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  1. Happy Anniversary jwatrous!

  2. Happy Anniversary jwatrous!

  3. jwatrous

    My chilfrens' dad has been gone for over 10 years, and his presence is still felt as his spirit lives on in his kids - death can be awful, but letting someone go, allows them to be rid of pain and suffering; It must be painful to loose a spouse, after so many years - I am remarried experiencing 26 years together. How I would handle loss of spouse is beyond comprehension, and my kudos goes out to those who handle it so gracefully June, from CT.
  4. jwatrous

    Ken - Iam a survivor from 1985 & can tell you, we must be careful not to be scammed as there are {MADOFF] CROOKS out there preying on our wishes to do anything to be better! Being immobile is awful, I'll keep you in my prayers
  5. jwatrous

    Society is aiming high to find a cure for us, but as cures take years to be found, we do not have the time to wait, so we must carry on, making the best out of a bad situation P.S. WHEN HANDED A LEMON JUST MAKE LEMONADE! AND GET ON WITH IT JUNE, FROM CT & A SURVIVOR
  6. jwatrous

    Ken - Let's face it - the day we had a stroke - well it has changed our lives in a profound way where we will never be the same, but life goes on, no matter how many setbacks we experience Good luck, June, survivor, from CT
  7. jwatrous

    Congrats on your anniversary! As life is a celebration in itself, every day you can say - I made it tiday, is a blessing June, from CT
  8. jwatrous

    Nick - First, sorry for your loss My stroke was in 1985 @ age 39 & its been a long haul to recoup, but I feel blessed to have meet so many good people, on the way I send my prayers to you & good luck June, from CT
  9. Amy - not strange at all as even after I hadmine in 1985, I just knew if I KEPT QUESTIONING in lieu of accepting, I would never get well - So, just go with the flow June
  10. jwatrous

    congrats to you in your new place, that is just yours June
  11. jwatrous

    Yes, most of us do, but if it were me, I would focus more on your recovery and knowing you have done your best June
  12. jwatrous

    sorry, but there is much pain with stroke, and most of it you cannot see, so how can we expect others to understand? June
  13. jwatrous

    you are going through much and if we can help, just ask June P.S. This site is here for that purpose, so put us to work!
  14. jwatrous

    sorry for your pain, but some day your boys will tell you how they knew you were in pain & are very proud how far you have come June :cheer: