jean on this one. As a caregiver, I would have given anything for a few hours of "off" time and the bonus of having someone to help me with all the cleaning chores around here. Jeans suggestion seems like a good compromise. I wouldn't worry about "being like your Mother", we've all had the moment of realization when we look in the mirror and see our parents LOL...I think I was about 30 when I noticed I was just like her, and to be honest I'm pretty happy that I am! Kimmie, not everyone that can't sit still is on drugs. I'm an extremely type A person and rarely s
  11. kristina38

    LOL Phyllis we usually pick out the best gifts for ourselves! I'm really trying to get into the spirit of the season but I just don't feel terribly motivated right now. My birthday is a week from today and I'll be 40 which isn't helping my mood any either LOL. My Mom was always big on Birthdays and Holidays and without her they just seem lackluster at best. Last year it was such a joyous occasion for us, Mom was improving steadily and even oversaw my decorating and menu choices. I made sure we had all the things she always had and my fiance built a beautiful fire in the fireplace for us t
  12. kristina38

    Thanks Jean and Scooter, I still lurk and post when I get a minute and I'll probably spend more time online when I get my new computer next month. I'll be able to upgrade to cable internet instead of this very slow dial up we have now. I still enjoy this site and helping others with their issues when possible. Jean the recipe is very simple and it's done in the microwave. Simply peel the sweet potatoes, cube them in about 2 inch chunks and put them in a microwave safe dish with a half cup of water and cover with plastic wrap with vent slits. Nuke 'em for about ten to fifteen minutes ti
  13. kristina38

    Hi all, just a quick update. I'm stilling waiting for the title of the house to be transfered to my name so I can finish this refinancing. I'm hoping the second week in December. I've managed to get some things done but most everything is waiting on probate at this point. The credit life insurance company did pay off Mom and I's new Nissan Murano so at least one thing has gone right and been done quickly. I'm working more but still not back to full time which I will need to do soon. I still miss Mom alot. Thanksgiving was sad without her especially since we had all her favorite fo
  14. kristina38

    June perhaps in your case this was true but my Mom had a catheter for over a year and we managed to bladder train her again. For the last eight months of her life she used a bedside commode for all her toileting. We did wear depends in case of any leakage or accidents but she did remarkably well. I really think it depends on the actual cause of the incontinence, sometimes it's the meds or simply muscle loss that can be regained via kegel exercises. Mom used kegels to regain control and it WORKED. Kristina
  15. kristina38

    Mottm, I have inherited my Uncle it seems. He's still here but he has been actually helpful these past couple weeks. I think now that there is NO question in his mind who is the head of this household he's going to stay on good behavior. He knows I'm on a hair trigger right now as well so he's been bustling about keeping things tidy and doing just about all the grocery shopping as well. He just had open heart surgery in September but has recovered just about completely. You know they say "only the good die young" and I'm beginning to believe it... Kristina Thanks June, I'm at peace