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  1. Mema

    Happy Anniversary Mema!

  2. Hi Fred. Thought you would like to know I am still around and doing well. I don't know the answer to your question about Afghanistan, but I do think our troops should be brought home to be prepared to defend us here. Vi
  3. Happy Birthday Mema!

  4. Mema

    Happy Anniversary Mema!

  5. Happy Birthday Mema!

  6. Mema

    WOW! Fred. Good for you being able to stay alone for a few days. I can be alone for a few hours, but not overnight. VI
  7. Happy Birthday Mema!

  8. Happy Anniversary Mema!

  9. Mema

    A Big Weekend

    This past weekend was really special for me. I was able to watch our granddaughter, Ashley, graduate from Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas. Paul didn't go because he wasn't feeling well. A viral bug of some sort. It has been almost 6 years since my stroke and this was the longest trip I have attempted. It's about 700 miles. Misti, my caregiver, drove us to Topeka on Friday, where we stayed at the Hampton Inn. The accessible room wasn't available the first night, so we made do in a regular room. Misti and I are a good team and can usuaslly figure things out. I took my ha
  10. Mema

    When it rains, it pours!

    This has been quite a summer! We had two very severe hail storms in June that caused lots of property damage in our community. We lost our front room window - a four pane bow window. Three of the panes were knocked out by tennis ball sized hail and the window was boarded up for about a month. Our carpenter replaced the window a week ago and now he is doing the roof. :Clap-Hands: Needless to say, the house has been in upheaval for awhile. And now, to add insult to injury; yesterday, my aide and helper, Misti, discovered that the garbage disposal wasn't working and, in fact, was leaking
  11. Mema

    As always, I enjoyed your blog. The beach scene sounds wonderful in spite of the gull. I am experiencing something like your messy house. We are having our frontroom window replaced after it was broken by hail. Amazing how much dust is accumulating and I am unable to do much about it. The window is only the beginning...painting and new carpet come next. I had completely re-done that room shortly before my stroke, five and a half years ago. I am so impressed with the care you give Ray. In fact, I have been impressed with all the carers I have met on this site. Vi
  12. Happy Birthday Mema!

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  14. fking

    I didn't realize your birthday and mine was the same month..."July", no wonder we are such good old folks! Have a wonderful birthday Lady!

  15. Mema

    Of course, Tootie will be in our prayers. I have no advice except to stay close to Tootie and give her lots of hugs. Vi and Misti