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  1. Happy Anniversary HostStephen!

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  3. Happy Anniversary HostStephen!

  4. Happy Birthday HostStephen!

  5. Happy Anniversary HostStephen!

  6. Happy Birthday HostStephen!

  7. Hi Gavin, My stroke was probably caused by high blood pressure. It was runing around 200/100 in the days just before to my stroke. That was July 1,1997. host stephen
  8. Happy Birthday hoststephen!

  9. I retired I was old enough. hoststephen
  10. Happy Birthday hoststephen!

  11. Hi Gavin, I had both HBP and cholesterol Just before my bleed My BP was running 200/100 since the i have spent a small fortune on Lipitor and Norvasc Both BP and cholesterol are downe to more reasonable levels so I must be dowinh something right. It has been 15 years since the ICH and no new trouble. hoststephen
  12. Happy Anniversary hoststephen!

  13. happy birthday hoststephen!=)

  14. Happy Birthday hoststephen!

  15. Lydia, I am 14 years post stroke and I still find things that were blown out of my memory. It is like stepping on a rake in the dark and having it come up and hit you on the nose. hoststephen