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  1. Happy Anniversary merichsen!

  2. Happy Anniversary merichsen!

  3. Happy Birthday merichsen!

  4. merichsen

    Betsy, I'm going to disagree with your statement no one knows what it is like. While that is true of those who have not had this happen to them, it is not of those who have had a stroke. Here we very well know the feeling of wanting so badly to get better, back to some semblance of normal, and not feel like a burden to ourselves along with everyone else. The frustration of that not happening very timely is something we also know all too well. I remember trying to have people understand by likening it to a case of the flu you just can't fully shake and pull yourself out from under but that
  5. Happy Anniversary merichsen!

  6. merichsen

    Very nice sweetheart! Lots of sunlight and room ~ You'll need it cause we're all coming over to hang out with you:) Got snacks?
  7. merichsen

    Mike, I am so so sorry for your loss. Bernadette was a very blessed lady to have been treasured and so well cared for by a man she loved and treasured too. Take solace knowing she is now an angel who now watches over you awaiting the time when your souls will be joined again for eternity. Prayers to you and your family. Warmest(((hugs))) Maria
  8. merichsen

    If you live in Michigan reply to this message and post your town, city, or county.
  9. merichsen

    Miss Katrina, True It's All in Your Head, but everything in your head is not necessarily within your control. What I meant by having too much time on your hands to think and anxiety attacks had more to do with getting yourself worked up over going for a test, than the reality of being afraid you may have another seizure. I have full blown seizures too and know that fear of not knowing when one may hit to the point where you're not sure if you are imagining the onset or they are real. That kind of keeping yourself under a microscope to evaluate and wait and see what happens is very nerve w
  10. merichsen

    Honey, I don't remember you having panic attacks when you were buried in books worrying about keeping up your grades to maintain your scholarship. You handled the pressure better than most kids would have at your age. Need a reminder of how strong you are? Take a look at the video clip of your graduation. I don't need a reminder. I'm still amazed by you and the accomplished, determined lady I watched you grow into. You seem to have a bit too much time on your hands with all that energy to think and overthink, find a better way to expend it read, get engrossed in a cause, go back to s
  11. Fred, You're not hanging on to some notion that you're still sane are ya? They say blissful ignorance keeps crazies happy. I won't tell you if you don't tell me. They made my day, thanks! Maria
  12. merichsen

    Good to see you're smiling and feeling good. Enjoy getting out and about in the nice weather! Maria
  13. merichsen

    Very cool Sweetheart!! Sounds like he knows your medical history, what he's doing, and what's best for you. I'm very happy for you. I hope this gives you some well deserved peace of mind. Keep smiling honey, all good things are coming. Love ya, Maria xoxo
  14. Happy Birthday merichsen!

  15. merichsen

    Jeri, So great to see you blogging! Lots of us have difficulty with letting go of our perfectionism after stroke. We'll be happy to share with what worked for us so you can help dad adjust too. In time he will learn to establish what is perfect for him based on his abilities now by accepting and seeing himself through his own eyes now and who he was and the eyes of others. It will be a process getting him there, but we're here to help you along the way. Maria