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  1. Happy Birthday Budweiser!

  2. Happy Anniversary Budweiser!

  3. Budweiser

    My Toys - Hobbies

    My Toys - Hobbies
  4. Budweiser

    Getting Married

    Hello all, happy new year . Been engaged for awhile now but we have a date now. Got a hall so we are getting married this year. New years eve 2016. :thumbs up: :laughbounce:
  5. Happy Birthday Budweiser!

  6. Happy Anniversary Budweiser!

  7. Budweiser

    Not married yet. Both been married before so we are not in a rush. We do live together (1.5 yrs). I had to put Bud down last May. He wasn't doing well as his age caught up to him. Hardest thing I had to do. Happy New Year!!!
  8. Budweiser

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!!
  9. Budweiser


    Hello all Haven't been on for awhile for here's my latest. I'm engaged and live together now with her 2 kids. Downside I had to put my Budweiser down in May 2014. Hardest thing I ever had to do but was thinking for him and not myself. I will try to get back on more here.
  10. Happy Birthday Budweiser!

  11. Budweiser

    Merry Christmas 2013

    Merry Cristmas everyone!!!!!! All the best for Xmas 2013 and a new year 2014.
  12. Budweiser

    ty everyone
  13. Budweiser

  14. Budweiser

    Budweiser is 12

    Yesterday (Nov 11) was his birthday. He is 12 now (84). :jig: :jig: :jig: :beer:
  15. Budweiser

    Thank you everyone and keep looking in your mail lol