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    cycling, fly fishing, fly tying, hiking, reading, computer - anything, going out to eat, board games, computer games, yard work, my wife, our kids, our parents and sisters and all our family, our Beagles, photography, all things Roman Catholic, American History, modern technical gadgets and old fashioned hand tools of all kinds. A man can never have too many hand tools. I get a kick out of finding ways to do what I used to do with my under-functioning brain.
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  1. Spent, the day with the grandsons today.  Always a great time.

  2. Beautiful fall day in Denver today.  I'm going to be cleaning up the last of the fallen leaves.  They are pretty, but I don't like raking them up.

  3. alpinejunkie

    Happy Birthday my friend.
  4. Happy Birthday alpinejunkie!

  5. Happy Anniversary alpinejunkie!

  6. Happy Anniversary alpinejunkie!

  7. Happy Anniversary alpinejunkie!

  8. alpinejunkie

    Great post! One way I keep from getting depressed is that I keep trying to figure out cool new ways to do the things I have trouble doing now that I'm a survivor. Sometimes I get to buy a new toy... and that can be fun. Dave
  9. I love reading your blog! It seems every time I need an uplift, I get an email that fking has posted.

  10. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for commenting on my profile, good to see you hear. You have probably already shown great strength and courage if you are honest with yourself. We can find it in all the little things we do every day. I look forward to seeing you around the board.

  11. Hi, I'm new to the site.I have looked around a little bit and came across your profile. I had a stroke april 18th 2010 in the pons section of the brainstem. Your story has been an inspiration to me. it's good to know how strong willed you are. This is all new to me. I need to learn to be strong like you and so many others I have read about. Thank you for sharing your story! Steve

  12. alpinejunkie

    Great post!
  13. alpinejunkie

    One thing that was so pleasing to me and my wife is that it was our 25 year old daughters idea that we start this. Michele and I look back fondly on the days when family gatherings were highlights of our youth and have felt like the younger generations had no use for that. Sue, I can just close my eyes and imagine the wonderful time you wrote about. What a wonderful mental vacation.
  14. alpinejunkie

    The Fourth Sunday

    Every 4th Sunday of every month My parents and my daughter, my wife and I get together for dinner and to play a board game. We take turns meeting at my parents house or Michele and I have everybody over. Even though we meet at my parents house from time to time our daughter and Michele and I take turns preparing the dinner there. my parents are in their 70s so we try to make it easy on them. This month our daughter will be busy tomorrow so we moved the dinner to Saturday night. We had Chicken Cordon Bleu, cheese tortillini, spinach salad and peach pie with vanilla ice cream. After dinner we played a couple hours of a card game called Skip-Bo. We all had a great time as usual. What a great tradition this is. When I was a little boy. My dads mom would have everybody over for a huge traditional Italian dinner every Sunday after Mass. Growing up it was just something that we did. Now I realize what a labor of love and sacrifice it was for my Grandma and Papa to feed 20 or more relatives every week. She would start shopping and preparing food on Thursday for Sunday dinner. That does not even begin to take into consideration the financial part of it for my grandparents. There is a church at the end of our block that the pastor puts different sayings on a sign out front. This week it says "a good career does not make a good life". My grandfather was a janitor and my grandmother worked on an assembly line making luggage. But they had the best life of any people I know.
  15. Is figuring out what does and does not work with my iPad!